Melissa Made It!

Hey, my dearest, most darling Siestas!

I’m writing you once again from the shot gun seat of my man’s blue Ford truck via the wonders of my nifty internet card. Keith and I are high-tailing it down I-10 to the cactus ranch with Star and Geli in the back seat so that I can write like a maniac for four days. I am working on a project that I am very close to telling you about. You won’t waste a prayer on me but, far more importantly, you won’t waste a prayer on Melissa!

I finally heard from her a couple of hours ago and, after departing Atlanta Friday afternoon, she’d just made it to her hotel in Calcutta!

Oops. Keith just pulled us into a random convenience store in a town of 200 outside San Antonio because I’ve been whining about wanting a treat. We tried to stop at the infamous Buccee’s right there on the feeder in Luling (yes, the mascot is a huge, buck-toothed beaver) but, as usual, there were ten jillion people there. I was so ticked. What on earth can I hope for here? I’ll find out. Be back in a sec.

The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away and giveth again! You’ll never believe that God secured ten – count them – TEN Moon Pies for my man right there on the shelf in that very store. I have never heard Keith say “the favor of the Lord” more times in my entire life. Needless to say, he’s already called Amanda and left a message.

As for me, I was hoping to find one of those rare popcorn balls (not the normal caramel kind but the ones made with karo syrup) that you can happen on occasionally at off-the-wall gas stations where a good God-fearing woman makes them, wraps them in saran, and puts them on the shelf to make an extra few bucks. I’d pay her five. No luck. Apparently Keith is the one with the favor today. I got peanut brittle. I’ll probably break a tooth and have to have a root canal and, where our ranch land is located, they’ll probably use a roto-rooter.

Anyway, stay with me here. I’m trying to talk about Melissa. She’s safe and sound and totally exhausted but thankful to be part of this incredibly important venture with Compassion. She’ll have so much to tell us soon. Until then, keep praying for her and her wonderful team. For those of you who follow Angie Smith’s wonderful blog, I’m sure you know she’s part of this team, too. Shaun has really taken a stellar group with him to India to cast some much needed light on poverty-stricken children living in conditions we can’t imagine. I’m chomping at the bit to adopt me some but I’m going to wait for Melissa to tell us a little bit about them. As you picture this team of Americans over there, picture them dealing with 120 degree heat! Even a young woman from Houston, Texas isn’t used to that! They are undoubtedly in for an adventure and we’ll get to tag along through Melissa’s posts.

OK, well, I can’t type and eat my peanut brittle and I’m feeling cranky for sugar so I’ll sign off now. You know I love you like crazy.

Oh, my word. Keith just realized his Moon Pies are double-decker. He nearly drove this rig off the road. He’s beside himself. Is there no end to what God will do for a man whose wife and daughter stole his pies?



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  1. 151
    April and Doug says:

    Beth you are too funny. I can only imagine Keith’s excitement over not only finding moon pies.. but double decker as well? Awesome.

    And I am waiting anxiously to read Melissa’s journey!

  2. 152
    Nichole's Mom says:

    Stole his pies!!! It’s even funnier when you say it out loud!

    Prayers and love to you all.


  3. 153
    Bullock Family says:

    A laugh from Mom! Beth, I hope you know you are Mom to a lot of us! (I am the same age as Amanda) I use to smoke when I was stressed, now I get on and read blogs! It is a much better option and I get so excited when “Mom” has signed on to crack us up! I am praying for you and your writing this week! That Holy Spirit does wonders for the faithful!!!!!!
    Clarksville, Tennessee

  4. 154
    Kara says:

    Beth, I love how you make us feel like we’re right along with you. Now that you mention them, I wouldn’t mind one moon pie, let alone ten! Thanks for the note. I’ll be praying for your writing time. God Bless.

  5. 155
    sjm4him says:

    I’m laughing so hard at this post re: Double-Decker Moon Pies. I think I had just the measely single-deckers once and can’t remember they were that wonderful, but to each his own!!! 🙂 Thanks for bringing a smile, and praise the Lord that Melissa and her team arrived safely!

