Insights from the Interstate

OK, Siestas, Keith and I are on Interstate 10 in his blue Ford Super Duty (that always sounds like a diaper blow-out to me. I guess you can tell I’m shoulder-deep into grandkids these days) heading east on Interstate 10 back to Houston. Star and Geli are sacked out in the back seat, worn to a frazzle. We’ve been at our cactus ranch-land for four days while Keith “did miscellaneous heavy ranch stuff” (his words, not mine. I asked him how I should describe what he’d been doing) and I worked hard and blissfully from our porch on a writing project. Normally I would have waited till I got home to blog but, seriously, some pieces of information are simply too important to wait. Thank goodness for my trusty internet card t-boning my tiny little HP.

I have just had the onion rings of my life. OF MY LIFE. Actually, they came with Keith’s order (a side of beef, ground and shaped into something resembling a Goliath-burger). I wouldn’t have dared order onion rings for myself but what you eat off somebody else’s plate is cancelled out calorically by the exertion you use to reach across the table. No brainer.

Actually I didn’t want to stop and eat. I was anxious to get on home to AJ and the babies and just wanted to get something to-go and eat it in the truck. Keith said, “Lizabeth, there’s some kind of award-winning little cafe in Junction that I been dying to try ever since we got some land this direction. Whataya say we get a bite there?” I pouted half a second then felt my stomach growl. “Are you sure you’re not talking about a barbeque joint? Junction can do some barbeque. For the life of me, Honey, I’m trying to picture an award-winning cafe there.” He swore (not the bad-language kind) and declared. Even knew what side of the road it was on.

Lo and behold. We pulled up in a diagonal parking space outside a restaurant called “Isaacks” (hear that really loud. It was a Texas-size sign. One of our Siestas, Holly, just reminded me of the best part of the signage: underneath the name in bold letters is “Air-conditioned.” A make-or-breaker in Texas.) Clearly the restaurant has been there since Abraham courted Sarai and probably wooed her right there at the soda bar. That was before the Law when Abraham didn’t have to worry about kosher. Because I don’t think it’s kosher. I don’t know for sure. You can bet your last dollar it still has its original charm though. I didn’t see a single sign of a remodel in at least 50 years. Why fix somethin’ that ain’t broke? That’s what my Papaw used to ask.

Sho –nuff. (Also my Papaw) Right there at the check-out counter hanging just above the jumbo jar of super bubble was the plaque: “Texas Monthly: The 40 Best Small-town Cafes 2008.” I was beside myself. I do love me some culture about better than anybody you know. I knew we were in for a treat.

“Help yourself,” chirped Miss Helen, waving us to any spot we liked. She’s been waiting tables there since 1967. Yes, of course, I asked. Are you kidding me? You know how much I love all manner of women. And I’ve just got to say, the woman could still wear a mean pair of blue jeans. I told her so. Even tucked in her shirt. She was sassy. It was one of those kinds of restaurants with a lot of taxidermy on the wall. I wouldn’t have been a big surprised if Miss Helen shot ‘em and stuffed ‘em herself.

She handed us a couple of large, tri-fold menus with the heavy clear plastic covers so the proprietor can change out the menu when he has a special. Only I don’t think they’ve done much changing-out in a while. But let me be clear: some things don’t need changing.

Like Isaacks.

I got the Mexican dinner. Miss Helen said they made their chili gravy from scratch. That did it. I slapped the thing shut and handed it back like a woman who knew what she wanted. Keith first had a mind to get chicken fried chicken since Miss Helen told us it was one of the local favorites. I couldn’t have been happier. Knew I’d get to share. Then at the very last split-second, he threw a curve ball. “The hamburger and the onion rings.” Miss Helen jotted it down, nodded, and scurried into the kitchen for a refill of tea.

I was baffled. “You got a hamburger?”


“Instead of their famous chicken fried chicken?”


“Are you out of your mind? Or watching your figure?”

“They batter their own onion rings here. Homemade it says.”

And I am telling you as I live and breathe that, fifteen minutes later when Miss Helen emerged from the kitchen, it was like a beam of light from Heaven shone all around that 9-inch-high plate of golden battered, deep-fried onion rings. It was a sight to behold. I nearly put my hand over my heart. I think my eyes watered. Never, I said N-E-V-E-R, IN ALL MY LIFE have I ever tasted an onion ring that good.

