A Great Thanksgiving Behind Us and Our Last Living Proof Live of 2011 ahead!

Hey, Sweet Things!

I couldn’t wait to see my LPM coworkers today but whew! It was hard to get back in the swing of things this morning! Was anybody else a little hungover from so much turkey and dressing and visiting and coming and going and cleaning and butter and sugar and coffee? Lord, have mercy! We put these bodies of ours through a lot over a holiday, don’t we? I feel like I could use about a week of saltine crackers and water. But then I’d have to have coffee, too, and that would be a gross combination. I’d end up needing a little something sweet to go with the coffee and then some dip for the crackers and it would just go on from there. Before you knew it, I’d be driving back through Chick Fil A.

I had such a great week (we get the whole week off at LPM). After a very busy Monday morning through Thursday night, I spent most of Friday by my very own self in the country. Keith was at our cactus ranch and the girls were also doing their own things. It felt so good to have a few hours of reflection and quiet after such heightened activity and great company. That’s one of the gifts of being older and your family being grown. Just getting to hear yourself think on occasion. I feel bad about even mentioning it to you moms who haven’t been alone for one minute since, say, 1999. Then, if you do get a while by yourself and you’re like me, you can’t wait to get back with your peeps. After my Friday alone, I spent three or four hours with Amanda and Melissa over Saturday lunch and we laughed our heads off and talked a hundred miles an hour. They remain my very best friends.

I so hope all of your Thanksgivings were wonderful and, maybe more than that, meaningful. It’s just flat healthy to take a season of time to tell God how grateful we are. It relieves us of some of the imploding stress of our self-absorption. God has been so good to us. So unspeakably faithful. You as a community were among the things I felt so thankful for. I had a blast swapping recipes with you guys. I made two completely new dishes because of you and adapted several of my own recipes. It was great fun. Thank you for joining in! It made me feel like I spent part of my Thanksgiving with you.

I have to keep it short today because I’m in the happy trenches of preparation for our last Living Proof Live of 2011. Travis and the LPL team and I will be in Pensacola, Florida this very weekend. We won’t have another LPL until, hmmmm, late March I think. As we looked for practical ways to alleviate some of the stress on my schedule several years ago, my very wise office administrator suggested that we not pile speaking engagements right on top of Houston Tuesday night Bible study. (It kicks off in mid-January each year.)  We’ve done this for a year now and, although I always miss the activity that I’m not doing, I’ve savored every second of it. The new schedule has enabled me to give more attention to one thing at a time. Contrary to my prior standard-operating-procedure, I can say with no fibbing that we’ve made some strides in lessening the work and stress load around here and I’m so grateful to God. I hope you are doing something similar. There comes a time when a person has to say, “I CANNOT KEEP LIVING LIKE THIS” and then, here’s the hard part – do what is necessary – and Godly (lest someone think I’m talking about her leaving her husband) – to change it. I’m just still going to say to you that it’s tough being a woman.

OK, I better get back to work. Thanks for a quick coffee break! Will I see any of you girls in Pensacola this weekend? I’ll look so forward to our clandestine meet-up. Shhhhhhh. That one’s got to stay a secret. Watch for the slide.

I love you guys.


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  1. 101
    Kristin Lambert says:

    I’m so excited to FINALLY get to see you in person! I’ve been doing your studies for over 14 years now (since I was a “baby” Christian), and every single one of them ends up being my favorite! You have inspired me and challenged me and encouraged me, and I look so forward to how the Lord will use you this weekend in Pensacola. Thank you for all you do to teach us to love God well! See you Friday!!

  2. 102
    Katie says:

    Ah, how I wish I could be there! Too bad I have college finals next week. And a paper in Luke 7:47 (excited about that one)… Anywho thanks for the update Beth, you always make me smile and I sure needed that tonight.

