Thinking About Death and Healing

Hey, my Darling Ones!

I’m sitting in the bed in my jammies with pillows propped up behind my back on a rare morning off. I’ve just finished my quiet time and on my second cup of coffee. (I’m obviously a little behind on the coffee.) Keith’s still sound asleep and the dogs are in the backyard playing in some fresh mud. Oh, what they have done to my beautiful garden yard! But that’s another story. My mind is full of other things and I know a few good friends who might help me process it.

It’s Good Friday. I tend to have lots of heavy thoughts around this day every year. I do love Christmas so very much but I am far more moved by the season of reflection on the Cross of Christ and the celebration of our only true hope: His glorious resurrection. We are obviously so much surer of the timing of His Passion than we are His birth. We really can say, “Approximately this many years ago, this happened right around this exact time.” Anniversaries are a powerful thing.

Yesterday I served at the memorial service of a fellow servant of Christ. She was just a few years older than me and her children, both boys, are the same ages of my girls. Belinda and I don’t really have a family history together, though. We have a shared history of faith. Years ago, I suppose somewhere around 1990, I started teaching my first ungraded women’s Sunday School class. I’d been teaching for years by that time but was a constant source of irritation to my department head because women came to the class who weren’t the right age and some of them were even “single!” (To be fair, it really was supposed to be a class of young marrieds from 29-32.) I’d finally even been reported to my pastor, Brother John Bisagno, who called me into his office, laughed his head off and said, “I’m about to set you free.” And Dayspring Class was born. Any woman of any age could come.

I cut my Biblical teeth on that class. I really did. I’ve told my beloved Curtis many times that there’s nothing like being thrown out there to teach week after week after week. (He’s doing that very thing, by the way.) Blowing it over and over then having the courage and the humility to get back up there again. It gets a communicator out of the habit of delivering a few overly-perfected speeches with just the right punch lines but a dwindling anointing – and pitches them out there into the world of high risk and steady criticism. Separates the men from the boys, so to speak. It is HARD WORK. Make no mistake. Don’t ever wish for it. Do it only if you must because it is your God-given gift and not to use it would be disobedience. It’s too hard otherwise and too much flesh can get tangled up in it. “Be ye not many teachers, because you will be more harshly judged,” James warned us. But back to Belinda.

Early on in our class, this darling, petite blonde (bleached, like yours truly) entered our ranks with a personality that stole the hearts of every person in the class. Or, then again, it was her story that stole our hearts. She became quite a center of attention because she’d battled breast cancer several years before and it had come back with a vengeance. By the time I got to know Belinda, the doctors had told her that cancer had spread to her bones all the way from her skull to her knees. She was covered. Almost hopeless. Only that wild woman absolutely refused to give up. Her boys were still young and she intended to see them to manhood.

I have no idea why things work the way they do. I’ve seen mothers just as determined to raise their children yet die of cancer in only a few months. These things are only for the fathomless mind of God. We can’t figure them out for the life of us. But if I were to offer a little conjecture, with His permission and patience, I’d tell you that maybe He gave Belinda those extra years (somewhat like Hezekiah) so that she could teach a tight-knit group of women how to put their faith where their big mouths were. She sought the Lord for Scriptures then told us what to pray for her and how to pray and that, if we were going to doubt, not to bother. And all of this in the most winsome way. She had the cutest personality ever. Several in our class nicknamed her Bubbles. I never could bring myself to do it. Too cool, maybe. But I tell you what I did call her. I called her a warrior. As I told them yesterday, I have never known a more courageous woman in all my life.

Some years later, I was asked to move to a different Sunday school hour to teach and I left my beloved Dayspring Class to the plans God had for them. Most of those women stayed intact and still study and worship together today. Belinda came to my new class many times but it was so large that it did not lend itself to the closeness we’d all enjoyed before. By this time, we no longer had the same need to pray for Belinda anyway. She was thriving. God had indeed given her what she’d so vehemently asked. There were others who moved to the top of our prayer lists.

Then about six months ago, at a Tuesday night Bible study, I saw Belinda at the altar weeping during praise and worship. (Our worship time is also an open-altar time and it is very, very special.) I went to her with haste and she looked up at me with an expression I’ll never forget. “Beth, it’s back. And if the Lord doesn’t heal me, I’m going to die.”