The onion rings of my life.

I’ll be dadgum.

Surely you don’t think that could wait till I get home.

Come on and tell me the best kept little café-secret in your neck of the woods. Keith and I are road warriors, remember? We go WAY out of our way for a darn good meal.


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  1. 51
    Melissa says:

    Beth, that was the funniest little write up and I think you should send it to the Texas Monthly. Right now, what I want to do is find Junction and get me some onion rings. I usually prefer french fries but right now I am wanting to some onion rings. The sad thing is I can’t go to Junction.

  2. 52
    Anonymous says:

    Curly’s Pub inside Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI. They have the BEST parmesan sweet potato fries served in a bucket.
    My bible study group looks forward to seeing you in August!!!
    Green Bay, WI

  3. 53
    Anonymous says:

    Okay, well, we’re military and there has been a “hole in the wall” at every base, but I think that the best is a place called Proffitt’s Porch in Columbus, MS. It is literally in the middle of a smallish swamp, but has the BEST seafood sandwiches with this stuff called Kumbac sauce and red beans and rice that, in my hubby’s words, “make you wanna slap yo’ mamma!” 🙂 Nell Fitchie – Wichita Falls

  4. 54
    beckyjomama says:

    Mama Beth, I gotta tell ya, after that post I made my man take man take me to Sonic for our date (the ONLY Sonic in MI!) so I could have some onion rings!!! They were good and all, but – sadly, no light from Heaven. The Cherry Limeaid on the other hand…

    And to:

    Just Askin
    RS Nashville

    Of course you have permission to use my story, but that was only the Reader’s Digest version – there is so much more (hiney’s being frozen to toilet seats, stories about his stint in jail, me chasing down a car of REAL MEN to help get us out of the snow … oh yeah, he was a doosey!!). My dream is to be an author, I would love to talk to ya!

    [email protected]

    PS – Mama Beth, my man says that he will sell his spleen to get me to Houston in January … let’s hope and pray it doesn’t come to that!!! 😉

  5. 55
    Anonymous says:

    The Varsity in Atlanta is surely known for their chili dogs, onion rings, and fried peach pie

  6. 56
    chsingHim says:

    OH! I just love that you said ‘dadgum’ – I thought I was the only person who ever said that since I get laughed at just about every time it exits my mouth! – Here in Jacksonville FL my favorite place to eat is Barbara Jeans – they have a few locations, but my favorite sits on the Intracoastal Waterway down in Ponte Vedra Beach. Best crab cakes i’ve ever put in my mouth and boy can they cook the vegetables!

  7. 57
    JoAnne says:

    Went on a recent ski trip with our youth to Crested Butte, CO. Didn’t ski myself because a physical condition no longer allows me to, but it does NOT keep me from eating. 😉 This little town nestled in palm of God’s Rockies is chalk full of some of the most delectable locally owned places you could ever imagine! The Last Steep has the best burger on a kaiser roll I have ever eaten outside my own kitchen!
    If you are ever in the neighborhood, or even close by, it is well worth the trip.
    Love you so,

  8. 58
    Rachel in Louisiana says:

    In my hometown of Carrollton, MO, there’s a place called The Burger Bar. They have about 5 booths and a regular stream of customers all day long coming in to eat or ordering it to go. They have the best tenderloins and something called a beef burger that’s like nothing I’ve ever had before. It kind of looks like a manwich, minus the tomato sauce and it absolutely melts in your mouth.

  9. 59
    Unreasonable Grace says:

    You SO crack me up!

    In Gainesville, Florida, there is a local pizza joint that makes the best lasagna in the whole universe. Leonardos Pizza at Millhopper. I don’t indulge myself very often because there is at least two pounds of cheese in the dish. But when I do … it’s like an epiphany!


  10. 60
    Edwards Family says:

    Hi Beth-
    LOVE your story! 🙂

    I am assuming that since Amanda married herself a good Springfield boy- you have ate at the Lambert’s in Ozark? It is certainly a sin if you haven’t–GO HUNGRY…seriously- like don’t eat for a week before! And no need to eat for a week after either!!

    Another place is in Atchison, Ks- a place called CEDAR RIDGE…Holy Cow Monkeys…it is incredible- about an hour from Kansas City -worth the drive the next time you come to a Living Proof-I will give you Living Proof that it is- 🙂

    We also ate at a diner in West Palm Beach last year on vacation called Howard’s–Howard knew what he was doin’- cooks it all by himself-we were impressed..

