Almost Baby Time!

Hey Siestas! It seems like everyone is in Woodstock, Georgia, this weekend for the live recording of Travis’ new album. Very Very Pregnant Girl (that’s me, AKA VVPG) is unable to travel and join in on the fun. I feel like I’m just waiting around for something exciting to happen at this point. The countdown to my due date is just nineteen days. I’m considered full term now at 37 weeks and am definitely feeling it! I believe all Baby Girl is really doing at this point is gaining weight. I always think about how wise God was when He planned it this way. How much would it stink to carry around a seven pounder for several months? It’s proof of God’s mercy that they don’t get this big until the very end.

We’re almost completely ready for Baby Girl to get here. The nursery has been transformed from blue and brown to pink, yellow, green, and blue. Her closet is perfectly organized and filled with all kinds of wonderful things. I’ve got a package of newborn Pampers Swaddlers ready to do what they were created to do. I have an appointment for fresh highlights on Tuesday. Oh, and a friend gave me a gift certificate for a pedicure so I’ll have pretty toes in the hospital. How sweet of her!

I’ve been packing in every opportunity to do this or that with friends since I will be home bound for a while once she comes. Curtis and I are having a date night tonight since we never know when it will be our last chance! I’m sure we truly do have 19 days to go, but we feel like we’re in any-minute-mode.

So I’m having the common fear of every VVPG. What if my water breaks in public? Y’all, I’m terrified of this. I really wasn’t afraid of it when I was expecting Jackson because I’d never experienced that phenomenon before. Ignorance was bliss. When it happened to me in my hospital bed I was horrified. I will refrain from describing it in detail, but it was much more dramatic than I was prepared for. I actually cried, y’all. It was the beginning of the end of my modesty and dignity, which were basically decimated during the next few days. Is anyone with me on this? And look at the result – three years later I’m writing about my water breaking on a blog!

I was telling a friend that I’m preparing to sequester myself late next week so that I can avoid my water breaking in public. (It remains to be seen if I will actually stick to this.) Then she asked me if I’ve ever actually known anyone who this happened to. Nope. Can’t think of anyone.

Since we women love to tell our birth stories, I thought some of you who have experienced your water breaking in public might want to share. Was it awful or were you too excited to care?

I’m not sure my mom and sister won’t be horrified by this blog post. I have no way of knowing since they’re at Travis’ concert. Maybe my acid reflux, swollen ankles, inability to breathe well, crowded rib cage, and frequent trips to the powder room are clouding my judgment. If this post disappears, you’ll know why. In the meantime, I’m claiming that it’s better to ask for forgiveness than for permission!


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  1. 151
    Claudia says:

    I am 14 days away from my due date and feeling the same anticipation. This is my 3rd baby and have only had the priveledge of having my water break outside the hospital on baby #1. It happened while I was at home on the sofa. With only an audience of 1 – my husband – it was completely humiliating. Can only imagine what it would be like in public. To my husband’s credit – he handled the situation like a champ and cleaned everything up and never mentioned it again. After that and a second baby – my humiliation factor is much lower so if my water breaks in public this time – I don’t think I will be too frazzled. Now go out and enjoy yourself!!!

  2. 152
    connorcolesmom says:

    Oh my – you have a lot of comments!
    I guess this is a HOT topic
    I totally get you about the modesty thing – I too was shocked at the hospital water breaking thing – wow at how much and the gushing sound – just wierd!

    Oh and yes momma Beth GASP when someone told her you posted about your water breaking – LOL

    God placed you on my heart right in the middle of the Concert last night (literally flashed your face while my eyes were closed)
    I have been praying for you constantly ever since
    Much love

  3. 153
    Anonymous says:

    Hi Amanda! My water broke at the grocery store once, but it was no big deal! There was no big gush, it just felt like I had “sprung a slow leak”! ๐Ÿ™‚ I actually wasn’t even sure it had broken. A nurse at the hospital told me that a lot of time when you are standing up and the baby is already head down, it’s head can act like sort of a plug and stop any big rush of fluid. Best wishes to you!

