Over Our Heads

I was just praying out loud for some folks. So aware right now of many chronic – even life and death – needs. Thinking how many people I know who are flat-out over their heads. Been over mine in a personal thing or two lately myself. Keith has a CD in his blue Ford truck that he won’t give up but every time I get behind that wheel, I shove it in the player, flip it to song #9, turn it up as loud as I can stand it, and sing it like there’s no tomorrow. It talks about the kind of over-my-head I want to be. And I want you to be.

Girlfriends, Jesus is so worthy of our trust no matter what has taken us by surprise. Picture that, when the enemy asks for a little extra access to you, the only reason why God may have given him permission is because He knew you’d prove faithful. Do the thing. In the unseen realm, angels are cheering and demons are jeering. You are in the stadium and the bleachers are full. (Hebrews 12:1) Take one for the team if you have to. Be strong and courageous. Be willing to show people how it’s done. Don’t look for a leader. You are the leader. People are looking to you. Be deliberate. Make sure they see Jesus. We’re not here all that long and then there’s BLISS. Forever bliss. Till then, we’re over our heads. But we can dang-well decide what kind of over-our-heads we’re gonna be.

“Over My Head” by Brian Littrell

I tried to figure it out
Time and time again and time again
I guess there’s just some things I’ll never understand
‘Cause Your ways aren’t our ways
But deep down in my soul, down in my soul
There is one thing I know that I know

I’m in over my head
Right where I wanna be
I’m so lost within Your love
The love that always covers me
So high, so deep, so wide
A strong and cleansing tide
My soul has found a place to rest
I’m in over my head

I’ve been holding on
Now I’m letting go, just letting go
Gonna let Your love carry me away
I don’t know where I’m going
But I’m surrounded by the truth
And I can feel the current pulling me
Deeper into You

I’m in over my head
Right where I wanna be
I’m so lost within Your love
The love that always covers me
So high, so deep, so wide
A strong and cleansing tide
My soul has found a place to rest
I’m in over my head

You see me for who I am
You did reach out Your hand
You made me understand
That Your love has always covered me


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  1. 51
    Andreea says:

    This is so awesome!! Thank you so much!! I love how you always say that our trials come so that God can test our faith and prove it. (As opposed to what I've heard others say that if you go through trials it means your faith isn't strong enough)I love this post.

    Thanks so much for writing it for us!

  2. 52
    Moose Mama says:


    Adrienne (fuzzytop) and I have been doing Stepping Up, long distance. One of your questions in the first week asked us what we might fear in our journey with Jesus. I don’t want to flunk life, Beth. I want to finish strong. I want to be what that song says.

    You would also love song number 8 on the new Michael W. Smith CD, “A New Hallelujah”. My 10 year old and I are deep in love with Jesus. The song says it all. We love to sing it!

    Praying for you and “Converge” this week!

    Melana in Wyoming

  3. 53
    Wilma says:

    Oh how I needed to hear this message. I feel like I’m over my head and swimming up stream against rapids. God is still doing His work. We had tickets to Sevier Heights Christmas program at Thomas Boling Arena “Come to Christmas”. God moved in a MIGHTY WAY and during the invitation time people just kept coming from all over the arena. PRAISE HIM!! I was reminded of how important it is to just keep pressing on and trusting God. He is in control and still doing a mighty work and saving souls. He is the life Saver when we are drowning. Praying for you.
    Wilma from TN

  4. 54
    Cheryl Barker says:

    “When the enemy asks for a little extra access to you, the only reason why God may have given him permission is because He knew you’d prove faithful.” What encouraging words, Beth. Thanks for reminding me of this!

  5. 55
    Becky says:

    This blog that you posted hit the nail on the head for me today. I have been over my head for awhile but today took the cake. I have been on my job for 3 years and this morning at 8:30 I was let go not because of my work but because I am consider to be overhead (just a number). This past Feb I was told my these same two men that the company would not be the company it was if I was gone. I guess we will see. But I know who is in CONTROL and I leave it with HIM. So over the head I am please keep me in your prayers as there is no income in my home until I find a job. Thank you so much.

