Merry Christmas, You Merry Siestas!

Merry Christmas, Dear Sisters! We hope you’ve had a marvelously blessed day. What greater cause for celebration could we have? The Word became flesh and pitched His tabernacle among us so that we could behold His glory, the glory of the One and Only full of grace and truth! Joy to the world, the Lord has come. Let earth receive her King!

I dearly love Christmas. I’m dog-tired but so happy. The company’s all gone (at least for a few hours) and I’m taking a break for a few minutes. I’m sitting on the floor in our computer room because we had to use our desk chairs for all our company to be able to eat at a table and we haven’t moved them back upstairs yet. My day started early. I crawled out of bed at 6:00 AM after a late night as Claus. Thankfully everybody slept for another hour and I had some time to myself. A few minutes to get on the floor before the Lord, to read too-fast-a-devotional, and drink a strong cup of coffee with just the right amount of cream. Before long Keith rolled out of bed then Melissa. She is like a 5 year-old at Christmas. She makes it so much fun. She loves seeing all heaps of presents and trying to guess what she’s getting and trying to get you to guess what she’s giving. It was a treat to see that mighty cute Colin Fitzpatrick coming down the stairs this morning. Our family loves him so much and we’ve even adjusted to him and Melissa sleeping in the same room. (Always a tad awkward at first.)

We wanted Amanda, Curtis, and our best boy, Jackson, to get to have the time they needed for Santa at home so we put off opening presents till later in the morning after they arrived. Melissa made a fantastic egg casserole that we pulled out of the oven about the time they walked through the door. We ate a quick breakfast and gathered in the den. It was Amanda’s time to read the Christmas story. She was so beautiful sitting there with that darling tummy. She doesn’t feel very darling but she is. (We’re only 7 weeks out, by the way!) I was sure Jackson would turn into a pumpkin (wrong holiday) before we could get through the Scriptures but he did so well. Keith prayed over us then the mania began. We love to see each other open presents so it takes forever because we keep stopping to look what someone got.

Jackson is at the ultimate age for Christmas. A total blast. He got an entire dealership of cars and trucks. That’s all in the world he loves. Anything on wheels. If I ever end up in a wheel chair when I’m on up in years, I hope he’s still taken with them. His baby sister got so many things for her nursery. It’s going to be adorable! We can hardly wait for her to get here.

I really scored on Colin and Curtis’s presents. I got them remote control helicopters (really complicated ones with an instructional video by some dude that had the personality of a rocket scientist) and they spent the next two or three hours on them. Keith was so bitter I didn’t get him one. Blast. Why didn’t I think of that?

After we dug ourselves out from under six feet of wrapping paper, the family began straightening things up and setting tables and I started cooking like a wild woman. I’ve got to tell you, Siestas, I had the cooking anointing this year. I’m not even kidding. It was everything I could do not to stop every few bites and say, “Is this incredible or what?” (Actually, I first wrote that I wanted to stop every few bites and say, “I totally rock!” but I thought you’d think that sounded a tad boastful. So I didn’t write it. But now I have. You’ve got to give me this one cooking moment. Just one.) My cornbread dressing was killer. My mom would have had a fit. My broccoli and rice casserole was terrific, too, but I made enough for 68 people. It’s what we at our house call a “Moore-der.” (An “order” Moore-style.) If a little is good, a ton is better. I also could feed a football team the rest of my green bean casserole (they’d better eat it after a game, however) and I have two pies that weren’t even touched. (I know what you’re thinking. It wasn’t because they weren’t good. It’s because I made a Texas sheet cake and two other pies and cranberry oatmeal cookies. See what I’m saying? A Moore-der.)

I bet Colin and I peeled 14 potatoes to mash (I make really great mashed potatoes and gravy). I kept saying, “We’d better do just one more.” His eyes just kept getting bigger and bigger. How in heaven’s name are you supposed to gage how much food thirteen people will eat anyway? And two of Keith’s nephews are in college. Have you watched a college boy eat lately? It’s violent.

Colin and Melissa could only stay for a little while after we sat down to eat so that they could head to his house only a few subdivisions from here. She had a temperature when she left so I bet by the time she gets back late tonight, I have a sick girl on my hands. I got Strep throat the week of Converge and then got a chest cold then Amanda caught the cold and now Melissa’s got it. We’re usually a healthy bunch. I don’t know what’s gotten into us. I think it may be because one day it’s 35 degrees here in Houston and the next it’s 80. I had the heater on yesterday and I have the air conditioner on today. Star can’t decide whether to grow more hair or shed it. This climate is preposterous.

