Welcome, New Siestas!

I just got home from the simulcast a few minutes ago. Wow. What an awesome time in the Word! I didn’t realize Beth would be mentioning the blog until right before we got started last night. Now I wish I would’ve spruced up the place a bit for our first time visitors! Well, at least we can serve them some cake. If this is your first time here, welcome to The LPM Blog!

One of my favorite things that my mom said today was “Speak faith to one another.” I just love that statement and I think it encapsulates the purpose of this blog. *Siestas old and new, let’s continue to speak faith to one another as long as God has us on this blog.

I’ll try to have the commissioning posted for you within the next couple of days. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, ladies! I’m going to take a real siesta now.

*Look at the top right corner of the blog to find out why we call each other “Siestas.”


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  1. 101
    Cynthia Gath Petersen says:

    Hello Beth and friends,

    What a blessing to be at one of the simulcast locations….we are in Tacoma Washington. Living Grace Ministries.
    After you prayed we all would receive a revelation word from the Lord I received that and feel like I have had a shift in my heart and mind toward the Lord. I shared all of what you taught with my husband and he felt so convicted by the Spirit to think and be delighted by the Lord. This is a life changing message. You should make it into a study series.
    I love you, bless you and praying for you.
    Cynthia Petersen
    ps. It would be a blessing to see a photo of you and your husband on your website.

  2. 102

    Thank You To Our Sweet Beth For All You do for us seista's you are an amazing woman of God keep doing what you are doing.You have touched my life in so many ways there are days that I want to give but I hear your voice from Esther from that song from casting crowns I feel like I am just one mistake a way from you leaving me this way/
    Then you say YOU DON'T GIVE UP !!!
    I am one decision away this coming week from deciding about my job I have a boss that continues to harass me on a daily basis for the last couple of yrs but it has gotten alot worse than it ever was.
    To make a long story short I hurt my ankle pretty bad at work in May 09 and then in August 2nd of 09 I had a car accident somebody ran a red light and total out my car so I am going to the dr for that also along with the ankle injury. So I am trying to hang in there and it is very stessful in my work place with a boss that does things to continue to upset me. Thanks Beth for encouraging me and helping to memorize scripture verses since JAN. 09 you are awesome and thanks Lpm ladies for all you do.
    Your Seista in Albuquerque NM
    I will not be afraid

  3. 103
    Anonymous says:


    I cannot tell you how much I needed this weekend. A friend invited me and I was so encouraged through the word. I have been in a season of doubt for awhile now, but I am going to take the challenge to memorize scripture to combat Satan and his lies! Thank you so much for all your hard work for this simulcast.

  4. 104
    Love to decorate says:

    LLHi. I was blown away by Beth Friday night. It was exactly what I needed to hear. I loved the Praise and Worship. I was at one of those 516 locations in Lansing Michigan at South Church. Thank- you so much
    I read your blog every day

  5. 105
    Dawn says:

    I was in green bay this weekend for the conference and was so completely blessed 🙂 I didn't know about the blog even though I've done some of the studies, so this was an exciting find! Thanks 🙂

  6. 106
    Katherine Allen says:

    Dear Ones,

    How wonderful it was to have Beth with us here in Wisconsin….just returned home safely to Milwaukee from Green Bay with my beloved siestas in Christ. What a blessing of a weekend!

    It was such fun to see the picture of little Annabeth and am now home from church enjoying my "joy" and "delight" (2 granddaughters!)

    Keep waiting in anxious anticipation and walking toward your heart's desire as you search for the the desire of His heart!

    God Bless.

  7. 107
    julieann3 says:


    I was not going to attend this weekends simulcast at my church because I had given up on God and church. Some friends convinced me to attend and I am so thankful I did. I was able to relate to everything you were talking about when it came to not wanting to Hope another time. This weekend completely renewed and refreshed my faith in our WONDERFUL GOD. Thank you, Thank you.


  8. 108
    Rhonda Costello says:

    I enjoyed your simulcast at Northview Christian Life church in Carmel, Indiana. It was a blessing! Thank you so much!!