    Attalla, AL

  6. 56
    Anonymous says:


    My sister died last year today. It was a shock for my whole family. I am in grief and I pray that God and I know that God will use me to comfort others who suffer with losing their loved ones.

    I watched on T.V. tonight a man who was dressed up as Santa Claus visiting children in the burn unit of a hospital. He was a former patient in that hospital, a burned victim also, 50 percent of his body was affected. This man talked with the children and showed his scars to everyone. He thanked the staff for their compassion and care. He blew me away as encouraged the little ones to hang in there. He knew what it was like to suffer.

    I was reminded that God has wonderful things in store for us if we will say “yes” to Him. I want to say “Yes” to Him when I am in the struggle, in the suffering, trusting our faithful Father.

    Thank you Beth for sharing your sufferings, for being so open. You are a blessing.

  7. 57
    Georgia's blog says:

    Thank you Beth!!! I have been over my head in grief and loss this year, but I am loving where I am with HIM… even in the “Shattered Dream” I am “Praising Him in the Storm.” I still needed reminding though, it’s been a hard week!

    Blessings to Beth and thank you!!!

    Love ya,

  8. 58
    Jina says:

    Beth and Siestas,

    We need to live and breathe what Beth has presented now, if ever before. The shaking is coming ladies. We have to know without a shadow of a doubt who’s team we’re on. We have to be resolute.

    My oldest son, says he has dreams about being a martyr for Christ and asks God to give him the strength to praise him in the midst. That sends chills up my spine like no tomorrow, but that is the battle we are in. The crucible is getting hotter, but like we have learned in Daniel, it is only the bondage that gets burned off. Even if it is our earthly bodies. It sounds macabe, but we need to know the peace that plows on through the storm. We need to know that there is joy in the morning for the darkness of the night, there are green pastures,the croown of beauty for the ashes, there is a table of annointing with our savior in the presence of our enemies.

    I hear many learning that the victory on the battlefield is affected by our praise. Oh LORD, teach us to praise you with pure hearts, so you can come and inhabit our praise the moment we open our hearts and mouths. You have been, are today and always will be worthy of any praise that spills from our lips!

    LOVE YOU LORD! THERE IS NO ONE LIKE YOU! Let’s ask him what the battlefields are about in our lives and try to stay centered so we can move out with purpose and focus, being aware of the pitfalls around us.

    Love and blessing to you all!


  9. 59
    Anonymous says:

    Thank you for this entry. I came up to bed despairing even of life, telling God that I just don’t think I will ever understand His ways. I’m weary, I’m tired, I’m over my head, I am oppressed and life itself is too overwhelming right now. I didn’t know how to get through life tonight. I pulled up this blog and read the entry and I think I can try to sleep and get through this one night. God’s blessings are new every morning right? I pray that I might see those tomorrow. My Lord is my life, these moments are hard, tearful, oppressive. And yet I can go to bed looking up at the One who is all, knows all, understands all. The struggle for life is hard; thank you Beth for your words from the Lord. It is helping me to know that I am not alone. Please pray for me; anyone who reads this.

  10. 60
    Cheri-Beri says:

    Thank you for the pep talk. I just came home from the Christmas tea we had for the women’s group I’m blessed enough to be a ministry leader for. I am so full. What a wonderful, wonderful group of women I get to serve. Your post was the cherry on my sundae!! Bless you, sister.

  11. 61
    Anonymous says:

    Thank you, Beth. How did you know I needed to hear that just today? It helps me to remember that it will, indeed, be BLISS, and this time is so very short in light of it all!
    Blessings on thy head (feathers)!

  12. 62
    Diane Muir says:

    Alright. I wasn’t going to, but … I had a wild dream with you in it, Beth (kind of). You and Keith were having a renewal of vows ceremony – lots of Siestas were there. Your assistant was leading a procession of hundreds of women down a dusty road through a grove of something. She had to keep her hands raised over her head (yup, like Moses) because God had said that as long as our hands were raised over our heads, the rain would not come.

