Anybody Going?

Hey, Sweet Things! I am taking the quickest possible lunch break with a bowl of Frosted Mini-Wheats because my head in deep in the books today. Well, actually the Book. I’ve been studying for the Living Proof Live simulcast on Saturday and finished most of my commentary research yesterday afternoon. Not because I was satisfied, mind you, but because time was up. It’s always hard for me to finally go, “OK, that’s enough. Now start organizing what you’ve got.” At that point it’s time for the monumental task of sifting through, setting aside, writing a skeleton outline, then building the sessions on the material that made the cut.THEN, compiling illustrations.

All of this is a difficult process (oh, yes, it is difficult and it tends to get more so with time, not less) and woefully dependent upon the Holy Spirit. I desire so desperately to hear God accurately and with sensitivity but, needless to say, life and self can shout loudly over the small, still voice. Leaning in while everything pushes back can take every ounce of energy you’ve got. We are jars of clay pleading for that all surpassing power that can only come from Jesus. I rarely return from a conference where I taught copious material that I don’t think, in retrospect, I probably should have used that and not this. Said this and not that. Over-analysis is the suffocating tomb of teachers and, if we get trapped there, really good teachers can have pitifully short tenures. Those of us who are going to serve God for the length of our days (oh, Jesus, I want to! please help me!) have to make a choice to move on, whether or not the last lesson went like we hoped. I have to repeatedly ask myself one question: “Did you, as well as you knew how, take them to the Scriptures?” If no, I need to repent. If yes, I have to move on.

Anyway, I’m in the part of the process now where it’s Jesus, my Bible, my notes and me and the sessions are beginning to stand up and take some shape. This can be the most unsettling part because sometimes it doesn’t take shape until the midnight hour. Other times I’m not sure it ever did. It’s a faith walk, Girlfriend. I promise you that. But it is so worth it. Jesus is so worth it. I love the study process and any sense of His presence through the words on that page is what I live for. I am praying the material I feel like God has given me translates well on Saturday but I can at least tell you that I’ve gotten some private tutoring from it. He’s speaking very specifically to me about a particular challenge and changing how I deal with it.

I’ve got a long way to go in preparation so I can’t tarry on here today but I thought it would be so much fun to hear from those of you joining us on Saturday for the simulcast. If so, be sure to tell us the city and the location because it may be that several of you Siestas end up unexpectedly at the same place. Wouldn’t it be fun to meet each other face to face? I’ll also dearly love knowing that you guys are out there, in James 1 terminology, “scattered abroad.” (Which reminds me, we have 27 churches in Canada signed up for this simulcast! We were floored! So happy.)

Oh, before I get off of here, I have to tell you how much I loved your responses to the last post. It was a blast to hear all the ways you planned to stay in the Scriptures this Fall. I was familiar with many of the materials and most of the teachers but some of them were brand new to me. I stacked up some great ideas for future studies I want to take on my own. As my mentor always said, let’s all stay under many teachers! One helps bring us back to the center when another sends us over a cliff.

I love you, Sisters. I think of you every day.


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  1. 551
    Patty Kelsch says:

    My church aired the simulcast from Chicago and as always you were used by God to deliver a message directly to me. I’ve been slipping deeper into a pit (have been for a long time)and I don’t know anything anymore and you gave me something good to think about. I’ve recently downloaded your teaching on Life Today. My ipod/itunes account loaded a bunch of them in a random order or so I thought. Each day as I listen to 1 or 2 it’s clear that they were divinly arranged for me as something to hold onto for the day so I can function. Thank you for what you do.

  2. 552
    Patti says:

    I had the honor and GREAT pleasure to attend my very first Beth Moore event in Chicago! I LOVED it!! Thank you to all of you for all the work you do!
    KINDNESS is a message we can all use.
    Thank you again and God Bless!

  3. 553
    Nicki says:

    I attended the simulcast yesterday at Liberty Baptist church in st. petersburg, FL with some other ladies from my church. We did have some feed problems during taste 2, which bummed me out, but the rest of the time, everything went fine. I, too, did not know there was a difference between nice and kind. also, I try sometimes to be my husband’s savior. If something isn’t going right for him, I feel like I failed. Sounds ridiculous, but it is god’s truth. this really spoke to me. also, one of the sisters from my church that went with us is someone who I hadn’t really talked with before, but got to a lot yesterday. she and my husband share a similar seizure disorder, and she helped me to understand some things about his moods, etc. also, she was the one I did the blessing at the end with, and the fact we had grown closer throughout the day really made that a very special moment. I have never been to anything like this before. the closest thing was the bible studies with videos. I hope next time you get to the Tampa area, I can find some way to get there, as I am blind and do not drive.

  4. 554
    Kierstan says:


    Thank you so much for your teaching Saturday. In short, for the past few months I have been praying over and over if I am to stay where I am working. If so, how?