  4. 154
    Kim Safina says:

    The Journey Continues ~

    Precious Amanda,

    The most memorable experience I have seen was on a shopping day with my darling little nephew in California.
    I heard my little nephew yell, “AUNTIEEEEEE KIMMMMMMMM” and I turned around to see him peeing on the floor.

    That is the only wet fluid I have seen from anyone on the floor other than barf!!!

    I would have loved to blame a pregnant woman for the pee episode but there were non around that day!!!

    daughter + siesta = DAUESTA ๐Ÿ™‚

    I had two preemies.
    #1 son was 5 weeks early
    water broke watching the Olympics.
    #2 son was 2 1/2 months early.

    Love the last moments of your pregnancy ~ I don’t know what it is like to deliver full term!!!

    With “Heaven Bound” blessings,

  5. 155
    April in real life says:

    Bless you… thank you for being so real on here. We all have our own fears one way or the other about pregnancy and delivery… but I am sure you know you will be bathed in prayer.
    I am totally with you though… I was so modest before childbirth… not that I am not still modest but well it just isn’t the same any more LOL… ahh they things you thought you would never talk about or so on…

  6. 156
    Heather says:

    My water broke, but NOT in public! I did have to tuck a bath towel into my jeans for the trip to the hospital! ๐Ÿ™‚ I am praying for you and “baby girl!”

  7. 157
    jody says:

    I will give you a laugh, 29 years ago (did I really type 29?) I was pregnant for my first son. Standing in the Safeway check out line the vvpg behind me mentioned my vvp look and we chatted a few minutes, when all of a sudden my toes were were warm and wet…hmmm, looking down was huge pool of clear liquid. I looked at her and she looked at me, quite embarressed she was for me… but, it was her. So, it does happen on occasion. That said, all three of my pregnancies ended with water being broken in the hospital. Blessings!

  8. 158
    Bonnie says:

    My water did break while I was at the Hallmark store with my Mom. We needed to get out and about to help pass the time since our first baby was 3 days late. It wasn’t bad and no one was the wiser. I didn’t say anything to my mom and we just headed for home. I wanted to tell my husband first. I think my Dr. told me there is an outer sack and an inner sack. The outer broke and the inner one dropped and stopped all the leakage. I say party until the last min. because your right you will be home for a bit.

  9. 159
    Missy @ It's Almost Naptime says:

    I have only have my water broken by nice nurses with long crochet hooks.

    A friend of mine, however, was standing in the middle of NTB buying some tires. Surrounded by men, buying tires.

    She cleared the room in about .75 seconds.

  10. 160
    Maggie says:

    You are definately not alone with the water breaking. I wonder if there is a phobia label we all go through. I can handle anything from zipper being down, toilet paper on my shoe, dress tucked in my nylons… But the idea of not being able to control myself… The funniest part of my water breaking was hearing my son retell the story of his birth as “when Mommy broke her water bottle.”
    All the love to you and enjoy the baby movements.

  11. 161
    JayCee says:

    My water broke 2 weeks before my due date. I was in the church office, waiting on my husband (the Pastor) who was counseling a newly married couple regarding (of all things) whether or not they were ready to think about having children. (It gets better!) I called into my husband’s office as discreetly as I could (although come to think of it I wasn’t very discreet because it scared me that my water broke early, so I was quite insistent that my husband come to me quickly). Anyway, they all walked out of his office together and there I was (with a dress on) standing over a trash can. (It was all I could find!) I was in such shock I didn’t know what to do. I was afraid if I walked to the bathroom a trail of water would follow me the whole way.

    The couple looked like they had seen a ghost. (They didn’t have children for several years after that.) I excitedly said: “Would someone please get me something (meaning a towel or something like that). The nice young man who was barely out of his 20’s, whipped off his sweatshirt and threw it at my feet. (Yes, you heard me right.) He later said he didn’t know what to do but felt like he had to do something. Needless to say, I was so embarrased! My husband went downstairs to the preschool area of the church and brought up some diapers and announced: “Will these do?” I was mortified, but there wasn’t much I could do. I did the best that I could in the bathroom and wondered when (if) the water was ever going to stop. (I found out later that when you go into labor prematurely, your water doesn’t stop – it continues to make!)

