Heading Home From Passion

My Dear Siestas,

I am writing you from an altitude of about 25,000 feet on my way home from Atlanta. I’m in the window seat and it’s a gorgeous day on our trek over Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi and I trust Louisiana and Texas, too. I’m sure I’ve told you before that I am one of those weirdos who actually loves traveling. As Melissa and I often say, our boots were made for walking. AJ is game, too, but two preschoolers have a way of coloring your present views toward air travel. Air Traffic Control is a breeze compared to Air Toddler Control. As for Keith, he prefers his size 13 D cowboy boot on the accelerator of a Ford pickup truck. I’m not a fan of the whole travel ordeal, mind you. A life thrown at the mercy of security lines, weather delays, mechanical difficulties, cancellations, and overbooking will take a toll on you. Sometimes my body feels so dog tired I can hardly fathom doing it all again but in no time I do. God gave me itchy feet.

You are one of two big things on my mind this morning as I make my way back to Houston. To say you completely blew me away with your Scripture memory commitments is an understatement almost too silly to say. My mind is spinning with what God might be up to. A few minutes ago I was looking ahead to the next portion of Scripture that I’ll write about in the James study. It’s James 1:19-21. (I know you are wondering how on earth I can only be that far in the writing process after all this time! It goes very slow because each portion has to be researched, mulled over, written, and self edited before I ever send it into LifeWay. The process takes a year to eighteen months of solid work.) As I read over the familiar portion, I fastened my gaze on the finishing words of James 1:21. It is the exhortation to all of us Christ-followers to humbly accept the word planted in you, which can save you. My eyes stung with tears.

God’s implanted Word has saved me from myself more times than I can count. I love it. No, I don’t always feel giddy about it nor do I always know what to do with it but the written Word of God hits me often enough in my daily exposure to keep me going back for more. I just do not know where I would be or, God help me, what my life would look like without my battered mind being interrupted and rewired by Scripture. Those words implanted deep into my belief system have convicted me, changed me and, at times, wrecked me. These thoughts are what led me to stop my research that very moment and write to you instead. I want you to know that you will never waste a moment of your life in God’s Word. (Unless you are trying to avoid actually doing what it says. There comes a time to shut the Book and go live the Book then go back to the Book so that You can again live the Book.) As you give yourself to the monumental, ongoing task of studying Scripture and hiding it in your heart through memorization, your life is altered. Unblocked and guarded, the words of God make it all the way into the marrow of your bones. Your way is made clearer, your thoughts brighter, your purpose stronger, and your glory to God greater.

I just want to tell those of you who have committed to a year of Scripture memory what I have a hunch you already know: you will not be sorry.

And that brings me to the second big thing on my mind, tied to you, the first, by way of the very same Scripture in James. I just left Passion 2011. It’s still going strong and will not end until tomorrow morning but my schedule was best suited to the first half of it. (I hate so much to miss Dr. Piper though.) If you’re not familiar with the Passion movement (Louie and Shelley Giglio, founders), I will never do justice to it here in this brief explanation so please google it and behold a mighty work of God. In a nutshell, however, it is perhaps the most powerful thing God is doing among college-age men and women across the globe. Do not believe the hype that Jesus has left the college campus. My whole family and I have had the mystifying privilege of being involved since the national conference began in the late 90’s. Even Keith adores it. Curtis serves as one of the community leaders and Amanda ministers right by his side. Every single time I stand in awe of God’s palpable presence in a secular arena packed with students but never more than this year. The event always attracts way over 10,000 people but this new year it sold out at a whopping 22,000 and about five minutes into the event, it was clear why. God.

No other reason.

He has as uncanny a way of showing Himself at these events and, in light of His innumerable mercies, we can guess why. There is no age demographic at greater risk than 18-25 year olds and He’s chasing them down like He’s got nothing to lose but a generation. Our embarrassingly secular culture (of which, in many ways, we are all a part) would be explanation enough for so many young adults walking away from the faith. Add to it the burgeoning disdain for Christianity and mockery of Christians on many college campuses and you’ve got yourself a boiling hotbed for disbelief. But our God is so faithful. We know He will retain a voice in the generations on the latter-day Kingdom calendar because Matthew 24 says that the testimony of Jesus Christ has to make it into every people group. Revelation 19 also tells us that He will return for a Bride refined and made ready. Jesus will indeed raise His Church to her feet but the closer and closer we get to His return, the stronger and stronger she must be. She will know a persecution and ultimately a suffering that 20th Century Westerners could never have imagined.

I saw about 22,000 reasons for high hopes in the last forty-eight hours. You see, Passion isn’t for the faint of heart. The schedule is packed and the sessions are refreshingly unrushed. About two seconds into the conference you lose that warm, fuzzy feeling that any god goes. If you’ve got an aversion to Jesus, you’ve got an aversion to Passion. The Word of God is preached and taught, read aloud and read in unison. The worship is…well…impossible to describe. Just go right ahead and anxiously anticipate the worship CD that will come out of it somewhere down the road. World missions and the needs of the downcast and suffering are kept at the forefront constantly and the 268 concept for the “Go-Center” is nothing less than genius. (Google all of this if this is news to you. You will be astounded and your faith will surge.)

