God’s School of Faith

From the March 7 entry in Streams in the Desert by L.B. Cowman:

“There is no way to learn of faith except through trials. They are God’s school of faith, and it is much better for us to learn to trust Him than to live a life of enjoyment. And once the lesson of faith has been learned, it is an everlasting possession and an eternal fortune gained. Yet without trust in God, even great riches will leave us in poverty.”


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  1. 101
    Anonymous says:

    I was so defeated yesterday… too much to go into … just physically sick to the point i was wanting to give up… the only thing I could say to God was please give me a break please please…. the burden i have placed on my family is too much for them to bear…but then today.. God did give me a break. .PTL I am better and was able to pray and not just scream for mercy..You are right…. IT IS A SCHOOL but I got an F yesterday but God doens’t remember that.. He only remembers that I am His Child

  2. 102
    twinkle says:

    That is so rich and beautiful. I love that devotional…

  3. 103
    Pam B from SC says:

    “Faith is the victory that overcomes the world”

  4. 104
    Kristin says:

    I am thankful for this post. I am a college student graduating in may, and I have been wrestling with my future decisions. I am feeling called into full-time college ministry and know I am being tested in my faith to trust God with my finances at this critical time in my life. I know God is speaking to me through this quote from L.B. Cowman about trusting in Him in huge ways to experience his blessings and to glorify Him. Thanks for the encouragement.

    Kristin in West Virginia

  5. 105
    AnooCre8ion says:

    This is a great quote and very very encouraging. Thank you for taking the time to share it.


  6. 106
    gritsgirl721 says:

    I am struggling with trusting God right now; it’s truly a battle between my nontrusting flesh and my incredible desire to be “free” in my LORD. From one Amanda to another, thank you for sharing this very “timely” reminder I needed just tonight.
    Your little girl is SO beautiful. You are blessed!

  7. 107
    Lopsided Halo says:

    A message that I needed to be reminded of! Thanks Amanda 🙂

  8. 108
    AbbyLane says:

    beautifully written, and just what my heart needed to hear tonight..
    thanks amanda.

  9. 109
    Anonymous says:

    How true!!! And how encouraging! Thanks for the blessing. In Jesus’ Love Kathy Knoblock

  10. 110
    Holly G says:

    I did not check the blog until Monday am… our sermon series at church is on 1 Peter: 4:12- 19. That in v.12 we are not to be suprised by the trial… I think in the world we are in, we can become captivated that this “world” is it for us… it is a stark reminder that we are not home yet. I have heard lessons, and quotes on trials for the past week, and yes i have been in one. BUT MY GOD!!! I lift those in trials as well. thank you for sharing these quotes!!!

  11. 111
    Following God says:

    Thank you for this post, I really needed it today. The trials seem to overwhelm me at times until I put my focus back on the Lord rather than my circumstances. I’m still learning to do that.

  12. 112
    Nicole Lynn Lewis says:

    What a great reminder of how important faith is especially during these rough economic times. Adversity is a natural process that refines us if we let it. Thanks for this.

  13. 113
    tiggerdaisy says:


    Great post! I believe either you or your mom mentioned this devotional in a post. It was such a profound post that I had to get a copy of the book myself–and it has NOT disappointed!!!

    Oh, and for the life of me, I never would have guessed that L.B. Cowman was a woman! How sweet!

    Prayers and blessings,

  14. 114
    Anonymous says:

    For those of you studying esther, Purim starts on March 10. Many Christians and Jews read the whole book of Esther during this time. Whenever Hamen’s name is mentioned they hiss, boo, stamp their feet and rattle noisemakers to symbolically blot out the name of the wicked man who sought genocide of the Jewish people.

  15. 115
    Sherri says:


  16. 116
    Anonymous says:

    Very nice for a protesting moddie;

    What say we throw down some Old School In-Sight alongside it?

    Dancing Amidst the Vainglorious–

    Ah, hum…

    My child listen concerning the way you have mentioned. Be attentive; stand with the Lord. If you keep these words you will be elect in all things.

    Because it is written: Glory will go before those who are humble. And again, the wisdom of the humble person lifts high that person’s head. And again, Whom will I look on except the person who is humble and gentle and who trembles at my words?

    Also know that the bones of the humble will rejoice with you in every way. And again, the prayer of a humble person is heard with the greatest differance. And know, the Lord looks upon humility and suffering to forgive every sin.

    Seek out what Humility is. If you acquire it you have acquired everything. Keep yourself holy in this way and angels will bring you joy and you will see God.

    For it is written, I have seen the lord with my eyes. And again, I heard you with the hearing of ears and I just now saw you with my eyes… the humilities of Isaiah and Job are offered to you.

    The Holy Spirit comes to illumine your members as the twelve Virtues dance within your soul, while Cherubim and Seraphim will shelter you beneath their wings.

    Through tears a person acquires the virtues as we realize the cost of the Remission of our sins. Pass by and pray for those who walk too loudly upon the earth for their joy is smoke, but the humble become Eternal Fire.

    Best to you and all your beautiful family.

    ps139, col317

  17. 117
    Rebecca says:

    I learned this just this weekend when God put something in my life to see how I would react. Lord I hope I passed the test and bought You the glory!!! Praise God as He refines us to be more Christ like.

  18. 118
    bigdogmom says:

    Honestly, Amanda, it is not nice to read someone else’s journal! I sometimes think I have little or no faith. Testing has been intense. I have been thinking along the lines lately,”Who am I to think that I could escape trial by fire when anyone who has ever done anything for Christ including Christ Himself, did not?” I am still pondering this question. Now, what do I do about it? UH OH! I don’t like the sound of this one LOL! Jesus help me to endure.

  19. 119
    GentillyIzzie says:

    I have been away from my computer and when I read this it was so incredibly timely for me. In the past week I had to ugliest case of the stomach flu ever and in the middle of all that my grandmother passed away. Yet even in all of this God is so amazing and his mercies renew every morning and you just keep the faith knowing God is bigger. Thanks Amanda for the reminder.

  20. 120
    katiegfromtennessee says:

    This is profound, Amanda. It’s true. Faith is tested when we have been given something that we have to trust God to get us through. But, shouldn’t all of life be that way? Not one day going by without requiring Him as our vital necessity. Amen, it is better for us to trust Him than to live in meaningless earthly comfort…Ecclesiastes 12:13-14


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