I felt it in my gut. I knew this time He was going to take her Home. That somehow her job was done. Though her assignment was undoubtedly much broader than this, God had used her to teach a group of women (of all ages, praise His Name!) how to pray with wild faith. Our lives had been changed forever. We’d seen first hand a little of what God could do.

Yesterday morning I grabbed my Bible, my black purse, and a prayer journal from 1994 that I’d taped a precious blonde woman’s picture on and headed to my church. We celebrated Belinda Edgerton’s life in a chapel packed full of people from all dimensions of her life. She’d made a mark on everybody from her coworkers at Shell Oil to her neighbors right there on her cul-de-sac. As I reflected on her life and thought about what I wanted to share, God brought the woman out of Luke 8 to my mind who pressed through the crowd to get to Jesus. She reached through the push-and-shove of public spectacle with the purity and simplicity of desperation. She somehow latched on to the hem of His garment and, let this fall afresh, she was healed.

We don’t hear any more about that woman. Lord have mercy, she must have told her story a jillion times to anybody who would listen. But somewhere over there in Israel, her body has turned to ashes just like all her friends. It occurred to me that, while we are here on earth in these flesh-and-blood mortal bodies, all we can hope for is a hem of healing. Even if Belinda had been completely healed of her cancer, she would still have gotten sinus infections, stomach viruses, bad knees, and, one day, her sons still would have gone to her funeral. She just might have been a tad older. These bodies of ours are fashioned for a flash of time on this planet. God has healed all of us of many things but, in His great purposes, we can only grab the hem. Even a miracle of instant restoration from a terminal disease is still just a hem of healing.

One day we will trade the hem for the real Him. No more pressing through the crowd wondering if we’re going to be among the few that see that kind of miracle. We will see Him. Jesus Christ, the risen King. We won’t just touch the edge of His cloak. We will touch the God-man Himself in His spectacular immortal body but, significantly, one still bearing the scars of His visitation here. His wholeness is so utterly complete and infinitely perfect that we, upon the very sight of Him, will be made whole as well.

This, Beloved, is what we live for. Not for just another day here. But for that very day there.

Several months ago, Melissa had insisted upon going with me to have a dye test to follow up a suspicious mammogram. (No rumors please. I do not have breast cancer. Because my mother died with it, however, I never get the luxury of drama-less annual check-ups.) We were sitting in the waiting room and a rack was within arms reach offering all manner of brochure on various cancers. Melissa took one out after another and glanced over them, shaking her head. She looked up at me with that classic expression of hers and said, “Life is brutal, man.”

I nodded.

We both sat silently for just a moment.

Then she said one of the most profound things I’ve ever heard.

“He knows it’s scary to be us.”

Yes, He does. Yes, He does. He does NOT take the fact lightly that we go through medical tests to see if we have a raging cancer. He does NOT take lightly that some of you are secretly fearing that the monster has come back. He does NOT take lightly that some of you are going through the cancer treatments of your own children. I had to pause and put my hand over my mouth on that one. Holding back the tears.

Son of David, have mercy on us! You know it’s scary to be us! It’s almost too much here, Lord. It’s almost too much.

And the thunder crashes in the heavens and the earth grows dark in the middle of the afternoon and a man, beaten to a bloody pulp, cries from a cross between two thieves, “It is finished!”

And death is overcome.

One day, Sweet Darling. ONE DAY. We will trade that hem for the real Him and there will be no more sickness. No more death. No more sadness. We will all be healed.




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  1. 101
    Anonymous says:

    Just read your blog and was much encouraged. I’m still on my “ovarian cancer journey” after surgery in August 06, 6 mos of chemo and now a 1 1/2 yr of a clinical trial. I have touched the hem of His garment and know someday I’ll see the real HIM!!! I know the Lord is with me during this journey. So many open doors!!! I can’t say I’d trade this season of my life for anything. I’ve grown more and more in him and in fellowship with so many others, family members and other cancer patients. What a trip!! So, until He says “come home” and or comes back to take us all home I continue on this trek!! And, NOT alone, He is with well as so many of my praying angels. My daughter and I will be in Portland next week at your seminar.(She’s been one of my biggest cheerleaders!) We thoroughly enjoyed being a part of your Vancouver, BC one. It was a great get away for us both and encouragement to hear you in person. I fully appreciated your humblity. I came back ready to face my cancer head on and she to face some of her challenges. One being a precious son with muscular dystrophy!! He too has reached out to touch the hem of His garment!! Thanks again, for being so real. See ya in Portland!!!