Even this very moment, the Word of God is being implanted in those thousands upon thousands of young lives. Words that can save. Words that can sanctify. Words that can serve. Words that can send. Words that can be shared.

That’s the power of God. That’s the power of His Spirit. That’s the power of His Word.

That’s the power of Jesus.

Let’s keep saying it until every knee bows and every tongue confesses He is Lord.


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  1. 51
    Ann says:

    Sweet Beth~
    I know this is off the subject from Passion, but I feel compelled to tell you about a book I am reading that I believe you would love. It’s called “Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy” by Eric Metaxas. Metaxas also wrote “Amazing Grace” about William Wilberforce and his efforts to end slavery.
    This is the true story of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a great theologian,a German, a Christian who opposed Hitler. He was involved in the Valkyrie plot.
    I’ve just started it, and it is capitvating.
    I think Melissa might like it too.
    Maybe you have already read it?
    See you in 15 days!

  2. 52
    Volleyball Ginger says:

    Go GOD!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 53

    mama beth-
    God spoke to me listening to you when you talked about,
    ” you can go to a conference and listen to a
    message and leave saying it was amazing, but
    “amazing” won’t change your life.”
    That spoke volumes to me, but God also added to it.
    When you spoke about Psalm 139, and how It says,
    ” I know the thoughts I think toward you.”
    It was EXACTLY what you said in God’s Purpose For You,
    Part 5 of 6. But adding Jer 29:11 and Genesis…
    And I always wonder why God has you repeat stuff
    And what I figured out is it’s Him telling me that I am going to
    hear a word and better get ready:)
    I have more I want to say but I just want to say I get the message, and
    why just amazing won’t change your life.
    Loved watching online with the siestas on twitter:)
    Oh and oh my Isaiah 61…wow.

    love you!


    P.S- my friend I sent SLI to, she IS reading
    it, it’s sitting by her bed. She said she thinks
    you are positive and she imagines also kind:)
    And she be right!

    • 53.1
      Kelly S. says:

      Angie, I thought the same thing! I also loved the part about “Mary pondering”….OH, that I could think things through, past the obvious!! missing you on FB, I’ll be back in Feb 🙂

  4. 54
    Joyce Watson says:

    What a blessing and an encouragement your words are today!
    We have so much to be thankful for as God leads, as He is working in the lives of so many.
    I am extremely excited about learning and memorizing God’s Word this year. My agenda for this year is filling up fast from our Ladies Brunch at church, a Ladies Retreat, Women’s Bible Study “When Godly People Do Ungodly Things” (hopefully) and so much more. I was studying my Sunday School lesson which says, we have to do the little things, before we can do the big things for the Lord. How true that is. I thankful just to be able to do something as simple as memorize His word, even when it hard to remember.
    Praying you have a wonderful time at the “Passion” meeting and God will bless you extra special.

  5. 55
    Emmy says:

    My 18 year old son is there! He is still a senior in high school and he just texted me to see if he could skip school tomorrow so he could stay till the end! I said, ABSOLUTELY! Yea!

  6. 56

    Hi Seista mama
    So thankful that you are faithful to your calling I am a better person for it. I watched you streaming live from Passionn and oh my word you brought it about the mind I was blown away and my mind whirling from it trying to savor it I wrote most of it down awesome message. I have been praying for those young kids. Thank you Lord and when I saw all the scripture verses posted and how many posted the verses I was jumping up and down saying Do it Lord. I cannot wait to see what God is going to do in 2011
    and the word does cleanse your mind and points you to the Lord. In the wee hours of the morning I rolled over and started saying my 1st scripture verse for 2011 and I said it by memorization I thought to myself Yes Lord outloud because it is just me and my dog and I raise my hands toward the ceiling and Praised Jesus for changing me and transforming my mind because I was not sure I could memorize with all the others in me but God showed me different.
    Love You

  7. 57
    Lisa in TX says:

    My eyes did a double take just now to read that James 1:21 was on your heart today. When I had my quiet time this morning God led me to this scripture. Actually, I stumbled upon it and it stopped me in my tracks. It was the perfect verse for me as I begin this new year. I got so excited just now to see that God has been speaking this verse to your heart as well! Happy New Year Beth!

  8. 58
    Kathy says:

    My goodness Girl Friend, we should keep you “in the air” as often as possible. This post is most inspiring and appreciated. I am experiencing a season of “despair”. My hope is in the gracious goodness of our Lord.

    I am clutching my spiral and first memory verses (you shared two that I want to absorb) as I attend to a very difficult aging mother and financial challenges that I never dreamed could be possible in my life.

    Thank you, Dear Sister in Christ

  9. 59
    Mary Watkins says:

    Praise You, LORD, who is able to do far more than we could ever hope or dream. LORD there is none like You.