    I get up really early each weekday morning, usually on Saturday I sleep in just a little. My darling chocolate lab Thomas will only allow so much. Breakfast comes early all other mornings. =) So, Saturday morning around 4:30 a.m. I just felt the need to begin my morning routine. You know how sleep just wont be allowed. I began my reading and quickly I received answer so strongly within me, answering my question about my work. I am to stay!

    So, I went on my face and began to cry how Lord? How? How?
    After much prayer and thankful to the love God gives us even if no answer. I got up, got ready and happily made my way to watch the Simulcast. And, Mrs. Beth your message was right on. A friend who was with me looked at me and we just laughed. I wrote on my notes: LORD I hear and receive. Yep, it is very clear how.

    Today I worship!

    Thank you so much for your teaching.

    Love you,

  5. 555

    I was at a Simulcast in Tulare, California and so enjoyed your talk. What a timely and challenging message. You are such a blessing to whoever listens. Thank you so much for all the study, prayer and walking with God you do to encourage and build up the Body of Christ. I am looking forward to studying Revelation with you as our church is providing that video series starting this week. Many of your other studies have changed my walk, your efforts and God’s work have all been very profitable. Thank you, Beth.

  6. 556
    Melanie says:

    Beth, I was not in Chicago but I attended the simulcast in Grand Island Ne. Oh how I was blessed and you spoke the very words I needed to hear. The last few weeks have been difficult and I was about ready to break out into some meanness. I’m choosing kindness! Thank you!

  7. 557
    Beth Nelson says:

    Hi Beth!
    It was such an honor to worship, learn and meet you yesterday alongside my 12 and 14-year old daughters. God has been gripping their hearts with a hunger for His Word! They’ve watched me do studies with you for years, often on my own without the videos. Praise God “Women’s Bible study” is a growing interest at our church in the last couple of years.

    The girls and I completed Daniel this summer with our “siesta” friend and Bible study leader. We find ourselves shaking our heads and simply saying “Babylon” when we see shocking things in our culture. What a gift to study with daughters. I know you understand that gift well!

    We love you and pray for you often.

  8. 558
    Heather says:

    Hi Beth! I just wanted to stop in and tell you how amazing Saturday’s simulcast was. Of course – it was so perfectly timed. When you shared the verse for the topic of the day I just couldn’t believe it. She “openeth” her mouth!! 🙂 My daughter had written that verse on a pretty paper and even colored it so nicely – and had put it on our refrigerator where it had been all week. AND the same daughter, just two days before the conference, came home from a homeschool co-op group telling me all about how her teacher had taught them the difference between kindness and niceness. God is so good. To top it off – my teenage daughter shared with me on Friday a song that she had stuck in her head all week. We were driving down the road, each of us with an I-pod earbud in one ear listening to “Oh How He Loves Us”, a precious moment that my daughter wanted to share with me – and then we sang it on Saturday as well. I just know you were speaking DIRECTLY TO ME!! Of course, so did every other lady in my group. Thank you for being such an INCREDIBLE woman of God! I love how you make it very clear that your husband is the ruler of your home. Love you!!

  9. 559

    beth, wow! you have a lot of comments. you may never get to this one, BUT i had to stop by and tell you i’m in your promo video!

    i’m “the event was wonderful/meat & potatoes/8000 women tastes like heaven” girl.

    and wow!

    i’m humbled to be used.

    i’m “just a mom.” i take my job seriously. i know that the Life i live glorifying our good God here will have a ginormous payoff. my “just a mom” job is passing on a legacy of Victory to my future generations.

    but this “just a mom” was surprised by God seeing that video (which my former campus life leader from modesto ca. discovered and emailed to me)! i’m overwhelmed that He uses me for his glory in surprising ways.

    may God continue to be glorified in and through you, and may He continue to lavish His “love better than life” on you in Christ Jesus!

  10. 560
    Tami says:

    Dear Beth: I was reminded about the simulcast by surfing the LPM website on Thursday, and felt I should go — but didn’t commit to buying a ticket. When I woke up Saturday, I asked my man if he had any big plans for us that day (nope) so I took off for what I thought would be a somewhat refreshing day alone amongst friendly strangers (although Siestas, I was sure) at a large church in Pasadena, California. I arrived and even though I was able to say hi to a few acquaintances, I sat alone on the aisle. Well, it was clear from the get-go that God had other plans for me! We weren’t 60 seconds into worship when a very large, cumbersome, “wheelchair” pulled up to the pew where I sat and parked right next to me! I actually chuckled to myself and said, “OK, God — lay it on me, I’m ready for whatever you are going to teach me through this dear lady today!” It didn’t take long before we were laughing together, leaning over, “what verse was that again?” “is it cold in here to you?” and just enjoying each others comforting company. By the time you prayed us into the lunch break, we were holding hands. She had purchased the lunch and I had brought mine, so I really wasn’t sure we would be reunited after the break. I returned to the same general area, and after the next session began, she zoomed down the aisle just to tell me she had found a warmer place to “park” and invited me to join her. I did. We didn’t really get a chance to speak until the break at the end, when she briefly told me her story. And I wasn’t shy with the questions — I KNEW God had caused her to park her chair right next to me, and I wanted to find out why. Well, I still don’t totally know why, but I will definitely think about my dear sister Juanita whenever I am tempted to complain about the aches and pains of life. A polio victim as a child, Juanita now suffers from post polio disorder, which is degenerative. She is in frequent pain, every crack in the sidewalk sends pain spikes through her degenerating spine. She has been in her chair most of the day for 20 years, although she can walk with her braces and crutches enough to “get to the kitchen to feed the cat.” Her first husband cheated on her. She has four children, several grandchildren and after decades of being alone, God has blessed her with a wonderful second marriage to a giant gentle man just six years ago. She zooms around Pasadena in her chair, leaving her witness for Christ everywhere she goes in the form of a gospel tract or personal conversation in either English or Spanish. I’m sure people are drawn to her, as Juanita emulates pure JOY. She was magnetic. Smile. Smile. Smile, all the time. She is so grateful for all God has done for her, and is very happy to share that joy with others. We exchanged phone numbers and I KNOW this is not the last time I will see dear Juanita. I’m sure God will use her to teach me even more.

    By the way, God used YOU to teach me so much, as well — you nailed it, girlfriend! Such an anointed message and so clearly sent to you from the Throne of God itself. I am so happy I took that drive Saturday morning to share the joy of your message. I have been thinking about it and reviewing my notes today, and have asked God to speak to me when He wants me to act in kindness, until it becomes second nature! God Bless you, dear Beth. I appreciate you!

    • 560.1
      Karene says:

      I LOVED your story, Tami. What a special blessing you and Juanita were to each other. I love hearing how God works that way.

  11. 561
    Holly Edwards says:

    Some of the ladies from our church attended the simulcast in Harrison, AR Saturday. It was a wonderful time of encouragment and conviction. I teach 8th and 9th grade and sometimes the “law of kindness” evades me! I have a renewed committment to rely on the Holy Spirit to apply this truth to my life. Thank you for your faithfulness to study and teach! Holly

  12. 562
    Nancy Scarpelli says:

    Thank you 100 times over for the event this past Saturday in Chicago. LOVED it and left so revived! You are a gift from God!

  13. 563
    Peggy Richardson says:

    Beth, what a great Saturday! So much to take in in such a short amount of time. Please if you can, post the precious picture of Kelly’s niece for us to see again. I don’t want to ever forget that face. That’s been me so many times when I’ve had divine encounters with the Lord. It’s hard to explain to others what you’re feeling when this happens, and that picture says it all!

  14. 564
    Maureen Chabot says:

    Hello Beth!
    Well, I was one of the Saturday Siesta goers at Grace Community Church in Detroit, MI. The Holy Spirit never ceases to amaze me when I see you whether in a study or Simulcast…goodness, I really think one day you will leap right out of your skin and off the stage!! I absolutely LOVE your enthusiasm for Christ. Your words…or should I say word “kindness” is sticking to me like glue! I asked God to help me to remember to eat His kindness for the whole day yesterday and He actually got me through the majority of the day…then I took over:o,

    The Lord woke me up at 3:30am this morning using a headache (He’s so clever)knowing I have to get out of bed, go downstairs, warm up the ricebag in the mic and take some medicine. Then of course I have to go for a rewarm (3 this time) so as to be sure I won’t go back to sleep. I told Him I was ready to sit…lay before Him and listen. He reminded me of a few people to bring before Him and as well as to let me know that He loves you Beth with a “jealous” love!! How’s that for a word!! Gotta love Him…He’s so crazy about us!! Jesus also reminded me of a time when Denny (my wonderful man) and I were sitting in bed and reading some scripture when He read (I’ll paraprase): He went to the cross for the joy set before Him. Just then He told me, “Maureen, you are my joy”. WOW! We are His joy! I couldn’t hold back the tears and try to share it with as many as possible!

    This is my first time on this blogsite and I plan to join as much as possible! Headache is almost gone and I’m getting ready for work!

    I love you and don’t even know you! That, my friend, is an amazing affect to have on a person.

    In Christ alone!!

  15. 565
    Beth Nelson says:

    Hi Beth!
    It was such an honor to worship, learn and meet you in Chicago alongside my 12 and 14-year old daughters. God has been gripping their hearts with a hunger for His Word! They’ve watched me do studies with you for years, often on my own without the videos. Praise God “Women’s Bible study” is a growing ministry at our church in the last couple of years. Now there is a small but growing core group of women (and my girls) studying The Word.

    The girls and I completed Daniel this summer with our “siesta” friend and Bible study leader. We so often find ourselves shaking our heads and simply saying “Babylon” when we see shocking things in our culture or in ourselves. What a gift to study The Word with daughters. I know you understand that gift well!