    Mary H.

  2. 102
    Kendra says:

    First of all I’m cranked that you are still in bed at 7:30…if I ever get to… I feel guilty…way to go…second of all, as a 15 year stage 3 cancer survivor, I can attest to the ongoing, ever present scariness (is that a word?)of dealing with it…thanks for the cleansing tears, the reminder of His empathy, the assurance of His faithfulness and goodness, and some reality of our mortality. May we all make every day, count. (As soon as we get out of bed…)

  3. 103
    Nesha says:

    Lots of tears! Humble silence here.

    I remember Belinda’s story from Believing God. No more pain, no more troubles- all in the hope of heaven! The day will be glorious to be in His presence!

  4. 104
    Shellie Tomlinson says:

    With tears in my eyes and prayers in my heart for a sweet cousin who is reaching so valiantly for the hem of His garment to be able to stay and care for her family, I thank you for this. I will never forget your words. He does know how much is hurts to be us, how scary it is. He is risen and we will, too. Thank you, Beth.


  5. 105
    Matthew E says:

    Thank you for everything Beth.

  6. 106
    Alice says:

    I don’t comment here very much, but I must today. I just came back from visiting my dear mom who has metastasized breast cancer. She had breast cancer ten years ago, and God let her live this decade to see my daughters–her grandchildren–born and her son get married. But now the cancer is back and has spread everywhere–soon it will be time for her to go Home. She doesn’t have the strength to go to church with us tomorrow on Easter, and I know that is hurting her. So I dressed my little girls up in their Easter dresses and brought them to see her today. My heart is heavy. I think of Jesus, standing at the tomb of Lazarus, bursting into tears at the outrage of it all. And I think of Him offering up Himself as the antidote to death. He is the Resurrection. He is the Life. Because He died and rose again, my mom is going to be with Him in Paradise shortly. And someday we’ll all be reunited again. I can’t wait for that day. He is risen! He is risen indeed!

  7. 107
    Lauren says:


  8. 108
    Shawna says:

    Yesterday, Good Friday – I sat with my 93 year old Grandmother as she drew her last breath and went to see her Savior face to face. A blessed moment — and as I sat there crying both tears of grief and gratitude. I pondered the thousands and thousands of prayers that lady prayed for me, and the rest of her family. Boy did she love Jesus…more than anything. And when I called my brother to tell him that Grandma had passed away, I told him, “Grandma, is spending Easter in heaven this year.” To which my brother responded, “Shawna, EVERY day is Easter in heaven.” Amen and Amen. See you soon Grandma

  9. 109
    Valarie says:

    After I’ve traded the hem for the HIM I’m gonna find Belinda and thank her for touching your life…as she has in turn, touched mine thru you! Good stuff, Siesta Momma!


    Much love,

  10. 110
    Anonymous says:

    Beth, you were on my heart yesterday. I pray for your energy and enthusiasm to “Hold Fast”- I’ve observed your ministry the past 20+ years and thank you for being an example and using those magnificent God given gifts on our behalf- You demonstrate what God’s healing “looks like” and what happens when a person is set free and God transforms our pain into our passion- Lots of love and resurrection power from our savior and Lord- Your carry him to us in a most precious and impressive way- Your sister in Christ

  11. 111
    Inez says:

    Thanks for the wonderful post. I too am a breast cancer survivor who has been given more time. I pray that I will use my time wisely. My friend who went through cancer treatment a year after I did says she would not change her life even if she could and I know exactly what she means. When you are forced to look death in the eyes what you see is eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ. In a strange way I am jealous for your friend, she is in heaven! AWESOME

  12. 112
    Anonymous says:

    I am one who struggles deeply with believing….. not doctrine but relationship and God’s interaction. Reading of such a fierce faith and such a real hope that is ours has moved me to tears and given me much to think about. What a gift to take with me as I go to celebrate my Redeemer tomorrow morning!! wow

  13. 113
    Missy @ It's Almost Naptime says:

    I really need to hear this today. I am having a week of bad news after bad news after bad news. Seems everyone I know is suffering. Thank you for these words of hope.

