Siesta Scripture Memory Team Celebration 2012

[tminus t=”20-01-2012 19:00:00″ style=”carbonite”/] **Siesta Celebration is January 20-21, 2012**

Ladies! We’re only a few days away from welcoming you to the great (and large, mind you) city of Houston. To say we’re all pumped and scurrying around would be an understatement. We’re all so ready to see y’all!

A lot of you have been asking for details as far as schedule is concerned, and also some recommendations of some good restaurants to eat at, where you can shop and what in the world can you do in Houston for an entire weekend? Before our first SSMT, Amanda wrote a really informative post about all things Houston, so I’m going to rip a few things off of that post and add some more. At the end of this post, you might be tired of hearing all about Houston!

Don’t let the words “winter season” fool you. Houston tends to have a mind of its own. Those of you coming from snow will be pleasantly surprised to get a break from the bitter cold! It can be a little chilly inside the church, so you may want to layer up, or bring a light sweater. And if you’re stressed about packing, we encourage casual! Jeans are great!

Partly Sunny
High – 75
Low – 58
Rain – 10%

Partly Sunny
High – 75
Low – 60
Rain – 10%

High – 76
Low – 64
Rain – 20%

So you can plan accordingly, here is the celebration schedule:

5pm Check-In opens
6pm Doors open to Worship Center
7pm Celebration begins
10pm Evening concludes

8am Continental breakfast available
9am Celebration begins
12pm Celebration concludes…go eat lunch with new friends, shop & have fun!

Location is key, and Houston’s First Baptist Church, where we’ll have our celebration is located near a lot of great restaurants and endless entertainment. There are no official plans that have been made as far as meet-ups are concerned that I know about, but I have no doubt, especially if you’re traveling alone, that you can hook up with a group of Siestas who might have their weekend planned out.

If you are a smart phone owner (iPhone, Android, etc…) one thing that might be very helpful to you is an app called “Urbanspoon”. It is an app that lists all of the restaurants near you, customer reviews for that specific restaurant, and an address that you can paste in your GPS. It is a free app and we would strongly encourage you to use it! Just consider it your personal assistant for the weekend.

The Galleria, which is about four miles from the church (I know that sounds far, but it’s really close), can provide you with most anything you need, great food, great shopping and great people watching, if that’s your sort of thing. Around the Galleria you can find pretty much any type of food your heart desires.

Here are some restaurants that might be of interest to you:

The Chocolate Bar
1835 W. Alabama
Houston, TX 77098

Dessert Gallery
1616 Post Oak Blvd

Cafe Express
6570 Woodway St.
Houston, TX 77057

Collina’s Memorial
8800 Katy Fwy.
(Ste. 109)
Houston, TX 77024

10409 Katy Fwy.
Houston, TX 77024
713-468-1913 (click on the I-10 location)

Cyclone Anaya’s
5761 Woodway Drive
Houston, TX 77057

Tiny Boxwood’s Cafe
3614 W Alabama St.
Houston, TX 77027
(Click on cafe down at the bottom)

2424 Dunstan
Houston, TX 77005

Some of you have asked about a great spa, and one we would recommend, though it is pricey, would be The Trellis at the Houstonian.

One thing you can be sure to encounter is Houston traffic, especially on Friday afternoon and evening. Welcome!

Another thing to remember as you’re packing is your spirals full of your scriptures. It’s your ticket in!

And last but not least, if you’re on twitter, let’s get our hashtag party going. We’ll use: #SSMTC just for fun!

We hope this was of some help and assistance to you! Here is the link to FAQ page one more time should you have any more questions.

We are giddy with excitement and cannot wait to see your pretty faces in just three days! We love y’all!


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  1. 1
    Kathy B says:

    Many thanks. I actually have butterflies I’m so excited! Perhaps I need to get out more. Well, here we go 🙂

  2. 2
    Michele says:

    Where is the countdown timer?

  3. 3
    Marsha says:

    I am pumped and ready.

  4. 4
    magie says:

    So wish I was coming to your warm country for what I know will be a blessed time. I’ll be praying for you from my below zero spot in the Colorado mountains.

  5. 5
    Karen Ferguson says:

    Can you tell me when the Scripture memory starts up for 2011 and how it works?