    You might like knowing that this is the first blog my girls have ever really read. They just posted on their own for their first times today. When you responded right back to AmyLynn she nearly floated to the second story of our house. Thanks for the peace of mind that every word of content on this blog will be appropriate for their tender hearts. That level of monitoring and security makes this “mama bear” very at ease.

    We love you and pray for you often.

  16. 566
    Tonya Beacham says:


    As always, God has us right where we need to be to hear exactly what we need. What an awesome God we serve! Thank you for the lesson on kindness. It was just what my heart needed. Unfortunately we were all shocked when our site in Spanish Fort, AL dismissed us early and we were unable to see the final session. Would appreciate if someone could help us out with info from the ending. Looking forward to seeing you in Pensacola, FL next year.

    Thanks for all you do and make sure you continue to schedule some more vacation time!
    Blessings, Tonya

  17. 567
    Reda Ellis says:

    Dear Beth,

    I had the awesome privilege to be a part of the simulcast in Hazel Green, AL this past Saturday. As always, God blessed, the Holy Spirit convicted and taught me much from your teaching. Thank you for your many years of service to our King. I pray that God will continue to use you to further His kingdom for a very long time.

    As I mentioned earlier, I was taught. One thing I was reminded of was that as a leader/teacher, I am not a savior. I know that, but being a woman, I want to fix things and I know that I can’t. I just have to direct people to God and pray for them while not allowing the enemy to get a foothold in my own life. Whew! We are in a battle every day. Currently, I am leading a study on the book “Captivating” by John and Stasi Eldredge. I so passionately want us to live the abundant life we have been given. We need to stop allowing the enemy to have victory in our lives. We need to abide in Christ. He is our only hope! I still laugh about where God has me now. About eight years ago, I said I would not teach adult women. I wanted to continue to teach preschool or children. Adult women scare me. They/we have issues. God allowed me to go through some issues of my own, to prepare me for what I am doing today. Well, the first adult women class I taught was, have you guest it yet? “Get Out Of That Pit”. Your own study. God has a sense of humor. Pray for me as I continue to serve our Lord, however He chooses to use me. I am praying for you, too.

    I don’t know how you balance your time with your family and all the time you have to put in for teaching. I sometimes feel like Anna who never left the temple, but prayed and fasted. I don’t live at church, but I spend a good amount of time preparing to lead this class. And yet I feel I should be studying more. Oh, I still don’t know Him well enough! I know He is AWSOME, WONDERFUL, MIGHTY, VICTORIOUS. I could go on and on, but I know you know how wonderful He is.

    By the way, I saw nothing wrong with your hair before you put it up. Your hair looks great however you choose to wear it.

    Richly blessed,

    Reda Ellis

  18. 568
    Jessica says:


    I just wanted to let you know how you and your love for our Lord has blessed my heart. I have been walking with Jesus for about 8 years now and my very first Bible study was Breaking Free, which literally helped me break free from so many bondages in my life!! Since then I have done 8 of your studies and am so amazed at how God has used every single one of them to help me grow in one area of my life or another. Thank you for being a vessel and a tool we as woman need so much! I watched the simulcast from Calvary Chapel in Melbourne Florida and let me tell you- lives were changed! Thanks again for your service to our kind Savior!

  19. 569
    Janet A says:

    I love you and thank you so much for speaking a word of GOD to me on Saturday. Kindness wears down when we do is so where i am right now!!!!! But Kindness has good memory is so right. Where would i be without the kindness of God. Thank you for reminding me of that.
    By the way i hit my alarm clock 2 times every morning too. Drives my husband crazy!!!
    I did the Inheritance study this summer. WONDERFUL!! i learned so much.
    Love you

  20. 570
    Tina says:

    Hello Beth,
    I was blessed to have watched you in the Simulcast. Thank you so much for offering this to us around the world. I cannot imagine all the hard work your team had do to get this together. Praise be to God that it was so successful and I was able to worship with 124,999 women. The kindness of your words where food to my soul 🙂 Now for the question:
    I was looking up the word nice that you gave us the definition for on Saturday and couldn’t find a match to your definition. Would you be so kind as to tell me where you found it?
    I live in the Columbus area, and cannot wait for August when you come here!
    Blessings to you and your family.

  21. 571
    Jennie says:

    Hi there,
    I just wanted to sign in and say thank you so much for the simulcast on Saturday. God spoke to me in so many personal ways, I was just sitting there at times thinking, “Wow, God, you are so amazing!!!” Thank you to Travis and the team for leading us into worship—what a blessing! I was nearly jumping out of my socks with happiness. 🙂 And Beth, thank you for teaching us the law of kindness. I left convicted big time and so very encouraged. I love how God does that!

