What Are You Solo Siestas Up To Tonight?

(Please note: this is NOT the Scripture memory post. That will be tomorrow!)

Any of you Siestas just hanging out by yourself tonight like I am? Any good ideas? I got my spiral index cards about an hour ago at the Walgreens and I’m going to write my Scripture in it but that will take about five minutes. (I got me a really good pen, too. I love good pens.) I’m also on Week Four/Day Five of Priscilla’s “Discerning the Voice of God” study so I’ll probably wrap up that week. Any ideas for the rest of the evening? One thing for danged sure. We are NOT going to sit around and feel sorry for ourselves. Every single one of us could have found all sorts of things to do tonight. For most of us, we probably just decided to stay in. We just might wish we were popping corn with somebody, huh? Anyway, God has been so faithful to us, hasn’t He? Let’s rejoice in that as we close out this important year in each of our lives.

I started 2008 with Deuteronomy 11:11,12. It’s written in the front of my prayer journal. Listen to it describe the land of promise: “the land you are crossing the Jordan to occupy is one of hills and valleys (sure was that for me), a land that drinks water from the rains (thank You, Lord), a land the Lord your God looks after.” The next part is my favorite: “He is constantly attentive to it from the beginning to the end of the year.” We’re not the Old Testament Israelites with literal territory to occupy. Our earthly equivalent to a Land of Promise is a place we’ve crossed the river of fear to arrive in obedience to the will and joy of God. A place where lives rather than lands bear healthy fruit and where we bring Him glory to the best of our frail understanding, showing ourselves to be His disciples. I love the thought that God is attentive to us, no matter where we are, from the very first day of the year to the last. Wherever you are right now, no matter how you’re feeling (I keep thinking about our siesta that told us recently her husband of 26 years was asking for a divorce), your God is right there with you. He is ATTENTIVE to you. TENDING to you. I pray you sense that tonight. That you might even pop a little corn with Him. He won’t hog the bag. And maybe the occasion calls for a little melted butter.

So, what are we going to do to finish out 2008, young ladies? Throw out a few ideas and we’ll keep each other company for a little while tonight.

PS. It’s now 11:00 PM and I’m closing the post. What a blast tonight, Siestas! Thanks for climbing on! God’s richest blessings to you in 2009.


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  1. 151
    Anonymous says:

    going to chat with my Chritain friends with my new laptop.HAPPY NEW YEAR

  2. 152
    Michelle W. says:

    My hubby is deployed to Kuwait serving right now (Navy) so I am alone tonight as well. I let the kiddos invite a friend each to bring some cheer to our new year. : ) It has brought LOTS of cheer – and lots of noise to boot. ; ) The best kind of noise though. A full house of happy kiddies. Go drink a shirley temple! That’s where I’m headed right now. Later, after the kids go to bed it’s just me and God. That’s the one upside to hubby being gone for extended periods – lots of quiet, alone time with my precious Lord.

    Hugs and Happy New Year!

  3. 153
    Tami says:

    I’m so glad i found this post, thanks Beth. i’m single, in ministry and sitting here feeling the sting of that tonight in a whole new way. serving in full time ministry at times can be very lonely …tonight its just magnified. i’m excited for the new year just a tad melancholy tonight.,i?

  4. 154
    Anonymous says:

    Happy NYE!!!
    Whatever happened to Orville Redenbacher’s Pour Over Cheddar Popcorn? I was all over the Piggly Wiggly tonight looking for it.
    Beth, what a blessing you are! I was feeling a bit weary at yet another New Year’s Eve alone. Though I’m incredibly blessed, once in a while I’m just so OVER the endless evenings. Thank you so much – I’m reading everyone’s posts and noting the Pride and Prejudice/popcorn/fuzzy pants/hot drinks theme. Though it’s cold here, I’m opting for a Blue Bell ice cream milkshake and cookies.

    Thank you, dear Siesta Queen, for your diligence in study which results in such blessing for all of us. I am in the midst of Living Beyond Yourself and am so grateful. Jesus has “grown” me so through your incredible love for Him and your willingness to pour yourself out for us – just this year, Daniel, A Heart Like His, Breaking Free…you’re in my car every day and I’m loving Him more with each cd.
    Amy Beth, I love your second paragraph! How true!Oh, PRAISE HIM for a new year to love Him madly!!!