    Anyway, my husband and I finally got to the hospital (I was soooooo embarrased) but we all had a good laugh about it later. much.later.

    That was 14 years ago and I’m happy to say that the young couple went on to have 3 children.

    So, Amanda, even though you might be scared – it will all work out – everything will be okay! Take it from me – I survived!!

  12. 162
    Emmy says:

    Awe! I guess 17 days now! So fun! Have had you on my heart!

    Last night was amazing! Wish you could have been there I thought about you knowing how you must have been sad to miss it!

    Will be praying for you these next few weeks! Can’t wait to hear! : )

    P.S. I had 4 and my water never broke… I always kind of wanted it to (not in public) but at home thinking “Oh Honey it is time!” Oh I am excited for you just thinking about it! (not your water breaking but having the baby!)

  13. 163
    Kelli says:

    Be cousin’s water broke while she was havin’ a pedicure! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. 164
    Anonymous says:

    Hey Amanda,
    I am a nurse in L7D and NICU for 28 years. I ghave pretty much seen it all. Most women will have their membranes rupture in the hospital duriing acyive labor but it truly can happen anywhere. I can honestly tell you that I have had 3 children and with my last my water broke while i was at work. Bo big deal there I just became the patient instead of the nurse. LOL!!! Hard for us nurses to do though sometimes.
    You’ll do fine, remember God knows what you need. May you be blessed with a quick labor and delivery and a very healthy baby girl.

  15. 165
    Paige says:

    My water broke at the bank. Being three days overdue with my first child, I was feeling sorry for myself. I decided to go to the mall to shop, walk, and get some contracts going. I stopped by the bank to get some money before going to the mall. About the time I was walking up to the teller, there it came. I’m not talking about a trickle, I’m talking Niagra Falls. Long story short – I ran back to the car, called my husband who wanted to know if this was a false alarm, and headed straight to the doctor’s office. The worst part was what I was wearing – purple pants with big yellow sunflowers on them. My doctor kept saying, “Bless your heart, bless your heart.”

  16. 166
    Angie B. in SD says:

    With my 2nd child my water broke in the hospital (so not really in public) but it sure made a big “splat” sound on the tile floor. It is funny now. With my first child my water broke at home when I tried to bend over to tie my shoes, I guess I squeezed him too hard. I was wearing a pad and it absorbed pretty much all of the fluid. Hope this helps and I would advise you to wear a pad in public!

    Oh the modesty we have after giving birth!

    Good Luck!

  17. 167
    Groovewoman รขโ„ขยซ says:

    I love the fact that you wrote this blog. Cause I had the SAME fear, but luckily it didn’t happen to me in public. In fact my body was pretty stubborn about the whole thing and my water had to be broken by my doctor after being in and out of the hospital for 3 days. Needless to say, I had NO IDEA what I was in for or the sensation you get over the course of an hour after the water was broken. Yeah, that was un-nerving as you are sitting in bed with visitors all around. But I got through it and have a Precious Son. I wouldn’t have it any other way! ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. 168
    Shelia says:

    My water didn’t break in public, but with my first child I was 8 months pregnant and we went to the mall to do some last minute shopping, I was sooo determined to be completely organized and ready. But, golly gee, my back was hurting SO BADLY, and I had to sit on the benches in the mall….and I muttered to myself, “They make these benches so uncomfortable to people will keep shopping and not sit down!”
    We went back to the town we live in, I ate an entire half of a TACO PIZZA….and then we decided to just go by the hospital so they could reassure use it was nothing, so I could actually sleep that night. Guess again. I was having back labor…. and my son was breach…the contractions didn’t stop so they took him by C-section. He weighed 7 pounds 4 oz a month early. Would have been big, had he been on time. My second one was 12 pounds 3 oz full term…. a c-section again, rest assured.