    Well, she had to do something and asked me to stand in for her. But, I got tired and didn’t really realize what was happening. My hands came down, the rain came … yup, my hands went back up.

    Other weird things happened – because I had to have my hands raised over my head, I managed to drive my Jeep badly and ruin some of your roses (sorry).

    I woke up, though, hearing directly from God that having my hands raised over my head in praise was exactly what He wanted from me.

    And now this post title freaked me out. I love when He talks to me. It’s freaky-good when He talks to me.

  13. 63
    calista says:

    Love the song!! So sorry I missed out on the survey. But, probably a good thing cause I talk way too much…..

  14. 64
    Leah says:

    Love those lyrics and I don’t think I have heard it before. As I picture being in over my head, I picture someone drowning and reaching up for that precious air. As we are in over our heads, it is intended that we should look up as well. I pray that I will always be faithful!!


  15. 65
    Anonymous says:

    O sweet sister…God knew I needed that message..;
    that is the same message I had spoken to Him with tears pouring down my face in the shower minutes earlier…and yet He knew I needed it confirmed as truth…O LORD MAKE US FAITHFUL…BECAUSE YOU INDEED ARE WORTHY…
    Trust Him at all times O People;
    Pour out your heart before Him
    God is a refuge for us…indeed He is the eternal refuge and underneath are His everlasting arms.

  16. 66
    fuzzytop says:

    This is such a great message…. Thanks for encouraging us with this post. What CD is this song on???


  17. 67
    phyllisp says:

    Praise God! and the Name of Jesus forever and ever.

  18. 68
    Jenn says:

    After being diagnosed with lupus in May, I determined to fight and glorify God through it all….continuing as if nothing happened or needed to change as long as He saw fit to bless me with the physical ability to continue “doing my thing”. I started working out and watching what I ate and even lost 30 pounds doing so all the while on prednisone. (PRAISE GOD for that, I was already 50 pounds overweight!)
    And now, in the midst of realizing some things really need to change, I have to let go and remember that He is in control. I never realized how much of an idol running was becoming to me until now when I am faced with the fact that it just might have to be something I did instead of something I do.
    But I will press on and race towards the prize to which I have been called. The only difference is that now it might be in the pool instead of on the treadmill.

  19. 69
    Chris in PA says:

    WE ARE FAMILY! I HAVE ALL MY SISTERS AN ME! (yup, you know which song that is!)

    …and we are leaders, doin the thing together! Thanks Beth, thanks sisters!

  20. 70
    FranAlabama says:

    “If we stop believing the moment we start being tested, we will never know the power and faithfulness of God.” Beth Moore, “Jesus the One and Only”, p.98.
    I underlined this and have been praying over it and holding on to it since I read it last night. And now, here in the morning, I get another fresh word to go with it! Bless you Beth for being the way that God speaks to me (through you) SO many times!!

  21. 71
    Susan B. says:

    Thank you!

  22. 72
    Tambrey says:

    I so am there with you Beth! I experienced something a couple of weeks ago that blindsided me and left me devestated. But one thing in all the craziness was God was so “right there” thru it all! I felt His presence like I never have in my life. He was suffering right there with me. I felt His arms around me and knew every tear I cried He was holding me. Yes, we need to take one for the team sometimes. Visit me sometimes on my blog! It is http://www.thekinleyfamily.blogspot.com By the way, tell Travis he helped me run the 1/2 in Memphis. His songs proved faithful during that hard run! LOL!

  23. 73
    Kristy says:

    As I was writing out the Christmas cards last night, after having received my first of the year. It talked about how wonderful they were doing, and how their children seemed so perfect. As I sat to write ours out, I started to think – the kids are in school, one does well, the other hangs in there – though neither love it. My husband is blessed with his job – though he is miserable right now. Our littlest one is having medical issues right now – it’s an “over my head” time right now. I need to focus on Him to see me through – thanks for the great reminder!