  5. 155
    Loving Jesus says:

    I’m spending New Years alone, while my friends are with their husbands or boyfriends. I’m single, and trusting God in it. Its a hard being single when, all I hear is why aren’t you married or dating? God has called, me not to date… and to trust Him completely when it comes to my future husband. I am as of right now growing closer to our Savior and falling in love with Him more and more daily. Something that I have found that helps me in longing for God to bring me and my future husband together is nothing other than spending time daily in prayer for my future husband, myself staying pure for him, and for our future marriage. I’ve watched my parents marriage and I don’t want a marriage like theirs. So I’m praying that God will be the center of our lives and then when my future husband and myself become husband and wife that God becomes the center of our marriage.

    My hope for 2009 is that God will bring my future husband into my life (if it’s in timing and will).

    So for tonight, I’m spending it with Jesus and I could not think of a better someone to spend it with.

    Happy New Year!

    Love all of you wonderful Siestas!

  6. 156
    Vicky says:

    Year of the BOAZ, I love that 🙂

    Thanks Beth!

  7. 157
    Kelly says:

    My husband is a youth director, so he’s out “partying” with his youth tonight while I’m at home making sure our kids stay asleep in their beds! This is our usual New Years routine, so it’s nothing new to me. I actually enjoy the quiet!
    Happy New Year!
    (Can’t wait to post my scripture tomorrow!)

  8. 158
    Cherit says:

    I spent the evening watching a movie and eating dinner with my family. My husband is currently downstairs while I set up my first blog page. I’m so glad I found The Siesta Fiesta Blog today.

  9. 159
    Anonymous says:

    Good evening, Sweetest Beth and beloved Siestas. I am alone tonight only in that my husband and two boys are in the next room playing Wii (and laughing a lot). I love my men, but this post of yours and reading all the Siesta posts is just my speed – and exactly what I’ve been longing for today without knowing it. My heart is overflowing as I read through all the posts.

    We went to Chili’s for dinner (our favorite) and talked about all we did in 2008 and what the highlights were for each of us. My husband already thinks I’m a total groupie, but I couldn’t help but say, “Living Beyond Yourself”… “No Other Gods”… “Believing God”… learning all about the tabernacle in “A Woman’s Heart”…the simulcast in early August. I love God. I adore His Son and His Word. I can’t get enough. – And I am smitten in a most sisterly and true-thanks-be-to-God fashion with my mentor Siesta, Beth. I want more of Him in 2009. I’m so thankful that He has allowed you to be a part of bringing me to Him, and Him to me.

    I braved the bitter cold to buy my index cards at CVS this afternoon, but haven’t settled on what to memorize first. I love the verses you shared in your post (Deut. 11:11, 12) and might just borrow those.

    As for the hours that remain between now and 2009, I might find some headphones and put a romantic Jane Austen DVD into my laptop so I can watch it near the guys. Or maybe I’ll fill my heart with true romance by reading some of the love letter my Heavenly Father wrote to me in the pages of Scripture. 🙂

    May you be flooded with His love, joy, peace, and grace this evening.
    Linda in MN

  10. 160
    Jesusistheparty! says:

    Happy Jesus New Year Beth and Friends! Met some family on my mom’s side for dinner and laughs earlier and now watching the LSU blowout against Georgia Tech- Geaux Tigers! Overall pretty low key NYE b/c of early flight to Florida in the morning. Loves

  11. 161
    Anonymous says:

    I actually did this last night as I spent time pondering 2008. I recommend this to the Siestas too: Read (or scan if you are wordy!) your journals from 2008 and be amazed!! He is there at every single entry–His work weaving through the pages like a scarlet thread. Now if that doesn’t get you fired up for 2009, I don’t know what will! 🙂

    Love ya, girls!

  12. 162
    jenlovesthelord says:

    still listening to one of your bible lessons and loving every moment.

  13. 163
    Anonymous says:

    I am really looking forward to 2009. The last 6 years have been extremely hard. And, I let Satan beat me into the ground. I have just barely existed. By God’s grace and help, I am going to get out of that pit and starting living life. I know the Bible memorization will help. Beth, I would appreciate it if you would whisper a prayer for me. My name is Gail. God bless you.

  14. 164
    Amy Beth @ Ministry So Fabulous! says:

    Oh Beth, just saw your comment about getting a dog until the man arrives and I just have to tell my single sisters that it sooooo helps!