  19. 169
    alive2worship says:

    Both of my children were induced and both times the Doctor broke mu water and as crazy as this sounds I have always felt like I missed out on the excited mad dash to the hospital but as I read you blog I thought would I really have wanted that to happen while I was grocery shopping. That might be too much drama even for me. I will be praying for you. Have a happy Labor Day :o)

  20. 170
    Gwenn M. says:

    My water broke just as I got out of the car to go into church. But it wasn’t a huge amount, and I simply got back into the car and we headed for home to get my things. No big deal. I really wouldn’t worry about it. If it happens in public, most women will understand, and most men wouldn’t have a clue. Good luck!

  21. 171
    Anonymous says:

    So glad to hear that things are going well. You may have even had your baby by now!
    I do have a friend that had her water break in public, but she’s a nurse, the restruant picked up the bill, and they left for the hospital. No biggie…Except for her hubby who completely panicked! Quite funny now ๐Ÿ™‚
    They had to break my water both times at the hospital, and I’m with ya…no more dignity!
    Praying for you and the transition to two…and that your labor is as uneventful as possible!

  22. 172
    tealovingmom says:

    You have my heartfelt prayers for an easy delivery and a healthy baby! I cannot wait to hear her name!

    For my 2 pregnancies, my water was either broken for me or broke at home. I shared your fear, though! My prayers, too, for no super embarrassing moments!

    Lots of love,

  23. 173
    WOW says:

    My experience with my firstborn was the most exciting in more ways than one. I was suspicious for a few days that I had a “slow leak”, but my doctor said I was probably just, well, you know, so, what did I know I was very young and it was my first one! Three days of this ended the night I had my daughter. I went to bed, and gush! Then the pains started. We called the hospital, and they said, “oh it is her first one, it will be a while, she should rest.” So, to bed again, and again, gush…pains intensifying. Called again, same answer. Back to bed, GUSH! then PAIN! I can disticntly remember saying to my mother (we lived with my parents for a while) while on the toilet, no less, “I don’t want to do this!” She said “too late sweetie, it is happening whether you want it to or not.” So, the pains were getting so bad, so bad, one more call, STILL, they said wait. Well, it just happened to be 25 years ago Sunday that this ice storm decided to rear its ugly head! Finally, we said “LETS GO!” Picture it, my parents had a small 4 door sedan, and in it were piled my Mom, Dad, Brother, Husband and ready to deliver girl! Icy roads and all my dad flew with my mom yelling slow down, and then me trying to push, then eveyone in unison, DONT PUSH! Oh my word, I could have had her in that car! Finally at the hospital, my husband on one side, my father on the other my arms hooked in theirs, and my legs off the ground trying to have that baby in the parking lot! Oh my, what a night! Even though this may not seem “encouraging” about your fear of your water breaking, keep in mind I did have a few days notice, which my dr. did not recognise! My other two…the dr. had to break my water! You will do just perfect, go get your last minute things done, and take care of yourself! (I made it just in time on the bed, but the dr. got there just in the nick of time!)
    Lisa ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. 174
    kim_brough says:

    The comment about carrying a bottle a Sprite around made me laugh out loud! I’ve never heard of anybody who had their water break in public but even if it does, it’s not like you did it on purpose. Wear a pad (or an adult diaper!) and hope for the best! Ha ha

  25. 175
    Anonymous says:

    My water broke in a *velvet , ligth velvet* chair in my dr.s office, great place to be — but at the same time —- hope no one sat there!

  26. 176
    Michelle Bentham says:


    How excited you must be. I’m so excited for you. About your fear of your water breaking in public… I had two children through Pitocin induced labor. My water did not break – it was broken by the doctors after they started my labor. So… When baby 3 came along my mother came and picked me up and took me to her house on my due date. A couple of nights later I was restless and having a little “back pain” so I sat up until around midnight making preschool worksheets for my toddlers. I noticed that my bladder seemed to be “leaking” and I kept having to go to the bathroom every few minutes to change my undergarments. I finally put a pantyliner in. Then, the pain in my back got more intense and began to wrap forward into my abdomen.