    We love you, Lord.

  10. 60
    Vickie says:

    Beth, I missed your session at Passion 2011. I’ve been watching Francis and Lou and others. Is there anywhere I could view or purchase your session that you or KMac(smile) are aware of? On the other amazing note….I’ve bawled my eyes out for all the women that have committed to SSMT 2011. Can you just believe what God is doing?
    Makes a siesta wanta do cart wheels!

    • 60.1
      Beth says:

      I know, Vickie! God blew our minds with the SSMT! Per Passion, they will soon have the whole thing available. Just watch for it.

      • Karene says:

        Beth or KMac, where do we watch for it? This may be a silly question, but I am so new to Passion. Thanks.

        • Beth says:

          I’d watch the official Passion website for it. (It’s actually going to say “The official Passion website” when you google it). Look for Passion 2011 release information. So glad you’re here!

    • 60.2
      DigiNee says:

      Here is a link to all the main sessions:


      • Kelly Jo says:

        Okay so I have just listened to our very own siesta moma and Louie Giglios session or talks and I was blown away! I love Louie Giglio and his facial expression crack me up he’s awesome! I will be listening to the rest of these speakers!! On a side note I’m so excited in about 4 more hours I am going to be an aunt for the first time to Joseph Liam Reneau. I can hardly stand myself!!!! I love you my sweet siesta moma!! You are the best moma and you make us proud!!

  11. 61
    Earlene says:

    I need prayer! I have so many issues with my back and legs, that it would take too long to write about, but I will get another MRI on Thursday! I’m bummed out today from not getting answers from this ortho, but as my sweet daughter reminded me,”God is for the hopeless and right now you feel like that, but God is still faithful” , that’s what I needed to hear, please stand with me as I go forward with this and hopefully get somes answers! Blessings! You all encourage me!

    • 61.1
      Beth says:

      We are standing with you, Earlene!

      • Jessica says:

        a special prayer for you Earlene! He wants to heal us and He knows where we live! So much love for you in Christ right now and I promise you will have a prayer.

    • 61.2
      kimberly says:


      Lifting you up in prayer today! Jesus, we love you! Please touch Earlene’s back and legs and heal her! Just say the word and we will be healed! We love you Jesus! We praise you Jesus! We thank you Jesus! In Jesus Name, Amen and Amen!!

  12. 62
    Janice says:

    My son is in that age group and he is on fire to teach His word! I love it! Praise our wonderful God!

  13. 63
    amybhill says:

    i got chills when i read, “[the church] will know a persecution and ultimately a suffering that 20th Century Westerners could never have imagined.” my husband and i were talking about this just tonight at dinner. he was reading me an article in the wall street journal talking about christian churches that were just bombed in egypt. we are so lucky to be able to worship freely and i fear we too often take it for granted. i looked over at my two year old daughter and thought, “will she be as lucky?” thank the Lord she is His baby first and foremost or i might lose my mind with thoughts like that. i can trust Him, and i do – whatever the future holds. and while tragedies like the one in egypt are devastating, it is also so encouraging to hear what God is doing through things like Passion <3

    also, i just wanted to say that i am so excited about memorizing these scriptures. my first verse is Philippians 1:6 (NKJV), and in reading it/saying it over and over, God has shown me so many different perspectives/ideas from just that one verse – things i never saw in the verse before. i'm loving it.

    • 63.1
      Kim says:

      Amy, I was just in Lifeway tonight buying a Bible (NIV for David study) and I was overwhelmed with the choices. I looked over to the man standing beside me, and said, “I am almost ashamed that we have so many to choose from, and Christians around the world would give anything to have what we have.” You are right to say that we are blessed to be able to worship freely, but I wonder if we (American Christians) truly understand what Christianity is really all about?

    • 63.2
      kimberly says:

      amy, this was discussed in church this past sunday. how we have so much freedom and how we don’t use it! Christians can be too afraid to raise our hands and get lost in worship for fear of what people might think. when some Christians over seas are giving their lives for it! Let us lift our hands and praise Him girls!!! 🙂

  14. 64
    GA Jan says:

    Oh Beth – I know what going to Passion did for my boys and thank God for the Giglios and this ministry. It is amazing. A young Bible college student friend of mine that my oldest son is mentoring texted me and said, “Oh Mrs. Jan, I know why you love Beth Moore! She is bringing it.” Tickled me good.

    Thank you Beth for ministering to us women-folk and reaching out to the young people too. You are so precious and it’s a rarity to be able to do that. God has gifted you to communicate regardless of age or gender!

    Love you,

    PS: My collards were so good…wish you could have had New Year’s Day dinner with us since you were just 90 miles from me!!!

  15. 65
    Lisa says:

    I read some of Amanda’s tweets when you were speaking but didn’t catch the podcast online. They must have already taken it off!! Argh!! Is there any way to see/hear it? It sounds like it was so good! And good for me 🙂

    • 65.1

      if you go to http://live.passion2011.com you can watch the replays of the main messages but only for up to 24 hours after they’re posted, then they take them off the internet.