  14. 114
    Sharon says:

    Oh, Beth–I was so moved by the tribute to your friend. She sounds like a great lady of faith and I look forward to meeting her in Heaven. How I long for the day that there is no more separation, sickness, death, cancer–where the Lamb of God is worshipped in the fullness of His glory, power, honor and might. Thank you for everything that you do for us. Remember that there had to be a Good Friday before there was a Resurrection Sunday. It is my hope and prayer that your and your precious family will have a Blessed Resurrection Day.

    Sharon Crouch
    Two-time cancer survivor(Glory to God)
    Pontotoc, MS

  15. 115
    Hearingw/myheart says:

    Two words: Amazing Grace!!

    I love you all, Beloved Sisters!


  16. 116
    Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife says:

    I’m overcome.

    And that’s just all I can say.

  17. 117
    Gwenn M. says:

    Wow, Beth. Wow. You will probably not read this comment because I’m something like 326, but that is one of the best posts I’ve ever read here.

    You’re right. It’s scary to be here. But He knows it. He knows it. And he has come over “here” and overcome here. Bless His holy name.



  18. 118
    Haley says:

    My Mom lost her battle with breast cancer 4 years ago in June. Now that I’m a Mom, I’ve thought about how hard it must have been for her to have gone through that while having 4 kids to take care of. One thing I had never thought about what how “he knows it’s scary to be us.” Wow. What a wonderful Savior we serve! Not only does he know it’s scary, but he knows how hard it can be to be us, too. I’m so glad that this life is not the end!

  19. 119
    Kimberly says:

    Hey Beth,

    The thing that touched me most is what Melissa said. He knows it’s hard to be us. I tend to forget that and instead think of Him as the God who is holy and expects much from us…and forget the grace and mercy that He offers. I am so glad that He knows, from personal experience, that it is hard to be us. And that He offers us grace.

    Love you and Amanda and Melissa,


  20. 120
    Anonymous says:

    Just sat with a dear sister last week who was diagnosed with cancer. We two looked around the waiting and room and thought of the many who don’t have hope. Silent prayers were lifted on their behalfs. My dear friend from Iraq found out the cancer is small and localized. Praise God for the extension of time for my dear friend and sister. kathy

  21. 121
    Pastor Sharon says:

    Fanny Crosby, a Hymn writer, and blind as well, wrote, “I shall know Him by the prints of the nails in his hands.” And I recalled that beautiful song as I read your blog tonight. What an amazing moment when we are actually in the presence of our Holy God. What a day that will be! And until that day comes, we have the hope of our blessed redeemer, the comforter, who has taken away the sins of the world for those who choose to believe. Thank you for your awesome post and the ministry that you bring to all of us. God bless you!

  22. 122
    Anonymous says:

    On this Easter Sunday, I take comfort in the assurance of God’s Word. In this life as humans,we have insurance to “protect” us during a loss (life, health, home, car, etc..)

    As humans we always fall short and we require a lot of work not only taking care of ourselves, but taking care of those around us.

    Thank you for Your assurance in Your Living Word! Thank You God that You want Your children to Love You with All our Hearts and Minds and to follow Your Commandments.

    Thank You for sending Your Son, Jesus Christ to be the World’s Sin. Thank You God for such “simple” solutions from the beginning of time in a world now in 2009 that has become so “complex!

  23. 123
    Tammy M. says:

    Thank you.

  24. 124
    Ellen says:

    This is one of the most meaningful and profound things I have ever read. Your word pictures stay with me forever. I’ll never forget your description of joy as “the smile we give back to God”, as a baby recognizes and smiles at those he loves. I am sure that these examples will find their way into lessons as I teach. Thank you, thank you.

  25. 125
    Anonymous says:

    Father God,

    In 2009, technology created by the human mind has allowed us to predict weather, predict the anticipation of human life & prepare for death. The human mind has created technology that has help create life and end life.