    I rested on the couch timing the pains and noticing that more fluid escaped the more “pain” I had. I went in and told my parents who had been on the 8 or so trips of false labor with my first and second child… My father made me time them and call the hospital before they finally got up and took me into Labor and Delivery. I arrived at the hospital and got checked in around 5:45 AM. The nurse almost had a heart attack when she did the pelvic exam. I was dilated 8 with a bulging bag and taking full blown contractions without much response. So they moved me to active labor for like two minutes until my water broke… Which was extremely painful… So… There you have it. My amniotic sac had a slight tear in it which was releasing the fluid. But it never occured to me that I was in labor at that time. She was born at 6:00 AM on the dot two days after her due date.

    Baby 2 was born two days after her due date and the induction brought her along in 3 1/2 hours. Baby 1 induced two weeks after due date and came in 6 1/2 hours. I’m the person everyone hates when we share baby stories… Imagine.


  27. 177
    wherever HE leads we'll go says:

    Who wouldn’t want to chime in on a water breaking question?

    Everything I read said – your water will not break in a gush in public like so many women fear – when you are standing the baby acts a cork. Well real life is just about a ridiculous as that statement!

    My water did NOT break in public – it broke in my bed (sort of). I will not go into all the details, but I will say that when I was pacing the kitchen floor waiting for my doctor to call back – there was some a bit of gushing – no baby cork for me! Luckily I was prepared at that point. : )

    Enjoy your date.

  28. 178
    Beth says:

    With my first pregancy I worked at a bank and the lock boxes were downstairs. My fear was I would be down there with a customer and I would go into labor. And since I couldn’t leave the customer alone, I would have to wait to do anything until they were finished with their box. Of course, I knew in reality if that happened, the customer would help. Well at least I hoped they would!

  29. 179
    Lauren Kelly says:

    I am so excited for you Amanda!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Great to hear from you on here!!!

  30. 180
    Anonymous says:

    My water broke at home. I just wanted to assure you that it’s not usually a big gush like in the movies. When mine broke, it was just enough to get my panties wet. I changed my undies, put on a maxi pad and walked to the car then into the hospital. It did continue to flow but not enough to wet me down.

  31. 181
    Heather says:

    Mine broke in the hospital while I was doing all that walking in early labor. It wasn’t THAT much – but enough so that I thought I should probably head to the bathroom because I wasn’t entirely sure what had happened. (first time mom!) It was enough to run down my leg and leave a small puddle on the floor. Oh AND PS my husband and mother in law were the only ones in the room with me!! I was mortified when my MIL was screaming “Your water broke!!” OK so she probably wasn’t screaming, but I was embarrassed enough to interpret it that way. If mine had broekn at a store I would have just quietly left immediately and probably no one would have been the wiser. …until I was gone and then who cares, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. 182
    Rebecky says:

    My Aunts water broke right in the middle of the baby section of Target! She just stood there not knowing what to do. One of my other Aunts was with her and went to purchase some heavy duty maxi pads and new underwear, she proceed to the women’s room cleaned up as best she could. They went directly to the hospital. She was embarrassed but the family that was with her reassured her that it’s all part of the pregnancy process.
    I myself had 5 kids. With 2 of the kids my water broke first thing in the morning while I was still in bed. One broke while I was standing in the kitchen making breakfast, and the other two were broken in the hospital.
    You’ll do fine, no matter what your story will be. It’s all part of the uniqueness of your child’s life. When she is older she will love to hear about how she was born!

  33. 183
    Anonymous says:

    Hi Amanda,
    I haven’t read all of the comments so this may have happened to someone else. With my first baby the nurse told me that my water had most likely broken while using the bathroom while I was in labor at the hospital. I was happy that it had happened at that point since I didn’t know what to expect. Anyway, after several LONG hours and several checks by the nurse through the night, my doctor finally came to check my and told me that she was going to “now break my water”! I was not happy thinking that it had been done naturally several hours prior. With baby number two I had a different doctor and the very first thing I told hime when I go to the hospital was my story from my first child. He broke it very quickly for me and my labor progressed very nicely from that point!
    Best of luck to you! You will have so much fun dolling up your little girl!

