Deeper Still – Orlando

Deeper Still – Orlando from Rich Kalonick on Vimeo.


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    Bajo Sus Alas, Isabel Andrickson says:

    Well, I can not help from saying again that we, the near 20 Dominican Republic´s women who flew to Orlando for going to Deeper Still, we have been more than blessed and praise God for the lives of these three women and all of the people involved in this event. Now we are sharing our notes with our sisters in Christ as we want them to be blessed as the Lord blessed us. May His Name be glorified. Thank you Lord for the thirst and hunger of Your Word that you have created in our country!! and take us deeper into Your Love!!!

  2. 52
    Patty Garvin says:

    What a great weekend! God did a miraculous work in our little group of five ladies who attended. One of the ladies received Jesus as her Savior, and we have the privilige of witnessing her baptism this Sunday! PRAISE THE LORD!!
    Thank you ALL for your dedication to Him and His calling. You are truly an inspiration. This weekend was just the refreshing, reminder, and challenge I needed!!

  3. 53
    Gayle @ thewestiecrew says:

    Loved seeing Priscilla's baby! She was pregnant with him at Deeper Still ATL… So sweet!!

  4. 54
    Emily says:

    This was my first Deeper Still coference and I can't tell you how much my life was touched. I learned so much from each of the three ladies and hope to continue to go deeper is my walk with God. Thank you for coming to Orlando and sharing God's word and challenging us to truly see how able our God is.

  5. 55
    The TNLN Blog says:

    I had such a good time Ms. Beth! You rocked the House girlfriend! Terrell

  6. 56
    Sheryl says:

    Oh! How much fun that must have been…and such great teaching.

    I'm sure God was smiling!

  7. 57
    Sharon says:

    So absolutely LIFE CHANGING! Thank you all so much for being obedient in your calling and for being the "real deal"! I want my walk with Jesus to be like Priscilla's, Beth's, and Kay's as I grow in my walk with Him! Each of the messages spoke specifically to something in my life right now…Be in the Word, Rest in Faith… Believe He is able to go beyond and beyond what I can ask or even imagine…How to have Godly discernment and what to do when you've been "punked"! Oh my! What some Godly wisdom! I am blessed!

  8. 58
    Organize U says:

    Get more and More and MORE in the WORD of GOD!!!…that's what is singing in my heart after Deeper Still Orlando! Get Prepared! Trust God to Go Beyond the Beyond! And be on alert for the Deceiver! There's only ONE WAY to face everything…and that's STANDING ON THE PROMISES OF GOD!

    I am Going Deeper Still and praying for more and more of a hunger for my Jesus! THANK YOU BETH MOORE! Your teaching fans that flame of that desire!

  9. 59
    Anonymous says:

    Thank you for a wonderful weekend! I am still smiling and singing the songs! God bless you all!

  10. 60
    Anonymous says:

    The words 'Thank you' aren't enough to express the appreciation that I and my sisters in Christ from Tampa felt as a result of our time at DS in Orlando. Thank you to Beth, Kay, and Priscilla for your faith and giving hearts and all others involved in making DS so meaningful and special. May you all be blessed.

    Beth, hoping and praying you are feeling better now.

  11. 61
    Anonymous says:

    I have been to Atlanta DS, and Living Proof Jacksonville, Fl but this DS event was so wonderful, I can't describe it but to say I am still smiling, and yes I smile quite often, but this one is just different! Loved it, loved it and still loving it. Wish I had saved my wrist band also! I am so grateful that our God has provided every good thing for us, and when we need some help understanding his Word, here comes Beth, Kay and Priscilla!! Thank you so much!

  12. 62
    sharoni says:

    How beautiful are the feet of them who preach the good news! There is nothing……nothing more beautiful than a sea of lovely women praising GOD!
    Thank you for sharing this with us.

  13. 63
    Anonymous says:

    All I can say is "WOW!!" There is no doubt that God was there. Thanks to the 3 women of God who are not affraid to be real with us! Also a big thank you to Travis and the praise team. The worship session makes you feel like you're standing on the threshold of Heaven's Throne Room!! Praise the Lord!

  14. 64
    Anonymous says:

    What a weekend!! I was able to take my 17 year old daughter for the first time and the Lord completely overwhelmed her!! We had an incredible time worshipping Him together!! Made lots of memories! Especially Friday night when we came out of the arena and looked for our car in the wrong parking garage for 45 min!!!! We laughed our heads off!!

    Thank you ladies for your genuine love for our Lord!!
    We love you all and pray for you daily!!

    Wendy in Georgia

  15. 65
    Anonymous says:

    What a weekend!!!

    After going "Deeper Still", we returned home to a week of Revival where the theme was "Go Deep!" Our music minister wrote a song entitled "Deeper Still" especially for our revival! I love it when the Lord speaks so directly to me!! I am pretty sure He is calling me deeper with Him!! 🙂

    Thanks for your hunger for God…it is contagious!!

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    karlakay says:


  17. 67
    Mary says:

    Mary B.said… Just watched the Orlando Deeper Still video and there we were- myself,Tanya and LeAnn representing our GIGs and loving the Lord. What a fabulous conference- 3 Incredible Women whose love for Jesus oozes out of every pore- Thank you Kay, Beth and Priscilla! May God continue to bless each of you and us too!!!! Wow Wow- God is so Good- all the time!!! Oh and Jesus rocked the house with Travis and praise team!!!!

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