    Father God, thank you in the assurance in Your Word on this Easter Sunday, that noone can predict the return of Your son Jesus Christ in a world where the human mind is constantly working on new ways to predict and foretell the future.


  26. 126
    the sandbox says:

    absolute BLISS!
    love this day best!

    it is pouring buckets-wind gusts- down right nasty weather- at the beach this Easter morn.

  27. 127
    Kim Safina says:

    The Journey Continues ~

    Dave and I watched the sun come over the hill onto the ocean and it was spectacular.

    Christ the Lord has Risen Today ..

    Happy Easter to you and yours~

    Off to Church we go!!

    With “Heaven Bound” blessings,
    Kim Safina

  28. 128
    Dionna says:

    Tears in my eyes. Tears in my heart. It IS scary to be us. It’s scary to be me. But I grab onto whatever bits of faith I can find and I breathe. Some day I find gobs of faith to hold onto – other days I seem to only access mere inches. But I look for that hem. Each day.

  29. 129
    Debbie in CA says:

    Bliss, Bliss to be sure.

    My mom just told me yesterday that her bestfriend since highschool had a clear MRI after being diagnosed with stage four brain cancer in October! Her friend and her friends husband have not attended church since they got married decades ago, but they are going to go now!! They know it was the prayers that healed her! Praise you Jesus!

  30. 130
    Anonymous says:

    He is risen! I love this post – and Melissa’s words too! I’ll never forget them.
    About the same time you were at Belinda’s service, my husband (also a “Keith”) attended the service of a “new” beloved friend who just passed away from a motorcycle accident. Whether an old friend or a new friend, when you have the Christ connection and the assurance of seeing them again, you can’t help but smile on the inside.
    God be with these families as they miss their loved ones.
    Richelle – TN

  31. 131
    maggie says:

    What profound and insightful words. They really hit home after this morning for me. I was helping in preschool at church and had never met my co-helper before. Turns out this sweet young thing hasn’t eaten a bit of food in 5 years because she receives all nutrition from a tube. Born with serious defects in her internal organs, she had surgery every 6 months, then every year since birth to “re-fit” the “fix” to her insides as she grew. At age 18 she was to have one last fit with special devices, only a major nerve was cut during surgery, paralyzing every internal organ. Back from death yet again, she’s now undergoing chemo for cancer. For the few minutes I was serving (re-inforcements showed up and I was able to come home early), I was able to behold a walking miracle of Christ’s constant healing. Why her short time thus far has been a battle for life…I’m not entirely sure, but her existence points to God’s sustaining power moment by moment, and she is living proof of what we teach our little ones every Sunday — that God is in charge of everything.

  32. 132
    Kathleen Cantwell says:

    Dear Beth,

    My birthday landed on Good Friday this year. My greatest gift was a song the Lord allowed me to stumble on that expressed the longing in my heart that I could not find words for. It meets the scary place Melissa spoke of, life as we know it, with kingdom eyes. If you have time to find it on Itunes and listen, you will be blessed. We lost a sister from bible study to cancer this week too. May God hold you tight in His grip. Much love to you, precious sister in Christ.

    Shawn McDonald-“Without You” from Live in Seattle


  33. 133
    Abba's Girl says:

    From reading various friends’ blogs, I can tell this woman had an amazing ministry on earth.

    May the God of all comfort pour out His peace on her family and friends as they grieve their loss. I pray they hold tight to their resurrection promises. In Jesus’ Name I pray.

  34. 134
    Tanya says:

    Thank you. Tears are running down my face.

    He knows … HE knows … He KNOWS …

  35. 135
    shana says:

    Thank you!!

  36. 136
    twinkle says:


    She made it “home” in time for Easter in heaven.

    Bliss, indeed.

  37. 137
    Kerin says:

    Having just lost a friend from brain cancer last week, this blog really hits home! Dave fought the good fight for over a year and a half. Heaven seems to have received two very special people this week.

  38. 138
    Redeemed says:

    As I left my precious Grandmother alone in her nursing room home yesterday, I had one of those ” kodak” moments…you know, the kind where you look back over your shoulder and think “Don’t forget this.”

