Big Simulcast Giveaways and One Little Question!

Hey, You Darling Things! I hope you are so blessed in the presence of the living Lord Jesus Christ this fine day. We have missed you while we’ve been gone and, boy oh boy, have we EVER hit the ground running! It’s simulcast time and, because of God’s graciousness through YOU and our wonderful Siesta Scholarship fund, we have some great giveaways. We are going to do our regular 10-ticket giveaway for the on-site location in Green Bay but we at LPM would also love to support the Houston and surrounding area simulcast sites.

Look several paragraphs below and see if any of these locations work for you and, if so, NOTE WHO TO CONTACT next to it. You are only contacting us directly at LPM if you need a scholarship to the on-site location in Green Bay. Otherwise you are contacting the church itself then their folks are getting the numbers to us and we’re covering those costs.

Some of you have asked a very good question: why are ticket prices different from location to location? The churches pay a flat fee to CCN, the simulcast company, then they charge what they must to cover their costs. Some churches simply have bigger women’s ministry budgets and can charge much less but, I assure you, all those locations are doing what they can to keep the costs as low as possible. Many of them just don’t have an extra dime in these hard financial times.

By the way, I can’t remember ever explaining ticket sales and maybe this is the perfect time: I would give anything if ministry opportunities like these didn’t cost a single cent but, unfortunately, they are very expensive. You cannot imagine all the equipment and personnel involved. This you can know, however. Your Siesta Mama is not putting one penny in her little pocket from any speaking engagement. I donate all speaking honorariums to the work of ministry whether here or elsewhere. When our numbers began growing so unexpectedly and (for this season) we could no longer get our groups in church auditoriums, we deliberated very hard over whether to offer big events like LPL for free or ticket them. We made the difficult choice to have them ticketed because, otherwise, I (or someone else on the team) would be stuck with having to ask for money numerous times at the event in order to cover the costs. You’ll find it both ways out there in the event world.

It’s just two different philosophies and neither of them are perfect but I simply felt more comfortable ticketing up front. I don’t like the choices any better than you do but they are a fact of life. A sense of God’s approval or disapproval is what I’ve sought over matters as murky as these and I am certain that this has been His way for us to operate for now. He knows our hearts and our ministry desires and that we would do anything we possible could to get a person in the door who really wants to be there.

NOW, for the ticket giveaways!!

10 Tickets available for the ON SITE location in GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN. Call Susan or Kimberly at Living Proof Ministries at 1-888-700-1999.

10 Tickets available for Memorial Baptist Church in Pasadena, Texas. (6901 Fairmont Parkway, 77505) – Call the church directly at 281-998-9051 and tell them you desire one of the Living Proof scholarships. Your contact name is Steve if you happen to get someone who is unfamiliar with what you’re talking about.

10 Tickets available for Kingwood United Methodist Church in Humble, Texas. (1799 Woodland Hills Drive, 77339) – Call the church directly at 281-358-2137. Right now I don’t have a contact name for this one but simply tell them you need to speak with someone about this weekend’s simulcast. They’ll put you in touch with the right person. Then tell that person that you’d like to claim a Living Proof scholarship if one is still available.

10 Tickets available for Crosby Church of AFOB in Crosby, Texas. (5725 Highway 90, 77532) – Call the church directly at 281-328-1310 and tell them you desire one of the Living Proof Scholarships. Your contact name is Tiffany.

20 Tickets available at Houston’s First Baptist Church (it’s my home church, Siestas! I’m compelled to give a double portion!). (7401 Katy Freeway, 77024) Call 713-681-8000 and ask for the women’s ministry office then tell them you desire one of the Living Proof Scholarships. (By the way, many of our LPM staff members will be there at the event this weekend including our own Siesta blog master, my dearest Amanda.)

We’re so pumped! We hope so much these giveaways are big blessings to you!

OK, now for the question, my beloved Siestas!! This question is directed to ANYONE ATTENDING THE LPL SIMULCAST THIS WEEKEND regardless of location. Since most of our audience will not be on site where we can see faces and perceive conditions of lives and hearts, I could use your help imagining who’s on the other side of that camera. Would you mind giving me the following 3 pieces of information in a comment?

Your age? (Even the decade is great)

Single or married?

What is the biggest issue in your life right now? Please, please, please answer in only a few brief sentences so I can read each one of them.

So that I can readily distinguish your answers from the rest of the comments, would you please start your comment with the word “Attending”? That would really help. You can’t imagine how your answers will add to my preparation of heart, soul, and message.