      • Carolyn says:

        There will be a Digital Download called Digital All Access (see link..http://live.passion2011.com/) where they’ll have:
        DIGITAL ALL ACCESS + CD ($25)
        Event Photo Video
        5 Main Session Talk Videos (including Miss BETH!!)
        3 Live Bonus Audio Songs
        Passion World Tour Video
        2 Live Song Videos
        Passion 2011 Glimpse Video
        Passion 2011 Digital Album Download (delivered 3/8/11)
        + More

        All Delivered To Your computer starting JANUARY 13 – MARCH 8

        This has been LIFE CHANGING for me and I would encourage everyone to get this CD! Thank YOU and all praise and glory to our GOD who is NOT dead and is living inside me!

    • 65.2
      DigiNee says:

      Again – all main sessions:


  16. 66
    Kelly Jo says:

    I’m so excited for all the young hearts God is after. I had a friend tell me a few weeks ago that I better be listening to the voice of God because he is after my generation!!….

    I want to tell you something. During bible study a few weeks ago Jordan said girls we need to be helping the widows. God says we are to serve and help these people who have lost their mates and what are we doing? NOTHING. So you know what I did? ….. Sunday before church I couldn’t wait till after because I was so excited 🙂 I asked an elderly lady if there was anything the “devoted daughters” could do for her? It was so cute first she wanted to know what kind of work we’ve been doing ? I hated to say well none so I replied why this and that….. Then asked the Lord to forgive me for telling a lie in the church. Finally she said would it be too much to ask you girls to clean my windows and wash my curtains. Absolutely we can!! I can’t wait to serve her!!!

    Last thing, I’ve never attended a passion event and I know it would be great (Im fixing to google it) but I find it hard to believe that it could be any better than yours! I love you!!!! Btw (did you happen to get your bear ornament)?

  17. 67
    HarborMom says:

    Sounds like a great time with the Lord and his people. Thank you for sharing and including us in what you experience God doing. I love thinking about how each of us has our own God sightings each day and the delight that fills us as we share them with others.

  18. 68
    Sharon says:

    My college son and about 50 of his friends from Lincoln, Nebraska, are at Passion this week. I asked him if he was glad he went and he replied, “Yep! It’s been really good and the speakers have been good. esp beth moore and andy stanley…” I think you’ve made an impression since he rarely will name names.

    He’s always heard me talk about you and how you’ve spurred me to have a closer walk with Jesus, and he knows that has spilled over onto him the past seven years, but this is the first time he’s experienced Beth “live”.

    Thanks so much for being someone our 20-somethings can look up to who points the way to a deeper walk with Jesus. Priceless – absolutely priceless.

  19. 69
    Sharon says:

    One more thing – just after you spoke yesterday another one of my son’s friends facebooked me with this after she saw I had shared about memorizing scripture this year and linked to your blog: “Just heard Beth Moore speak on the importance of memorizing scripture. I am jazzed! :)” That’s worth it! When young people are jazzed about memorizing scripture!

  20. 70

    I’m beginning to understand the insane amount of time it takes to research and write a book involving scripture! I’m just writing a devotional book and I’m finding it impossible to get anything put into words quite right! I did a quick write whatever I’m thinking about each scripture segment in November and because I finished that and am now going back and polishing it and fixing the stuff that was just idiotic (just flat taking it out in some cases.) and it’s really hard to explain to people why it’s taking me so long. And my (both on my husband’s side and mine) family, totally doesn’t get why I would spend so much time on something that is not going to reap any material reward for YEARS, if ever! They seem to think I’m wasting my time and sometimes I think maybe they’re right. Why would anybody read anything I wrote anyway? I’m not even really that smart. Of course, my husband and my mentor would disagree, but everyone else would agree.

    I agree with everything you said about the college campus,too. Living in a college town, I have experienced the mockery and the glory!!! I went to a small campus ministry when I was a University of Idaho student. There were maybe 20 of us to start out. Now they’ve changed the name and moved to a small theatre off campus! I went to a service recently (yes, they now have their own church called Resonate) and they had that place packed! They had their own band and everything! I couldn’t stay long because they have their services fairly late on Sunday night and I had three very tired children who had to go to school the next day! I was blown away by what that tiny little group of college students sold out for Christ had turned into!!!! And very much encouraged by the possibilities for the University campus! Hundreds of college students praising God was totally awesome!

    • 70.1
      Erin says:

      In regard to your first paragraph, Philippans 4:13.

    • 70.2
      Karene says:

      Keep writing, Shellie! If God has put it on your heart, He will help you through this process. Writing and editing is tough, I know. I used to do that before I had my family. God has called me to something else now, but I will be praying for you. You never know how God will use you to help even just one person–and then all that work will be worth it. Let us know when you’re done!

  21. 71
    Melanie says:

    Hi Beth, I am new here, but can’t believe it’s taken me this long to discover your blog. A friend invited me to join her in the Scripture memory challenge this year, and that’s how I arrived here.