  3. 103
    Cathy Bishop says:

    I can’t wait to hear what God is going to reveal in His Word through my very best friend (that would be you Beth) even though we have never been formally introduced. God joined our hearts together in Bible Study 10 years ago and being a native Pensacolian for 60 young years and a joyful Siesta – I can hardly wait for Friday to get here! I love it that Jesus delights to reveal Himself through His Word! We will be finishing the last class in JESUS THE ONE AND ONLY Friday morning at Olive Baptist church and then coming to Bible Study Friday night for worship and praise!! How cool is that! We have been praying for a mighty harvest in JESUS NAME and just so grateful that Jesus is Who He is! I love you!

  4. 104
    Angie Cortes says:

    Mama Beth I will be there with my husband!!!!! I had planned an all girls weekend with my two daughters and they both were taken away by other things in their life so they can’t make it. I know everything happens for a reason and so my husband and I will be there.
    Orlando, FL

  5. 105
    Bridgette Jencks says:

    YES!!!! Will be there this weekend with a group of repeat-LPL-goers and one brand-new soon-to-be LPL junkie. CAN’T WAIT!!! We live in Panama City Beach, so the drive will be the shortest we’ve ever had for an LPL event…makes it all that much sweeter! I’m needing this weekend so very badly!!! Did I mention that I can’t wait? Whoop Whoop!!!

  6. 106
    Heide says:

    Beth, Not sure you will even read this, but. . .
    My name is Heide Hakes and my husband is a pilot in Air Force. I am gearing up to lead a Bible Study starting in January with our Protestant Women of the Chapel here on Dover Air Force Base. They off 3 or 4 different ones. There is a group of us that would really love to do the James Bible Study. Because of the budget cuts and all that jazz that is going on, they are putting a hold on ordering any new material and want us to use the material they already have, to keep costs down. So, they have some of your studies, but i was wondering if y’all would want to, or even if y’all could donate a leaders packet and some books so there military wives could do your new Bible Study. If not, that is totally fine, and we will be happy doing one of your older ones. I just thought I would ask before I gave up home. 🙂 I know it would truly bless myself, as well as the other military wives who would be taking the study. 🙂
    Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions or want to talk about it more.
    Thank you so much for all you do for Women’s Ministry. I personally have been blessed by your teaching.
    In Him,
    Heide Hakes

  7. 107
    Bridgett says:

    One third of our family was sick and unable to be with us so it turned out to be more restful just from lack of activity. My mother has cancer (endometrial – surgery 3 weeks ago) and can’t do very much because she tires eaily. This is hard since she has always been the energizer bunny. I’m the only sibling that lives out of town. As a result of spending 4 days with her, I see the need of being with her more. Can’t do that on the schedule I am currently on. Therefore, I have decided to give up my preshool class on Sunday night. Due to work travel I knew I would miss a lot this summer anyway. It was a surprisingly easy decision. I love my children and enjoy spending time with them and seeing them learn but family comes first. Pray for my mother. She and my Dad are 84 and will be married 64 years this December. don’t want to lose her and I do believe in miracles but I want the will of God to be done. Praise be to God!

  8. 108
    Deidra says:

    Hi, Beth,
    Yes, the Lord willing, I will be at LPL in Pensacola. We have been making plans for months, and now it is finally here. There should be about 10 of us in our group, mostly from Calvary Baptist Church in Waynesboro. I’m going to talk to the girls about waiting for me while I meet with you and the other siestas. See you soon.

  9. 109
    valerie says:

    Our family had the best Thanksgiving too! Twenty of us gathered at my sister’s house in the country. We all brought our favorite dishes & had such a great time together. I make pecan pies every year & even made my own crust this year. 🙂
    My husband went deer hunting on Friday and I had the house to myself all day and actually stayed in my pj’s the whole day! It was wonderful. 🙂
    So glad you all at LPM had the week off. You deserve a break.
    Prayers are being lifted up for the conference in Pensacola this weekend.

  10. 110
    Beth in MS says:

    I’ll be in Pensacola, Lord willing, for my very first ever LPL event (and with my 15 year old daughter, Praise the Lord!!) Beth, I can hear your voice in my head as many bible studies of yours I have been priviledged to participate in, and I just look forward to seeing you face to face. The Lord, praise His precious name, is taking me back through Believing God right now and just blowing my mind. I’m not trying to give you the glory, I know that all belongs to Him, but can I just give some encouragement and say thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for never giving up, never quitting, for being open and exposed til it hurts, for doing things that are scary, and for just being poured out for Jesus. Through your life poured out, not a drop was wasted and the Spirit in pouring into me. Thank you!

