Whew! A Quick Hello!

Hey, Darling Things! How are you? I have been in a whirlwind of activity for the last ten days and, since I’m still not quite my back to my normal abnormal, everything on the periphery has had to bow to the urgent. Out of respect to you wonderful Siestas who were not here with us in Houston last weekend, I will refrain from saying as much as I’d like. AJ penned such a fabulous recap so I’ll leave my comments at this: I’ve never had a better time with a group in 25 years of speaking. I’m not even kidding. I wish I had the opportunity to interact like that all the time. I will never forget it. My gratitude to God overflows.

I really had an epiphany about our whole blog community while 507 of us were together last weekend at the SMT celebration. I marveled at the love and laughter between Siestas from all over the country – 42 States! – and Canada who’d come to know each other simply on the basis of expression of heart. I watched (and participated) while so many had their pictures taken together like they’d been friends all their lives and most of them hadn’t been face-to-face until that very weekend. They hadn’t been drawn together by a single outward characteristic. Not similar jobs, finances, age groups, appearances, or stations in life. They’d been drawn by one another’s hearts in Christ and on the Internet of all things. Seeing it in action was nothing less than astonishing. I am honored to be a part of this community. You have won my respect in so many ways over the last several years. I reflect back on the days when Amanda began talking to me about starting an LPM blog and me thinking that I needed something else to do like I needed a hole in the head. I had no idea what this little town would come to mean to me. You are a big priority in my ministry life.

OK, as my friend Amy says, if we’re going to serve up that much cheese, somebody grab the salsa and let’s at least make queso.

My man is in the mood to talk so I’m not going to be able to carry on. I’ll wrap it up by saying that God gave us the neatest group for Bible study last night. I asked them to raise their hands if they were attending for the first time and we were blown away by the numbers. I bet well over a third were brand new. I could not believe it. I hope so much they stick it out. I love the story of David. God used it in countless ways years ago to give hope and dignity back to this former pit-dweller. I find myself once again in a great place for a brand new heart. A heart a whole lot more like His.

I love you, Siestas! Let me know how you’re doing! And don’t be too long winded because I really do try to read as many of them as I can. If most of us see a super long one, we usually end up having to skim it just for time’s sake. No telling what we’re missing. Give me a shout when you get a chance. Blessings to you!


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  1. 1
    Sue Townsend says:

    This is my first time to visit your site. I just finished reading “So long insecurity…” last night. Thank you for writing this book. As I am typing my eyes are stinging with the tenderness of this subject. It hit so close to the mark for me that right now I cannot possibly express everything I would like to. Thank you, Beth Moore! I have participated in Beth Moore Bible studies for a long time and have often longed to contact you and just talk….I know that’s true for many other women too. You have made yourself so transparent and approachable. I’d like to share with you a poem (yes, I am a poet too!) I wrote when I was a 14 year old girl. While reading your book this poem (of my own insecurities as a young teen) kept coming to mind.
    Sad are the Days (by Sue Townsend, 1969)
    Sad are the days
    As slowly they go by.
    (Yesterday’s dream is only a lie.)
    Things that I did
    That I wouldn’t do now.
    (If only I could change my past somehow.)
    Things I can see
    So clear in my heart,
    (Where people are close, yet so far apart.)
    Wanting to feel,
    To let my love show.
    (Hope soaring too high, heartache coming too slow.)
    These are my feelings
    Tucked deep down inside.
    (Where no one can find them; where sometimes I hide.)

    Thanks for reading! Sue

    • 1.1
      Casey says:

      Thank you for writing this book. I attended the simulcast this past Saturday and purchased the book during the first break. I am more than halfway finished. The main point I got is that by being insecure we are basically telling God “you’re not who you say you are! I really wasn’t created the way you wanted me!” WOW! What a slap in the face. I am one of those ladies who from the outside looks like she’s got it all together. Great job (teacher and coach at a high school); great husband (funny, outgoing, attractive) great kids, great house, nice cars, etc….but on the inside I’m really a hot mess! I am insecure about my job, my marriage, my looks, pretty much everything! And while reading your book, I’ve discovered that it is all based on things of the past. I have 3 sisters and we and our mom are huge fans of yours! Your sassy personality (sassy in a good way) you sense of humor, your girliness (is that a word) make us think and laugh! You are a hoot girlfriend and I just wanted to say thanks for putting yourself out there so that others can learn! I want to be that bold woman for God and make a difference in the lives I touch (I won’t be doing any simlucasts 🙂 but I can touch the lives of the teenage girls I am in contact with on a daily basis).

      • Laurie Ann says:

        Just finished the book. Beth, I love you. I feel like we just have a long delicious cup of coffee and the most encouraging word. I have discovered behind my strong confident exterior, I am insecure and fearful of the rejection from my man, that I am supersensitive to. It is a fear from a might be. I am clothed in strength and dignity. I choose to TRUST GOD. I know regardless, He is my strength and my song, of whom will I be afraid.
        Thank you. You bless me more than you know. Thank you for being my friend.

  2. 2
    Irene Guest says:

    I am 69years old. I bought the book, read the 1st chapter and decided that I was too insecure to read about being insecure. Then, with God’s prompting I talked with my daughter and daughter-in-law(really daughter-in-love) and we have decided to get together every thursday, read and study, this book. What a wonderful bonding experience it is going to be. Being a widow and haveing only two children, a son and a duaghter, I felt it was important the the two special daughters in my life get to know each other in a real and true way. Praise you for the courage it took for you to let us see you…Isn’t it wonderful that God still loves us so very much. I will let you know how this goes.

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