We so desire to serve you, Siestas. We want so much to honor God here at Living Proof Ministries. May He be highly exalted and may He show Himself mighty to you this day.

I surely do love you.

PS. I just found this comment from Tracy, one of our Siestas, and I felt like it needed to be posted here so those of you in their area would more likely see it. Thank you so much, FBC Jacksonville, NC!!

Tracy L. wrote:

Our church is offering 10 scholarship tickets too.

First Baptist Jacksonville, NC
1925 Gum Branch Road
Jacksonville, NC

Call and ask for Juanita and tell her you are interested in a scholarship ticket for this weekend.

Tracy L.
Richlands, NC


200 Responses to “Big Simulcast Giveaways and One Little Question!”

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  1. 151
    Anonymous says:

    45 years old.

    Single and very happily so (more time for God and my business).

    Issue: Fighting rare cancer and dealing with Dad's mental illness and half sisters taking advantage of him and tricking him into signing over to them everything he owns. Asking the Lord for wisdom in how to deal with family situation to protect Dad and to manage anger towards half-sisters. I know He will work this out in His own time (which is perfect!).

  2. 152
    Anonymous says:


    33 years old – going through a divorce

    My biggest issue is staying strong in our Lord during this hard and desperate time in my life. I was married 11 years to the man I thought God gave me. We are both Christians, but chose to live a life of rebellion towards Christ. This divorce comes suddenly after I have repented and turned back to God. How do I know that this is what God wants for me and my kiddos? Pray for me please.

  3. 153
    Anonymous says:

    45 years old, divorced mother of two boys, the thing I'm struggling most with seeing myself the way God sees me…believing that all the promises that i believe for others are for me too…and when they are delayed for me, to resist the temptation to believe that it's because I missed the mark somewhere.

  4. 154
    Kathy - Alabama says:

    51 year old, married, My biggiest issue is letting God's plan work in my life. I have Disociative Identity Disorder (DID), and I pray God can help get my life back. I don't know who I am anymore. There was a bad sexual abuse over 14 years and I am just learning what has happened. I know you understand and I trust you in what you said. I can feel my life wandering and I know God is there, I just not sure where He is. I have done some of your studies and can God help me get it together. I don't know if you know what DID is, but it can make you feel crazy out of you mind. I have been in church all my life, and know who God is, but after the abuse, I am now wandering. I know now it was not my fault. So, my issue is wanting God in my life and to help me meet His plan.
    PS I was looking forward to hear your Simlucast tonight. Thank You for opening my eyes.

  5. 155
    Anonymous says:

    34 years old, married w/ 2 young children

    My biggest issue is the constant torment I have over being charged with a crime I did not commit. It has to do with a business a family member had. It is a long story and there are evil people involved who have lied caused my family so much heartache! I am struggling with why God is letting this happen to me and why it feels like the evil people are getting away with it and laughing in our face? How can an innocent person be put through this? I am trying to see the good and I know God has a plan for me to help other innocent people in my situation. However, sometimes it becomes too much and I feel abandoned by God.

  6. 156
    Anonymous says:


    39 years old, married to a WONDERFUL, Christian man!

    My biggest issue is not knowing if we are going to get to keep our 14 month old baby we are adopting. The birth father won't sign over rights, we have had her since birth and I can't imagine losing my angel girl, Ella!
    – Dana

  7. 157
    Anonymous says:


    35 years old, very happily married!
    My biggest concerns and difficulties are keeping my focus Christ, loving my husband and being intentional about raising my children for Him. I feel so bombarded with everything that demands my attention. I fail Him so often. Have you ever had a million voices screaming in your ears and a soft gentle voice touching your heart?! I know which voice to listen to but it is SO hard to hear it and turn to it over all of the noise. Really tired. I need fresh air and joy. I was really encouraged tonight. The screams are dying out and the voice is beating louder.

    Norman, OK

  8. 158
    Anonymous says:


    54 years old, Single

    This is my first simulcast and I can't wait until tomorrow. My biggest issuse is the possiblity of me losing my job of 21 years.As a manager I try to stay postive and encourage my staff but it is hard when good people are losing their jobs all around me. I know God has a plan,but soemtimes it is hard to remember that when I am just waiting to be called to HR.