Oh, I forgot to tell you that Melissa left her laptop on the side of the stairs last night and while Keith and I were being Mr. and Mrs. Claus and hauling presents downstairs, he stepped on it. (We usually take the chimney but we were afraid Star and Geli would try to leap in behind us and it would take forever to get the soot off their fur.) You should see the laptop. I guess you know what she’s getting for a post-Christmas gift.

OK, I realize this post is really random but, among a dozen other things, Star keeps dropping her favorite ball right beside me so I’ll play fetch with her and I have to stop typing every couple of minutes and throw it. And boy is it spitty. I keep trying to throw the thing at an angle where it will bounce downstairs so she’ll take longer to get it but she’s the fastest thing on four legs.

The last random thing I’m going to tell you is that I got Keith one of those massagers you put in a chair and sit against and it does all sorts of fancy things to your neck, back and shoulders. It heats up and everything. I think he’s about to sit in it and I want to beat him to it so I’m going to have to go. You know how you tend to get people things you want for yourself?

Uh-oh. I hear Keith downstairs singing “Ebony and Ivory.” I bet anything he’s in that danged chair. Something’s chilled that boy out.

Merry Christmas, Siestas. I pray Jesus all over every single one of you this coming year. I want me a Jesus year. That’s what I want for Christmas.


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  1. 1
    Anonymous says:

    Merry Christmas sweet Beth. I want me a Jesus year too!

  2. 2
    Jess says:

    Merry Christmas Mrs. Moore. I hope it was a great one for you. I also hope you get a chance to read my prayer request (I hope you even read them…I dont know). I need the Lord to help me right now…I’m desperate. I know He’ll provide but I need the prayer. I pray for you all the time…I know the Lord is with you.

  3. 3
    Anonymous says:

    Yes, AMEN a JESUS year!!! Thank you for sharing your Christmas day. You are a real joy to read.

    Emily Meyer, Ocala, FL

  4. 4
    Kim says:

    Merry Christmas Moore Family! Thanks for this post today.. Just hit the spot as a perfect ending to this great day. I am praying right along with you for a “Jesus Year” for us all!!! Blessings to you all, Kim

  5. 5
    Anonymous says:

    I love the recap of your day. Mine was similar, but husband and I had a bit of the stomach bug. We made it though. His side of the family do not always understand our sold out life to Jesus. I always get nervous with saying the blessing and don’t know what to say since they don’t know Christ. This year I read my Christmas prayer. I wrote it a few weeks ago in the midnight hour when I couldn’t sleep. I reread it and said, “that’s it!” They were polite and respectful of the daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, aunt who just can’t keep her mouth shut anymore! After all, they were at my house! No one else was getting credit today. Jesus got all the glory in my house today! I love Him so!
    Tender in Tennessee

  6. 6
    Miranda says:

    Sounds like you had a blast!!! Me too!! I had a WONDERFUL day.. God revealed Himself to my unbelieving family.

    Had my sister and cousin saying “Wow.. I can’t believe that happened!” I’ll have to type me a post about it soon. Ha!

    Merry Christmas!

  7. 7
    HisTreasuredPossession says:

    Dear mama Beth! Thanks for takinga few minutes to say Merry merry! We had a sick baby girl for her first Christmas but my two boys (4 and 2) just ate it UP!! Divine to watch their hearts overflowing with thankfulness for what “mama” got them, even if it was someone else! So grateful, myself, for Jesus. Where would I be without him? Praying for a special blessing on the rest of your darling family as the weekend unfolds and that Melissa wouldn’t get (too) sick before she needs to fly home. So thankful for you!

  8. 8
    lori says:

    Merry Christams to you too!!
    Love you

  9. 9
    Mocha with Linda says:

    This seriously made me smile! Merry Christmas to you and all your family, Beth!

  10. 10
    Anonymous says:

    You are simply the best!!! I laughed my whole way through that post! Merry Christmas dear Beth. I’m SO looking forward to Jesus filled year!!!

    Meinda ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. 11
    Emmy says:

    Oh I want me a Jesus year too! Thank you for sharing and praying… I love it!

    Merry Christmas Siestas!