    I actually met you at a Passion Conference way back in the late 90’s! My husband was a college minister at the time and we took a group of students there.

    Now we are in New England church planting, and I just attended my first Living Proof event in Lowell, MA. I just got so much out of your teaching on Mary, treasuring, pondering…thank you.

    Your studies have been an oasis for me in the parched land of the northeast. So excited to join you and so many others in focusing on the Word anew this year!

    (P.S. I’m actually in Texas now, visiting family for the holidays and can hardly wait to get to the Lifeway Store and purchase my next study. I just finished Esther, and now I’m thinking Daniel. It’s my yearly visit-to-Texas- tradition!)

  22. 72
    Amanda Billings says:

    I saw Amanda’s tweets too and I’ve been reading up. What is the significance of “268” ??

    • 72.1
      Katie says:

      Isaiah 26:8:
      Yes, LORD, walking in the way of your laws,
      we wait for you;
      your name and renown
      are the desire of our hearts.

      At least it was in 1996,7,8,9 when I was in college and going! Life changing verse!

  23. 73
    Bethany says:

    I absolutely adore your zest for life and complete, utter love for our Abba Father. You, Beth Moore, ROCK, girlfriend! Blessings!!

    • 73.1
      Sandra Harvey says:

      I couldn’t have said this any better than you did, and you reflect my heart straight on! Her love for JEHOVAH JIREH is AMAZING!!! It EMANATES through the screen you can just feel it. We love you and you do ROCK! Love and Prayers to all of you at LPM, & all of our SIESTAS!

  24. 74
    Sharon says:

    THANK YOU for your service to the Lord through Passion. I first experienced passion in 03 when they came to Bells, TX (I live up the road in Sherman) and I was part of the intercessory team…AMAZING AND THE GREATEST EXPERIENCE EVER!!!!! I also was part of the intercessory team about three years ago in Dallas for one of their weekend events. I have a son, 18 1/2 who will be attending the event this April in Dallas. I know how life changing this event can be and am forever grateful to all of you who serve “hard” in the few days that make Passion each year.

    • 74.1
      Laura says:

      Hey Sharon! I was on the intercession teams for OneDay03 and in Dallas at the Nokia (and a few other cities:) Loved it all–especially OneDay03. Still have many wonderful memories of experiencing the passion event, intercession in the chapel, speakers, worship, students, scripture reading on the tower and of course the crazy storm!

  25. 75
    Sparki2003 says:

    Hi Miss Beth,

    I see that you must be in the midst of writing the James Bible study while you plan to teach it to your precious “home-girls” in Houston again; at least according to what the LPM Houston Connection section states.

    I am proof positive that your doing exactly that; your working with Him, by the grace of God alone, truly can work miracles. His Holy Spirit was working non-stop within my heart at that time; as with 1.5 more of your studies after BG, the Holy Spirit caused a “true miracle” in my life — in my being led to accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior less than 7 months later ! Praise You, Oh God !

    I will NEVER forget being in that first group of gals going through yours, [and His] “Believing God” study online. And, at that time, I was scared to death to open my Bible, mainly because I did not know how to use or study It’s precious contents . . . But, He placed “GodSTOPs” all along the way in my life through that study so many years ago now. Could it really have been EIGHT years ago already ??? Hmm… Let’s see, September 2010 minus September 2002… Yep, that equals 8 years, plus a few months, considering it is now January – Yikes!

    I KNOW that God WILL bless your efforts, my sweet “big sister” !

    In Christ’s Love,

    Jennifer O.
    Southern Wisconsin

  26. 76
    Leanne Eldridge says:

    Timely word. I was pondering alot of these thoughts earlier today and feeling alone. Will I really stick this out? Will this really work for me? I have been drug back to the pit relentlessly. So I determined to do it alone, but then I just scrolled back to the last post…over 7,400 responses!!! I feel a bit like Elijah…the LORD has 7,400+ Siestas out there. We are not alone.

    • 76.1
      Beth says:

      We are definitely not alone, Leanne. As I read your comment, I felt like God wanted me to turn in my Bible to 2 Corinthians 6:2 and read it to you: “For He says, ‘In the time of my favor I heard you, and in the day of salvation I helped you. I tell you NOW is the time of God’s favor, NOW is the day of salvation.'” I’m believing God to make THIS the time of your deliverance from that habitual pit. I’ve been there, Sister. And, thank YOU, GOD, I am not there anymore. That time came.


  27. 77
    twinkle says:

    Your message at Passion was awesome. I sent a military mom some of the verses. Her son is fighting in the middle east and his mind is scarred. And this mother’s mind is definitely under attack. Do you know how powerful it is to know that a scarred mind can be renewed by Christ?!? I hate that you had to hurt so badly to receive the healing God poured out on you…but I am so thankful for the gift of your testimony and teaching. My God is not dead, He’s surely ALIVE! He’s living on the inside, ROARING LIKE A LION!!!