    I have pondered these same thoughts ever since. I know her time is almost over. She has hardly any memory left, except the ones rattling around randomly in her mind. And God KNOWS.

    Then, to find you speaking this on the blog today….I so needed to hear it. So needed to be reminded that we are ALL in this thing together, there is no one who is immune to the fear of a diagnosis, no one who is immune to the loss of loved ones. Yes, my heart has been heavy all weekend. But praise GOD, SUNDAY CAME.

    He is risen. What inexpressible hope that gives…..

    Thank you for your tender heart.

  39. 139
    Glenda says:

    Such an awesome reminder of the seasons of life, and when we pray for healing, sometimes it doesn’t happen on this side of glory. Try as I may to understand the seasons of life so carefully layed out in scripture, it’s a struggle ‘not for us to know times or seasons which the Father has put in his own authority’.

    I’m really not a blogger, so not sure why I wondered in here today, but perhaps drawn into a place to reflect on my mother’s unexpected passing two Easter’s ago.

    Two Easter’s ago I lost my mother to cancer. A cancer no one knew was growing in her precious little body. A cancer had literally spread unknowingly throughout her entire body. 10 short days after being diagnosed, on Easter morning, the season of her life ended.

    It was such a whirlwind few days yet I remember every detail. Especially when her pastor showed up at her bedside Saturday evening. He had gone to bed early that evening in preparation for an exciting Easter Sunday the next morning. But he woke up and felt compelled to return to the hospital to read his Easter sermon to my mother. As we gathered around the hospital bed, we listened to his powerful words of the resurrection that gives us hope for our next season in life.

    It was a privilege to watch a shepherd tending to one of his little lambs. He left us, and a few short hours later, on Easter morning, she was present with the Lord. We saw Isaiah 40:11 transpire before our very eyes as the Almighty ‘gathered his little lamb and carried her home in His arms.’

    Our family was stunned. Just weeks before she could work circles around any one of us. My husband (a pastor) and I were in the middle of one of the most exciting and changing times of our lives (so we thought). Within the next 4 weeks, our oldest son would be graduating from college, would be commissioned an officer in the army and head off to flight school. But first my husband would perform the marriage between him and his precious fiance who was graduating from nursing school. And in the middle of it, our youngest son was graduating from high school and signing to play soccer at a D1 school.

    Our world stood still that Easter two years ago. This unexpected season had taken us to our knees in a matter of days. Just days earlier, my mom was in the thick of helping me prepare food for the open houses, showers and dinners we would host in the next several weeks. The remnants of a partially made wedding quilt lie folded in her sewing room along with incomplete scrapbooks with photos of the bride and groom to be.

    And of course my dad was simply lost. Married 51 years, high school sweethearts, she was the love of his life. My two sisters and I had entered the season of our relationship with our mom that all girls work to attain – that of friendship (and yes, we always wore hats on Easter as little girls, and matching dresses my mother made us!)

    We were four women who relied on each other, had a history together that allowed us to tolerate our idiosyncrasies, shared the love of gardening, cooking, knitting, quilting…all the things our mom had taught us to love and do.

    Our finite minds could not grasp what this new season of life without our mom was supposed to look like. There wasn’t such a season in our minds.

    Two years later, the sting of her death is still so fresh. Perhaps just a taste of what the disciples felt the day our Lord was crucified. We just finished 4 services at our church today…exhausting but refreshing to my soul. As my fingers played the songs over and over for each service, the words of hope, healing…worthy is the lamb…the grave is overcome…we will all rise when He calls our name…no more sorrow, no more pain, and we will rise on eagles wings, and before our God we’ll fall on our knees…praise HIM!

    And so each season these last two years have brought forth a new understanding. The peace of now, knowing he will sustain me every day… the joy of next, knowing that joy will come in the morning no matter what… and the grace of different, living with the knowledge that some day we will all be changed.

    I know my mom must have had a front row seat this Easter in glory, singing His praises. Some day I’ll join her…sometimes I just can’t wait.