    God Bless! Emmy : )

  12. 12
    BecKiev says:

    Merry Christmas everyone!
    My brother’s and sister’s families have left and we are basking in the afterglow of tons of food and presents. My hubby got an mp3 player and I’m downloading podcasts so have a few minutes at the computer. My 100-year old granny made it here too (I’m also in Houston trying to figure out what the heck to wear each day as it changes minute-by-minute!..we are visiting my parents from Indianapolis). She is in great shape but almost completely deaf so we were all yelling at granny all day…quite humorous, really.

  13. 13
    Nancy from MA says:

    Merry Christmas, my friend. I can’t believe I am the first post. Well, I guess I can…Every one else is either still with family or totally fried from the day. I knew you would drop us a note. You are so thoughtful of your Siesta’s.
    We got hit with the ice storm last week, went 5 days without electricity, but my husband and I slept on the dining room floor in front of the wood stove. We won’t get to clean up until Spring because we got 18″ of snow two days later. The trees and branches are frozen in the ground.
    I just wanted to say Merry Christmas and thank you for sharing the joy of your family Christmas with us. We love you all.
    Abundant blessing to each of you in the new year.
    Nancy from Otis, MA

  14. 14
    Holly says:

    Praying for a Jesus year for you, Beth, and for all of us!! Yes!

    And the laptop? AW! I hope Keith is OK! He may need the massage chair now, huh?

    BTW, I happen to be married to a rocket scientist with quite a fun personality! He is an enigma, I’d say.

  15. 15
    Anonymous says:

    Amen and Amen. We read Luke 2 last night and covered our morning in prayer. You should have seen my almost 8-year-old son’s face light up when he got an e-mail response back from the folks at NORAD when he asked when Santa would be at our house! I took some heat at my son’s school for the near-rabid stance I took that we believe in Santa. But if my son is ever the prodigal child and is eating from the proverbial trough-of-life anytime near the Holidays, maybe the memories will help bring him home! My spriritual goal is to be in the moment. It dawned on me the other day that’s what I’m not, but Jesus always was. My academic goal is to read as many of the works of CS Lewis as possible. I can thank a fellow Siesta for that one! Thanks Joanne H.
    Merry Christmas and Peace. I have go to be in the moment with my husband!!
    Kim in Apex, NC

  16. 16
    Luv2Praise says:

    Merry Christmas Mama Beth, Amanda, Melissa, Siesta’s and families!

    Sounds like you had a fabulous Christmas. There is nothing like being with the ones you love the most, sharing good food and memories.

    I want a Jesus year too! Last year I vowed to be used of Him. To be bold and take chances. When I look back I see that I have done just that in many instances and have been blessed by the results of God’s work in my life. I have also fallen short many times and need to be more steady in my walk.

    Sometimes I think I am trying so hard and can’t seem to make headway with people (family, friends and co-workers). I need to be reminded that His Ways are not My Ways and it is all in God’s hands, not mine! That is a tough lesson for me. I have been told that you know what “type of a tree” you are by the fruit that you bear. It frustrates me to not physically see the fruit. I know that I must be faithful and He will guide my steps. I pray that I continue to grow through His Word and through this LPM Blog. I learn so much from all of you at LPM and my fellow Siesta’s.

    Thanks for a year of friendships, guidance, wonderful Bible Studies (No Other God’s, to name one), and stepping out of my comfort zone.

    May this New Year be a Year of JESUS and may we be bold and lift each other up as true Siesta’s in prayer that we may glorify HIM in all we say and do.

    Happy New Year to you all.

    In HIS Name,

    Luv2Praise, Lori

  17. 17
    Dana N says:

    Oh, thank you so much for the Christmas post. We had a glorious time–well, for the most part–with our growing family. And I have to say that we also cook waaaay too much food around here. I am hoping for help eating the left-overs tomorrow-and the next day and probably the next ๐Ÿ™‚ Here’s wishing a Jesus year for you, your family and all the Siestas!!

  18. 18
    Becky says:

    Merry Christmas Mama Siesta!

    Love you!

  19. 19
    Casey says:

    I thought of you all today and prayed that you had a great day celebrating CHRISTmas. Would love to see some pictures! Many hugs!!

  20. 20
    Georgia Jan says:

    Merry Christmas to you too, sweet Beth – and all your family too.

    Since my boys are both married now (my youngest son got married this past June), we are moving our family Christmas meal and opening presents time to Christmas Day “night.” I believe this tradition will stick and I love it because they are through running here and there and sort of just relax with us for the evening.

