Coming Up For Air For One Quick Breath!

Remember me, anyone??? Your very own Siesta Mama??? BOY, are we busy around here! You know by now that Curtis Jones, the King of Pain, dropped Amanda and the kids off at home after teaching Sunday School and drove himself to the emergency room only to learn that his appendix had not just burst. In the words of the surgeon that I heard with my own ears, “It went off like a grenade.” I immediately moved to Amanda’s with Jackson and Annabeth and she immediately moved to the hospital with her man. Several days later, this is still our arrangement as we wait for Curtis to successfully fight that infection and lose that fever. He has been one sick dude. He seems to have turned a corner today. We appreciate your prayers and could still use them until we get him all the way through this storm. If his temperature doesn’t climb back up today, we are hoping they will release him to come home tomorrow.  His mom arrives on Thursday and I know he will be so glad to have her. I’ll also be relieved for Amanda. As many of you know, because a number of us have a date this weekend (SLI simulcast), I’ll be in Atlanta and so thankful to know that her wonderful mother-in-law will be here lending a hand.

Here are a few random tidbits I’ll share from my last few days as a single mother of preschoolers (yes, Keith was out of town):

1. I never had my quiet time yesterday. Nope. Not one word of it. Never even opened my Bible. In fact, I did not know where it was. (Turned out to be in my car which I had traded off with AJ so that I could have her car with both of the kid seats.) My day started at 6:20 AM with Jackson, who had slept with (on) me all night, getting one inch from my puffy face and saying, “Bibby, it’s morning time. Mr. Sun is coming up!” Oh, really? It was pitch black (the same color as I, minutes later, chose to have my coffee). But the boy’s darling face was as bright as the sun and who could resist?? So, up we came. The day was action packed. He didn’t go to sleep that night until pretty late at which time we both fell in the bed. He has such a fabulous personality. 100% sanguine. The only way I’ve been able to tell that he is having a hard time processing his Daddy being in the hospital is that he is having a hard time sleeping. He adores Curtis. And Annabeth? She adores her MOMMY! The first morning she woke up to me, she had the strangest look on her face like, “Would someone fetch me the younger version of this woman?” Don’t get me wrong. She knows her Bibby well but I’m not usually the first face she sees in the morning.

2. Any eavesdropping neighbors overheard Jackson and me on the swingset yesterday having a preschool-level conversation about how his mommy got in my tummy. (No, of course, I did NOT bring up the subject. He did. ) He wanted to know if they tied off her belly button with a stick like Annabeth’s. I assured him they did.

3. Annabeth has missed her mother sorely but her hair has never looked better. I’ve experimented on a few hair products while I’ve been here and in charge (what every grandmother loves on occasion to be). I feel we’ve made great progress.

4. I broke my little toe. I don’t want to talk about it. But I apparently really do not cuss.

5. The LPM staff brought us chicken spaghetti for supper. We’re so excited. They also brought us a Ding Dong cake for dessert. Yep. A cake that looks and tastes like a gigantic Hostess Ding Dong. We are pumped.

6. Mommy is taking Jackson to see his Daddy at the hospital. She’s been here visiting us for the last little while which is the only reason I got to jump on the blog and say hello. SO Bibby’s got to say good-bye for now and get back to her job.

And her great joy.

This is family. I wouldn’t have missed it for anything…unless we could have saved CJ some considerable discomfort.

Oh, one last thing. Jackson just overheard his mom telling a friend that Curtis was getting so much better and, as of today, is feeling like a new person. “What new person, Mommy? What new person is Daddy?” He was very disturbed. When you’re four years-old, you just want your Daddy to be the same old person.

I love and miss you guys so much! I’ll say hi again before I head to Atlanta.


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  1. 51
    Kelly says:

    Wow you all are having quite a week! Isn’t that the way it always goes when God is fixin to do something big?! Praying for a quick recovery for Curtis and know that Amanda appreciates your help. I personally can’t wait for this weekend. I am bringing everyone who can stand to spend a whole day with me and my 18 year old daughter who SWEARS that she is only going just to spend time with me and that she is in NO WAY insecure! I can’t wait to hear what you have to say and am praying that God uses you MIGHTILY this weekend and gives you the strength and power you need!!


  2. 52
    Radical Abandonment says:

    Looking forward to Saturday. Finish SLI yesterday. Well done and such a good message for me and I would imagine others. We expect to have at least 300 at our location in Wheatridge Colorado. I feel like God has chosen the people whom I invited and agreed to come. See you Saturday AM.!