  11. 111
    Kathy says:

    I am sooo looking forward to this weekend in Pensacola Beth!! My dear husband is bringing me and a sweet young woman who is like a daughter to us. A couple of other friends are coming, too. My husband and I are Houston born and bred but live in Tallahassee now (still have family in Houston!). He teaches JROTC here (Army Major Retired). Our 40th Wedding Anniversary is December 18th! Praying for all involved in the last Living Proof Live 2011. These words from Isaiah are in my thoughts and praise today “O LORD of hosts, the God of Israel, who is enthroned above the cherubim, You are the God, You alone, of all the kingdoms of the earth. You have made heaven and earth.” Isaiah 37:16 (NASB)

  12. 112
    Bonnie says:

    Beth – We just completed your study today on David (“A Heart Like His”) and I thoroughly enjoyed and was enlightened by each session. Today’s lesson centered on Psalm 23, one of two prayers I recited each night as a child with my mother and sister. And I was especially touched by your revised Psalm 23 prayer at the end of the video. Would you be willing to send me the words for it? It was so special and I would like to share it with my bible study group. God bless you and your ministry.

  13. 113
    april says:

    I just finished your David study today and I am going to miss seeing you every week on video. I feel as though I was part of the congregation, right there in Texas. Can’t get to Florida and I just know one day I will see you in person. Also, wanted to say that I read the Tahnksgiving post and I tried the gravey recipe and it was GOOOOOOD! Best gravey I have ever made! Thanks!

  14. 114
    Julie says:

    Dear sister in Christ: Though I’m nearly 72, I’m just becoming acquainted with your work with “Believing God” this Fall and am doing “Get Out of that Pit” on my own. Your work is most inspiring and I have to say you surely have many crowns coming, my dear! Perhaps at a later time, I may share my story with you but suffice it to say I’ve recently found my way back to Jesus and was baptized in 2009 and since then, I am truly a new being and I am awed at the sheer wonder of feeling saved. Warmly in Him. Julie

  15. 115
    Wendy says:

    Can’t wait for this weekend!! My 19 year old daughter is coming with me! She has been to Deeper Still but this will be her first LPL! I came to Pensacola the last time you were there too and I remember you talking about standing in your hotel room watching all those women lined up to get in and the deep, deep way it overwhelmed you. All of us there to worship JESUS with you, Beth!! I am also excited because my son’s (almost) finance…shhh! is meeting us there from Mobile and I have waited a long time to know the one for whom I have prayed since my son was born!! What an awesome thing to worship with these 2 young women!!!

    Praying for you!!!

  16. 116
    Amy Bowden says:

    I’ll be there! I can’t WAIT to hear what God’s been laying on your heart. This will be my first time out and about totally by myself (well, with ladies from my church, but not with my child/ hubby/ anyone in my family) to do something JUST FOR ME (work is so not just for me! : ) ) in over two years. I’m in much need of a frewsh word, especially as I prepare to launch and lead a small group of about 14 ladies through the new Mercy Triumphs study. Appreciating your dedication to the Lord and to bringing other women further along in their journeys. Safe travels, Beth, and many prayers for you and your staff.

  17. 117
    Kristen says:

    I’ll be there in Pensacola! Along with a group of college girls! They are all so excited to get to come and listen…me too 🙂

  18. 118
    Jennifer says:

    Coming from Denham Springs, LA with lots of friends that love the Word of God, fellowship in Christ and having fun! Can’t wait!!!!