  6. 156
    Ann says:

    You crack me up!! Seriously, I love your sense of humor and your love of God!! Thanks for keepin’ it real for the rest of us!!

  7. 157
    RS says:

    I love your road trips, they make me want to take one myself….and being a author, I could really use a few days away from everything and 99% of the people and do some serious writing. Wow Baby! sounds soooo good!
    Thanks for letting us know about your yougin getting to her destination safe and sound. I’ve been wondering,and wondering, praying and praying.
    Oh by the by….I’m happy for your man getting his moon pies, and double deckers at that. Nothing like a happy man now is it.


  8. 158
    Anonymous says:

    Always remember and never forget.
    We love you like crazy too.


  9. 159
    Anonymous says:

    Beth, I just have to say what a blessing this blog is to me! I have done at least six of your studies and am currently on the Psalms of Ascent (just finished Esther; probably my favorite!!). I haved LOVED getting to 'know' your daughters here!! They are just as precious as you are!! I was moved to tears reading Melissa's post from India…..I sponser two girls through Compassion (Brazil & Uganda) and to hear what sponsership means to these children!!!! Then I read your post and had tears of another kind!!!! Girl, you kill me….I could just die laughing!!!
    Next week you will be in my neighborhood for the National Day of Prayer……I am so looking forward to it!! I'm excited to introduce my girls (ages 7 & 16) to 'my friend', Beth!!

    'Scripture memorizing Siesta', Judi
    from Lancaster, PAr

  10. 160
    Joni says:

    Praying for you all! Thank God for His favor! LOL!

  11. 161
    Kristen says:


    Thank you so much for your willingness to share with us what you are experiencing in India. I can’t wait to hear more. You are in my prayers.

  12. 162
    Jkhb says:

    Beth, I think we have the same taste in snacks! I love those karo popcorn balls, and peanut brittle to boot! I’m so glad Melissa arrived safely, and look forward to hearing about what God taught her on her trip and the blessings she has on it. Of course praying for you and your family

  13. 163
    Glendadeedle says:

    You are so hilarious! Bless you for making us laugh!

    Harrison, AR

  14. 164
    Jina says:


    Loving your moon pie story. If I find a place that carries them here in Oregon, I’ll be sure to send a stash for you to surprise him with. 🙂 Praying for Melissa. Any word on her headaches?

    Have fun writing and enjoying your husband and your ranch!


  15. 165
    Anonymous says:

    I was at Cracker Barrel over the weekend and they have boxes of moon pies there – fyi. Praying for Melissa and all of you. So thankful for the blog!!!


  16. 166
    Georgia Jan says:

    Oh Beth – I have so much on my heart right now – I know my ADHD will most likely kick in!

    I am praying for your Lis, and I KNOW you couldn’t be prouder of her – she is an amazing young woman! And doesn’t she look precious in those pictures with the Indian children???

    You know about Karo syrup popcorn balls? I couldn’t love you more!

    Can’t wait to hear about the new project – may God bless you and give you favor and establish the work of your hands (Ps. 90:17).

    Double-decker Moon Pies? A double portion of the inheritance for sure. I’ll look for some the next time I’m at Sams – moon pies are as prevalent as kudzu in Georgia!!!

    Wish you were here to share my cornbread and collards and black-eyed peas from supper!

    I got to babysit my grandboy Zeke last night and put him down for the night. We had a blast! I rouse him up so much and love every minute of it!

    You are one “witty way with words” woman!!!

    Much Love,

  17. 167
    Anonymous says:

    Beth, you are absolutely the biggest hoot ever! I am one exhausted school teacher, and this is my moment of relaxing before grading a few more papers tonight! I’m so glad Melissa is safe, and will continue to pray for her and the team. I’ll also pray for safe travel with that moon pie eatin’ man of yours! hee hee hee….