  9. 159
    eleilia says:

    31 years old — a happy millitary wife

    My biggest issue is for my son to finally be potty trained. Pretty easy huh? God has spoiled me more than words can imagine:)

  10. 160
    Cathi from WI. says:

    Beth is even better in person than in video. Not saying that she doesn't rock on her videos but to see her in person is just awesome. I am so blessed that God has made sure that I am here. And Beth, you hit home on many points already and its only half way through the event!

  11. 161
    Anonymous says:

    Attending, 45 years old, married: My biggest issue is my divorce will be final in 6 months and this
    is very hard on all of us, esp. my 3 kids. The youngest has ADD and possibly Aspergers.

  12. 162
    Anonymous says:


    46 years old, divorced, mom of 2

    My struggle is seeing myself the way God sees me, believing that His promises are for me as much as I believe they are for others…and that when I am waiting for Him to move it's not because I've blown it and he changed His mind.

  13. 163
    April says:

    30, getting married tomorrow after to simulcast

    My biggest issue right now is that I am unemployed. I moved to another part of the state to be near my fiancee and a year has past and I do not have a job. I spent my whole life knowing it was my destiny to be a teacher. I fought it while in college because I wanted to make more money than a teacher. I went all the way through a Masters Degree and now I just completed my certification tests to be certified to teach EC-4, EC-12 Special Ed, and 8-12 English. Yet, I still have no job. I am putting complete faith in Christ that my destiny will be fulfilled and God is always on time. Tonight was a wonderful experience and I can not wait until tomorrow!

  14. 164
    Anonymous says:


    35 years old and happily married

    My biggest issue is waiting on the Lord….just waiting.

  15. 165
    Anonymous says:

    I'll be 35 in October which wouldn't bother me so much if I new a definitive answer about my desire of my heart. I'm plagued with the knowledge that as time slips on I'll never…

    see that blue stripe on a pee stick,
    never take my husband to go pick out nursery colors,
    never have a baby wake me up in the middle of the night or rock them to sleep singing a lullaby,
    witness a first step or first day of school,
    clap loudly at graduation day,
    feel the pangs of an empty nest,
    meet a potential child-in-law,
    watch my child walk down the aisle,
    know the joy of grandkids.

    Wanting to be a mother consumed me for so long, I've just begun becoming comfortably numb with my infertility. I enjoyed the message tonight, but I am fearful of allowing myself to hope again. It would be much easier for God to give me a definite no than to attend one more women's retreat surrounded by mothers and pregnant bellies listening to talk about families and grandkids. It just hurts too much.

  16. 166
    Anonymous says:

    Attending (Franklin, TN!)

    Age: 36

    My biggest issue is direction…I feel like I need to tweak my career, but I (& hubby too- a praise in and of itself.) really want to have a family. I feel like I am on pause in so many areas of my life and in my relationships with my family. Thanks so much for tonight, looking forward to tomorrow!

  17. 167
    Anonymous says:

    34 married with 2 young children

    My biggest issue is that I have been charged with a crime I did not commit. It has to do with a business a family member owned. A really long story that is sooooo crazy, telling it makes me feel crazy! My lawyer is shocked by it all and has never seen anything like this. Anyway there are evil people involved that have lied and caused my family so much heartache. I am in constant torment over how God could let this happen to an innocent person? Why is God letting the evil people get away with it while the are laughing in our face? I am trying to learn from all of it and I know I have. God has a plan I keep telling myself…but sometimes it is too much and I find myself feeling abandoned by God and mad at him for letting this happen to me.

  18. 168
    Anonymous says:

    34 married with 2 young children

    My biggest issue is that I have been charged with a crime I did not commit. It has to do with a business a family member owned. A really long story that is sooooo crazy, telling it makes me feel crazy! My lawyer is shocked by it all and has never seen anything like this. Anyway there are evil people involved that have lied and caused my family so much heartache. I am in constant torment over how God could let this happen to an innocent person? Why is God letting the evil people get away with it while the are laughing in our face? I am trying to learn from all of it and I know I have. God has a plan I keep telling myself…but sometimes it is too much and I find myself feeling abandoned by God and mad at him for letting this happen to me.

  19. 169
    Anonymous says:


    Age: 47 years old

    Location: McAllen, Texas

    Issue: single and my hearts desire is to meet the man God has chosen for me, and being a single Mom

  20. 170
    Susan Bone says:


    38 (oh my goodness to type it makes it feel so final!)


    Attending with at least 9 people God lead me to invite.

    My biggest issue is balancing housework, raising our two young sons almost 5 and almost 3, being a wife, friend, and most of all reading my bible and praying consistently.