    One thing that struck me as we were watching the countdown clock before the event began was how you (Beth) have often mentioned your nerves before going out to speak—and I thought of you back stage at that moment, and here was the thing that just struck me, despite all those nerves, you were still obedient and willing to step out. I thought of how your obedience literally encouraged and exhorted thousands on Saturday and then thought of how my own obedience affects other people, maybe even people I’ll never meet. Thank you so much for stepping out and obeying Christ. I want to do the same in my life, even when my little self is nervous as all get out. I’m so grateful that God can use all of us and fill our little jars with himself. I desperately want mine to be overflowing!
    Okay, I’m starting to ramble so I’ll go for now!
    Thank you again!

  22. 572
    Jane Perry says:

    attended the simulcast. trying to really focus on the Torah of Kindness……having all kinds of challenges today.

  23. 573
    Lynn Painter says:

    Dearest Beth… once again a marvelous weekend. I want to tell you two things. I work as a dental hygienist part time here in Northern California. Our business is slowing down just a bit, but not too bad. On my last pay check, I noticed that I got docked 1 hour of work because my last patient had not shown up. I had left early, because there was really nothing left to do. I confronted (asked) the office manager about this, and was not very happy… I controlled my tongue, did not say anything mean… but just not as gracious as I like to be. At your simulcast here, I was so very convicted about my behavior and my “thoughts” that I knew I needed to apologize. I don’t work until Wednesday this week, so I stepped out part way through your message and called my boss. I told her that I was sorry for the way I behaved and that I should have remembered that it is just as difficult for them these days also, and she has done a marvelous job at keeping my schedule as tight as possible. Of course I was a crying mess afterwards, but I felt free. Praise God!! Thank you for allowing the holy spirit to speak through you… NOW!!! on another note… I can not stop thinking about Pumpkin Spice Latte’s.. My mouth just salivates at the thought… As I write this, I am enjoying another one today… Love you my friend!! Lynn

  24. 574
    Ashley says:

    I attended Saturday’s Simulcast in Malbis, AL! It was absolutely wonderful and I was so blessed by it. Unfortunately, my church had to end it just before the 8th point, though, so I am trying to find someone that can give it to me. If anyone reads this and can share, I’d be so grateful!

  25. 575
    Tera says:

    Hi Beth! I went to the simulcast here in Salt Lake City. It was an amazing word for me. God had already been speaking to me about that very thing. From the worship to all that you had to say, God was really moving in my heart the entire time. Thank you dear Sister. I do have a question. I’ve done several of your studies and I love how you use word studies to really understand the text. I’m just curious how you do that? I would really like to start studying that way. Do you just use books or do you have a computer program that helps you do that? Thanks again!

  26. 576
    Sharon Moreland says:

    Hey Beth I just wanted to say thanks and what a blessing you and Travis and the worship team were this weekend!! Thanks for all you do and all the ways the Lord uses all of you! My sister and I are trying to keep the torah of kindness on our tongues. Not easy but with God’s help we will do it! Have a blessed day!

  27. 577
    Rebecca says:

    Attended the simulcast Saturday in Denver, CO – It was fabulous. My friend Linda went with me and she said it was the best she had been to yet! The Holy Spirit was talking to both of us and we have both put up our sticky notes with Proverbs 31:26 all over the place. We want to be kind not “nice”, and we are telling everyone about it!
    Thank you so much for offering these simulcasts. The location we were at was lovely and the ladies were gracious. Green M&M’s everywhere you turned and fruit and muffins and coffee in the morning. Thanks to everyone!

  28. 578
    Kathryn Drew says:

    Hi Beth..

    I am getting ready to “openeth my mouth” and tell you that you were AMAZING!! 🙂 I had the great priveledge to be with you in Chicago this Saturday along with my mother and 2 sister-in-laws and can I say..your message was exactly what I needed to hear. God is sooo good! He continues to amaze me with his timing on things..Its always perfect. Thank you for all your hard work and time you put into preparing for that day. You are a blessing for many and the apple of his eye! luv ya girl! xoxo

  29. 579
    Jolene says:

    Hi Beth, I was at your simulcast at Maple Ridge Baptist Church, in Maple Ridge on Saturday. It was awesome!! I’ve memorized Proverbs 31:26 and have been trying hard to remember when “I open my mouth…with wisdom to have “the law (torah) of KINDNESS on my tongue!!” I have enjoyed your ministry for years! I took my newest daughter in law with me and it was a great bonding time for us too!God Bless You, hope you got some rest after all that! Take care, love, Jolene Wilson in Maple Ridge, BC, Canada

  30. 580
    Carma says:

    WOW! What a blessing this simulcast was for our church! Our church Shepherd of the Hills Baptist Church in Knoxville TN hosted the event. We have space in our church but we are very small in numbers. We had 70 people attend, Ladies from our church and others, our youth and a few brave men. Which is a MAJOR thing since UT and Florida game was that day! My husband even missed the game to run the computer. I think he even listened. LOL!