  9. 109
    Lynn says:

    WOW what an amazing time we had. I have to mull over so many things that Beth shared with us. I was so blessed to attend with my long time friend and my daughter, in Red Deer, Alberta. Thank you for blessing and challenging me.

  10. 110
    Anonymous says:

    PRAISE THE LORD!! WOW …God is GOOD! I was so blessed by this Simulcast.So many things Beth said hit home to my heart, God really touched me.

    I attended the Simulcast in Eden NC
    Thank you First Presbyterian Church for hosting this event!

  11. 111
    Ms. Nantz says:

    This weekend was truly amazing. Your message was so needed in my life. When you were speaking about J ~ jealously, my heart sank and when you looked out into the crowd, across our screen, and said "that's my husband" it was as if you were speaking directly to me and me alone. Yes there is anger and worry but jeaously stood out ever so strong. See, he walked out on our children and I over 3 years ago for another women, another family, but yet I still love him and I am jealous because she has what was mine. We were married for over 27 years. I had to sell our home, store everything he left us, and move in with my sister ~ she took everything from me. Everything but my Lord. He divorced me 1 year and 5 months later. Sometimes I wonder if the pain will ever go away, if I'll ever be loved again ~ if I ever was loved.
    Thank you for letting God use you and the encouraging He spoke to my heart.
    Love in Christ,
    Debra Nantz
    Cherryville, NC

  12. 112
    Ms. Nantz says:

    This weekend's simulcast was amazing. I was with 6 other ladies from my church visiting at Lake Swamp Baptist in SC. As you were teaching J A W, when you spoke of "J – jealously" you looked into the crowd and across our screen and said "That's my husband", it was as if you were speaking to me and me alone. See my husband of 27+ years walked out on our children and I over 3 years ago for another woman, another family, and even though there is anger and worry there is jealously. I am jealous ~ jealous because she/they have what was mine. I had to sell our home/farm of 13 years, store what was left of our life, and move into my sister's home with our children. He divorced me 1 yeear and 5 months later and still I love him. I can't explain it but I have never stopped loving him. I am even jealous of the fact that he still calls our children [not as much as he should], that he loves them but not me. I am angry with myself for blowing it, for messing things up. I worry that I will never be loved again ~ if I was ever loved at all and how we are going to make it. Your words told me to not give up, continue to pray that God is listening.
    Thank you for allowing God to use you in a mighty way. I know that I wasn't the only one in the crowd who needed those words. May He continue to use you to do His will and bring Him glory.

    In Christ's love,
    Debra Nantz
    Cherryville, NC

  13. 113
    Anonymous says:

    I've been reading the posts and I didn't get to go to the simulcast this week-end. I think I might have me a great big 'ol pity-party! Sounds like it was great. Would you consider putting it on a dvd or on youtube or something? Thanks for your ministry. God is good!

  14. 114
    cindy says:

    I attended the live simulcast in Madison, AL. It was wonderful spending time in God's Word. So many things for me to think about and consider. I have a huge JAW problem. "Doing what is good", wow that gives me a alot to think about and a different way of thinking for me. I always seem to want to make everything "right".
    Ps 37:4 has been a favorite verse of mine fro a long time. I claimed it when I was looking for a husband. God gave me my heart's desire at just the right time as I look back on things. We have been married for 17 1/2 years! I also have what I always wanted since I was a kid (I just never thought I would be an Army wife).
    I have a big question….what was the song that Travis sang by himeself? It was beautiful.
    Thank you for a great weekend.

  15. 115
    emme says:

    I did not write down the phrase Beth said at the simulcast last night the goes something like this:

    At the end of the day we do what we really want to do.

    Could you please tell me how she actually phrased this?

    I REALLY loved this weekend, so much! Thanks Beth for a totally uplifting, kick in the butt time!

  16. 116
    Mary says:

    Ms Beth,
    my friend and i attended the simulcast this weekend from rogers, ar. we found out friday evening and was just praying that there were still tickets available. we arrived late but still enjoyed every minute of it. i have been struggeling a lot lately with my faith due to some family issues and so needed a fresh word from God. thank you for being the one to deliver it to me.