  21. 171
    Anonymous says:

    47 years old – married with 2 kids. My biggest issue is wanting my husband to know the Lord but sadly he doesn't. I've been praying for him for the past 25 years.

  22. 172
    cindy says:


    53; single; How to know for sure that God is calling me into the ministry and if He is, how to overcome the fear of accepting that call.

  23. 173
    Anonymous says:


    37 years old
    single this year after 16.5 years marriage

    biggest issue is the challenges (mostly financial) of finding myself a single homeschooling mom.

  24. 174
    cindy says:

    Attending: 53; single; how to know for sure that God is calling me into the ministry; and if He is, how to overcome the fear in accepting the call….seems the closer I get to knowing, something always happens to move me in a different direction; but I still feel my heart being greatly tugged. Greatly enjoyed tonight!!

  25. 175
    Anonymous says:


    I am twenty-two years-old and I am single. My biggest struggle is waiting on God to fulfull the desires of my heart. He has called me to ministry to work with youth and I am having to take a break to raise money for seminary, because I cannot afford to pay the money up front. I am wondering why has God called me only to have my passion for people and youth to unmet.

  26. 176
    Brenda says:

    Thank you Thank you Thank you Lord Jesus for Gifting Beth with the teaching of your Word. I am so blessed always. Tonight was enlightening. 45, Married, My newly grown baby boy. Turned 18 and graduated all in one day. Doesn't want to go to Church anymore or just when he feels like it. My heart aches as I watch him struggle with his Faith and the evils of this world. I have a bigger picture of my longings, desires, to lay at the feet of Jesus. May God Bless you & yours

  27. 177
    Teresa says:

    54 years old, married, six grown sons and two grandbabies. One girl Beth!

    I have disqualified, dismissed, and discounted, well let's just say…"dissed" myself in the past..and the one fear that hung over me was that if I ran in the race, I would prove without question what I had long believed, that I was not worth the effort. These words do not resonate in my soul any more however..but I began to see another fear that went with it. Fear of Responsibility. To admit my falling short and take responsibility for my life. To no longer take my talents and hide em, or my light and put it under a bushel, or point at others or circumstances,for why I can't move forward. Always dodging the measuring stick of my worth.
    In Feb. I had a six bypass heart surgery, and the life I neglected to appreciate, was almost taken from me.
    The awe I have been overcome with now is the extreme pleasure I have to remain here in this jar of clay. That He has chosen to dwell in me and that I get to worship Him this side of heaven, well it is one of His most sweetest pleasures that I can give to Him. For in all eternity It can be expected in the presence of His Glory, and I will love to do it…Ah, but this side of Heaven, well how sweet it is! I am a worshipper!!!! And my issue, is….well have at me Lord! Every breath I breathe is a gift to Glorify My Great God…

  28. 178
    Kitty says:

    attending Santa Barbara,CA simulcast. moved from GreenBay 11yrs ago. love seeing God working there with unity in Christ at the arena.
    61 yrs old, married
    issue-I want answers to my prayers for my adult children's relationships to Jesus!Over focusing on them. It has been my desire to pray God's way sensing change coming in my perspective even though I pray the Word. Something is definitely happening as you really are stirring something close to my heart. Eager to hear what God will do tomorrow.

  29. 179
    Anonymous says:


    Tonight was awesome btw…

    23 years old, married and mommy.

    My biggest issue is a husband that is too wrapped up in other things to give me what I need, a strong godly husband. And a 3 yr old that refuses to listen to me. Sometimes i just feel unwanted and invisible.

  30. 180
    Anonymous says:

    41 Married (2nd marriage)
    Peace~about my life~ my circumstances~my marriage~I was raised believing remarriage is wrong and here I am in one and cannot seem to come to peace about it. My son has walked out of my life (going on 4 years now)and there is just so much baggage and heartache I can't seem to get a complete victory and healing in.

  31. 181
    Danelle says:

    30 years old, separated.
    My biggest issue is that my husband left me and my boys a year ago. He is with someone else. He has walked away from God. We are in the process of a divorce, but I God's peace and grace. I want to know I will be ok. My oldest son is autistic as well. I trust God has something God for me anyway.

  32. 182
    Anonymous says:


    Age: 44

    On the outside I am happy and bubbly, but people would be shocked if they could see the spiritual warfare going on inside of me. I KNOW that God sees it, and I KNOW that He doesn't want me to live like this. I am fighting surrendering my desires back to Him, and I don't know why I can't just let go.