    • 5.1
      Lindsee says:

      Hi Karen, I think you meant 2012, however, we are actually not doing it this year. We encourage you to still find an accountability partner and memorize this year, but we won’t be doing it on the blog. Be sure to check back for 2013. Blessings!

      • TERESA says:


      • Kristin A. says:

        I was looking forward to participating in SSMT 2012, so I am bummed to hear there won’t be an organized one. I’ve been watching the blog like a hawk waiting wondering when that first SSMT 2012 post would be up! This was to be my first year joining in, but with that said I commit to working on scripture memorization on my own. I was looking forward to being a part of the team knowing that my siestas were memorizing scripture with me, but the fact is is that I can do it anyway knowing that even without seeing a post many of you are memorizing scriptures, too. I know the Lord is calling me to be in His Word and to be memorizing it and carrying it close to my heart. This is my year and I know the enemy would love to see me back down since I won’t have SSMT to encourage me, support me, motivate me, and keep me accountable, but with a lot of help from the Lord I am going to do this.

    • 5.2
      Maureen says:

      Hi Karen…I just flipped my little spiral over and started w/my 2nd verse for the new year. I’m happy to partner up w/you and any others who want to join in (no pressure)!! Just let me know and I’ll post my verses if/when you’re ready!! Blessings sweet Siesta!!

      • Tiffany says:

        Maureen, I would love to join in, if I could!

      • Denise says:

        This sounds great. I’m in! 🙂 Thanks Maureen.

        Jeremiah 29:11 ESV For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans for wholeness and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.

        Philippians 4:4-7 ESV Rejoice in the Lord always; again I say, Rejoice. Let your reasonableness be known to everyone. The Lord is at hand; do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

  6. 6

    I love how you list The Chocolate Bar first on the list of restaurants, Lindsee 🙂 My daughter lived in Houston for a couple of years, and I have many fond memories of that little spot 🙂 I won’t get to join you this weekend, but everyone have fun!!

  7. 7
    Kate says:

    I have been waiting all year for this…woohoo!! Houston here we come!!

  8. 8
    ULCARDSFAN says:

    GOD must really be up to something BIG this weekend. Several Siestas have posted on the SSMT Facebook page that they feel under attack, problems with travel arrangements, health issues, etc. I have felt a little anxious myself because I have not pinned down all of my verses like I did last time BUT I am BELIEVING GOD for VICTORY for EVERYONE involved. WE, because of CHRIST, ARE GREATER that he who is in the world. Let’s put the enemy in his place through the MIGHTY, SAVING NAME of JESUS!!

  9. 9
    Su fisher says:

    Gay – Bless you for sharing! I was balling even before I read you were an alcoholic. My tears were because I too have a story/testimony and I have Never been strong enough to share. I just always refer to myself as a “dreadful” sinner. I will pray for you as you retell your story. I will pray for strength, courage and for the Holy Spirit to move in you to reveal ALL that our Lord Jesus would have you share.
    The connection with you doesn’t stop there dear sister. I also have a daughter who is an alcoholic, and at Christmas time my husband and I found out she has started drinking again after 12 days in jail, 9 months w/o a drivers license, thousands of dollars of debt (fines),countless hours of AA meetings and other counseling… and ONCE AGAIN many broken hearts later. I have been PARALIZED since we found out. She has went into her hole and cut off most communication with us, but I have done nothing as far as reaching out to her. I don’t even know where to start again. Our daughter is 25 yrs. old, is smart,funny, beautiful inside and out and has so much to offer to this dysfunctional world we live in. I would guess she has been an alcoholic since she was 16, so we’ve lived this for the past 9 years. She was doing so well.(so we thought) I believe she truly wants to believe that she can drink socially, but it just never stops there. Maybe you have a thought or can give me some advise on what our next step should be as her parents? Our hearts are breaking for her and as always we feel very helpless.
    Thou my heart is heavy, I look forward to reading your blog, perhaps gaining a better understanding of my own daughter and all the demons she fights daily. Again, bless you and may the God who Surpasses All Understanding give you the strength you will need in the upcoming weeks.
    In His Arms,
    Su Fisher

    • 9.1
      Robin in New Jersey says:

      Su~~my heart goes out to you. I cannot even imagine how difficult this must be for you and your family. I have no wise counsel, but I will pray for you and your daughter. I can feel your pain coming through your words. Hang on to the Lord Jesus, he will never leave you or forsake you. HUGS…