    What a fun post!!

  11. 61
    Adele says:

    I’m back in Taiwan after 3 years in Kenya. In Kenya, I rarely tried hole-in-the-wall type eating places. You can understand why.

    In Taiwan, it’s a different story. Taiwanese culture revolves around food. Seriously. Anytime near lunch or dinner, the standard greeting is, “Have you eaten?”

    So, if you (or any of the Siestas) are ever in this part of the world, let me know, and I’ll take you to have REAL Chinese food. Even if some of you can’t use chopsticks. We’ll get you a fork.


  12. 62
    Shannon says:

    Beth Moore, you are so funny! I grinned ear-to-ear; I love Texas.

    When I was single and a language student in a remote part of China – there was a shack outside the university gate we lovingly called “Biker Mama’s” (because the lovely lady who handled the wok wore a leather vest and looked like she could take anybody who might give her trouble.) Biker Mama made the best fried rice in the world! A bit far for a weekend trip, though. 🙂

  13. 63
    Anonymous says:

    You must come to Plant City, FL the Winter Strawberry Capital of the World and try some of our famous strawberry recipes. The best two places in town are Fred’s Market or Fred and Tammy’s son Owen’s bbq place called Johnson’s BBQ. After you fill up you can stop on by our church First Baptist of Plant City and check out our new pastor…he and his family will be here on May 17th. You may know them….Michael and Lilliana Lewis from the Great Hills Baptist them already….they are moving from Austin, Texas. We are overjoyed at what God has done bringing them to us. So if you are ever in the area stop on by for some good eatin’….and some better worshipin’..and tell the Lewis’s Tonya sent ya!!!!
    Tonya Lawson, PC, FL

  14. 64
    katiegfromtennessee says:

    You sure do know how to make me smile, Spiritual Mom Beth-laugh too!:) I enjoyed reading about your adventures in Texasland:) There is a local place outside of Knoxville in a place called Fountain City, although it’s not the official name of the town. A restaurant called Litton’s. Famous for hamburgers. And, it was the first place my husband and I ate at when we first started dating:) The prime rib is da bomb-no joke:) That, and Puleo’s fried green tomatoes. BEST. EVER.

    ((HUGS))!, Love in HIM, Blessings:)


  15. 65
    AbbyLane says:

    well i’m from lenoir, NC originally, and it’s quite small…so small that to go to my favorite lunchy cafe you’d have to technically leave lenoir’s city limits to the next “town” up called hudson (which i think is actually even smaller) to a little old school place called HUFFYS. they have the sweetest ladies there (most i think probably were there when it opened) and some yummy cookies that they always bring around on a tray right out of the oven.
    just because they like you and they’re glad you’re there. 🙂

    and afterwards we could go to the dollar theater in lenoir…but i’d never do that to you cause even though the price is right, i’m pretty sure the popcorn in threw on the floor in the 2nd grade is still there. yum. keith my could find some game in there…(is that what you call the stuff you hunt? i don’t even know…but i like camo. that counts for something.)

    (but really i’d probably just take you to a coffee shop in Boone called Higher Grounds…and invite kathy johnson cause that’s our place…and talk for hours.)

  16. 66
    Poorna Ramakrishnan says:

    two suggestions:

    (1) Scholar's Inn Bakehouse & Cafe in Bloomington, IN


    (2) Lynn's Paradise Cafe in Louisville, KY

    Bon Appetit!


  17. 67
    Anonymous says:

    You “quack” me up!

    Speaking of Anas rubripes (duck), there is this amazing quaint wing joint in PA outside of Philly called DUCK DELI that has the best lip smacking wings this side of the Mississippi. You will smell like ’em for the rest of the day, too. They also have the most scrumptious hush puppies that could beat your onion rings up any day!