    I have never, ever been a pet person but, one day, eight of my college girls showed up in the office and begged me to get a puppy to keep at our ministry office! Long story short, I agreed to buy it and pay for it’s food, shots, etc. When that first night came for me to leave it in the office (we have a lovely, large house as our offices) I couldn’t do it! He was just too cute, laying there in my laundry basket!

    He came home and, three weeks later, his brother came, too! The man couldn’t sell him because he was the runt and called me to see if I wanted him. I drove to GA and bought that runt that very same day. The puppies go out to our programs each week, especially the elementary school ones though they’re quite loved at the high school programs, too. 🙂 We actually have a stroller for them (I cannot believe I am admitting this) and we wheel those tiny things right into the schools!

    They have even been known to go to our sleepovers for the middle school girls — 300 middle school girls, about a 100 college girls and Snuggles and Cuddles! 🙂 And since I’ve already admitted to the stroller, I’ll go ahead and tell you that they have pajamas that they only get to wear for sleepovers — yellow with little hearts on them. They fit in very, very well at the sleepovers and get to spend their days in our offices with PLENTY of college office volunteers. 🙂

    Of course, during their first week together in the office, they did manage to chew through one of the phone lines. You win some, you lose some.

  15. 165
    Beth says:

    Becky, you are NOT a disappointment to God. Not on your life, young lady. Are you kidding me? The way you are raising all those daughters is a joy to Him. What job could He esteem more highly than that? Bask in His sweet approval tonight as you lay your head on that pillow.

    MichelleW, we honor your sacrifice before the Throne of God tonight as your man serves in Kuwait. God has two outstretched arms for times exactly like this – He can hold two people on different sides of the earth at the same exact time. He’s holding you tight and all that’s between you is the heart of God.

    Tami, so glad you got on. Yes, full time ministry can be very lonely but we’re surely not alone right this second, are we? God is so good.

    WendyB, we’d loved to have seen you all over the Piggly Wiggly tonight searching for cheddar pop corn. Never had it. I’m a purist about my corn. Salt and butter. And a diet coke. And chocolate covered almonds if a) my jeans are loose, or b) I’m feeling compulsive.

  16. 166
    bobbie b. says:

    at 26 years of age and single, I have spent many a night asking God why He has not blessed me with marriage yet….and every time I ask, He always lets me know that He is faithfully faithful. I pray that while I continue in this season of life that I too will be faithfully faithful and that this next year will be so full of my sweet Jesus that I just can’t stand it. 🙂

  17. 167
    Jill says:

    I’m a hunter’s widow tonight! Have a feeling that you are too, Beth! I went to an early dinner w/friends tonight and was home by 8:30 (mexican food, and I’m miserably stuffed!). Took my shower, threw on some pj’s and am cooking up a mean black eyed pea hash for tomorrow! I’ve got my 2 little munchkins right here to help me ring in the new year, that is if I make it to midnight!! I am loving this quiet night at home and am reflecting on God’s goodness and blessings over the past year. Praying for you and all the siestas to have a year of Christ!! Happy New Year!

  18. 168
    Moose Mama says:

    Happy New Year, Beth! Happy New Year Siestas!

    Such a wonderful year, to have finally met so many of these names and little tiny faces in boxes! (Love you, Adrienne aka fuzzytop!!!)

    I’m with my little family tonight. Oldest daughter got married this year, so now the critters in the house outnumber the humans.

    So looking forward to all that God has planned for me in 2009. Tough times in 2008? Yes, but I would not honestly have traded them for anything. He draws me closer to Him with every trial and just when I think I couldn’t love Him more….I DO!!

    Be seeing you in Laramie and Fargo this year, sweet Beth! Moose will be there too!

    Melana in Wyoming

  19. 169
    Beth says:

    Gail, I surely did pray for you.

    bobbie b, “faithfully faithful.” I love that. He surely is.

  20. 170
    Lisalou says:

    I love how the Lord just ministered to me tonight! I am solo because I’m sick. I have MS and my Pastor husband took our kids to a church event. I was so frustrated to stay behind because of my exhaustion. I want so desperately to be my old “not sick” self and yet I am so aware that in this desperate place-I cling to my Lord. He is so GOOD!

  21. 171
    Anonymous says:

    I have begun “doing church” online, and have spent part of the day learning “Twitter” to keep in touch with a “life group” that evolved spontaneously in a service last night. I’m going to watch tv and call my parents at midnight; already had the popcorn!