  19. 119
    Sharon Gallagher says:

    I’ll be there, Beth! Comin’ down from Baltimore, Maryland – where I attended my first LPL event, 2 months ago. Was so blown away by THAT clandestine meet-up, I went out to Casper, WY for more – and now, I’ll be there tomorrow evening for number 3 : )

    I’m eternally thankful to & for you, and the will & love of our Heavenly Father & Lord Jesus Christ that loves us through you, my dear sister – for it was your “Sinner’s Prayer” on the Devotions CD that ushered me into the Family of God, the week after the Baltimore event. For the first time in my 47 years, I felt at one with our Heavenly Father, our Lord Jesus Christ, it felt like the most sacred, holiest ceremony was occurring, that I had been granted eternal life with our Heavenly Family. I’m now everyone’s sister. We are all One Family. It’s a very cool feeling! It was like a marriage ceremony & you officiated me into the Family – so thank you for that dear, Beth : ) And all while driving 70mph on Interstate 295 in southern New Jersey.. lol! Our God is just Glorious beyond…

    Looking forward to being there tomorrow evening & will be watching for the next slide… it may be entirely within the realm of possiblity you will see me – watch for our reactions!! God bless your heart, Beth Moore – love & best and warmest regards to you & yours always : )

  20. 120
    Casey Tarantino says:

    Keep up the good work for the kingdom! Just saw you behind me @ Starbucks in the mall in Pensacola! I thought she looks like Beth Moore, oh it is her! Lol! Glad you came to Pensacola!! Blessings to you!

  21. 121
    maria peck-hamilton says:

    Behold, I will do a knew thing; now it shall spring forth; shall
    ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and
    rivers in the desert. Isaiah 43:19

  22. 122
    Jennifer Esses says:

    I am so excited for tonight! Just trying to get through my work day is tough with all the anticipation I have for the word that God will bring through you. I am so excited to see you in person; I have completed almost all your studies either through church or on my own. I do feel like we are siestas because we have spent so much time together over the last 10 years. Two of my closest friends and I are traveling together to see you; what a blessing if I could actually meet you. I’ll be watching the slides. Welcome to Florida, Beth! We love you!

  23. 123
    Linda says:

    Linda Delray Beach, FL
    “for God gave us a spirit not of fear
    but of power and love and self-control.”
    2Timothy1:7 (ESV)

  24. 124
    Sharon J. says:

    Hey Beth!
    Won’t be in Florida but will be praying in Cali for you and all the peeps that will be there… Go God! Be huge and do amazing things this weekend!

  25. 125
    Fran McCurry Plott says:

    I love love loved our “clandestine” meeting today in Pensacola! Thanks so much, Beth, for doing this for us Siestas! I feel like I have crossed off a very big item from my “Bucket List”, but would love to meet up with you again! Thanks for the opportunity for us to be a bit “up close and personal”.
    I have done 2 live LPL’s and 2simulcasts, but this weekend was pretty special in that my husband came with me! He took notes, too! 🙂
    The message delivered through you and Philemon was very very fitting (of course) to a personal issue I am having with 2 very close relatives at the present time. Wow! I am praying, but I am NOT going to be the KNOT!!

    Love you in Christ,
    Gulf Shores

  26. 126
    Martha says:

    Asking for prayer for my sweet friend who lost her 24 year old son in a terrible car wreck today. She is another “Beth” and she has led many of our Beth’s Bible studies in her church and her home. She also tragically lost her husband 5 years ago in a plane crash..She has a 10 year old son…please keep their family in your prayers…her name is Beth Mallett…thanks siestas and love to all!!

    Martha in MS

  27. 127

    I actually didn’t put myself through a whole lot this year. I had two Thanksgiving dinners and didn’t stuff myself at either and none of the leftovers were at my house. Okay, I did eat an entire Pumpkin Pie all by myself. Forgot about that. My neighbor is the worst enabler ever! She heard about my love of Pumpkin Pie, so when she delivered our traditional pre-Thanksgiving meal on Tuesday that she always gives us, she sent two Pumpkin Pies instead of one. She gave one to my daughter and said, “This one’s for your whole family,” and then handed her the other one, and said (with great emphasis), “and this one’s for your mother!” Yep! A whole Pumpkin Pie all to myself!!!! I only ate half that night and the kids didn’t get the point. While I was asleep they ate the rest of it! I made up for it, though, by going to the store and buying another one and eating half of that one!!! 🙂

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