    Francis Chan…he NAILED it when he compared the enemy’s desire to ASCEND on high, to be as God…but Christ’s precious P A S S I O N was to DESCEND to earth, as a man, as a servant, who gave his life on a cross to save us.

    Oh. I was undone.

    Thank you for wielding the SWORD and allowing us to join you!

    It is a Glorious New Year yielded to our Faithful God.

  28. 78
    Cassandra says:

    I watched your session and my mind was blown away. God definitely spoke a number to my heart. I had just been thinking about how amazing doesn’t change your life. I have been writing about that concept in the Bible study I’ve started to write.
    I am only 21 and I am really praying about going to Passion next year. 🙂
    Thank you for being so devoted to God’s will for your life. You are a blessing!

  29. 79
    Liz says:

    I just wrote James 1:21 in the inside cover of my spiral! What a beautiful purpose statement for the Siesta Scripture Memory Challenge!

  30. 80
    Mitzi says:

    My daughter and son-in-law are there at Passion in Atlanta. Praise God!

  31. 81
    Leigh says:

    Ps. 13:b Restore the sparkle to my eyes, or I will die.

  32. 82
    Ericka says:

    Passion should be the word for 2011… a word that ignites a fire into someone, it gives them that drive, and there is no greater passion, than the passion of our love for Christ, and His Word.

    My Siesta Scripture Memory Verse book came in the mail today at work, as women were sitting in the office, and one said out loud how cute that little book was, flipping through it in her hands, and God spoke to me. I felt that passion in my heart, and I shared my faith, how God was working miracles through a woman named Beth Moore, how awesome it was going to be to memorize 24 scriptures this year, along with thousands of siestas across the world.

    She visited your blog later that day, and is interested in memorizing scripture.

    God is GOOD! Your ministry is spreading with a PASSION!

  33. 83
    Meredith says:

    The scripture I am memorizing saved me last night from some very destructive thought patterns I have struggled with over the years- God was so good to bring it to mind and let me mull over it until my only thought was Him as I went back to sleep! Praise the Lord!

  34. 84
    Carlena Johnson says:

    My two daughters are at passion. I understand it is an amazing conference! My oldest daughter (21) has really been struggleing with her “future plans”. She almost didn’t go but decided to. I am really praying that she hears from God through one of his servants at passion. Thank you Beth for the encouragement! Love you

  35. 85
    Leah says:

    Oh Beth, two of my children are at Passion this weekend, and both texted me yesterday morning that you were about to speak. I mentioned to my 21 year old son that if he happened to bump into you or Curtis, to proudly say that his mom was a “Siesta” friend. He quickly texted back saying “Mom, there are 22,000 here, I don’t think I’ll get to meet Beth Moore”:) Both he and my daughter were blown away by your message. My daughter was floored by your recall of scripture (Siesta Memory verses, for sure :). Thank you for being there, Beth. Thank you to Curtis and Amanda, too. God is moving among our young people. Praise to His name … above all names!! Please pray over my children to be moved to live for HIS GLORY AND PURPOSE ALONE!

    Hope you have a good night’s sleep and a wonderful NEW YEAR’s work week!! Sending my prayers and love to you all the way from the Atlanta! Can’t wait to come to Houston next January! I know my way around because it was our newlywed home for 3 years back in the early 1980’s.

    With love,


  36. 86
    Lyndsey says:

    AMEN! I was at Passion in ’06, immediately after graduating college. It was a huge, transforming point in my walk with Christ. Never have I worshipped like I worshipped in that stadium with all those brothers and sisters by my side. It was such a blessing! You, Beth, also spoke at that one, and I even managed to catch one of your side sessions too and that was a huge encouragement to me… I still refer back to the things God spoke through you to me during that session. Thank you for your part in it! If anyone knows a college-aged person, they should definitely suggest to them going!

    Ps- This is my first time doing the SSMT…. I’m very excited, and pray too that I can stick with it! God bless you all, Siestas!

  37. 87
    Gene says:

    Weeping watching the worship at Passion tonight after J.Piper spoke. “You’re all I want, You are.”

  38. 88
    Laura says:

    I was not able to go to Passion but just found out about the live streaming. Tuned in too late last night for the live session but got to see the replay of yours! Loved the message about our minds! Praise God for what He is doing on college campuses everywhere!

  39. 89
    Kim says:

    To read what you said about Passion is exactly how I felt about Deeper Still B’ham. I know people have said things have changed them and that “I’ll never be the same again”, but I was completely undone on Dec. 5th and 6th. The things I used to do (which weren’t necessarily bad in the grand scheme of things) just aren’t important anymore. Instead of sitting down to watch tv at night, I’m studying God’s word and spending time reading about the Lord and praying. I just can’t put it into words other than I am just overwhelmed with Him and I absolutely hunger for knowing Him more!