  17. 117
    becki says:

    this weekend was incredible and though it was only my second simulcast, I had the exquisite pleasure of having my 21 year old daughter drive home from college so she could attend with me and it was her first. we loved everything and God has sooo been speaking to me about desires and delights in Him and Beth's message was so timely. Thanks….also a big thank you to my home church Cedar Lake Christian Assembly for the fantastic job they did hosting and decorating and serving….becki massengale

  18. 118
    Ms. Nantz says:

    The simulcast was truly amazing. As usual God used you in mighty ways. J. A. W., wow. "J ~ jealously" hit home for me, see when you said "That's my husband" during your talk well it was if you were speaking to me and me alone. My husband of 27+ years left our children and I for another family, another woman over 3 years ago and I am jealous ~ jealous of her because she now has what was mine, jealous of what they have together. Yes there is anger [not enough, so my son says ~ I should be mad at his dad] and of course there is worry. I worry if I'll ever be loved again, if I was ever loved at all, and if we will make it. I had to sell our home/farm of 13 years, store what was left of our life [what he left behind], and we moved in with my sister.
    I know without a doubt that God has truly carried us to this point but it doesn't always stop me from blaming myself for doing this to us. I blam myself for losing him to someone else. See a big part of me still loves him so much and I pray that God will open his eyes some day. Your words to never give up ring true, if not for us to be together than for his salvation.
    Thank you so much for allowing God to use you once again. May He continue to use you and may you allow Him to do so.

    In Christ's love,

    Debra Nantz
    Cherryville, NC

  19. 119
    Ms. Nantz says:

    sorry so many repeats!!!
    New at this
    Debra Nantz

  20. 120
    Joan says:

    Hey Amanda and Beth!

    I was rewriting my notes last night and I noticed something. I'm sure it will sound stupid to you, but as I wrote the Hebrew word for wait,(which you know is,chiyl), it looked to me like our word chill. I'm sure it isn't pronounced anything like that,and I know it doesn't even mean the same thing in Hebrew, but that is the way my warped mind works. Just thought I would share some of my random thoughts. Love all of you!

  21. 121
    The Girls in Rogersville,Tn. says:

    This was my first simulcast, only thing better? Being there in person! (that is the plan for next year!)I was amazed by the electricity! The feeling I experienced cannot be put into words!
    I had planned to attend with both my daughters, but my oldest had a medical issue and was hospitalized the day of the event. Will this simulcast be available on DVD? I would love to purchase for my daughter to watch while she is recouperating. Along with my younger daughter, my sister (here in Rogersville, Tn)and cousin drove in from Cincinnati attended. I also have a sister in Stephens City, Va that was unable to come to Rogersville but attended at a local church in her area! We were still there TOGETHER!!! Thank you for letting us be a part of this encouraging event, praising and worshiping our precious Savior.
    The we blessings received this weekend will never be forgotten. WE LOVE YOU!!!

  22. 122
    Lela simmss says:

    Thank you for seeking God word with the zest that you do. I left 12st Baptist Church in Gadsden, al. Saturday saying is it over already? Left and went and bought Travis's Jesus Saves. I told my Sunday School Class this morn., if only everytime we come into worship we could have that same feeling. Not watching the clock, praising from with in us as Travis talked about, listening to every word you said knowing you were seeking the Holy Spirits direction with every word spoken and just not worring about what we had to do or where we had to go. Spoke with a sister in Christ who seen you acouple years back, what she remembered was you coming out in some getup and everyone clapping and yelling. She said you put your hand up, when there was no sound, you said if you came to see or hear Beth Moore you came to the wrong place. Beth God has touched my heart many times though you and I ask Him to Bless You, I Love you.
    Now I have spent the last 1 hour and a half trying to find the name of the song that we did that was repeditive with us clapping prasing and stomping. Please someone help me it is driving me nuts. My husband said it might not be one of Travis's songs.
    We love you all.