    • 9.2
      Kathy says:

      oh sue, i will pray my memory verses over you and your daughter- i too have a heavy heart for a 25 yr son, a prodigal, still living at home (only becuz he just graduated from college and just got his first job)-so anxious to live on his own – yes a partaker of things in this world too. keep praying – i too pray for wisdom for the right words to say, when and how to encourage. my 5th verse in was of great encouragement to me end of last feb as he was in a time of devastation and great depression after a 5 yr breakup with an ungodly girl(one of my answers to many years of prayers) and i was just recovering from major surgery- ps 119;27-“my heart melts with heaviness: strengthen me according to Your Word”. almost daily i pray verses from beth moores “praying Gods Word” over him-from the last chapter-overcoming the enemy. get a copy and do likewise-the Lord will strengthen your heart as you pray protection and these verses over your daughter. my mothers heart feels your heartache. love and prayers – Kathy

  10. 10
    sister sheri says:

    How many will be attending? Can’t wait!

  11. 11
    Kristen Keeling says:


    I can NOT wait! 🙂 I got cowboy boots for Christmas from my mom & I will be proudly sportin’ them in Texas! 🙂

  12. 12
    Maureen says:

    I am soooooooo jealous! It’s 20 degrees here (outside the Detroit area). I’m also very excited for those who are able to attend…please…have some great fun in the the Lord for me:o)

    Love you all!!!

    • 12.1
      Kathy says:

      Maureen, I am just south of Detroit , south of Windsor by 45 min- well that leaves me at the most southern tip of Canada -Leamington! I would love to hook up with you in 2014 for the next Texas celebration- I too am unable to attend this time. Would be nice to meet before we go – since we are so close. You are the closest one I know that is on the Memory Team too.! Already looking fwd to 2013 memorizing year! [email protected]

    • 12.2
      Sandi in MN says:

      I’m in northern MN, it’s been a really mild winter overall but very cold the past couple of days. Doesn’t 75 degrees sound great?! Wish I were going too, the last one was a blast! And a total gift from God!

  13. 13
    Sparki2003 says:

    Hey there,

    May God bless everyone’s travels down to Houston for this special event ! And, I am praying for all of you who are involved in the event, that God may speak to every single one of you through our sweet Siesta Mama, through His most Precious Word !

    I truly wish that I would be able to join Y’all, as I finished the Scripture memory, but that is not possible for me at this time. Wah !

    However, I do know that our Lord Jesus has blessed me through my memorizing those 24 Scriptures last year ! It keeps my mind filled with His Word, and I plan to continue doing so this year . . .

    In Christ’s Love,

    Jennifer O.

  14. 14

    Soooo nervous and soooo excited! Can’t believe it’s FINALLY here!
    Just hope I don’t pull a 4th grade spelling bee and forget all my verses!! 🙂

    For those of you joining the Bayou City – WELCOME YA’LL!

  15. 15
    Robin in New Jersey says:

    I am so jealous of all you lovely ladies! Have a blessed time, and I really mean that! I am looking forward to reading all about it when you get back.

  16. 16
    Sheryl says:

    Sounds like yall are going to have a great time. I’m praying for your travel and time together.

    May God be glorified by your time together.


  17. 17
    Melissa says:

    Words cannot express how excited I am to come !!!!! I have never been to Texas before. But mostly am excited to be with all those Siestas who love Jesus as much as I do.
    See you all on Friday!!

  18. 18
    Paige Szajnuk says:

    Really looking forward to meeting my Siestas in person this weekend. Not too sure how I will accomplish this because I’m naturally so introverted, but will pray for God to give me the courage and strength to approach people. On-line communication is easy; face-to-face can be so intimidating for me. But this weekend’s not about me, is it?? No; it’s not. This weekend is about celebrating our Savior – Jesus Christ, our loving Father and His inerrant Word.
    Thank you, LPM, for organizing this weekend and for all you do in ministry. So many of us benefit greatly from your efforts.

  19. 19
    Liz Taylor says:

    Hey Siestas!
    Anyone staying at the DoubleTree by the galleria? Would love to connect and share rides if you are!

  20. 20
    Jo Ann says:

    Hope you all have a very blessed time! What a great start to a new year! I’ll be happy thinking of you all weekend.