    In preparation leading up to the event we all went through some trials. It seemed as one person (on our Steering Team) was being spiritually attacked all the time. The amazing thing was that God held back the attack on the others so they could build up that person, be there to listen, support and pray for them. It was almost like a rotation. We held each other up in prayer through all of the frustrations.

    We loved the message and we all got something from it. I really liked knowing the meaning of “nice” I have went to use the adjective nice several times over the past two days and catch myself then changed it to kind.

    Thank you for allowing God to work through you. I have learned so much about Jesus from you. I gave my testimony in church about a month ago and it had a lot to do with your bible studies. It was recorded and is on YouTube at

    Love you and thank you!


  31. 581
    Gail says:

    My heart is bursting with Joy and Hope after being at the simulcast on Sat. along with 200,000 Sisters across the Globe! I know you don’t want Thanks Beth, so I will Thank and praise the LORD for your continued working for Him. I so want to share your Bible studies with my family and friends, so have purchased 3 of them with hope for more. God is so good and how fun it would be some time to sit and chat with you and your daughters and hear all Your dreams, and hopes for the future. You do so much for us, we can only let you know that we pray for you. I can only tell you in your own words how sorry I am for all you went through in so many area’s and Praise God He has restored many of those areas too. My heart is full and I am not even saying what I want to. You did aide in bringing me Freedom in Christ, and I am so grateful! May the LORD Bring you strength, courage, peace, Joy, and Love in the Word as you bring His truths to us. Our love to you and your family.
    A Very beyond grateful Sister In the LORD!

  32. 582
    Cindy says:

    Beth I have to tell you that your message Saturday was not at all what I came to hear! We are in really tough times with my husband’s business and I just expected to hear about God’s provision and casting my cares on Him.

    Instead, I heard something so much more. I heard God tell me that He has so many things planned for me, but that He is good and ready for me to be done with the bitterness I have held far too long for a certain person. I have one of those difficult people in my life (who doesn’t?) and I have really struggled with showing her love. Well God told me very plainly that just as His word says, if I say I love Him but hate my sister, then I am a liar.

    I am surrendering to His will and I’ve asked Him to dig every last bit of ugliness toward this person out of me. I don’t want to forfeit his plans for me because I am hanging on to hate.

    Thank you for speaking the truth!

  33. 583
    Karen Warden says:

    I had a wonderful time on Saturday attending the Chicago simulcast. I was at the Lake Zurich site about 4o minutes from where you were live. I have been reading your books all summer and soaking it up and eager to learn more and more and know Jesus better and be closer with him. I can’t wait to attend the next event! Your message on the Torah of Kindness was exactly what I needed to hear!

    I was wondering if you would be putting a facebook link on your blog. I would love to see your blog come through on facebook and then I would never miss out on any of your posts or news.

    Thank you and God bless,

  34. 584
    Abby says:

    Hi Beth! Though we’ve never met, as I was drying my hair on Saturday morning before attending the LPM simulcast, I prayed for you as your prepared to speak. And now, in retrospect, I praise GOD for His work in my heart through your words. Beth, I am still just ECSTATIC and feel like I’m floating around in love with Jesus all over again. I’m giddy! Tomorrow night (Tuesday 9/21) a couple of us girls that attended the simulcast will be sharing with our small group from church about what God taught us. YAY! I can’t wait! Though our men were on a retreat, I felt very much on my own retreat even though I didn’t travel anywhere over night. THANK YOU for sharing what God led you to share and THANK YOU for being used by HIM in such a powerful way. (P.S. I live/attended in the DC area. The church where Kelly Minter’s Mom, Kay attends. She was a proud Grandma on Saturday!! 😉

  35. 585
    Paula says:

    Dear Beth – This weekend was my first time to attend a Simulcast. Just in case you ever doubt that you are hearing that “Still Small Voice”: All summer I have been pushed to the limit with my time, energy, etc., etc. I have always had a problem with my “sharp tongue” – not necessarily WHAT I say, but rather the TONE of voice in which it is said. Lately though, it has gotten MUCH worse. Well, about a month ago I was pruning my hedges and feeling VERY down on myself. Discouraged that no matter how hard I tried, or prayed, I could not tame my tongue or tone of voice, so while I was “pruning” I told God He had permission to “prune” me. 🙂 Nothing seemed to happen. A couple of weeks went by and I was still struggling, discouraged and frustrated. And it actually seemed to get worse! In the last two weeks my husband twice has been so angry with me (because I leveled him at the shoulders with a sharp response) that he actually walked away from me. The words just seem to pop out like grease lightening, before I could even think. I was to the point that I hated MYSELF, how could I expect anyone else to put up with me? Anyway, I went to the Simulcast, not knowing what the topic of learning would be. 🙂 How FLOORED was I when it was on Proverbs 31:26!! I had actually begun to tell myslef that God had given up on me and that there was NO HOPE left for me to change. My, oh my, did you hit the nail right on the head!! It was as if God himself were standing on that stage talking directly to ME! I was soooooooo over-whelmed and humbled that 1.God would still care enough to PLAN for me to be at that study and that 2.HE had not given up on me, and that He still loves me, even when I am AWFUL. You even said right at the end of the last session, “Don’t give up on yourself!” I was so humbled by His love and forgiveness that I came home and made-up with my husband. I am pouring back over my notes so that it “falls into good soil” and is not snatched away by the enemy. This is one lesson I don’t want to forget. My mouth has become MUCH kinder just in the last 2 days and my prayer is that it will CONTINUE to improve. I came to understand that my kindness wears down when I do (thank you sister for your teaching!!)
    I realized that I have to learn to say NO to things and not allow myself to be worn down to the point that I am an embarrassment to my Heavenly Father. (and myself) and to point that I lose my kindness. Thank you for your hard work and study and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.
    I truely spent a weekend with God – you were just the messenger.