  33. 183
    Anonymous says:

    Attending: FBC, Texarkana,Texas


    I have a piece of paper that says I'm married.

    My "husband" doesn't love me or treat me like a wife. He doesn't include me in his life other than we live in the same house. I don't know how much longer I can take his indifference and all the lies and secrecy. I've done some reading online and the world would probably call him a Narcissistic Passive-Aggressive. Everyone else thinks he's such a "nice/good guy" but they don't have to live with him. It is taking everything I have,every day, not to leave.

  34. 184
    Anonymous says:


    54 2day a real man enjoyed last night always enjoy your teachings thank you for allowing God to use you and your ministries Look foward to meeting our Lord together with you this morning. My biggest issue at this time is my son just graduated DTS in Dallas has moved to DC looking for a Job. Thank you for the reminder PS 37:25 may God continue to bless and use

  35. 185
    Anonymous says:

    Attending: 52 (married) with daughter 21 (single)

    Biggest issue: PIT-DWELLER –Want out of the pit to live an abundantly fruitful, joyful life no matter the outward circumstances! ..(have been reading your book). My way of thinking has been so negative and I guess the bottom line is, even though I have tried to follow God for 30 years now, I still have a hard time connecting, believing and trusting Him. I want to KNOW Him so much that trust is not so much of an issue. (I know that it will not be perfected until we see Him face to face).

  36. 186
    Anonymous says:


    33 Year Old Married Mom of 2, Forgiven my husband of his second unthinkable offense.

    Bringing my mother in law, who has just moved in with us. Who has lost her second son and is angry at God.

    Beth, your timing is unbelieveably perfect. Thank you Jesus

  37. 187
    Anonymous says:

    I'm married, 43. Does God require that I give a FULL testimony in order to fully and effectively serve Him? Do I really have to tell everyone all of the evil things I have done? Airing out my dirty laundry (I believe) will only cause others to fall. But is it God's will to tell all?

  38. 188
    Anonymous says:

    I have found the seed of the sadness I feel inside is that I lost Hope. I am hoping today that I can find this Hope so I can think on the things of God instead of the things of this world. It is so easy to think of the things of this world when you have been through so much in life, having been abused in every way as a child and being rejected as an adult in a lot of different areas.

  39. 189
    Anonymous says:

    Beth, I am 47 yrs old, divorced for 4.5 yrs and I have 3 teenage daughters who are beginning to leave the nest. The desire of my heart is for my girls; protection, wisdom, a passion for Christ.
    But Beth, the desire for me is to be blessed with a relationship with a mate. I am currently in relationship (for the first time in 4 years by prayer and by choice)and I'm struggling with clear wisdom. I thought it would be easy to discern that this is the right man, and I thought he was an answer to prayer, I'm not so sure right now. When I see other couples, I often think "If they can find a mate, why can't I?"

  40. 190
    Anonymous says:

    Biggest issue – Lived beyond our means and facing financial ruin…which could actually ruin both of our careers. Feeling so much conviction but not much redemption. Crying out, seeking. Praying for a hunger for Him not just relief or rescue.

  41. 191
    sue says:

    56y/o almost married smile,attended Thank you Beth and Praise team I am blessed by attending renewed and refreshed!! My Deepest Desire to Know Jesus more each day. For my family as well Our oldest son went home Nov 6 03 603p I know God does not make mistakes as much as I miss this joyful 12 1/2 year old I know he is driving God crazy and I just have to laugh Matthew is joyful and I can hardly wait to see what Jesus has him doing and to be face down to total worship!!

  42. 192
    DianeC says:

    46 ys old married

    My biggest issue is my 12 yr old son that still can barely read. My hearts desire has been that he can one day read Gods word without struggle. I've been praying for his speech disorder and learning disorder for 7 yrs and I have been getting weary. I am one of his teachers for goodness sakes!!

    Beth said #1- Nothing dictates our lives like our desires. My life has been consumed with finding ways to teach and reach him. I do pray that Gods glory be seen in his struggles. I know that He will.

    JAW has been my life. J, Jealousy of other children that read with such ease & parents that take it for granted. A, anger that he struggles with little progress and W, worry about his future.

    Thank you Beth for your message this weekend. I will be pouring over my notes, praying for a healing of my JAW!!!

    One of our ladies accepted Christ this morning at the simulcast. Praise You Lord!!