  22. 172
    michellemabell says:

    Happy New Year to all!!!

    I have always loved staying in on New Years!! Time to veg and reflect on the year.

    I don’t do resolutions.
    I don’t think that way anymore.
    I used to and I used to love making that list of all I was going to do and change and become and accomplish And quitting smoking was always number one on the list.
    Since I quit smoking 12 years ago coming up with resolutions without quitting smoking as number one just seems wierd.
    And now it just seems more practical for me to nip it in the behind every morning the things I need to tackle or work on. I pray and listen to God.

    Oh how I am so thankful for God’s unfailing love. It has taken me such a long time to get to this place but I am here and I just look forward to 2009 the same way as I am living now. One day at a time, growing and learning and resting in His peace.

    I can hear my darling daughters in the other room and they have a tremendous case of the giggles and I do mean giggles. I feel the need to go peak in and join them. And my hubby is sound a sleep. I do not know how he can sleep through those giggles!!!

    Have a great night everyone!!

    Michelle in Vermont

  23. 173
    Lynann says:

    Well me and my baby boy Roscoe who has 4 legs will bring in the new year together, although he is already crashed out on my bed so I guess it is just me.

    Happy New Year to all my sisters on this blog.

    Beth I pray that God blesses you and Keith so much that you do not know what to do with all the blessings that come your way. You have blessed me so much that I want you to be blessed in return.

    Love and prayers

  24. 174
    Carla says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR BETH! My husbands not a party kind of guy but we’re together and that’s what matters. He goes to bed with the birds and as usual I’m up til 1:00 or so anyway so this is nothing out of the norm. All is well and I just took my dogs out and had a wonderful time with my Lord as I gazed up into the heavens and was still amazed at the view. I started recounting all the blessings of this past year and didn’t get finished -the dogs were ready to go back inside. I’m so excited about the memorization for this new year. Like you, I have purchased my pen, journal and index cards and I’m ready to go! Blessings to all the Siestas out there, Carla Lee

  25. 175
    Anonymous says:

    Thank you for this.

  26. 176
    Anonymous says:

    As I got home from work this evening and changed, quick as a flash, into my coziest pair of PJ’s, my very dear friend and her husband called and insisted I join them at a nearby Mexican restaurant. So, I ditched the PJ’s and met them. While I am ringing in 2009 alone, my evening was blessed by my friends…who are my God given family. I thank God for them!

    Thanks, Siestas, for the encouragement tonight…especially those who are single and content in that season. I’m right there with you. I have such a desire to be married, but I’m learning that God really does know best (and I think He gets a kick out of reminding me of this) and that He hasn’t forgotten about me. I love the picture that He is tending to me…to each of us!

    Happy New Year!!! I pray 2009 is an amazing Jesus year!


  27. 177
    Kathy Pink Bicycle Arkansas says:

    Beth, how late are you staying up?
    I think I am about ready to call it a night. I’ve been channel surfing and cleaning out vanity drawers and it’s catching up with me. The eyelids are getting heavy, very heavy.

    It’s been fun and Happy Happy New year to all my siesta’s

  28. 178
    Beth says:

    LisaLou, I know that must be so hard. I pray that God will grant you much supernatural strength this year and sustain you with His powerful Word. You are a mighty warrior, Dear Sister.

    Siestas, I’m just going to leave this post open until 11:00 PM central standard time then fall in the bed! Late nights are not my thing! Mornings come too early!

  29. 179
    lori says:

    Well I just got off work. And i am going to spend about four hours working on a book I am writing and listen to pandora Internet radio

  30. 180
    Shalane says:

    My three children (ages 4,6 & 8) are excited to stay up until it's 12:00am and it's officially "the next day". It's a highlight for them to brag that they stayed up so late but my husband and I don't know if WE can do it. I hear my warm bed calling me and if I drink a soda I'll be up for many more hours than I want to be.

    I have my index cards ready and my 6 & 8 year old have their scripture journals ready too! It's going to be an exciting Jesus year!!

    I'm going to get my warm, fleece pajamas on.

    Happy New Year!

  31. 181
    Anonymous says:

    Trying to remain positive as am alone tonight, after being with someone for 31 years, but God has been with me since i was 50 years ago this Dec. He is the one i can count on, i believe He is trying to teach me this, me i’m a slow learner. Any way that pop corn sounds pretty good but it’s out in the car and texas is cold tonight! I think i’ll walk out there and get the popcorn anyway, it’s making my mouth water.
    thank you
    for your little reminders and your honesty, although i am jealous your husbands will make somekind of an appearance tonight, but that is wonderful.