  18. 168
    Donna says:

    Hey Beth, I see from your post that you are in my area…love it!!
    I pray that one day I have the priviledge of meeting you. Forget those in the spotlight…you, my dear, are my ‘hero’…NO, you are not on a pedestal (sorry)..but you have guided me through God’s Word for years and for that I praise God and thank you for being faithful to your calling. Because of Melissa’s trip and blogs, I have sponsored a young girl from Compassion. I had never heard of the organization before Melissa’s trip. I am excited about my association with this young person. She and I have the same birthday and share some other things in common…is God good, or what? Take care and enjoy your “cactus ranch.” Our paths may cross one of these days. I anxiously await to hear what you are writing about…Love you Siesta Beth

  19. 169
    lovin Him says:

    Beth I just love how you can make me laugh at the end of an exhausting day! I’m so happy for the privilege to pray for Melissa and also for you to be focused and energized as you write like crazy – can’t wait to hear what you’re writing!
    We finished Esther right before Easter(I’ll have to send pics of the awesome Purim banquet we ended with!) and just started Get Out of that Pit for a Spring study. Still praying about facilitating a summer study:-)
    Love you like crazy too!
    Ada from Michigan

  20. 170
    Shellie Paparazzo says:

    Oh, you two have way too much fun when you travel! Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know, my family, especially my son, Jeremiah (10 years old) could use some prayer. He got stung on Friday at school and had a severe allergic reaction and I had to rush him to the emergency room. His dad did it again on Monday, after giving him a shot with an epi pen, for those of you who are familiar with those. In between times he’s started having trouble breathing. He started having trouble on his way home from school this afternoon. To make a long story short after 3 visits to the emergency room and a visit to the doctor in the last 5 days, and we’re not done yet, Jeremiah’s sick of doctors and especially sick of NEEDLES! He says he never wants to see the inside of a hospital again. I wish I could promise him he won’t have to. Anyway, they took some blood today at the doctor’s for testing. Please pray that they find out exactly what all he’s reacting to and any other problems that are happen. And, as you can imagine we’re all a little jumpy and stressed and tired. And, I’ll admit it, Josh and I are a little worried about how much all of this is going to end up costing us. We were pretty broke to start out with. My husband just says, God will provide for it all somehow. Sometimes, I swear, he has more faith than I do, in some areas. But, especially, pray for Jeremiah, that the bees will stay away from him and he won’t have any other problems with his breathing, at least until we get the test results back, for sure.

  21. 171
    Joni says:

    I had to let you know what my husband said to me tonight. He’s legally blind and so I do all the driving. I’ve been sick with sinus for 10 days and haven’t been able to go to the store. He pulled me aside as I was passing through the kitchen earlier this evening and said very seriously, “When you go to the store tomorrow, stock up on chips. We’ve been out for days. Buy double of Baked Lays and Cheetos so this won’t happen again.” I thought of you and Keith and the moon pies and I just stared and pressed my lips together. Then when I was sure I wouldn’t smile, I said “Okay. Stock up on chips. Got it.” He nodded and walked away. Are husbands cute, or what?

  22. 172
    Anonymous says:

    So….has he ever heated his moon pie in the microwave??? It’s hard to improve on perfection, but I think it makes ’em even better!

    We had a store in our area once that had a “Once in a Blue Moon Sale” and gave away—can you guess?–BLUE moon pies! Yes, we went…

    You are so funny and *real*. Love it!

    Karen in AR

  23. 173
    katiegfromtennessee says:

    Melissa made it, and it looks like I’ll have good stuff to read! Your adventures in Texasland are cracking me up again Spiritual Mom Beth! I thought of Keith yest. I was at the groc store and saw peanut butter moonpies. I had to buy some for my man! If they wouldn’t melt in the mail, I’d send ya some:) You know all of us here love you like crazy too, Spiritual Mom Beth! Will pray for you too. Writing blessings to you!:)


  24. 174
    Anonymous says:

    Blessed is the man that endureth temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him.

    James 1:12 (kjv)

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