  21. 21

    Hey Siestas!

    I confess it…I’m flat out jealous! …grin… I’ll be praying for each of you and I hope you guys have a BLAST! May God show up in a big way and I pray you guys meet some wonderful new friends, too. (I always love that!) I hope to be able to attend one day, but can’t wait to hear all the details and see pics!

    Love, Kristi

  22. 22
    Michelle Baylerian says:

    Words cannot express my excitement for the SSMT Celebration. I feel like I’m going to explode!!! Leaving cold Wisconsin (8 degrees) for balmy Houston, what’s not to like. Seriously I am so excited to meet the Siestas I have come to know through this blog. Share what God has taught them through the scripture memory. Praying for safe travels for all of you 🙂

  23. 23
    Lynn says:

    So sad not to be coming this time. I was one of the 5 Canadians who came to the first celebration and would highly recommend The Chocolate Bar. Last year I think we siestas took up most of the seats the evening we went!! Enjoy your time together I know it will be a blessing.

    • 23.1
      Kathy says:

      Only 5 Canadians?!- We must show up in 2014 in bigger numbers!
      I am unable to go this time again – but 75 degrees sure makes me want to drop everything here and fly there as fast as I can!!
      What part of Canada did those 5 come from and where are you from? I am at the most southern tip of Canada- 45 min. south of Windsor-Detroit area. Would be great to hook up sometime-I don;t know of anyone else doing this-my friends all think it is impossible in the little -past- midlife stage to remember anything!! However, they do NOT understand the rich blessing of the verses repeatedly in your heart and prayers, eh? ! [email protected]

      • Lynn says:

        Hi Kathy, I live in central Alberta. Last time there were 2 of us from AB, 1 from Winnipeg and 1 from Ontario not sure where the other was from as I didn’t meet her. It was -33C here this morning so you can imagine how good 75 sounds to me!!!

    • 23.2
      Sandi in MN says:

      I remember enjoying my melted chocolate drink last time at the Chocolate Bar. It was so rich and yummy! Highly recommend it. It was so nice to meet you then. I am not going this time either but have great memories tucked away from 2010. That night was really fun wasn’t it?!

      • Lynn says:

        Hi Sandi, that night was so much fun! Judy, Nicole and I all bought a dessert and then shared some with each other, it was delicious!! I too have great memories from that time. I remember just being in awe as I looked around the courtyard outside the church and saw women all over reciting God’s Word to each other. Huge blessing!

  24. 24
    Bonnie says:

    Marietta, GA

    He has shown you, O man, what is good, and what does the Lord require of you? To act justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God. Micah 6:8 NIV

    We love because He first loved us. 1 John 4:19 NIV

    Who can find a virtuous woman? Her price is far above rubies. The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her so that he shall have no need of spoil. She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life. Prov. 31:10-12 KJV

  25. 25
    Cheri says:

    I am so pumped! I will be rooming with a sorority sister from college, mind you it has been 30+ years since we lived under the same roof! When the friend I had planned on coming with was unable to attend I prayed whether or not I should come alone. About that same time the Facebook event page came out and I read so many entries that said to come even if you are solo, so I felt that was an answer to prayer. The next week when I went on the FB page the very first entry was my sorority sister and now my siesta! In His mighty way God orchestrated it that we are flying in to the same airport and our arrival and departure times on Sunday are within 15 minutes of each other. I can’t wait to meet as many siestas as possible. Houston here I come!

  26. 26
    Tanya Hoffman says:

    ok now I am officially depressed as I look at the weather forcast and all the great things you have planned!

    I am going to dry my tears now and be happy for all of you lucky ladies who will be there!

    I pray that God would pour out His blessings on each one of you….and by the way….who is ready to SSMT 2012!!!! Have I missed the post of us starting?

  27. 27
    Yvonne says:

    I am so pumped!!!! It is supposed to snow some here on Thursday so the nice Houston weather is an added bonus. I have looked forward to this since the last one!!!!!

    Blessings and safe travel, siestas!! See you VERY soon!


  28. 28
    Sarah Miller says:

    I will attend the simulcast on Saturday morning and be there with you all from my office in cold cold cold (did I say cold) Indiana. 🙂 Any way to view the Friday night simulcast? We have small group at our home that night so I will miss most of it….