  18. 68
    glorysuzy says:

    My husband hails from Paris TX and we go there (three hour drive from Tulsa) for one important reason: To eat fried catfish, french fries, cole slaw, green tomatoes and hushpuppies at The Fish Fry! We visit family and friends IF we have time….lol

    I eat anything that doesn’t eat me first….I LOVE food….its those calories that take all the fun out of it…

  19. 69
    Sheetzee says:

    I just gotta say I had one of the best laughs all weekend reading this blog. We got a place here in my town called Jesse Quick Lunch. Open 365 days a year…best hot dogs around and if you get one with the works, they call it a “gut buster”…better have your Rolaids in your purse when you go there. They also bring their sodas to the table in a can with a real small glass of the best crushed ice…it might be a dive to a lot ppl but it must be a county fav b/c they opened a 2nd one right off the interstate exchange. If you come to VA it is a must try…complete with a large horse monument in front of the builiding.

  20. 70
    ctorlone says:

    You are just the best storyteller!!! Laughed out loud! thanks so much!

  21. 71
    Suzanne says:

    Just off of Hwy 287 in Decatur, Texas… Yesterdays is a little diner.. homecookin’ 50’s style decor…items on the menu are named after legends from the 50’s..Elvis, Buddy Holly, and Jayne Mansfield, etc.. ( you can just imagine what food goes with each one of those mentioned.)Great burgers, chicken fried chicken,chicken fried steak, onion rings( Yum) meat loaf , pot roast,and the best apple pie- served in a cast iron skillet, hot and bubbly with butter, cinnamon, with a big ol’ scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream!!! Local mexican food… Casa Torres started in a little house and is really great!! To-die-for homemade salsa and chips,and the # 7 sour cream enchiladas, best fajitas, tortilla soup and chicken poblano! I could go on and on. They are only open Monday – Saturday. We had a tornado come through in 2002 and they were hit and suffered some damage but have chosen not to be open on Sunday. Just south of 287 @ Hwy 51 South about 2 miles… couple of blocks from FBC Decatur. PS.Three years ago, our girls did the Patriarchs Bible Study and found out that you and Keith stopped @ our StarBucks!
    Also Babe’s has another location off of I-35 North of Denton @ the Sanger exit!!! Loved the Koffee Kup in Hico,too.
    Thanks for sharing with us…

  22. 72
    Anonymous says:

    There’s a little BBQ place somewhere between Tulsa and Poteau, OK that is called “Mustang BBQ” (I think) run by a preacher! I am tellin’ ya..That is some good, finger-lickin’ BBQ and the beans are to die for…

  23. 73
    Janice Hofmans says:

    we need to refer this post to Food Network’s Guy Fieri for Diners, Drive-ins and Dives! He could get some good material here! Love the blog, always check in to see if there is anything new posted. The Scripture memory challenge is wonderful. No tracks available for that in my brain at this time , but I love to review the posts for the encouraging, challenging, convicting Scriptures other Siestas have chosen and the REWARD Get-to-gether is awesome. Love it. Keep doing what you do, you are blessing the people of God.

  24. 74
    Kapka Family says:

    my husbands family grew up going to Junction for vacation every year to meet up with family at the river. They all love Isaaks. Its a must stop on all our trips down in that area!

  25. 75
    pinkdaisyjane says:

    It’s not a cafe, but our hometowm’s “Dave’s Diner” cannot be beat. YUM!

    Hubby and I have been known to scrape together the last of our pocket money to get Sunday morning omlets and homefries and chocolate chip pancakes and…

    I have not met a menu item I didn’t like, and the wait staff knows you (rare in these parts)and talks to your kids like they are people, not noisy annoyances (even more rare).

    Next time you are up this way. STOP IN! YUM!

  26. 76
    Kendra says:

    Harry’s Roadhouse between Glorieta and Santa Fe, NM off of I-25. Go there every time we pass through – sometimes go an hour out of the way for it… Phenominal breakfast, green chile everything, homemade pies that will rock your world.

  27. 77
    Anonymous says:

    Johnson’s Corner – rated #1 (in the truckstop/cafe category) for their ‘World Famous’ cinnamon rolls – right off of I-25 – about 30 minutes north of Denver – Yum and yum – not to mention their chicken fried chicken – pretty darn good!

    Let us know when your coming – we’ll meet you there! 🙂

    Amanda B. – Colorado

  28. 78
    Jodi Hubler says:

    The Hamburg Inn in Iowa City, Iowa – their shakes are to DIE for and their hashbrowns are buttery – crisp smoothered in cheese and sauteed onions! Breakfast is a must – worth the side trip off of Hwy 80.