  40. 90
    Donna Cowart says:

    Donna Cowart, Teague, TX, “Wait for the Lord; Be strong and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the Lord.” Psalm 27:14 NASB

  41. 91
    Michele says:

    I am new to this and want to know how I can sign up for the 2011 Scripture Memory Team? Can anyone help me out?


    • 91.1
      Beth says:

      We’d love to have you! Just read the previous post on January 1st and the one called “Siesta Scripture Memory Team Instructions” on December 26th. Choose your first selection and enter it into the January 1st post. That’s all you need to do! We do it every 1st and 15th. Christ’s fullness to you, Sister.

  42. 92
    Cindy says:

    Beth, your teaching on Rom. 12 was tremendous….thank you for your obedience to God! Thanks for the tweet tonight as you were watching the live stream. I too watched and was blown away with God’s word for me through Dr. Piper. May God be at the bottom and may He enable me more to make much of Him!! Thank you, thank you Jesus!

  43. 93
    Leona says:

    I want to thank you Beth for being there for me,I am closer to God because of you and your walk.Have a great year,and oh yeah,we share the same birthday,June 16-the year is different though.Oh well,its still neat!

  44. 94
    WorthyofLove says:

    OK, did anybody notice that the SSMT comments were rolling in like every single minute there for a while. It was amazing to see!! Amazing to be a part of!

  45. 95
    Kelly says:

    Aha! That explains it! I attended your church this past Sunday. I didn’t drop any names to anyone but kept my eyes peeled for you. In the mean time, I fell in love with your church! It, by the way, is the largest church I have ever been in and I have gone to several big churches. Afterwards,I had some errands to run and made a few wrong turns and did several U-turns. My daughter, Ashlin said I was just trying to avoid leaving Houston. She’ was right. That, however, couldn’t happen. I have to get my munchkin back home. We have been missing for about 2 months. There are a few rumors going around the block where I live. :). Anyhow, I want you to know that I bought your “So Long Insecurity” about 3 or 4 months ago. When I left to come on this trip, I brought it thinking I would be able to relax and read it. Well, I couldn’t do that. Wanna know why? I’m telling you anyway! My daughter has been reading it and won’t let me have it back! That’s amazing, huh? Don’t ya think? I do. I sneak it every once in a while and then we talk about how each chapter affects us. As we are proceeding through Texas, west on The I-10, we are constantly thinking and talking about cactus-which I loathe. I had an incident with cactus when I was going into my Sophomre year in high school. I have had a bad relationship with it ever since. Ashlin says to me, “Mom, you really need to let the hatred for the poor cactus go.” My foot! No, I mean literally my foot! My foot is the reason cactus and I don’t get along. Gives me the willies every time I think about it.
    Anyway, Beth, I am sorry that I missed you at church regardless of where you were. I am glad that I went. I am glad that Ashlin wanted to go, too.
    Your book is totally blessed and it’s almost like you wrote it just for me. I am sure you hear that alot. I am so blessed by it. Shocked, at the relationship between insecurity and behavior because loss and HUGE changes that came in waves that it was believed that I should just go with the punches. I didn’t realize that all of that grief turned inward and became toxic. Toxcicity clouded my every decision. I have been walking through this unresolved grief. I have told the Lord that I am sorry for “holding on to it”. I now believe that He has told me it’s ok for me to greive for it. t’s just like the open wound I had on my right leg for about 30 years. I have a scar from the surgery that removed that open wound. It was a hole from the cactus that never healed. Built up around that hole was scar tissue. But the hole itself never filled in. There was no choice but to have it removed. Once that happened, it healed properly.
    Here is the hug I wanted to give to you on Sunday. ((((Beth))))

  46. 96
    Michele says:

    So thankful for all that God is doing through Passion 2011. It is incredible to watch all those young folks so fired up for Jesus.

    Watching the live feed has been a huge blessing to me. Depression & anxiety kicking my butt, ended up in ER last week. Watching the worship and awesome teaching definitely helps.

    God bless Louie Giglio and all the folks that serve through that conference.

    • 96.1
      Pam Houston says:

      Dearest Siesta Michele,
      I want you to know, I’ve been praying specifically for you. I sensed you are still grieving deeply somehow. Each time I see your pic with your beloved dog, I know…That a part of your heart has been ripped away. But I promise you this, the God of all comfort will mend the ripped fabric of your heart and you will be made stronger, and more able to feel the passion to the extent you have felt the grief. It’s a miracle exchange if you will believe it will work to your good and God’s glory in your life. I promise and so does the living God…based on His Word that will never lie.
      Don’t waste your sorrow dearest – His deepest work has begun in your life. I’m believing God with you and for you.
      Lovingly in Him,
      Pam H.
      Buena Park, CA

      • Michele says:

        oh Pam, thank you so much. You are right, I am grieving. I miss my Cindy so much. It’s compounded by the fact that the day she died, she got hurt at the clinic. I can still hear her screams.

        So I struggle with not only the loss of my bff, but also the trauma of her final moments, the fact that I couldn’t protect her or help her, or even say goodbye to her, and the question of why God let that happen when I specifically prayed over her about that before we left.