  3. 53
    Bethany says:

    Hi Bethie!
    So glad to hear that you are hanging in there with the kiddos and enjoying it! Even if you do have a broken little toe. Sorry to hear about that….it must hurt 🙁
    So, you need to take pictures of Annabeth’s cute hair. How blessed those children are and you too as their Bibby!
    I’ll continue to pray for you as you play single mommy and for Amanda while she tends to Curtis. May he heal quickly and may God use this time greatly for you as you prepare for the Simulcast this weekend.
    Praying, praying, praying 🙂

  4. 54
    Hannah in TN says:

    Thanks for sharing. You all are in our prayers. I had my appendix removed exactly one week from my c-section that delivered my second child. So, with my one-week-old I was in the hospital with fever for 4 days… and mine didn’t rupture! It was also INCREDIBLE pain! Blessings on Curtis as he heals, Amanda as she sleeps in that uncomfortable hospital chair/bed, and Bibby as she subs for mom.

  5. 55
    sisterlynn says:

    Twas good to get a word from our Siesta Mama!

    Know you are being supported in prayer and love.

    Blessings to all you sweet ones!

    Sister Lynn

  6. 56
    Becca says:

    Little girl’s hair that doesn’t want to do anything you want it to: I don’t know how Annabeth’s hair is, but Juliana’s is stick straight and wants to grow forward into her face. (Even with her hair mostly being down to her elbows… her new hair still comes in standing up straight and growing forward). I’ve had the best success so far with Garnier Fructis “Surf Hair” for keeping hair where I want it the longest. When we went to get pictures taken, my daughter told the people there that I put surf hair in to “keep the flies away”. Close. I told her it was to tame the fly-aways. haha.

    Be so thankful that your baby in the belly conversation just ended there. SO THANKFUL. I try not to rouse my 4 year old daughter’s interest, but she is the queen at bringing stuff up out of nowhere and having crazy good comprehension. Just yesterday it got as far as explaining that we have 2 holes, one is for pee-pee and one is for babies to come out of. (It started when she brought up how the baby we will adopt will come out of another woman’s belly. She knows that I had to be cut open but her friend’s mommy did not.) She wanted to know all about how babies come out if you don’t cut the belly open. And then I had to retell the story about why they had to cut me open and get her out so fast, etc. I had a complete placental abruption so I even did this nice illustration by making my right fist the baby and my left hand the uterus, and a plastic bag over my right hand the placenta… and when it ripped away she couldn’t breathe anymore so they had to get her out really fast. That’s the summed up version for internet’s sake. Sometimes I adore her inquisitiveness. Other times not so much. Anyway. She asked the million dollar question: “Did it hurt?” Bless my poor child is so afraid of pain and she was entirely distraught by the fact that it would hurt… you could totally see the dilemma going on of wanting to be a mommy one day but not wanting to hurt. I encouraged her that my situation was an emergency, and if she doesn’t have an emergency it might not hurt so much. *sigh*

    Praying for Curtis.

  7. 57
    Tracy L. says:

    Oh sweet Amanda and sweet Beth!

    It sounds crazy but times like these are what family is all about! Bless both of you with good sleep, a well Curtis, and tons of hugs and kisses from babies.

    We have over 150 women joining the Simulcast this weekend from First Baptist Jacksonville, NC. I do not think Dailey Rae can sit there the entire day (although we know how well she listens! heehee) and she is a little ticked with me that she will not be participating with all her girls! I told her that I will be sure to worship Jesus with a full heart for both of us.

    Please know we are praying for Curtis and strength for you Amanda.

    Hugs and kisses!

    Tracy L.
    Richlands, NC

  8. 58

    SOOOOO glad Curtis is better!!! Will keep praying. Your toe reminded me of something Grady Nutt posed a question in an old book for youth (Being Me – Self you bug me) MANY years ago… He said suppose it’s the darkest night, no moon, Jesus is walking along alone on His way to Capernaum and stubs his big toe on a rock, splitting the toe nail to the quick. What did He say??? Hosanna? Your toe may hurt but isn’t it comforting, sweet sister, to know the flesh and the enemy didn’t get any victory.

    Will be at the simulcast here in Tupelo, MS.