  32. 182
    Anonymous says:

    Thanks for spending the night with us. Its been fun

  33. 183
    Anonymous says:

    “if my jeans are loose” LOL!…oh if I could find some sort of scripture reference to claim that over me!

    Having a quiet evening at home with my family. Happy New Year to you, Beth, and all of the siesta’s. Beth- you are a joy and are appreciated so, so much.

    Thank you Jesus. We need you so.

  34. 184
    CountryKat says:

    Not really single tonight but we are just hanging out at the house. I am upstairs with the little man who is sleeping in our bed. The fireworks freaked him out just a LITTLE! While the hubby is downstairs spending time with our daughter.

    I am so looking foward to a new year and seeing what God has in store. He certainly made this past year exciting and full of lessons.

    Happy New Year Beth and Fellow Siesta’s!!!

  35. 185
    ~Truly Tina~ says:

    Hi Beth,

    Thank you so much for your post tonight. How sweet of you to think of the solo siestas in Christ. I’ve never posted a message on the comment board before, but I’ve certainly followed The LPM blog throughout the latter part of 2008 after it was shared with me by a dear friend. And what a blessing it has been! Your words are truly inspirational and you are indeed a gifted teacher. Thank you for yielding to God’s call on your life. That is actually the very prayer I offer to God tonight—that we His children acquiesce to His call, fruitfully utilize His gifts to us, and purposefully act out both.

    Let 2009 be a year of yielding wholeheartedly and uninhibitedly as He proves to be “faithfully faithful” in our lives (thanks bobbie b.—I like that phrase)!

    God Bless and Keep You,
    ~Truly Tina~

    PS – Thank you for the book Praying God’s Word. It greatly ministered during a time of need and continues to be an excellent prayer resource.

  36. 186
    Shalane says:

    Thanks for chatting w/us this evening. It’s a fun way for me to end 2008 by chatting w/thee Beth Moore 🙂

    My family is laughing watching America’s Funniest Home Videos so I better go get a few laughs in before bed too!


  37. 187
    jbeth04 says:


    Thank you for thinking of us single girls tonight! I am by myself tonight for the first time in many years due to an impending divorce. Just as I got home from my parents’ house and started feeling sorry for myself, I saw your post. Thank you for everything you do! I am so excited about the memory verses. I so WANT this and am ready for a Jesus-year! I cannot wait to see what 2009 holds!

    And I agree with you 100% about the dogs…I have my two lovely labs to keep me company!

    Happy New Year! ☺

  38. 188
    Toknowhim says:

    Just popped in after spending some time with friends. Had to put the 3 boys down to rest.

    Beth, it is so precious seeing how you have been encouraging women all night long through this blog post… Just another reason I love you so. If I could only get into words how much you have blessed my life…maybe one day.

    Blessings, and will be back tomorrow to do the Scripture memory thing.

    Much love,and Happy New Year!!!

  39. 189
    lilscrapper says:

    I spent time earlier with friends but am back to a quiet house now (married but hubby is working). I am going to make some hot cocoa and crack open the Word. My only two goals this year are to be more COMMITTED and more DISCIPLINED. I might as well start right now!!

  40. 190
    Lynann says:

    Well goodnght to all my sisters. I am looking foward to sharing scripture with all of you tomorow. I have enjoyed chatting with all of you tonight, this is my first time to blog and I enjoyed it very much.

  41. 191
    Jessie says:

    are you really sitting in front of that computer and reading all these comments tonight? that is sweet. new year’s/new year’s eve doesn’t do much for me personally…I’m not into football and I don’t do resolutions so what else is there? we had a nice party with our church’s small group last night….a night of laughter is the best way to spend any evening in my book! and if you are really still reading this I am totally impressed! :o) enjoy the picture of my little baby girl Lillie in the profile pic – can’t wait so see what she does with her 3 older brothers in 2009!

  42. 192
    Kara says:

    You’re right Beth, I could’ve been hurt. I’m glad I was able to get to the side of the road for most of my wait for help.

    Kristy…I’m sorry to hear about your sons kidney issues and I’ll be praying for him and your family. In a way, I understand how you’re feeling. I’m dealing with an enlarged kidney myself. More tests are coming so I don’t know what’s next.

