Here and Now, There and Then

Is there something you’ve always dreamed of doing? I’ve always wanted to do two things. Well, if I thought hard enough about it I could probably name a hundred things, but we’ll stick with two. First, when I was a kid I used to dream about galloping across a golf course on a horse. Don’t ask me why! Second, I’ve always wanted to work in a bookstore.

In college I was sort of an unofficial Beth Moore book supplier to a lot of the Christian girls on my campus. Our resource director, Diane, would hook me up with the books that had been requested and then I’d get them to my friends or friends-of-friends. The only problem was that since they were my mom’s books, I had the hardest time letting the girls pay for them. Diane probably had to mark most of them down as donations, which I’m sure she was pleased to do, but the point is I was a terrible book seller!

Even so, the dream of working in a bookstore has lived on in my heart. Every time I drive past a LifeWay store, I imagine myself working there. I think it would be so cool!

Well, this semester I’ve been getting to work at our resource table at Bible study with Diane, Evangeline, and several other co-workers and volunteers. It’s kind of been a scaled-down version of my dream and I’ve loved it! It’s been really fun to stand behind the tables and help our ladies with questions they have about the products. (But it’s so hard for me to take their payment. I’m still compelled to say, “Oh, don’t worry about it!”)

Tonight is the last session of our Revelation study. It’s been an amazing semester and I can’t wait to see how the Lord will wrap it all up for us. Some of you have asked if this series will be made available and I wanted to let you know that it will! Praise the Lord!

The Revelation DVD Set – Here and Now, There and Then – will be available after the New Year. We’ve actually been taking pre-orders for it on our web site for the last month. The product will begin shipping the first week of January and it will go out in the sequence in which we received the orders. If you’re interested in doing this 11-week series, you can see a video clip and pre-order it here. There is an accompanying listening guide that includes some brief weekly assignments. (Not full-scale homework like many of our other studies.) If you have any questions, you can email our resource department through the contact page.

As usual, I didn’t ask my mom if I could tell this on the blog because she’s generally averse to product promotion. But I wanted all of our siestas who wished they could be with us every Tuesday night to know that this is going to be available. At least if Mom gets mad and wants to fire me, I can now put book sales on my resume. Maybe a LifeWay store would take me!


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  1. 1
    Sue Benter says:

    We have a neighborhood bible study of 13-16 women. We always do a “Beth” study and were interested in doing a study on “Revelation” but we (facilitators) thought first a study on Daniel might be a good idea. My questions are: Is “Lives of Integrity, Words of Prophecy” the same study as “The Ancient of Days”? or are these two separate studies on Daniel? Would “Here & now, There and Then” be a good study to follow up with? Do you plan to have a workbook eventually? I notice that the price is considerably less (nice and a little more affordable), yet you still have the DVD (which the girls love) Why the difference in price? Thank you. Sue Benter

  2. 2
    Rubin Mowdy says:

    I guess there are loads of individuals like me, who stumble across various good blogs or sites by chance. Your site appears to have a solid community and a solid blogosphere presence. Its healthy to hold absorbing and contrary perspectives on issues.

  3. 3
    linda says:

    i am looking for study notes on the book daniel lives of intregrity words of prophecy on chapters 7-12.
    i found some for chapters 1-6, and emailed the lady, but she said she moved and didn’t finish the last chapters.
    if anyone has any study notes that they would like to share please email me.
    thank you and god bless

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