        My counselor thinks God is trying to teach me something through this, but I just don’t see it yet.

        It’s just a difficult time right now, and I don’t have much support from my church. So thankful for Siestaville.

        • I feel like I want to tell you that though we are not all
          going through the same stuff that we all have things we
          grieve, we all have a sense of loss regardless of age…
          So just please don’t think you are alone in your struggle, because
          that is always what brings me down is when I feel like
          I’m the only one going through it.
          Anxiety and depression are not from God.
          Io know you miss your sweet animal, and even though
          you aren’t over the death yet, I think you need another pet,
          I was told our pets can help us who struggle- it’s like
          they help calm the anxiety or something.
          Hang in there. God knows what He is doing…
          At all times. (I need to hear this too!)


        • pat w says:

          sometimes folks dont understand the love we have for our pets, nor why we grieve them so much. me though, i know how loyal pets can be. they LOVE ya. they just LOVE YA. they dont care what your politics are nor what kind of car you drive or dont drive, they just Love ya. I know that when my buster died, my cat Grieved for him and would Lay over top of his grave out in the cold night and I’d have to go get her and bring her in cause she would not leave him. who puts this love into animals? God does, that’s who. and god gives them to us for a time, shares them with us for a time, and I have been loved by some pretty neat furry friends, each of them different from each other, and I believe they are in heaven playing with god, purring for him and wagging their tails. I believe this… and my little Jesse, he was precious, just precious, he was a lover and he was also a fighter, he was soft purring grey and white tomcat that disappeared on a cold winter night after surgery on his chewed off ear…and I never thought that god was trying to teach me something by it,… no, never that, …I just knew that my precious tomcat had taken off when we got home from the vet with his stitches still vulnerable to the cold temperatures and he had probably got into a fight again and ripped those stitches out and bled out, not because he was bad nor nothing, just because first and foremost, Jesse was a loving purring, yes, but first and foremost!! Jesse was a dominant fighter tomcat!!, and it was tough to let him go, cause i didnt have a body to bury, and sometimes i still wonder if i may see him somewhere… but either way, i know that god knows where jesse is and jesse is with god wherever that is. and with my grieving cat, she had to have another dog to boss around- imagine the day when i brought a new puppy home for an old black cat to prance around and tell him the rules of the house. I have pictures!!. and He Knows, dont mess with the cat! and then he will lay down and the cat will play with his tail. — They give me joy and they Love me, and they need me just as much as I need them. — and I grieved my buster, but the time came when I had to open my heart and home up to a new puppy to love- and What A Blessing I would have missed out on knowing and being loved by, had I not of been open to my Bear. He is Big, with a Big bark, and a lot of fur, and Jumps and Bounces , and just a Big Teddy Bear, and is also a gift from god to me. My prayer for you is that god will show you another pet in need of being loved by you, and one whom can Love you and bring you Joy… and, –It’s good to see ya in siestaville again, I’d been wondering about ya, cause hadn’t seen ya log in for a while.

  47. 97
    Regina says:

    The Lord is up to something good! He will not let my generation go. He will not let me go. Oh how I love Him and His Word that brings light. Thank you for allowing God to speak His utterances through you. It amazes me how His message goes forth everywhere…Our Lord speaks. I pray that we will listen with ready feet.

  48. 98
    Pam Houston says:

    Oh Sweet, sweet Jesus! I am so overjoyed to know the transmission of our most Holy Faith to our 20 somethings. My heart has ached as I’ve watched the 30 somethings leave the church by the droves, and replace the pulpit with the movie theatre, worship with soccer games and teaching with X-boxes. Thank God His Word never goes out of style and He will be glorified! In our family, we have two glorious 20 somethings that have laid down their lives as newlyweds to go to Haiti and minister through Samaritans Purse to the pitiful victims of the 2010 earthquake…where cholera is taking a horrendous toll, still, the people are turning to hope through Christ, even amoungst the stench of death. Even in the most desperate circumstances. What I have seen of watered down Christianity and a “less-than” mentality on the reality of the supernatural God we serve who still loves to show up and show off His manifold miracles and awesome grace. This report about Passion is a balm to my soul and an answer to my prayers. And I am so glad.
    Blessed be His Holy Name!
    Pam H.
    Buena Park, CA

  49. 99
    Katrina says:

    I’m really excited that you’re writing a study on James! I was blessed to go to a Christian school from K-8th grade, and each class memorized a Bible verse each week. When I was in 5th grade, our teacher had us memorize a portion of James every week so by the end of the year, we had nearly the whole book memorized! So I’m looking forward to digging deep into this book that is so close to my heart and to see God water and grow the seeds that were planted back then! 🙂

  50. 100
    Traci Winter says:

    I am so glad you talked about the Passion conference. I have a chance to go in April and I have been praying about going months. I had to decide soon and that’s when I read your post. Now I know God has something great entered there for me. Isn’t it great how are God works!

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