    • 28.1
      Kathy says:

      didn;t know there was a similcast – i signed up to come in sept but since have had another surgery and unable to attend and so had to cancel – did i miss out on hearing that? i would love to hear something even recorded or printed from the weekend- is so awesome to have memorized this past year with over one thousand of you- to think we all have 24 more of His Precious Verses in our hearts – He has already used them in my heart in so many ways- and daily, esp in prayer. please clue me in on this similcast-thanks. [email protected]– from frigid Canada – across the border from you in southern ontario.

    • 28.2
      Denise says:

      I missed the simulcast information. Can someone post it again? It would be great fun to participate even from a distance.

  29. 29
    Valerie says:

    My sister, my friend, and I are hopping on a plane in the morning Houston bound. I’m SOOOO excited!

    I woke up this morning & the first thing on my mind was my 28 Scripture verses. I did it….yay! 🙂

  30. 30
    Mary says:


  31. 31
    Connielynn says:

    My friends and I are so excited we can’t hardly stand it. The three of us have been encouraging one another all year and now here it is. What a blessing to be a part of this.

  32. 32
    Stacy says:

    Oh, how I wish I could be there with you!!!
    I flew to Houston for the first time last October…It was lovely…We stayed at the Hilton near the Galleria…We walked over…had a delicious dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. The only thing missing…It wasn’t a Beth Moore weekend… I did, however, have the chance to visit Lakewood Church, and I am thankful for the gift I received to visit. May you all be blessed with safe travel and precious moments which will become priceless memories!!! And, Mama Beth, may you be blessed in abundance this weekend!!! Remember that there are so many who will be with you–in spirit. 🙂

  33. 33
    Lisa Curtis says:

    I can’t believe the time has come!!!!!!!!!!! SSMT Celebration. Excited is an understatement but admit I am nervous. Repeated my scriptures to my daughter today and Whoa Baby. I got them down but not in order. They are beginning to all run together.

    Chocolate Bar sounds heavenly!!!!!!!!!! I made reservation for Pappasitos 3 weeks ago. Weird, I know. And, shopping, well, let’s just say I had also already chosen the Galleria.

    It’s 20 degrees here today so 70 will be welcome.

    See you real soon ladies.

    Jackson, Missouri

  34. 34
    Amy says:

    I am so excited to be coming to Houston! I have never been. The weather is so bad in the PNW I am at the airport hoping to get out late, late tonight! Nothing is going to stop me from coming to celebrate what the Lord did for me in 2011 through my memery verses!

  35. 35
    Rachel in Arizona says:

    So excited! I have to say though, we are among those feeling attacked. I hate to fly and have felt overwhelmed with fear of flying on this trip. I’ve flown recently, but it gets to me every time. My brother-in-law died in a military plane crash years ago and I think that weighs on me. I just wanted to cancel the trip last week, but I know God has big things planned and I don’t want to miss it because of fear.

    Last night I had to take my daughter (who’s also coming with me to SSMT celebration)to the ER for a recurrent health issue that flared up.

    Praying for the peace of God that transcends all understanding….and a wonderful, time with all you ladies.

  36. 36
    sherry says:


  37. 37
    Holly says:

    My daughter and I leave Denver tomorrow morning for Houston! We are so excited!

  38. 38
    Betty M says:

    will keep you all in my prayers and hope everyone of you has a safe and blessed trip and that you make many new friends. I have a horrible upper respiratory infection tonite and am wrapped in a blanket. I took something for the fever and just took fresh baked whole wheat bread outta the oven. It is -22 degrees that is BELOW ZERO here tonite but I am not ocmplaining!The only thing worse than being sick and wishing I were somewhere else is to be somewhere else sick and wishing I were here! Bless you all and am really interested in knowing how many registered and actually came to the celebration?? I will be watching by live feed! Oh and saying my verses to Tiffany my 11 yr old min schnauzer!!!Hugs from the Heartland! Betty M

  39. 39
    Heather says:

    The Chocolate Bar! REALLY?!!! I was already excited about this weekend but a CHOCOLATE BAR…that’s the only place I need to know about!!! 🙂

  40. 40
    Sarah Marion says:

    We received 6 inches of snow and the flights are not making it out today. Driving a few hours to the nearest open airport. Hope to see you all soon!