  36. 586
    lori dobry desotelle says:

    i was in chicago for the sept 19 event. this was my first time. i have done 3 studies of beths in a bible study group i joined at my church 3 years ago for the first time. i had been curious about WHO GOD IS? WHO IS THIS MAN? WHAT IS HIS STORY? and through your gift i am finding out. wow you explain the word so well i am blown away…..and proud to say i am getting it….finally. i am 56 yrs old. i have been thinking of writing a childrens book about KINDNESS…..i had just bought a wooden sign i hang in my kitchen that say KINDNESS MATTERS….the study we are starting the mon after our weekend with you is DANIEL….you said we were chosen to be there that day and we would hear why if we listened…well OMG 125,000 WOMEN and i felt like he was shouting just to me…..the goosebumps kept coming….but I heard him for the first time ever….and now i know the feeling. i am hooked….i love birds…i am freaked out by mice….and that night i had a dream about forgiving a friend that i have lost. This is something that has weighed heavy on my mind for years now and the dream was very real and liberating….i am just in awe of the whole thing…..thank you for what you do….i am still a student in progress (have a feeling i will be till my dying days)…..but i finally feel like i can understand the text because of how you teach it. what a gift….what a blessing….what a happy day that i had a friend talk me into joining this bible study. we belong to calvary lutheran in green bay wisconsin. small group and trying to grow. 6 of us were there. we were all touched and inspired…..but i think i was the ony one there that didnt know the songs. fixed that though….bought the cd. anyway thank you….and i will let you know if that book ever truly comes to me….and i know you know what that means 🙂

  37. 587
    lori dobry desotelle says:

    one more thing……since this was my first time hearing the word and feeling like i was spoken to…..i wanted you to know that when it was over…..i truly had a look on my face like the picture of the that beautiful little girl you showed….that expression said it all about how i was feeling

  38. 588
    Claudia Villatoro says:

    Beth, I just want to thank God first of all and my cousin also for inviting me to Chicago this weekend for your conference! I cannot tell you just how blessed I was and still am for for what God put in your heart to share with us. I love you! you are so transparent, and you are the funniest person ever, I always thought, for some reason that you were a very serious , but I thank God that you are such a joyous person! And also, you look pretty darn good to be 53 years old! I hope I look that good when I get to 53!! I was listening to one of your CDs I bought at the conference, and I gotta tell you, I was cracking up with your stories about wanting to name your daughter Minnie and about the moose at your cabin window!! Thank you for being a messenger of the MOST HIGH, may God keep blessing your ministry and your family, and I hope to be at one of your conferences again!
    Love, Claudia

  39. 589
    Jennifer says:

    I cannot express my gratitude to you. You have given me a heart the actually DESIRES Bible study and YEARNS to know the Lord SO INTIMATELY. If no other soul was listening to the simulcast Saturday, you could’ve just been speaking to me and please know it was sent directly by God for this soul.
    I come from a long line of folks who can be kind and wonderful to everyone but their family, my husband in particular. I LONG to have the Torah of Kindness on my tongue for him and was SO BLESSED to have ladies in the church that were only vaguely familiar with my situation pray for me right then and there. (I am very involved in the church — choir, children’s ministry, women’s ministry, etc — and it’s not the type of thing you print on your t-shirt, you know?). I was just so overwhelmed. We just finished your Daniel study and I completely fell in love. We started Revelation last night and I’m hooked all over again – I actually would love more homework because it gives me direction and makes me get in the word, even if I don’t think I have the time (I’m a stay-at home mom of two toddlers!). I’m still a very long way from happiness or even peace in my marriage and I’m sure now that it is due to my disobedience to God and overall lack of kindness to my husband. My marriage is DEEP in the trenches of spiritual warfare because I’ve shown the enemy that my faith can be challenged that way. I want SO MUCH to break free from this and tear down my defensive walls toward my husband because I want SO DESPERATELY to love him.
    At any rate, thank you. I have an odd feeling that God is calling me, sometime in the future, to write a book or speak on marriages, but that would mean that He would have to heal/restore mine to make the testimony. I pray for the faith to believe that daily.
    Please you know you are well loved and so deeply appreciated because you give women like me hope. Thank you so very much.