    Lela Simms

  23. 123
    Anonymous says:

    A group of us from First United Methodist Church in Green Bay saw you at the Resch this weekend. This morning at church we all wanted to talk about it some more. I think the most important thing I can take from it all is not to let anyone else steal my joy. I really needed to hear that at this time in my life. THANK YOU!!
    One of the other ladies emailed us this morning and reminded us that we need to make sure we are living beyond the walls of "the resch", pray for each other by name and ask God to allow us to see the hearts of our desire. It will happen. The glory is all HIS!

  24. 124
    Anonymous says:

    WOW!! It is Sunday evening and I am still basking in the wonder of the Simulcast. I participated in Traverse City, MI, Bible Baptist Church. Those girls did an awesome job of feeding us and making us feel ssssooooo welcome. Thank you girls!!

    Thank you Mama Beth, Travis and the rest of the Praise Team and all those behind the scenes. You blessed all of us so much. I haven't had a worship time like that since I attended the LPL event in Detroit two yrs ago. What is it about singing and praising God with a bunch of other women???? It is truly a blessing. I prayed for rest, strength and renewal for all of you as you headed home to your families. Thank them for all of us for loaning you to us!!!

    The message was over the top!!! I love it when I learn how to add something new and powerful to my walk and that teaching was new and powerful. Beth, you always make me feel like you are learning this right alongside of us. I PRAISE GOD for your anointment!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank You….Thank You….Thank YOu…one and all!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bible Bunny in NO MI
    P.S. See you in GR in May

  25. 125
    michele says:

    I loved the conference. One thing I took to heart and started was to write down scripture to memorize by the ABC method Beth spoke of. I also was moved to meditate on the message to "do good" even when I want to "do right". As I was searching my concordance for a scripture that was on the tip of my tongue beginning with D I came across the word Dorcas. I HAD to look it up. Turns out it was a woman in Acts known for doing good. So now I will strive to be a Dorcas. How bout you?

  26. 126
    sharon says:

    how great is our God?! thank you for this weekend. i was given a ticket to the simulcast for my birthday. what an incredible, life-changing gift. just wanted to share with you my visual of wait, from point #6. this summer we ended up in the er with my 3 year old after he smacked the back of his head on concrete. ouch. after the screaming stopped and he got all the comfort he needed in my arms, he then stuck his arms straight out to his sides and then twirled around in circles all over the er waiting room and then later in the room where we waited to see the doctor. maybe the twirling distracted him from the pain. i'm not sure but as you held your toe and jumped on stage with your foot in hand, i couldn't help think of my jack. he by no means passively waits for anything. even to see a doctor following a head smack on concrete. thank you for sharing your heart with us. what a blessing!

  27. 127
    Joy says:

    Living Proof Ministries- the simulcast was beyond fabulous!! Thank you for everything you did. Delighting in the God that Delights in Me. Beth- your love for our King is contagious.
    Can you please blog about the Hebrew and Greek resources Beth uses throughout her messages. I love how she gives the background on different words. Please share her resource helps so I can do it as I study my Bible.

  28. 128
    Anonymous says:

    Thanks for posting the commissioning! I was so busy wiping away the tears during it I'd love a written copy in hand!
    Amazing teaching and worship this weekend! Great kick-off to the new fall season!

  29. 129
    Anna says:

    Beth, I am the one who posted the comment that you read during our 3rd session. (about being widowed and self-medicating and finally turning over my wounds to God).

    I just wanted to let you know that I was there and that the simulcast affected me very strongly. I cannot put into words the difference between who/where I was a week and a half ago and where I am now!! It is absolutely astounding! I'm not "there" yet, but I am continuing to trust God with the cleansing and healing of my wounds.

    Thank you for sharing the message that you did, it impacted me so greatly. I REFUSE TO GIVE UP ON GOD!! But another thing that I walked away with this weekend is that I refuse to give up on myself. Oh, praise His Name.

    I sure wish I could give you a hug! You have been such a sweet influence in my life!

    I also wish that I could connect with some of the women through this site…I see how to connect to their blogger profile, but in most cases, I'm unable to contact them in any way. Especially Jessica Lindberg, I saw your post, and would love to talk with you if you're comfortable with it. My email address is [email protected], and happily give permission to have it posted so I can hopefully connect with some of my Siestas!