  43. 193
    netbizbella says:

    Attended Portland, OR

    25 yrs old

    Not Married…yet

    Trying to deal with the abuse from my childhood and making a positive step towards the future – and working on addictions within my family.

  44. 194
    Anonymous says:

    I'm 48 and just got back home to Milwaukee from Green Bay. Your message was such an encouragement to me and blessed me deeply.
    The biggest issue in my life is my marriage (26 years) – we've both been unfaithful at different times but we want to stay together and work at making the changes we need to make. This week was a hard week but your words encouraged me to be committed, be patient and keep working toward my/God's desire.

    Thank you for blessing me!!

  45. 195
    jgirl says:

    So bummed I missed the simulcast but God is so good!!! I prayed for you and all the gals from my home church and those hosting the simulcast near me!! There were many reasons I feel God led me to miss this event as much as I know I would have loved it!!! But I just had to laugh when I saw your cheese head video–I missed this event to attend the Packers vs. Cardinals football game…and had a much needed date night with my man who is a cheesehead himself!!! Blessings dear Beth…my siesta in Christ…just love you and delight in you my dear one!!!! (God had me in Psalm 37 all this week…so fitting now that I hear you spoke from those scriptures 🙂

  46. 196
    chris says:

    Attending: 57.divorced,our pastor challenged us to a 40 day change in our lives. Mine was to become more of a godly woman. I recieved a scolarship ticket. Thank you so much, you confirmed that the desires of my heart were right on track

  47. 197
    deemf5 says:

    I already attended the Simulcast here in Helena, MT but i still wanted to participate in this blog question.

    I'm a 27 yr old swf 😉 My biggest issue right now is coming to terms with the fact that God's plan and desire for my life are not the same as mine. i lost my father when i was 6 and i really want my two boys to have what i never had but i am not willing to sacrifice whats best for them and their father is trapped in addiction right now. i am trying to let him go and give it to God but i am finding out that i have my own little secret addiction and that is my baby's father. I am sad, lonely, depressed, and on the verge of a mental breakdown. Your conference helped and i am going to keep on praying so thank you Beth!

  48. 198
    Miss Britt says:

    This is late, as before the simulcast I did not know this blog existed…

    Attended the simulcast in Florida.

    23, married almost 3 years!

    My biggest issue is waiting patiently for God to heal my husband, who at 28 has undergone 6 knee surgeries and just last year, a back surgery that consisted of cutting away pieces of discs and implanting a metal plate, 2 rods, and 4 screws into his spine. Because of this, he suffers from depression and chronic pain that is not relieved in the least by medicine, exercise, massages, electric shock, accupuncture,
    or nerve blocks, but I know my God can divinely intervene to heal his body and make him whole.

  49. 199
    Stacey says:

    47 year old attendee on Friday and Saturday. Married , 3 daughters.

    I am a Messianic believer and member of a Baptist church. I am the Director of a Christ-centered dance studio. I love what I do – teaching children about Jesus and teaching them how to dance. How awesome is that? In a Baptist church, no less!!!

    I was so blessed this weekend. Thank you for providing clarity in many areas of my life.

    I just lost my mother 7 weeks ago and am walking in grief over this, so I totally got the wanting to call when you landed thing. Just that day I had been watching Gene Kelly movies and so wanted to call my mom and tell her. I grew up watching them with her.

    This is my main issue right now in my life, besides the grief that me and my father and sister and my children are walking in, I am having an issue with my man. He has befriended a woman that works for the same company he does. I do not think it appropriate for him to do this and have been very clear on this. He is a godly man, one of the wisest I know, yet he seems to be blind in this one area. There is no clear Bible verses on this, yet many that speak to appearances of evil and running the race unhindered so that we may finish faithfully. I feel I am out of my league in dealing with this with him. He is very well versed in the Word and believes he is helping her.

    I did lead her to the Lord on Easter, but she seeks him out instead of me for spiritual guidance and other things.

    I could go on an on ad nauseum, but you get the picture. He knows where I stand. This could be very destructive to his standing in the marketplace, in his leadership position in the church, and most importantly is coming between us.

    I feel better just typing this, so thanks for that.

    Blessings to you all. We were all so blessed this weekend. I am walking in joy regardless of my situation.

    Love to you all
    Your siesta

  50. 200
    Values Mom says:

    Beth and LPM Team,

    No worries about ticket costs, etc. If we thought you weren't operating with integrity, we wouldn't be here. People don't understand that it takes money to run a ministry, just like any business.

    Mansfield TX

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