    I’ll be praying. God Bless!

  43. 193
    Redeemed by Christ says:

    Beth and all the other wonderful Siestas. I thought I would share my poem with you. Its not the best, but I hope you enjoy.

    A New Year

    Here I am once again
    watching another new year
    ring in and the
    ball drop on T.V.

    However what makes,
    me different than countless others?
    Is the question I hear from,
    so many around me.

    This takes me through a,
    year long journey,
    of things that make me,

    It’s a year at glance with,
    my beloved God!

    In this past year I have…
    Realized who I am in Him,
    I stood in front of others,
    and declared my love for,
    my Savior on the day I was,

    My Savior walked with me,
    through some of the hardest,
    moments in my life.

    His calming voice,
    coming alive from the pages,
    of the His Word the Bible.
    His Words…
    Breathing life anew
    within me and my life.

    And this is when I see,
    how my life is different.
    I have my Savior, My God,
    walking this road called
    life with me.

    At this moment I’m overcome,
    with excitement for many
    more God moments
    await me this coming year.

    So with this I say Happy New Year!

    By. Stormy D.

  44. 194
    Anonymous says:

    I’m choosing to remain anonymous tonight because I’ve been and still am extremely lonely — but am rising, for your entry was such an encouraging word. My man has been quiet for the last 3 days and went to bed before 10:00 tonight. I’ve taken the ornaments off the tree and regrouped the house a little from Christmas. My state of mind could also stem from it being our first New Year’s Eve as empty nesters. Somewhat strange; but 2009 is to be the Year of Jubilee for me. Happy New Year, sweet one.

  45. 195
    Anonymous says:

    We just had some friends leave the house and now everything is pretty quiet. I’m spending the rest of New Year’s Eve with my husband and three children.

    Thank you for your post. I love the verses you have for yourself. They touched my heart as we are going through another valley at this time with a job situation. I know the Lord is working on it and has something in store for us…possibly a new beginning.

    I just read a couple of things today that I think the Lord placed in front of me. I’m certain that He loves me, that I’m one of his treasured possessions and that He has a great plan for my life. I’m trusting Him on this one.

    Memorizing scripture is something that I enjoy doing and I believe that it makes my prayer life so much better. Thank you for the opportunity to hold me accountable.

    Many blessings in 2009,
    Happy New Year!
    Anne in MO

  46. 196
    Laura says:


    Thank you for this post tonight. I am not alone, here with my hubby, son and daughter. I just wanted to tell you, this post spoke to me this evening. Thank you so much, you have meant so much to me!!


  47. 197
    Anonymous says:

    I was not sure that my original post went through so just wanted to try one more time. Thanks so much for caring and reaching out to us tonight!! I was feeling sorry for myself and our Gracious God knew that I needed to read this tonight. Thanks for your prayers and encouragement. I’m single also and have been waiting and praying for the right Godly Man to come into my life for a long time. I love the year of the Boaz!!

    Bless you and Happy New Year!!

    From a Fellow Arkansas Girl

    P.S. You are right about a dog…my sweet Golden Retriever is awesome company!!

  48. 198
    BRiehl says:

    My husband is a police officer and is working tonight. I had dinner with my parents, but I have a one year old and a 6 week old (growing in my belly) so we made it an early evening. My toddler is sleeping, my baby is growing, and I need to spend tonight with my God. It’s been a while for reasons I don’t even know. I love Him. I want to know Him…lately, I just don’t feel connected to Him. I’ve been lazy: physically and spiritually. I hate to start the year out that way. So snuggled on the couch with my journal, Bible, water and prenatals will be my exciting New Year. Thanks, Mama Siesta, for your encouragement. I actually am planning on finishing this amazing Bible Study I started and didn’t get around to finishing: Believing God. I’ll add that to my list tonight.

  49. 199
    Shawn Corleone says:

    Alone on New Year’s, again! So glad i looked at this tonight. So glad 2008 is over! Hope 2009 is better. Waiting on promises!

  50. 200
    Beth says:

    Oh, Siestas, I’ve enjoyed your company so much this evening! My breakfast room has never had so many people in it at once…and of such diversity. Happy, Happy New Year, Darling Ones. May Jesus fall all over you this year. I love you.

    Going to bed and closing the post so we’ll be all ready for a new one tomorrow!

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