  29. 79
    Rebecca's Blog says:

    Ok I have to confess I live in Central Asia now – a long way from so good Mexican food and those awesome little hole in the wall places! However, in years past, I drove the south Texas circuit like it was going out of style. My favorite mexican food place in the whole world is a bit more than a hole in the wall – it is Mamacita’s in Kerrville, Texas. Their tortillas and green stuff are to die for. I also break for roadside breakfast taco stands – the best one ever was a little hut on the way out of Freer, Texas and one on Hwy 281 in Alice, Texas (I’m partial to the ones that have drive throughs myself). Also in Alice is La Charro’s – great Mexican food – the waitresses don’t even speak English – it’s that good! In Houston, my favorite place is Fadi’s on Beechnut – it a family-run Merriterran resturant – the food is awesome.

  30. 80
    Andrea says:

    Beth – you are an absolute riot! It is so heartwarming to hear a woman speak of food in ways I can relate to :-). Do you watch Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives on the food network? That show is awesome – places you’d never know about all over the country! Check it out on their website for ideas for your next road trip. If you’re ever in West Palm Beach, FL – you must go to Howley’s for a diner experience and Havana’s for the best Cuban food. Thank you so much for the chuckles today. I love the mix of humor and TRUTH we have on this blog.

  31. 81
    Kari says:

    Alright so I guess I'll also give a recommendation for when you come to Laramie. Being from Houston myself, you are not likely to find a good Mexican meal up here. It's unfortunate but true. They make good food, but it's not the same. So I recommend going up to Centennial (if you have time – it takes about 30 minutes or so – but hey it's less time than it takes to get to the Galleria!!). If you've never been up to Centennial, it is the cutest little town on the side of a mountain with one tiny little church and a tiny little library. There is a restaurant called The Old Corral Hotel & Steakhouse. They've got a great little gift shop up front and up stairs. All the food is good, and you can even try a buffalo burger – very good and healthier for you (the meat is leaner than regular beef). Very yummy! If the road is open, you just have to keep going up the road to the lookout at the top of the mountain. Although, we may still have snow at the end of May up there! 🙂 (It has been a pretty dry winter so I expect the road will be open even if it is snowing…)

  32. 82
    Anonymous says:

    My family’s favorite hole-in-the wall is Luling’s BBQ – The Luling City Market restaurant located in the Galleria area of Houston, Texas, on Richmond just inside the Loop.

  33. 83
    fred says:

    i have been to the bbq place in junction, right across from the truck stop. mmm mmm. i will have to try the cafe now. i do love onion rings. mug n bun indianapolis has good rings and a lot of other stuff too. eligance, brownsburg, in. or mayberry cafe, danville, in. are good stops as well. look forward to seeing you there maybe youd say grace for us if you dont mind.

  34. 84
    Abba's Girl says:

    Wow, I haven’t been there in years. My husband no longer hunts in that region. Your post put a big smile on my face as I quickly strolled down memory lane.

  35. 85
    Anonymous says:

    If you come to Chattanooga, you have to go to Bea’s. Southern cooking (fried chicken, pinto beans, potatoes, barbeque, cobbler) and huge lazy-susan table where you eat with strangers and become friends. If you come to visit Kay at Precept, tell her that you need to try this place. Thanks for including us in your adventure on the highway!
    Beth Mason

  36. 86
    Traci says:

    We are coming to Houston in January, can you tell us where to eat??

  37. 87
    Inksstillwet says:

    Crack me up! I love Meers in Lawton, OK.(
    Yummy food they have there! You and Keith would love to watch Diners, Drive-ins and Dives on the Food Network. My husband likes to find all the hole in the wall places before we go visit.
    Love, Amy in OK

  38. 88
    Lora B says:

    Oh wow. How fun is that story? 🙂 Thanks for sharing! Here in Louisville (KY) there are all kinds of fun places — You’ve already experienced Lynn’s Paradise Cafe, I remember. But my latest favorite is Shiraz Mediterranean Grill. The owner is a believer originally from Iran, and his Mahi Kabob is THE best I have ever had in my short life. Check it out at

  39. 89
    donna says:

    Papa Jake’s Donuts in Sedalia Mo! the best mouth watering melt in your mouth homemade donuts ever!

  40. 90
    Sallye says:

    I have eaten at Isaacks and it is way past good. Home made desserts.. Week day mornings you can watch the coffee clutch that meets daily.