    Tonight we had breakfast for supper – which we all love. This was a first and it worked so well, I hope to continue it too. We had pancakes and bacon and some of the best sausage ever.

    It was my grandson’s first Christmas – he is 4 months old. I got him a big John Deer tractor and we took his picture “propped” in it – he was in the best mood all evening – he’s belly laughing and “talking” now – a pure delight. He laughs at me the most and my husband is jealous – but I have purposed to be the “fun grandmother” and I love it!!!

    We also had cornbread dressing and green bean casserole too with our Christmas lunch meal – just my man and me, that was nice too.

    So all in all, it’s been a great Christmas day. I have been in the kitchen all day long – but loved every minute of it. I am so thankful to know the Savior – to know why He came, and to rejoice in this time of year.

    I’m starting to crash now, so it was good to see a post from you.

    I’m so sorry about Melissa’s laptop and fever – take care of that girl – she’s precious! Praying for Amanda’s pregnancy and for a safe and wonderful delivery.

    Much love and Blessings from Georgia Jan

  21. 21
    Ashley Griffin says:

    rock on bethie!

  22. 22
    Jessie says:

    I soooo want me a Jesus year too. One closer and clearer than ever before…. and I love, love, love the description of your day. beautiful.

  23. 23
    Joanne (The Simple Wife) says:

    Merry Christmas, darling Beth and Co.!

    Sounds like ya’ll had a marvelous day and it’s so fun to picture you laughing and enjoying being together.

    Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your day–and my mom totally had the cooking anointing today too. It’s my husband’s favorite meal of the whole year and I’ll just go ahead and tattle by saying he ate like he REALLY meant it.

    Love you so much!


  24. 24
    Lynn says:

    Christus natus hodie!

    Merry Christmas, Beth and all the Moore clan. Thanks for sharing yoru Christmas day with us. Bravo on your exceptional cooking.

    We had a lovely Christmas in the convent. Its all about Him and we have so much joy celebrating taht together. We had wonderful food and fellowship.

    May this indeed be a JESUS year.

    love to you,
    Sister Lynn

  25. 25
    jerriann says:

    Me too! I want me some alotta Jesus this year! Thank you for the prayer.

    I love you, Beth. Thank you for the way you bring God’s message to us.

  26. 26
    tulip says:

    Merry Christmas to all my dear Siestas!

    I’ve been lurking way too much this year as we have had some difficult times. However, I’m just praising my God today for all of His terrific and many-splendered blessings (almost said ‘Splenda’, yikes!), keeping me strong and drawing me closer to Him. What more could I want….or need! I’m with Beth…I want me some more Jesus this year….so much that I’m completely hidden in His shadow and all I hear is the Master’s voice. Praise Him!

    Praying for all my Siestas and their families today.
    Be blessed, dear ones!
    In Christ,
    tulip in Idaho

  27. 27
    jenkins_k08 says:

    glad you all had such a wonderful christmas! ๐Ÿ™‚ many blessings for the new year

  28. 28
    Laughing Momma says:

    The perfect end to our day…yours sounded much like ours minus the fate of the laptop…Just wanted to tell you what a wellspring of life I feel when I think of getting Jesus under my tree…there was A LOT of good stuff under this year…but nothing to compare to HIM.

    I need a little more of HIM, and a little less of me this year.

    Blessing to you all


  29. 29
    Anonymous says:

    Beth, that’s what I’m wanting for next year too!! More than anything. The next thing I want is a healthy, perfect grandbaby girl. She’ll make her presence known in May. We are so in love with her2year oldbig sister that I can’t even imagine the amount of love that willgush out for them both.
    We’ve had a 27 year old in bed with a bad bug all day today. I feel so sorry for him. He’s the health nut in the family but can he put away his grandmother’s dressing and fresh green beans then top it all off with her beyond believing chocolate maraigne (I don’t know how to spell it) pie in the picture perfect homemade crust. My sweet mother could barely eat because her favorite and only grandson couldn’t. I’m reminded of how immeasurably blessed we are to have anything to eat. May we never fail to give Him all the priase for all he has done and for all He is going to do.

  30. 30
    TCKK says:

    While you’re placing your order, I’ll take one of those Jesus years myself!!