  9. 59
    Garcia says:

    WOW! Can’t believe he drove to the ER with an exploded appendix! Ouch!
    Enjoy your time with your Grandbabies. They sure sound like they keep you busy!
    So sorry I will be missing the SLI simulcast I’m moving this weekend. 🙁

  10. 60

    Wow, what a week you all are having! Sorry that Curtis has had such a rough go, but I sure loved hearing about your week with the kids 🙂 You are hilarious, Beth! 🙂

  11. 61
    rhonda says:

    The hair comment cracked me up. I am glad to know you don’t cuss. Looking forward to Saturday and praying for the Jones family!

  12. 62
    Kim Davis says:

    PTL for Curtis’s steady recovery. Your family is in our prayers, and looking forward to seeing you and everyone else in ATL on Saturday.

    Lots of Love,
    Kim D.
    Knoxville, Tenn.

  13. 63
    Dana Nichols says:

    I am soooo sorry that you all have been through this! And I am glad to hear that Curtis is getting better… and will soon be back to his USUAL SELF, not some new person. LOL That is funny! I love doing the Nana thing myself, but it sure tells me that I am not as young as I was when my own babies were little! God bless all of you. Can’t wait to see you up on that big screen Saturday! I’ll be waving from Bartlett, TN!

  14. 64
    warrior in training says:

    You are such an awesome mama, siesta and otherwise…………..

  15. 65
    Cindy says:

    Just moments ago finished reading your book, So Long Insecurity! I devoured it within two days and I’m a single mom with two boys to tend to. I loved the ties to Biblical contexts and to your own experiences. I highly recommend this book to all women and can’t wait for the simulcast I am lucky enough to be attending on April 24th.

    My husband left me for one of his students 3 years ago. To his credit she was a returning student, not a baby. He teaches college. At any rate. I KNOW insecurity. Your book helped a lot and I find myself quoting from it to myself the power verses you included. Praise God for you, Beth Moore, and for me!

  16. 66
    flo smyth says:

    What sweet times ! I’m a grandmother(Jo-Jo) of a soon to be 2yr girl and I would be beside myself to be in charge for this length of time , actually my son & daughter in-law would probably have to call the law & have me removed from their home when they finally returned ha ha ! Your family will be in my prayers.

  17. 67
    Mary Helen says:

    I loved that post. I am sure life as a grandmother is tough! I hope your toe is okay. I can only imagine how you broke it. I will keep praying for Curtis and all of you. I am so looking forward to our “date” on Saturday! I will be watching from Irving, TX!

  18. 68
    Dee Dee Wike says:

    Beth, so glad to hear from you. I prayed for you all last weekend, jealous that I couldn’t be at the Florida event. I have been praying this week for Curtis, Amanda, and the rest of your family. I saw an ad for the upcoming simulcast and hope to make it to a local site. At the very least I’ll be praying for that event, too. Blessings, galore!

  19. 69
    Billsgirl says:

    I continue to pray for Curtis’ healing and that he is home with his family soon. I will pray for Amanda and Siesta Mama, Beth, for strength and comfort.

    What an unexpected precious gift to be with your grandbabies. I love the stories, out of the mouth of babes.

    Mary Ann, Woodbury, Mn

  20. 70
    Jean says:

    Praying for Curtis’ full recovery! And praying for you Beth and the simulcast. Can’t wait to attend in Raleigh, NC!!

  21. 71
    Debbie says:

    I don’t know when I have LAUGHED this hard…..

  22. 72
    Martha says:

    Family, oh the joys….grandkids are the icing on the cake! I love to hear “dramma, is it morning?”
    Praying for all of you.

  23. 73
    kctibs says:

    Bless your hearts! I know my kids both struggled with mommy being sick when I had my brain surgery. They didn’t understand why I was gone so long and they were a little freaked out when I came home with the staples. Kids are strong little humans and they will soon be off and playing like this bump in the road never happened!

    We will keep praying for you like crazy and hope all returns to normal soon!

    Kelli in Colorado

  24. 74
    apurefire says:

    Beth, you are a ROCK STAR! Jumpin’ in and savin’ the day! You are awesome!

    I’ll be praying for Curtis to finish turning that corner and get home! And praying for your trip to the ATL. I’m going to the simulcast here in Virginia Beach and our group of formerly insecure women are pumped for Saturday!

  25. 75
    Katie says:

    Sending a prayer to the throne room for Curtis. I am quite thankful the kiddos have their Bibby to look after them. I admit I am a smidge jealous as all our grandparents are several states away. Thank the Lord for the Lord’s people that have taken their place. God is good.