    In San Angelo, Franco’s for mexican and Western Skies for steak and onion rings. High end and new is The Grill.

    My Mother taught me to “travel on my stomach” you know we have had a good trip when we talk about the food!!!

  41. 91
    Anonymous says:

    ok, here it is. in topeka, kansas there is a drive-in restaurant called bo-bo’s. they have THE BEST cheeseburgers, onion rings and apple pie. it has been a TRADITION here for over 50 years. in fact, the original owners tried to close once and topeka wouldn’t let them.
    anyway, i moved away for over 30 years, but when we came back to see the family, first place we went was bobo’s. now i live here again, after 30 years (that’s another story!) and it’s still the same. if you go there, then you must come by and tell me at the cracker barrel where i work. my name is bj. the only reason i made it back to topeka after 30 years away was your bible study, believing God!

  42. 92
    Redeemed says:

    When we lived in Alabama, we went to the FAMOUS Whistle Stop Cafe for the FAMOUS Fried Green Tomatoes. Are you KIDDING ME? You CANNOT go to the Cafe and NOT get them…..

    Oh, they would make you slap your grandma. Seriously.

  43. 93
    Leah Dooley says:

    Well, I don’t have insight into amazing hole in the walls, but I do know this: It’s tough being a woman when there’s no more Esther homework to do. What will I do!?

    Thank you for this study. It has changed my life.

  44. 94
    Karen P. says:

    How did I miss this until late Sunday afternoon?!?!

    I love it! You simply cannot beat some good onion rings!

  45. 95
    lavonda says:

    okay, I found out the name of that little place I love in Midtown Atlanta (from earlier comment): it’s Doc Chey’s on Highland Avenue.
    If ANY of you are ever here or live here and you like Thai food, run – don’t walk – to Doc Chey’s. It is fabulous!! and not painful to the pocketbook either.
    (good luck finding a parking place)

    and Amanda, I’ve been to Lambert’s several times. Gluttony is the only word that comes to mind with memories of eating there. The food is so good I literally gorged myself shamelessly every time.
    The first time I ate there, not being familiar with the whole ‘throwed roll’ experience, I just happenstance made eye contact with a server across the room and smiled back at him (like a nice southern girl would do, hello?) and looked back at my plate to take another bite and WHAP! I got hit square in the chest with a roll!! He’d thought that smile meant I wanted one and thrown it to me right as I looked away. It scared me so bad I screamed out loud right there in front of everybody.

    Good aim though… his bank shot off my chest landed the roll right in my plate.
    So I ate it.

  46. 96
    Kristib says:

    Big Eds in Raleigh, NC. Been there forever. On even given day you might see the mayor or the governor seated beside you. Good old down home cooking. Menu changes daily. I love the fried chicken. Breakfast is the best though, with country ham and red eyed gravy. Yum Yum!

  47. 97
    Kathleen says:

    Hi Siestas,
    I was born and raised in Jackson Hole Wyoming, which has lots of excellent places to eat a fine meal. Here are my favs:
    1. The Merry Piglets–best burritos in the universe
    2. The Sweetwater Deli
    3. Blue Lion

    In Pinedale, Wyoming Lakeside Lodge is excellent.

    Now live in Madison Wisconsin. My favorites here:
    1. The Old Fashioned, traditional food from the 1800’s in Wisconsin.
    2. Lazy Jane’s–killer good Tomato/basil soup
    3. Louisianne’s–French-creole cuisine.
    4. Rolling Pin Bakery, has the best ever Eggs Benedict.

    Bon Appetite! Man, those Onion rings sound outragious! Have a great week in Jesus, Kathleen

  48. 98
    Kmsmom86 says:

    My hsuband and I discovered a wonderful Mexican restaurant in Denver City, Texas a few weeks ago. We were there for a basketball tournament with our son. It’s called Juana’s and it’s great!

  49. 99
    Anonymous says:

    Anyplace (usually in England) with a sign that says “Cream Tea” which means you can get a pot of tea and scones with Devonshire Cream.

  50. 100
    Sandee says:

    Sam’s in Tiburon, Ca. Fish and Chips. You sit a dock on the bay, white plastic chairs. You must leave at least one person at your table at all times to guard your food from the seagulls. The smell of salt, the cool wind off the bay…and on a non foggy day, you can see the SF skyline.

    Yum…and ahhhh, all rolled up in one.

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