  30. 130
    Anonymous says:

    Dear Beth,
    I wrote a comment last night and it appears that it was not approved for posting on the blog.

    I am sorry if what I wrote was not appropriate…I was rejoicing with you and letting you know how much I appreciated time given to that particular topic.


  31. 131
    The Booth Family says:

    What an awesome weekend at the simulcast at my home church, Park Hill Baptist, in North Little Rock, AR! As always, God has a word for me through Beth. Thank you Beth for being such a devoted student of God's Word and being obedient to hear His voice. Praise God for the lives that were changed this weekend!

  32. 132
    Melissa says:

    I'm not a new siesta, but this was my first live Simulcast. It was absolutely wonderful. I participated from Monroe, LA. We had a group of about 30 women who came. We had such a wonderful time. I am so thankful for tthe message that you gave. It was so much what I needed to hear. I am working on my memory verse notebook now. My first verse is Ps. 37:4. I thank you all so much for doing the Simulcast and allowing all of us to be a part of it. I love you all.

  33. 133
    René Smits says:

    Thank you, Beth, for allowing God to speak through you in Green Bay this weekend! I wasn't sure I was going to be able to attend — I had tickets but I had a horrible head cold and a neck that I think I whiplashed by sneezing!! I was a physical wreck, but I was totally determined to attend your event, knowing God had work to do in me. I was deeply blessed by your ministry and the worship time. God's overwhelming message to me was to allow myself to grieve the autism diagnoses of my 2 boys, to mourn passionately at His feet, and then to move on and DO SOME GOOD! God bless your ministry! (He does!)

    — Rene Smits

  34. 134
    ~Trina~ says:

    I've been following Beth's ministry for many years (even before the first release of "A Woman's Heart God's Dwelling Place" Still about my favorite of all her studies.) I say all that not in arrogance, but to say that she still comes to us with a fresh word from God every time!

    I've shared going to the simulcasts with many incredible friends over the years, but this year I was blessed to take one of my daughter-in-laws. =)

    Thanks Beth for listening to God and sharing His message to us.

    Midland, Texas

    Almost time for another verse for Memory and Meditation =)

  35. 135
    Anonymous says:

    Siesta Mama,
    I told my friend on the way to the simulcast that I just did not believe anymore that God would answer a prayer of 26 years about my husband. I had given up. Then you told us your story about Keith, and you told us not to give up. And a spark of hope and faith started to burn within me. My God is worth believing, even for as long as 27, 28, 29 or however many years it takes. There is not a full blown forest fire of hope yet, but the spark is there. Thank you for loving Christ so much that it spills out onto us. Consider yourself hugged blog-style!

  36. 136
    Carissa says:

    Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodness!!! I'm still reeling from this simulcast!!! I'm about to come apart!!! You may have posted this already but is there a way to get a cd of the simulcast? I need to more time to process some things and I want to share it with others. Three of my siestas came with me and we couldn't stop talking about it last night at teen event. The teens and other sponsors thought we were insane walking around going, "cake, cake, cake!" I am so incredibly thankful for this renewal and I can't wait to see Beth live in Springfield, IL in November!! To God be the Glory! WOOT!

  37. 137
    Christina says:

    My 17 year old daughter and I attended the Simulcast in Washington state. We traveled to a nearby church with about 25 other women from our church. We had a WONDERFUL time. I am definitely planning on making that cake for an upcoming women's event!

    Today my 17 year old had a tough time with a toddler she was helping with and was a little frustrated, but I have to tell you she broke into a huge smile when I told her to check her JAW!

  38. 138
    Beth says:

    You guys have encouraged me so! I will say more about it in an actual post but I at least wanted to tell you now that God made your sweet comments like a tall, icy glass of lemonade on a hot and weary day. Oh, the power of His Word! May He start a wild fire of delight!

    Mary, I also need to tell you that you were not having a blonde moment. You were indeed supposed to pour the icing on while the cake was hot. Not just the icing. It's optional but that's how I love it best. I eat a piece right that moment while it's all still warm. It's not as pretty when you do it that way because it sinks into the cake unevenly but who cares if something that good isn't pretty? It never lasts long enough around the Moore home to matter. Make that thing again and eat it hot!