  34. 184
    anna juarez says:

    Well Amanda I do have a water breaking story, not mine but my little sister’s. I am a hairdresser and she had come to my shop for those last hightlights before she had her baby and in the middle of doing her hair she got the strangest look on her face. When I asked her what was wrong, you guessed it, she said she thought her water had broke. I didn’t know what to do at first, having never had this happen before, but she eased out of my chair and made her way to the restroom. She came out and sure enough, it had broke. Thank goodness we were far enough along on her hair and she was calm enough that we finished her highlights. She made it to the hospital pretty and in plenty of time, just a little wet. That was eighteen years ago almost to the day and it’s a day both of us will never forget.But don’t let this stop you from your highlight appointment, I’m sure everything will be fine.
    Anna Juarez

  35. 185
    The Moore's says:

    I do not know of anyone who’s water broke in public. But, I do have a funny story about my sister-in-law. She awoke one night and realized she was wet. Since it was her first child, She and my brother went to the hospital. Once there she was told her water hadn’t broke and they realized they had a leak in their waterbed….

  36. 186
    AMENMom says:

    My water broke at my baby shower! It was crazy, and completely surreal. Sorry if this is TMI, but I had on a pad so I was able to get out of there without ruining furniture or even letting anyone know. Now, when the doctor checked me at the hospital, we had a different story–they had to mop up the floor ๐Ÿ™‚


  37. 187
    Anonymous says:

    I love telling my going in to labor (the 2nd time) story….After my water (massively) broke it would not quit. I felt like a water spout. I changed twice before my husband told me to wrap a towel around my (very big I might add) waist. He wheeled our car into the hospital and stopped at the front door. He told me to go ahead and head upstairs while him and my 4 yr old (at the time) found a parking space. In the hospital elevator, with my big green towel wrapped around my waist I realized I was all alone and began to cry. Looking back (almost 5 yrs now) it is pretty funny but is was not at the time!! I made it to the delivery room and was still spilling water everywhere. I thought how could one person have this much water in them. Needless to say 3 hrs later I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Just so you know the embarrassing moments were all worth it in the end. Thanks for letting me share my story. It usually brings a chuckle to my friends.
    Good luck with your new addition.
    Tonya, Plant City, Fl

  38. 188
    kari says:

    My sisters water broke at the zoo. She was squatting down to point out the zebra to my neice, when it broke. From there labor was fast and furious! She said she had to try and hike out of the middle of the zoo with soaking wet legs and labor onsetting pretty hard. She made it to the car and thought she would have the baby before they got to the hospital, but she did make it in time.

    For me… I had 3 c-sections. No dramatic water breakage.


  39. 189
    Sandy in Holiday,FL says:

    With my 1st…I sat on a shower curtain on the way to the hospital. With the 2nd…the doctors’ discovered a slow leak in the 30th week so off I went to the hospital on the floor where they wait on you hand and foot. (the leak prompted concerns for infection and she was only 30weeks, so they wanted her to hang in there a while…two weeks later which I consider my last two weeks paid vacation) we had Loren. Perfectly healthy and the loudest preemie I had ever heard…she even weighed 6lbs.1 oz.! Can you imagine if she had stayed in the remaining 6 weeks! The 3rd… a scheduled C-section! Praise the Lord! I could actually plan something.
    Mrs.VVPG, may God bless you, your husband, your son and newest little girl to be, with a safe and sweet delivery, In Jesus Name, I pray. Amen! p.s. glad you got through your hi-lights for the inhairetance’ sake!

