Dear Pastor

It’s Sunday evening and the sun is just beginning to set. All afternoon I’ve felt waves of appreciation for my pastor, Gregg Matte. Until five years ago, I’d never had a shepherd who was younger than me, let alone one that is YEARS younger than me. I didn’t dread it. I’m not that ridiculous. I just wondered what it would be like. Pastor Gregg pretty quickly won my respect but, over the course of these five years, he accomplished something substantially bigger. He won my heart. I love him. And, maybe more importantly, I just plain like him.

I was just standing in the kitchen, stirring up some chili when I thought how it would be a shame to let this day end without telling him how grateful I am for him. It’s not pastor appreciation day or anything. Or at least I don’t think it is. It’s just a spontaneous wave of thanks and sometimes those are the best kind to relay. I thought maybe a few of you might feel the same way about your pastor right about now. Often we find ourselves on the same page around here in Siestaville so I decided to make it public and pitch the opportunity out here for anyone who wants to participate. Maybe a pastor or two might hop on here and grab some much needed encouragement. Like me, you may have a long list of things you love about your pastor but, for the sake of readability, let’s limit ourselves to five. So, here goes mine.

Dear Pastor Gregg,

Here are five things I really like about you:
1. You never, ever disrespect your congregation by showing up unprepared. We always get all the lesson we can possibly handle in such a limited period of time.

2. You are not afraid of trying something entirely new. You were already great at what you were doing in college ministry before you came to serve us in Houston but you wanted to follow that cloudy pillar of God’s glory and be willing to do something totally out of the box. You’ve been doing that ever since. Bravo. That takes guts.

3. You are a true worshipper. You fully participate in the song portion of our services instead of tapping your foot impatiently until you can get on the platform. Your personal practice of worship is very apparent in your public life.

4. You are hilarious. I’m one of those folks who believes people can be Godly and funny all at the same time. You are proof of that. Honestly, you made me laugh so hard at the end of today’s service I could hardly stand up. I will remember your rendition of “even the rocks cry out” for many years to come. I LOVE THAT YOU DID THAT. AND NOT ONCE BUT TWICE. We could perform a duet some day if you want to.

5. You are married to the most wonderful pastor’s wife on the planet. Kelly, I am crazy about you.

Thank you for loving me and my family, Pastor Gregg, odd as we may be. I just wanted to tell you today that we love you, too.


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