  39. 139
    Christina says:

    Hi Mrs. Beth, I really enjoyed the Simulcast!

    I am 17 years old, but the church leader said that I could come ONLY if I baked chocolate chip cookies!!! 🙂 I knew she was kidding, but I thought it would be funny to make her some anyway.
    My Brother, Ian, so kindly agreed to making his MOST SCRUMPTIOUS snickerdoodles IN THE WORLD! (almost as good as chocolate chip cookies!) He is a great cook.

    He helped me meticulously vacuum seal a plate of them for her. Today, when I brought them to her, I made sure to put two unwrapped cookies on the top so that she could eat them without having to cut open the plastic. I told her, “I am sorry for not bringing chocolate chip cookies, but these snickerdoodles are TO DIE FOR!”

    I was very amused to see our pastor secretly snacking on one. I had to ask him "Are you eating Mrs. Kathy's cookies?" his eyes grew wide as he looked down at his half-eaten cookie and said with his mouth still full, “Umm, these are…er…Yes.”
    “I got them for Mrs. Kathy…Was it good?” I asked. He nodded his head and broke into a goofy smile. 😀

    I am glad that it was him, and not someone else, because I might have been irritated. You can’t stay angry with THE PASTOR though! LOL
    Maybe next time I will have Ian make them some CCCAAAAKKKKEEEE! LOL! 

    Speaking of CCAAAAKKKKEEEE, I think my mom is going to try out the recipe on My 10 year brother, Noah’s birthday. I think you should call it “Heart’s Desire Cake” now or something? 

    Thanks for the great sermon, I can tell that my mom will be asking me to “Check my JAW” whenever I get a bad attitude! lol


  40. 140
    Crystal says:

    Ran across the LPM Blog through a site of a site of a site, definitely a God-incidence … I am hooked!
    Attended my first Beth event at the Simulcast in Rhinelander, WI after pouting for months that I couldn't attend in Green Bay – checked the Simulcast info not even knowing what it was – definitely a God-incidence… I am speechless … I am hooked!
    Attended my first Travis event … I am speechless … I am hooked!
    Attended my first Praise Team event … I am speechless … I am hooked!

    I would love to purchase this Simulcast … please?
    I would love the A-B-C thing … please?
    I would love the prayer we said to another person at the end … please?
    I know how to purchase Travis' music … does the Praise Team have a CD … please?

    I am just beginning my path back to the Lord and I am blessed beyond words that God pointed me in your direction.


  41. 141
    bobbisauls says:

    To Beth, Travis, the Praise Team and all the staff inolved in this weekend's event:

    Thank you so much for ALL you did! I was so blessed by the message in word and song, and I needed a refreshing not to give up hope on the desires of my heart. It was also an amazing time of fellowship with my fellow siestas.

    On a side note, I made a Texas sheet cake today after church. It was for my cousin's birthday, and I was making the cake as we were also getting ready for our family's Sunday lunch. I pulled the cake out of the oven and set it on the edge of the counter while I closed the oven door. The pan FELL ON THE FLOOR…and so did the cake! My mom, who had just mopped the floor the day before, said, "Quick, scoop it up, put it back in the pan, and pour the frosting over it. No one will notice!"

    I couldn't bring myself to do that, so I went to the store and bought more butter. I whipped up a new cake, and we celebrated the birthday with warm Texas sheet cake and vanilla ice cream. It was fabulous!!

  42. 142
    ~A says:

    Am I the only one?

    Ok, so I left the simulcast with a LONG overdue commitment to "do the thing". Before I left, I went before the Lord and laid it all out before Him. I prayed specifically for a few things, including that He would protect my family from the evil hand of the enemy. Our precious family has been under attack and my marriage is suffering. I drove home with a new resolve to do whatever it takes…to roll these burdens over onto the shoulders of my mighty and active God.

    And then I got home.

    I do not even know what happened but it was like the enemy reached in and twisted things so badly that I didn't know which end was up. My mind was confused, my home was a wreck in EVERY manner and I felt that things had never been worse and were maybe even hopeless.