  40. 190
    Leslie says:

    Darling girl…my daughter’s water broke with baby number two, after she had run with our granddaughter to a nursing home a block away for trick or treats…so just don’t pick up jackson and go jogging. She proceeded to go trick or treating to the neighbor’s house later that evening and after the second house bent down to give Felicity, (her daughter…) a hand down the steps and whoops… (btw neighbor whose step the “water” leaked on never even knew it happened)
    Will be praying for you and baby girl!!!!
    a utah siesta

  41. 191
    Anonymous says:

    My water was broken by the doctor with my first son, but it broke in the car in front of the hospital with my second. In fact, that chid was almost born in the car. I had been up a couple times that night to use the restroom. I felt like I was dealing with the repercussions of the lasagna I had at Olive Garden for dinner, if you know what I mean. Then it dawned on me that I felt the urge to use the restroom fairly consistently. After my third trip to the bathroom, the pain hit. I knew I must be so close to delivery because I had an epidural at 8 cm. with my first and was not in any great pain even then. ( Don’t be impressed by that. With my third son, I was in agony at 3 cm.)In the car (20 minutes ride to the hospital), my contractions were every 30 sec-1 min. apart. I begged God to help me as my husband talked to the doctor’s office. The most precious thing happened as God gave me an image of the Shepherd sitting on a hill with my head lying against his lap as He stroked my hair. (I had been studying Jesus as the Good Shepherd in BSF, so this was especially sweet to me.).

    When we got to the hospital, my husband went to get a wheelchair as there was NO time to check in. When he came around with that chair, I thought he had lost his mind to expect me to SIT on that. The check-in lady told us to wait in the car as she was sending the doctor and nurses down with a car kit. Apparently, delivering a child on the leather seat was out of the question for him, as he kept saying “You can do it. Yes, you can.” Let me say that I got in that chair, rode the elevator up to the room, and got in the bed and did not have a single contraction the whole time! When the doctor came in after I miraculously pulled my enormous self on the bed, he asked the nurse how far along I was. She looked down and said, “Well, there’s the head!” Oh my word!

    That baby was so fortunate he was not born on the toilet at home. None of my contractions ever felt as I was told in Lamaze. They were all in my lower back.God’s hand was so good to protect us. After the birth, I had quite a bit of hemorraging that would have required medical attention that I would not have had if I had delivered at home or on the side of the road. When I look back, I see that whole experience as one of the most intimate experiences with God I’ve ever had. The realization that GOD Himself held my life and my child’s in His hand was almost too much. You know? He was not obligated to do that. He does it out of His great love and compassion. I would have been face to the floor had it been possible post-delivery.

    Treasure these remaining days of pregnancy and don’t shut yourself in. Pray over that which concerns you and go to Kroger in faith that God knows just the right time to send that baby on her way! If he decides the cereal aisle is the right time, it will be a sweet story to tell later. ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. 192
    The Marquarts says:

    so excited for you guys!

    don’t have any interesting stories about my water breaking…had a planned c-section! boy…i know what you’re saying about losing your modesty…dignity…everything! childbirth seems to do that!!

  43. 193
    Anonymous says:

    Oh Amanda . . . I am so excited for you to have your little precious girl. Regarding water breakage. I worked until the last minute. I was sitting in my boss’s office, his leather chair to be exact, doing some work at his desk, and heard/felt this little pop. Then . . . oh my goodness, the leaking began. It was my first and I was a bit early, so I wasn’t sure if this was it. But what else could it be? Thank you dear Lord that my boss was out of town . . . but, of course, he heard the story. I shudder to imagine his thoughts the next time he sat upon his leather chair. Hey, I cleaned it up!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I called the hospital, I called my husband. My husband (the social worker) had taken his patients to a special event about 1 and 1/2 hrs. away knowing this was not the day. Was he shocked to get the call … this was the day! So, a sweet office worker placed a blanket in the car seat (never asked if she threw it away or washed it later) and drove me to the hospital, wet and all. Let’s just say that was the beginning of letting go and letting God. All modesty was tossed out the window before my precious baby girl was delivered C-section 24 hours later.

    Later we can laugh at the memories and see our birth stories as stones of remembrance. Even if the stones do get a little wet along the way! ๐Ÿ™‚ – JH

  44. 194
    Anonymous says:

    My water broke at church and my friend’s husband got a paper towel. I had to send him for more!

    The ladies were very sweet. One called my husband-who brought a pile of towels to protect his leather seats.

    Almost 9 years later, most have politely forgotten.