  41. 41
    Sandi in MN says:

    75 Degrees sounds like a bit of heaven right now! It’s currently -4 where I am 🙁 How I’ll longingly remember sitting by the pool last time. I’ll miss you guys this year. Have a blast!

  42. 42
    Denise wilkin says:

    Dear Beth and Siestas,
    My heart, soul, mind and spirit are ready to worship God with all these amazing women of like heart. Let the fun begin! See you in 20+ hours,

  43. 43
    Delilah says:

    Is there going to be the monthly Siesta Memory for this year? Have not seen anything posted about it, so I am guessing not…but hopefully I am wrong!!!

  44. 44
    Kim Safina says:


    My dearest, Beth, Amanda, Melissa, Gay, Lindsee, Sabrina, Kimberly, and the entire LPM and SIESTAS,

    The song that keeps popping in my head is from the show
    I did a little changing of the lyrics ~ giggle :O

    Siestas, meet the Siestas, have a Yabba Dabba do time, a Dabba Do time, YOU’LL HAVE A GAY OL’ TIME!!!!!
    WANDAAAAAA BETH… (knocking)

    Have a blessed and wonderful time !!!

    My Siesta Spiral is filled with a year of Christ Jesus and scripture from my life manual. Wish I could be there with ya’ll sharing the WORDS OF FAITH.

    I will be with you in PRAYER and Spirit!!!

    I once read the following and PRAY that all will follow these words during your experience in Houston.

    I quote
    “I am so thankful we have a heavenly Father who is no respecter of persons. He Loves each one of us the same. And HE desires that we in turn love one another with the same kind of love.”

    With “Heaven Bound” Blessings,
    Kim Safina
    California SONshine !!!

  45. 45
    Jeanne says:

    SO SAD I will not be able to attend but so excited to say that our Protestant Women of the Chapel here at HickamAFB in Hawaii has just started the study of James tonight…Jan 18th. So can tell God is going to move within our group and all others doing this study. Thank you Mama Beth and Siesta Sister Melissa.

  46. 46

    Oh, my gosh! It’s 2:21 am here and I am not a bit tired! I tweeted earlier that I don’t think I’m going to sleep until after SSMTC cause I’m excited, nervous, terrified, every emotion you can imagine anyone having all at once! Never travelled by myself and certainly not since 9/11, I know, that’s insane! My husband insisted that I come! Said I was way overdue and he wasn’t kidding!!! But, my point being, I know (or have heard) that travel is a whole other world since that particular event! I am worried about clothes, cause I don’t have a lot of cute clothes and I sooo want Beth to think I’m cute! I really, really wanna be cute! I do! I just don’t have a lot of money and my family had to sacrifice a ton for me to go on this trip! So, really, I’m not as much of a fashion idiot as I’m going to look like I am!!! Please, please, please know I’m not! And now I think I better try to get some sleep!

    Oh, except, oh, yes, Houston weather will be a shock to my system! I’m going to think I’m boiling hot and will probably wear shorts as a result! Please don’t laugh at my glow in the dark white legs! And try to act like you’re not horrified at the sight of them!!! Right now, I’m not too worried about actually falling asleep and not waking up to get the kids to school, because there is no school “due to inclement weather.” Yes, they posted that on the website for the school already before the evening was out, and we live in NORTH IDAHO where “inclement weather” is the norm in January, so you know it’s REALLY bad! Not sure I’ll be able to open my front door without being shovelled out by tomorrow morning! See you all on Friday! I’ll try not to blind you!

  47. 47
    Julie Hodges says:

    So!!! Happy for you all and
    almost to the point of tears
    that I am not able to attend….

  48. 48
    Kathy says:

    Leaving here in about 15 minutes for the 3 hour drive to OKC and the plane. Lord willing will be in Houston sometime this afternoon. Look forward to meeting you.

  49. 49
    shana says:

    I was at the first celebration 2 years ago, but won’t be making it to this one. Have a fabulous time. It’s -10 here this morning, so Houston temps sound amazing, but alas I’ll be trying my hardest to stay warm here with my family while you guys do some celebrating! Enjoy!
    Shana from Minnesota

  50. 50
    Sue says:

    Wishing I could be with you all this weekend. I miss living in Houston and being at HFBC. The scripture memory has been a good thing and I plan to keep adding 2 verses a month.

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