  40. 590
    jan says:

    I had known for most of a year that I needed to visit my sister in the Chicago area. Saw at least 10 months ago you were speaking there and knew this was the time for the visit. Got my plane tickets but not my event tickets. Was holding out hoping to convince my niece to come as well. Finally gave up and was ready to get the tickets. They were sold out. Got on the waiting list down about number 80. Didn’t have much hope. Even called your office pleading for help. They were suggesting a host site but I knew my sister wouldn’t go. She wouldn’t step foot in a church building (whole other story). Just before I was to get on the plane to depart, Lifeway called with the tickets.

    Found out late Friday night my sis was having an affair with a married man. Saturday while at the event her daughter texted and said she had told the entire family. My niece was filled with vicious anger. This is a family that everyone works in law enforcement. Guns all over the house. To say my brother-in-law was enraged is an understatement. My 20 year old nephew was frightened enough that he confiscated all the guns and all the car keys. He told the family they were not going to judge her but sit down work it out. (this is a family of non-believers).

    We came home from the event. Sis and brother in law talked way into the night. Got started working things out. The previously furious daughter called asking them to meet her for dinner Sunday afternoon. She grasped on to my sister begging forgiveness.

    Sunday morning I could hardly bear to go upstairs and face the rubble I expected before me. I was asleep the night before and didn’t know how things had progressed. I kept hearing your words “Kindness looks pain in the face.” Went up and the brother in law threw his arms around me and said “You saved my family” I told him it was God who saved his family. Quoted Iasiah 53 HE SENT me to bind up the brokenhearted. My sister commented that it felt like there had been a darkness hovering over their home and now it had lifted. She had no clue how accurate those words were.

    When they dropped me at the train station, they were holding hands. I might not have seen Chicago this trip, but I saw something more precious…God at work in the darkest of darkness.

    Thank you for the word you sent forth. For sure they saved a family and maybe lives on Saturday.

  41. 591
    Paula says:

    I attened the simulcast at South Tulsa Baptist Church with my mom (who is suffering with shingles). I hadn’t been to a Bible Study in a while so it was so good to get some nurisment from the Word as only Beth can present it. I have to admit though, I have started attending a small church in which I found that most of the ladies had NEVER DONE A BETH MOORE STUDY. Can you imagine that? Well, I couldn’t and so Monday night we begin Its Tough Being a Woman. I was so excited about it, I couldn’t keep my mind on the study Saturday.

    At the end of the video last night, one of the ladies stood up and pointed at the screen and said “I LIKE that woman” WOOHOO We are in for a great time!

  42. 592
    Mary Ann says:

    Attended at First Baptist Church Lebanon, MO. The young lady that God has blessed me to have in my home and mentor rededicated her life, an answered prayer! Thanks, Mary Ann

  43. 593
    Sandra Deleon says:

    Hello Beth, My ladies bible study, we are working on your study guide, It’s tough being a women” I am getting so blessed, I didn’t realize how much you can get out of one chapter. Thanks for your wisdom from the Lord above, I’m blessed, because of him who loves us all.

  44. 594

    Hi Beth, I’m attending the womans bible study, Wer’e doing the study “It’s Tough Being A Woman” I am truly blessed to be using your study guide.I never realized how much we can get out of one chapter in the Bible. I’m grateful that the Lord is using you, I will continually pray for you. God Bless, and thanks for being a blessing to me. 🙂

  45. 595
    Barb Suapaia says:

    Hi Beth

    We are just starting the Book of Daniel study at our church in Edina Minnesota and I am wondering what bible do you use? Is it the NASB? I just got one because of the recommendation of a friend and when you read it wasn’t word for word but very close. Just wondering. Keep up the fabulous job!!!! I absolutely love your studies. Many things you say bring me to tears…good tears.

    May God continue to bless you abundantly!!!!


  46. 596
    Julie Scott says:

    Just wanted to say I attended the simulcast on Sep 18th. I believe that God must have whispered in your ear as you were preparing the message; “now here is what I want you to tell Julie for me”. I am going to write you a letter to share with you how amazing our God is. Thank you so much for being a faithful servant of our Savior Jesus Christ.

    your Sister in Christ


  47. 597
    Sonja Wood says:

    100 precious women joined us at FBC in Andersonville, TN. and we had “nuthin-but-a-blast”! We are a small church and were so pleased that Lifeway made the simulcast affordable to us. And of course, hearing you share the Word gave several of us the courage and the energy to put one foot in front of the other while keeping out hands over our mouths! Maybe in time (who knows how long?) we will be able to open them in wisdom and actually have kindness upon our tongues. I cannot put into words how your ministry has blessed me. Thank you for fighting the fight on my behalf.

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