  45. 195
    pilgrimwanderings says:

    Yeah, water breaking isn’t actually all that common. Mine had to be broken in the hospital. My cousin, however, had her water break when she and her dad were on his fishing boat in the middle of the lake. He almost passed out. LOL They made it back to shore and to the hospital safely, though. That was almost 13 years ago.

  46. 196
    nancy says:

    As mom to 7, I never had my water break until right before the baby was born. I didn't want to be in the hospital very long before the birth, but we almost cut it too close with baby #5. I walked into the hospital & my water broke right then & there, all over the lobby. They somehow got me up to a room, I sat down on the bed & the baby arrived. Perfect timing!

  47. 197
    Laura R. says:

    Well, I’m sorry to tell you that my water DID break in public. My son was 5 1/2 weeks early. I was at the pediatrician’s office with my little girl, who was about 20 months old at the time. I guess if you’ve got to be in public, the pediatrician’s office if better than WalMart, but it still was mortifying! I walked back from the waiting area to the doctor’s office and told the nurse my water had broken. She, an experienced mom of 8 (God bless her) sat me in the nearest chair and started making calls. The doctor came in, took one look at me, and told me that although he would be happy to take care of baby boy once he was in the world, he hadn’t delivered a baby since his residency and wasn’t really up for a refresher course just then. Due to an extremely convoluted set of circumstances (my car, which was the only vehicle we had that ran at the time, was at the doctor’s office with me but the battery was dead, my husband was at work across the river with no ride, my mom was at another hospital with my grandma, who had been admitted overnight for chest pains, etc. ect.) my brother-in-law actually had to pick me up at the doctor’s office and drop me off at the hospital while he went back to his house with my little girl. I went all the way through admissions by myself in wet pants. Not an experience I’d care to repeat. However, I wouldn’t trade my precious little man for all the money in the world, so I guess in the end it was worth it and the embarassment was nothing but a memory once they put him in my arms. You and Baby Girl are in my prayers. I hope you are safely in the hospital when your own water breaks.

  48. 198
    Kristen in Roswell says:

    Amanda, I am super-duper happy for you and the soon arrival of Baby Princess. BUT, I BEG you to please not have her next weekend!! I am going to LPL in El Paso and, well, I’m really excited about it!! Of course, the Lord’s timing is always perfect…I would never want your mom to miss being with you, but I selfishly want her with us, as well!! (Please know I am just giving you a hard time!!) Blessings on your beautiful family.

  49. 199
    The Williams in Africa says:

    My water broke on my second pregnancy. I was home, and it was more like a slow leak. Not a big deal but I was excited that the end was near! He was actually born on his due date which I have heard is not so common.
    I got a pedicure before each of my kids where born and received comments from the labor nurses on my pretty toes.

  50. 200
    Michelle Coppedge says:

    Amanda, I just wanted to let you know how much I adore your mom’s Bible Stdies and you and Melissa being so supportive of her. I love her studies, but I love keeping up with the 2 of you just as much! I just have to say that I did have a public water breaking experience with my first son….and it is traumatic! :)I am a special education teacher and I was acutally in a meeting when my water broke…and let me just say, when my water broke, it BROKE! My son had not yet “dropped” so ALL of my water came very quickly. I found myself standing in the front office of the school that I was teaching at in a HUGE puddle of water (pants soaked, socks soaked, at this point I had discarded my shoes!) waiting for my mom (who I call “greatest mom in the world”) to come and rescue me (my man was at work and was very calm about the whole incident…he works close to the hospital so he told me he would meet me there….can you imagine!). Now, there is a HUGE picture window to the front office there and it was break…did I mention it was a HIGH SCHOOL?!?! Everyone was gawking at me…it was the most absurdly wonderful thing ever! I will say with my second son that they had to break my water in the hospital so it isn’t really likely that yours would break, but it CAN! Don’t be fooled! ๐Ÿ™‚ What a great memory to share with my son…his magnificent “beginning of arrival”. God was faithful even in that….now only about HALF of our small town remembers the incident….which was 5 years ago! God bless you and your baby girl! Just had to share that with you!
    Michelle Coppedge
    Clanton, Alabama
    [email protected]

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