  31. 31
    gigetgirl says:

    Hi Bethie,
    Merry Christmas from Snowshoe!

    where there is no snow for skiing or boarding. boo whooo.

    we are having a super holiday with all our young men and having lots to of their fave foods to eat.

    We wish you all a year of Jesus as well! and then some.

    Time for a night of cards- we like scum- you need lots of people – makes for tons of laughing and merry making.

    We love you all!
    Merry Christmas LPM!
    can’t wait to see pics of the little woman coming in 7 weeks.

    Warms hugs from the W.Vir. Mts.

  32. 32
    lavonda says:

    Me too. More than ever! A Jesus filled year. At a Christmas Eve serice last night, a teeny part of the story the pastor talked about was ‘just trust Him’… it hit me to the core like nothing else has in a long time.

    I think I’d quit trusting Him without realizing it or meaning to. Too many bad things happening back to back the last few years. A bunch of junk every time you turn around. I think I started leaning more on myself to hold things together, keep up the joy, while all the while still praying and talking to Him and going through the motions of what I just know. Not as real as it should be from my heart though.

    But He touched me last night in that candlelight service. And I so want me a Jesus filled year! I want it fresh and honest and transparent.

    Then my daddy read to us from Luke 2 this morning (over speakerphone since this is the first year I’ve not been with my parents for Chrismtas in 38 years) and listening to His Word — the same story I’ve read a hundred times myself — Oh my. It felt FRESH.

    Oh how I pray I can make a difference for Him this coming year! Maybe I’ve been through so much that He can use me now.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for keeping it real, Beth.

  33. 33
    twinkle says:

    Merry Christmas!
    Wish you could taste the banana pudding I made today…it was earning me some winks at the dinner table tonight.
    Love you, tons.
    Love Jesus…Moore-der.

  34. 34
    Laura Beth Fletcher says:

    Merry Christmas Beth! Sounds like you had a wonderful one! My husband has always wanted one of those remote control helicopters as well! Maybe he and Keith will get one from Santa next year! Hope Melissa is feeling better! Saying prayers for Amanda and the littlest siesta! (I know littlest isn’t really a word, but it seems appropriate!)
    I want Jesus for Christmas too! Love you!
    Laura Beth

  35. 35
    Anne says:

    Ha! That’s what I got my husband, too, and he keeps going “oooh, aaah” just like I did at the store when I tried the demo.

    I think we’ll be having races to get to it first, too.

  36. 36
    Meghan says:

    Merry Christmas Moore’s!! I love your random posts, and my husband doesn’t even roll his eyes anymore when I crack up in the middle of one. Have yourselves a very blessed Christmas, and new year!!!!

    I want me a Jesus year too. My theme song next year is Little Drummer Boy. It is so very humbling to face Jesus, and I have nothing of value to give Him. So I will take Him what little I have for Him with my whole heart, and let Him do the rest.

  37. 37
    bp says:

    Merry Christmas to your family! I enjoyed reading your story of your day.

    That’s so funny about the helicopters. Great guy gift!

  38. 38
    Anonymous says:

    Hey Beth and Bunch (yes, the Moore’s; but everyone in Siestaville, too) –

    Hope your day was full of family and food and fun and remembering how OUTRAGEOUS it was that the One Who spoke the universe into existence showed up and got plopped in a manger!!

    (I love God so much – not least of which ’cause He’s got to have a great sense of humor. I’m sure He’s a Secret Siesta!!!)

    Hugs and Christmas Kisses,

    Hope you’re having a Cool Yule,

    Warm in Alaska
    (but only warm cause I’m staying indoors – boy it’s cold outside!)

  39. 39
    Anonymous says:

    My man and my sister usually peel 10 lbs of potatoes for about 10 people. They say “it did not look like too many”. Hysterical. Anyway, your day sounds great. My only sister (twin) and her fam spent their first Christmas in San Antonio and all I’ve got to say is, it’s a long way from Ohio. How blessed to have both your girls together this year. I want a big dose of Jesus this year, too. Can’t wait to see what He has in store!

  40. 40
    Carolyn says:

    Merry Christmas Beth to you and all your family. You guys always have so much fun together. Thanks for sharing the re-cap of your day with us siestas.

    God Bless you today and in the new year.