  26. 76
    Kim says:

    Praying for Curtis bless his manly heart!
    And how fun little Jackson sounds!
    I would love to see some pictures of Annabeth’s
    hair – us mom’s of boys have to live
    vicariously through others 🙂
    Praying for this weekend!
    I am going with my sweet mom and we
    are really looking forward to it
    Much love

  27. 77
    Missy S says:

    Hey Beth, I’m praying for y’all! You sure do have a lot on your plate this week! (In a small way, I know how it feels because I am smack dab in the middle of law school finals.) Please know that I’ll be praying for you this week and into the weekend as you prepare for the SLI simulcast. I’ll be attending at my church in NC, and I am ecstatic with anticipation!! Yes, I am going to the simulcast in the middle of my exams. I don’t care – I have a feeling that what God plans to do this weekend is so much bigger & better than any exam! The last two simulcasts I attended (D-Day & 100 fold harvest were truly life changing, and I’ve been begging God all week — “Do it again, Lord!” Hmm…sounds like a TCM song I know :))

    Love y’all!

  28. 78
    Melissa says:

    Laughed out loud at that Jackson!!!! I can so hear one of my little precious ones saying something like that!!! In fact, my Katie (who is now 6) was always afraid when I said I would eat her up because she really thought I was going to take a bite out of her!


  29. 79
    Kiki says:

    Funny how it seems so good to hear from you even though we have never met! I’m hoping you will share some pictures of the new hairstyles you created for Annabeth. Praying Curtis’s fever breaks and stays down. I am counting the days until Atlanta!! However, I’m already distraught about what to wear (which probably proves that I need to be attending a conference on insecurity), as there is a chance of rain on Saturday,which impacts my shoe options which in turn impacts my wardrobe options…if only these were my biggest problems in life, but of course, they certainly are not!

  30. 80
    Charity says:

    I loved this post. Life is crazy, so glad ya’ll are near each other to do this kind of thing. I’m so glad he’s feeling better and praying he comes home tomorrow!

  31. 81
    Kristi Brewer says:

    Hey Siesta Mama

    We missed you too! Can’t wait to “see” you in Atlanta! Praying for your family!

    Much love!

  32. 82
    Sacha says:

    Hello Beth and Family,
    I am glad to hear Curtis is feeling better and I will be praying for him to come home soon and for life to get back to “normal” again and for your travel safety and the simulcast as I will be joining you right here in Midland, TX! Thank you and your family and staff for all that you do for all of us and how much you love us all!

  33. 83
    tonya m. says:

    Priceless!! Kids are the best, aren’t they?! Praying for Curtis and all of your family. God is good!

  34. 84
    Anna says:

    Oh my goodness! How nerve racking! We will be praying for you all and especially for Curtis. May the Lord strengthen his body and help him fight the illness. Big hug to you all.


  35. 85
    Lynette says:

    I will keep your family in my prayers for sure! Please be in prayer for my nephew, Thomas Jonathan. He was born Sunday and had to have his appendix removed today because it was on the wrong side and squishing his intestines. He is out of surgery and will have to spend about 5 days in the hospital. Thanks for all you do for all of us even in the midst of your busy life! You are such a blessing to me and the ladies in my church.

  36. 86
    Ashleigh Marshall says:

    Miss Beth!!! I broke my little toe too! I have three little ones running around this house! We had just gotten home from Bible Study, where we wrapped up Breaking Free, very good might I say! I was getting everyone a nap-drink (drink before nap) and turned and slammed my foot right into the drawer at the bottom of our oven! The only reason I tell you this is because I am crazy about you!!! Have been for a very long time! 🙂 And, I am honored to share in your pain…well, kinda! 🙂 I will be at the simulcast viewing with one of my dearest friends in Midland, Texas! I can’t wait to see you! I will be the one with ugly flip-flops(it is all I can wear) and a big piece of white tape holding my toes together! But I promise to be in a cute outfit! Praying for you!

  37. 87

    Well Mrs. Beth, we’re so glad to hear that deep down you really don’t cuss- that’s the funniest revelation I’ve heard anyone make in a while. I’m so sorry everyone is a little on the puny side- we’ll pray for healed CJ and a healed pinky toe. And how on earth can you mention AB’s hair and not post a picture??? Praying that everyone rallies and that your trip to Atlanta is safe and fulfilling- can’t wait to hear you preach it sister!