  24. 74
    Anonymous says:


  25. 75
    Katie says:

    How precious God’s timing is when He inspires His children to encourage each other. No doubt I am not the only one feeling the healing water of these words but I am one of them. I have two babies, Adam and Charis in Heaven I am thankful every day for. Now I go in for weekly visits to the OB because their seven months along sister, Sarah has inherited my heart arrhythmia. Fortunately its considered benign but still a little scary. My sweet brother and sister-in-law miscarried. I imagine our babies playing together and so through the sadness I am joyful for that. I find I can give thanks that Satan will lose and we will come out more like Christ.

  26. 76
    Rachel in Louisiana says:

    What sweet words for me and a timely reminder. I asked for prayer last week for a 17yr-old boy from our church who had complications from a brain surgery to remove a cancerous brain tumor. Sadly, he passed away last Thursday. My heart ached as I had to tell my 17yr-old son about his friend the young man’s parents. I told my son that something occurred to me through all of this: We don’t understand why, but thankfully God doesn’t require our understanding, only our faithfulness. Just keep the faith and let God carry you, even when it doesn’t feel so good.

  27. 77
    Gabby says:

    I needed that today, so much going on around us: church troubles, economy, friends battling cancer, job uncertainty, health concerns…
    It is enough to make me want to surrender, but I will not. He is God and I am not. I am holding on!

  28. 78
    Abbasgirl says:

    A timely message.

  29. 79
    Donna says:

    Praying on bended knee for you and whatever situation you have been going through. He knows, we don’t need the details but felt His Spirit move me to prayer for you. Sure love you and the gift of communication He blessed you with.
    Loving Him with you,

  30. 80
    Anonymous says:

    Thank you for writing the Word that I know God wanted me to hear. I like that song, too! Have a blessed day!

  31. 81
    Anonymous says:

    In the midst of all the seriousness of this post, can I just be a little humorous and say…”Beth, of all the things you can go out and buy…go buy yourself your own copy of that CD!” 🙂 If you can get us this amped up just from listening to it time and again in Keith’s truck…God only knows the revival we could have if you had your own copy in your car! 🙂

  32. 82
    Lindsey says:

    Thank you for these sweet words of encouragement. My husband and I are being attacked viciously by Satan after years heartache, a near divorce and an amazing reconciliation…it has been SO hard for both of us not to fall back into old patterns. As fairly new Christians, we needed this reminder that we have to keep fighting to show God’s work and glory in our lives.

    Have a beautiful day!

  33. 83
    Michelle Bentham says:


    I’ve never heard that song… But it perfectly describes the going deeper I’ve experienced these last two years. It’s often hard to imagine there is a deeper still with God when you find such a wealth of Him in your present season.

    Still, every time I press in, pursue Him more… He takes me further and further until my heart once again overflows and my mind is filled with thoughts of Him in new ways and new seasons.

    Thanks for the encouragement. You always bless as you allow Him to speak through you.

    Blessings sweet friend, and much love.

  34. 84
    Anonymous says:

    If there has been one theme in my life over the past few months it has been – BE DELIBERATE! How often we get tossed to & fro. NO. I will choose how I will respond. I will choose to honor God. I will choose to surrender to Christ Jesus in all! Thank you for reminding me I am not alone.
    Rhonda In Texas

  35. 85
    The Martins says:

    Oh, how He speaks to me through you! I’m constantly amazed…..sitting here in tears. I was looking specifically this morning for a Word and came here. You would not believe how much this means to me today.

  36. 86
    Anonymous says:

    You always know what I need. Praise Him. Psalm 40 has been my song as of late–He lifts us out of that slimy pit, that mud and mire. That is my Hope.

  37. 87
    The Williams in Africa says:

    When a certain circumstance enters my life, my faith is tested, my trust weakens. This time, the circumstance is extreme and instead I have bliss. I am in way over my head and I will trust Him. And the peace is here in my heart and I am lost in His love, wondering what it all means. Excited about the possibilities for our future as we choose to obey and stay right where God wants us.

  38. 88
    GratefulinGA says:

    Thanks for yet another timely word.
    over my head in Georgia
    much love and blessings,

  39. 89
    Sandy says:

    Jesus is so worthy of my trust. Hallelujah.