    Carolyn a Raleigh girl in California

  41. 41
    Shellie Paparazzo says:

    Merry Christmas, Mama Beth! And, no, Melissa cannot have my new laptop. I’m having way too much fun with it. I’m even thinking of starting my own blog, if I can figure out how. I’m going to be buying a bunch of those “For Dummies” books for my computer programs. And, by the way, tell Amanda, my son, Jeremiah (age 10) wants her golden retriever if she’s still mad at him. He wants a golden retriever so bad. I don’t think he’s going to get one, though, until he’s married and has his own house! The rest of us want a weiner dog. Of course, I never thought I’d get a laptop, so only time will tell. Maybe someday we’ll have a place big enough for multiple dogs!

  42. 42
    Fallingforward says:

    Me too…that’s what I want this year Beth! Sounds like an awesome Christmas. I had my 12 year old daughter in bed with me at seven thirty trying to get me to wake up. My husband was already in the kitchen making some delicious sweet rolls. As soon as I rolled out of bed, my two dogs were on me like glue. How did they know I had doggie toys in my arms? I let them have them and they experienced great puppy joy, especially when my flat-coated retriever came running into the room and dropped the squeeker she had torn out of the stuffed bunny at my feet! It was cold, cloudy and rainy here in Tucson and we’re REALLY praying for some snow. We rarely have it here and there is a winter storm warning in effect until tomorrow night at 5PM. We all have our snow boots and parkas ready…just in case. We didn’t get a chair massager but my husband gave me a theracane. It’s one of those things that fits over your back so you can massage those nasty muscle knots. Very functional and I’ve already used it. Ten years ago while still in my thirties, I might have been upset or disapointed with that gift. Good thing he waited until now to give it to me!

  43. 43
    Jill_in_AL says:

    Such joy to read all about y’alls day. We had a dandy day in sunny, too-warm for Christmas Alabama with lots of goodies Santa left for us all….much fun, hours of smiles and family and friends to love. It has been a blessed day to say the very least.

    Just about to tuck my little ones in for much needed rest before day 2 of the toy mania tomorrow.

    Thank you for the prayers toward 2009. I so want a 2009 Jesus-filled year and am already looking forward to to it! ((((huge hugs))), Jill

  44. 44
    Karen E says:

    Thanks for the Christmas blessing, Beth! Thanks, also, for a suggestion you had back around Thanksgiving — to take a bathroom knee break when things get sticky at family holiday gatherings. Excellent suggestion, with very freeing results today! I was able to go back to the day with forgiveness and grace to offer instead of my pride and selfishness. I love it when God answers prayers so quickly!

  45. 45
    Anonymous says:

    Merry Christmas to all of you guys! It was fun to read your post.. It was pretty easy to visualize everything..You are a hoot especially with the spitty ball..I laughed a good one for that! Glad you guys had a great time! Love you silly.
    Delilah in Arkansas

  46. 46
    DigiNee says:

    Thanks for sharing Beth —–

    ” . . . and boy is it spitty” – priceless!

    Sorry about the computer – ouch double time.

    The Moore update is better than the old Christmas movie classics.

    If you look real pathetic and show Keith your dinner cooking battle scarred hands then maybe he might give up the chair for a few minutes – or not . . .

    Can not wait for January – has been a long Fall without Tuesday night Bible study.


  47. 47
    Jina says:

    Merry Christmas All!


  48. 48
    Amy Jo says:

    Merry Christmas, Sweet Beth! I agree…definitely a "Jesus Year" ahead for all of us. Praying His abundant blessings upon you, your family & your ministry. ๐Ÿ™‚

  49. 49
    Moose Mama says:

    Merry Christmas, dear Beth, and all your kin, right down to the dogs!!

    Our Christmas Eve began with the most beautiful worship service and of course, tears for His love for me.

    It’s been the best day ever. A new Flamingo Pink laptop for me and a kitten for my 10 year old. A wonderful dinner with a prayer of thanksgiving for our most precious gift…Jesus!!

    Hope Melissa (and all of you) are feeling better. Y’all should live here, no germ would dare live in this cold!

    Sorry about the laptop, Melissa.

    Melana in Wyoming

  50. 50
    LynnSC says:

    A Jesus year… yeah, that is what I want too.

    A friend out in bloggy land wrote about choosing a scripture for the new year (instead of a resolution) and I have a few more days to search one out for myself. Sounds like a great thing to do.

    My family has been passing around that same strep throat stuff… and I never get sick… but I did this time. We are all better now. I pray the same for your family.

    Thanks for sharing your day with us.

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