  38. 88
    Jessica says:

    Yay, I’ve missed you Beth! Your sense of humor is one in a million! I love how your blog posts are like little novels! Praying for Curtis and Amanda right now…

  39. 89
    Suzanne says:

    Beth… soo good to hear from you!!! We love hearing all those sweet details from the Moore household ! Just wondering.. were you dog sitting as well?? So glad to know that Curtis is doing better and will continue to pray for him and for Amanda,Jackson and Annabeth. We are so looking forward to the simulcast and what the Lord will be doing through every woman in attendance. Travis and guys as well. Praying for a safe trip to Atlanta!

  40. 90
    Cindy Leaphart says:

    Here is the serious business: Hoping God will heal Curtis quickly and that you can be there Saturday and not be worried about your family.
    Much love to all!

  41. 91
    sepik-meri katie says:

    oh mama B!!! you are my FAVORITE!!! just had to tell you that today!! so good to hear from you, i was totally missing you, even though i’m up to my ears in what feels like conversation with you through my book! i was behind on the curtis drama and i am so sorry about all that! you/they will be in my prayers!! i LOVE the glimpses of life you share from wherever you are, cheerios stuck in your hair or not! 😉 sorry about your toe… not to bring up a sore subject or anything! 😀 love you OH so much!! hugs!!

  42. 92

    I think I will refrain from lecturing you about your quiet time. Considering I went all weekend without having mine. It happens to me a lot with 3 children, so I understand completely! In fact, once recently I went 3 days without one. Believe me, the results were not good! I believe you guys got some emails from me during that time, so actually you know they weren’t good if you’re aware of those emails contents at all!

  43. 93

    So happy to hear things are getting better, but
    I am thinking its impossible for you to ever have
    a blank page in your “journal of life”! who breaks
    a toe while sittin’ with the grandkids!! You are such
    a joy to follow on the blog and I wish we could live in your neighborhood!!

    Your passion for Christ is the light for us all to follow daily—-

    The stories of you and family are priceless, and I hope
    you are putting them together in book form for the kids.

    Toe polish helps to hide the black and blues!!
    God Bless you all

  44. 94
    Emily D says:

    Praying -can’t tell you how encouraged I was to know that sometimes, when in charge of little people, even the siesta mama stuggles to fit in a quiet time. I also love that I don’t have the only pre-schooler who wants to know about babies. We had the following three questions in quick succession the other day ‘How did I get in your tummy Mommy?’ ‘So, how did I get out of your tummy Mommy?’ ‘Didn’t that hurt?’!

    Praying for Curtis and Amanda, and that you have a lovely time wth Jackson and AJ.

  45. 95

    Oh, Beth! Can’t wait to “see” you Saturday! We are praying for you and your family. Poor Curtis! Oh, and your broken toe! I relate totally. Did I ever tell y’all I broke mine TWICE last year? Aye, yi, yi!

    We’re praying for you guys!

  46. 96
    Beth says:

    Beth Moore, you are the best grandmother ever – besides my own, of course – and that is a FACT! =) You are precious and so is your family.
    Lifting prayers high to THE Healer!!

  47. 97
    Cindy Childers says:

    Praying Praying Praying! Your ‘list’ brought tears of laughter and joy to my eyes. I AM that young mom of pre-schoolers and you just blessed my day by becoming one with us for a few days and making me feel ‘normal’. I just love you. May the God of PERFECT Peace and Healing – touch CJ today in a gentle yet powerful way and may every cell operate in perfect unity. May his fever cease and all organs run in perfect order. In Jesus Name, Amen.

  48. 98
    SCG says:

    Praying for CJ and all of you. I know CJ’s pain–literally. God will continue to hold him up and heal him from the inside out. Blessings!

  49. 99
    Jill says:

    I cannot thank you enough for your transparency about living in survival mode with two preschoolers! I have two sons, 15 months apart, the youngest of whom is a mere 23 months old. BEFORE the kiddos arrived, I was a Bible study editor and on occasion, a curriculum writer for my church, allowing me to spend countless hours each day with my Bible open on a desk. Not so much these days! Though my time in God’s Word is far from where it used to be, I constantly crave more, yet His Spirit keeps gently reminding me that I am where He has me for this short season, and that He will one day use these (crazy, chaotic, challenging, AMAZING) experiences for His glory. Thanks for being so real! Your post encouraged my heart this morning.

  50. 100
    Kristi says:

    I had such a laugh when I read your “single mother” antics!! I then tried to read the really funny ones to my husband… He didn’t get it.

    Praying much for Curtis…

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