  40. 90
    Desiree says:

    Thank you, Jesus, for speaking through our friend. No one else could have spoken to my need this morning like You. Thank you for your transparency and faithfulness, Beth. May we be blessed today with the overwhelming presence of God in our overwhelming lives!

  41. 91
    daniella says:

    You are darling, Beth! I heart you. I’m doing the “Believing God” online bible study now and not a day goes by without me crying because of so much truth revealed. Thank you for being…you.

  42. 92
    Marilyn in Mississippi says:


    I don’t have any eloquent words to say….wish I did….just that I love being reminded how great and awesome our God is!

    There is a very old song written by Kyla Rowland called “He Will Roll You Over the Tide”. When we are ‘over our heads’ with the storms of life He will indeed ‘roll us over the tide’. I sang that song to myself over and over 28 years ago during the natural birth of our youngest son. Since then there have been many times that He rolled me over the tide. And He’ll keep doing it until He brings me to the other side of the Jordan!

    Again…thanks for pointing us to the ONE!

    Love ya,

  43. 93
    Nichele Lynn says:

    I need this Word. Thank you Sweet Beth for being the boldness we need to hear

  44. 94
    Cindy- My Life HIS Story says:

    Oh, please, God…let it be true of my life…Let others see me living it…Head over heels, completely sold out.~

    Thank you, Beth. Needed that encouragement today to keep up the good fight and that in the unseen others are rooting for my victory!

  45. 95
    Anonymous says:

    I LOVE this blog, Beth. I've forwarded it to some folks who I know are hurting right now. I MISS you; got so used to hearing/seeing you on a weekly basis – having "Beth Withdrawal". Want to wish you & yours a wonderful, Spirit-filled Christmas!

  46. 96
    Sister In Christ in Fort Smith says:

    What a timely post, Beth. Thank you so much for the encouraging words. I am going through a tough time right now and this spoke to my heart, words straight from the throne of God. I am determined to do the thing that God has put before me, the enemy will not win.

    Blessings to you, sweet friend in Christ.

  47. 97
    Dee says:

    My heart both rejoices and grieves over the posts of my sisters. Praise God for the victories, and I pray for His victory in the lives of those who are sorrowing over such hard situations. Thank you so much for this means to share with and grow in love with my sisters whom I have never even met. God is amazing and His love endures forever. Love, Deidra

  48. 98
    Cindy says:

    Dearest Beth –
    Thank you so much for this post. Such encouragement…no words to thank you.

    This song is a gift. Thanks also to Melissa for her post several months ago about the Selah song “Before the Throne of God Above”. It has ministered to me on many occasions since she shared. Thank you!!

    Proverbs 11:25
    A generous woman will prosper; she who refreshes others will herself be refreshed.

  49. 99
    Kim Safina says:

    The Journey Continues ~

    Twinkle as you "CARRY THE LIGHT" Beth,
    Thank you for the truth in life and not the fluff we usually hear from the world.
    I am going to purchase "Over my Head today and add it to my car cd and I bet I can sing it louder than you!!!!

    Jesus is so worth of our trust!

    The enemy continues to attack me everyday and I fight back and stand FIRM on the FOUNDATION of JESUS CHRIST AND HIS WORD!!!!

    Christmas is such a emotional, stressful, joyous time of year. Amazing how many feelings go into this season! Let's Remember what Psalm 46:10 tells us …

    I just had all my dearest friends over for my annual Christmas luncheon and ornament exchange. On each place setting, I had a table ornament with that scripture Psalm 46:10 with their precious names! It was heartfelt by all and I was inwardly blessed!

    You and your family are the best TWINKLE LIGHTS us Siesta's could have.

    You have been chosen for the position you carry for LPM & this outreach and we are your cheerleaders!
    Be Still ~
    With "Heaven Bound" blessings,
    Kim Safina

  50. 100
    Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the word you shared today. I needed to hear it one more time today. And it’s only 8:30(mountain time) here. Ha!
    God is so faithful and He loves me!

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