  40. 140
    Summer says:

    This makes my tears stream! I love my wonderful husband and my two beautiful children who look just like him! I love my family, my friends and my church, but I look so forward to the bliss of being with Jesus! Bliss indeed! Thank you for letting God use you over and over! You have made such an impact on my life! I love you and yours~

  41. 141
    Anonymous says:

    Dear Miss Beth, with the thousands of comments you read every month (week?) I’m sure you’ve heard “thank you” as many times, but from the depths of my heart, I thank you for sharing some of the most powerful thoughts I’ve heard or read on this or any other Resurrection Sunday. Wow…
    Phoenix, AZ

  42. 142
    Anonymous says:

    Amanda, I am looking for pictures of your precious family on Annabeth’s first Easter! I hope you all took some pictures….I bet your family was the cutest thing this morning!

  43. 143
    Anonymous says:

    What a special and timely post. . . I found out just before reading this that a dear sister in Christ was diagnosed with very invasive cancer. . . meanwhile, I am waiting on test results of my own. Please pray! I have thought often this week that I am scared, and Melissa’s words really gripped me. He knows I’m scared. He knows! Thank you, Jesus, for loving us and staying with us through it all. Thank you that this isn’t all there is. Help us to be faithful. . . and even joyful. Oh, we need you so.

  44. 144
    Angie B. in SD says:

    Thank you for those wonderful words. Sometimes we just need to hear that He knows what it is like to be us and face all of lifes struggles. I cannot wait to get more than a hem. Beth, you make so much come into perspective for me so many times. Praise the Lord.
    Happy Easter. He is Risen. He is Risen indeed!!

  45. 145
    Janell & Kenny says:

    On days like today when I feel like I have no one to understand my fears and concerns, I go to your blog and I am refreshed. Thank you my sister in Christ

  46. 146
    Susie T says:

    Oh…what a word. I’m 55 and in good health, but lately, I’ve been thinking more and more about stepping out of this “earth suit” and into eternity. He has placed that in our hearts and nothing here will ever satisfy.

  47. 147
    Carrie says:

    Thank you for this post. Beautifully written. I especially appreciate the sentiment, as I lost a dear friend to cancer a year and a half ago to cancer. She was such an example of faith. My thoughts always turn to Julie during this time of resurrection and new life. Although I still have lots of questions regarding why she wasn’t healed here on earth (she had three kids — ages 7, 4, and 1), I am thankful that she got to go home to her savior.

  48. 148
    Georgia Lamothe says:

    Dear Beth,
    It is Resurrection Sunday and I am still remembering Belinda’s memorial service, you blessed her family in ways you may never know with your words. I am Belinda’s sister-in-law and also a breast cancer survivor.

    You know how we wait, in the first wave of grief and pain , after that middle of the night phone call is received? We are waiting to hear the voice of our Beloved speak that Word to our hearts, the Word that lets us know He is aware of all we are experiencing. He spoke to me this morning in David’s Psalm 20 verse 3 -6. (Amplified) “For You send blessings of good things to meet her (Belinda); You set a crown of pure gold on her head. 4) She asked life of You, and You gave it to her – long life forever and evermore. 5) Her glory is great because of Your aid; splendor and majesty You bestow upon her. 6) For You make her to be blessed and a blessing forever; You make her exceedingly glad with the joy of Your presence.”

    I hope you get to see this, I wanted to share this Word with you and thank you for sharing Belinda’s story. You are a blessing!
    I also thank everyone for all the prayers going up for her family, what a wonder to belong to the Family of God!!

    Georgia Lamothe

  49. 149
    Tanya Manus says:

    This touched me so much because both my parents mercifully have been healed of cancer; and when my mother was first diagnosed, God gave her a vision of that woman who reached out to touch His hem, and told my mother that she would be healed. And praise God, she is!

    We had, about 2-1/2 years before her diagnosis, lost my very precious younger brother suddenly at the age of 27. We had, the day my mother was diagnosed, lost my grandmother to cancer. I don’t understand the way things happen, but I very much needed that reminder to have wild faith anyway and to know that He knows it’s scary to be us. Thank you and blessings on you and your staff and sweet family, Beth!!!

  50. 150
    Tina says:

    God be praised. He overcame!
    And one day, all mourning will turn into dancing.

    Blessed Resurrection ~ Blessed HOPE!

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