    Am I the only one who made a serious commitment, did serious work with God and then was immediately messed with by the enemy?

    What happened? Why? I am not giving up and I certainly do know that I cannot lose hope. I just want someone to shed some light and tell me I am not alone.

    Thanks siestas.

  43. 143
    deemf5 says:

    Thanks for a wonderful event, i went and had an absolute blast. I have a question though. You talked about what takes a bite out of our delight and in my life my JAW is pretty out of control right now. I'm wondering how do i get rid of those feelings in my life? Is it just better prayer life? I need help cuz if i don't fix it soon i'm heading for mental disaster!

  44. 144
    kristin101481 says:

    I attended the simulcast on Friday and Saturday. My Mom (who is a very wise woman) suggested we go because she has seen your Living Proof DVDs. Let me tell you, that I have never been so impacted by someone's lesson before in my life, like I was yours. I have been praying and praying for the LORD to answer a certain prayer of mine, and was begining to loose hope. You message and teaching has renewed my hope!! I now know that I have some rearranging and cleaning up to do in my life, as well as, to "Stop it!" and let God work in my life. WOW!!!! Just WOW! Thank you Beth for you message and your teachings. I felt like you are a very dear friend and can't wait till next years simulcast!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you from the bottome of my heart!!!

  45. 145
    Tanya in Alabama says:

    Thank you so much! My mind is still reeling! I could go on and on. I was blessed, convicted, guided, and encouraged. Getting on the road I want to die having lived. Thank you again.

    P.S. Calculated the points for the cake in Weight Watchers, if cut in15 servings = 12 points each. I'll be working out so I can enjoy guilt free!

  46. 146
    karen seas says:

    thanks Beth for the GB event 8/28,8/29. I was one of the signers and was a bit in awe of the thought that it was being simulcast to @ 100,00 people all over the world!This is my first experience blogging and i didn't realize I would get so many in return, I think I have to stop that part of it. I was blessed by your sharing re long term prayer for your husband re hits relationship to God. I have a similar situation and I need to focus on my relationship w/ jesus and let God work w/ my husband. Hard to do… Got the recipe for your cake, don't know if my cholesterol level can handle it! Blessings to you! Love in JEsus, KarenSeas

  47. 147
    CindyLooHoo says:

    well……..my new motto….FIGHT FOR DELIGHT!!! the enemy has really been tryin his hardest ever since Ive been home from the simulcast to beat me down. Thanks all y'all for the encouragement to hang in there and not give up the fight.

  48. 148
    N&A says:

    Hello! I can't even begin to express how much I enjoyed the simulcast! Thank you, Beth, for your dedication to serving in His Kingdom this way! I was hoping there was a recording of the talks so I could share them with my mom. She was unable to attend, and would love to listen to them. I'll keep checking the website to see if I can find anything about a recording.

    Many, many blessings!!


  49. 149
    LuAnn says:

    Hi Beth,
    Like others this was my first simmulcast. I had an accident 2 years ago that resulted in the loose of my right leg. Since then I have gotten into bible study and am taking my Mom along for the ride. It has been my greatest pleasure to watch her faith grow and this weekend she came with me to watch you. When you had us repeat after you and hold hands with someone, I held my Mom's hands. As we were saying the words my Mom started crying. She never cries,not after my accident, not when a child went to prison for drug abuse, she never cried in front of us. I know the Holy Spirit was grabbing her and it just made my day to see this. She has always thought she needed to be the strong one and it was good to see her let this go.
    Bless you and your work….

  50. 150
    Anonymous says:

    Wow! I'm a different person today, than I was yesterday…..Thank You Beth! My husband left me after 8 mos. of marriage in May, and I've been depressed ever since. We dated for 1 year, so I'd be sure he was the right man for me. We attended church and pre-marital counseling together and I was sure this was the man God had sent for me. Six months in his exwife who was married to someone else started pursuing my husband. Ultimately he left and they are back together. The JAW you spoke about yesterday was as if you were speaking directly to my situation. I have not been "living" only simply completing daily necessities for my children, but with a "poker" face! Yesterday I finally could let it all go….roll it over! I cannot thank you enough for your obedience to the Lord!

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