Maybe Something A Little Refreshing

Hey, Darling Things! I am sitting at the gate at the small airport in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, about to take a long way back to Houston. I’ve been at a wedding (I first wrote “weeding.” I reckon a wedding can be a weeding indeed) all weekend and something kinda cool happened that I thought might encourage a soul that’s feeling cynical. The wedding rehearsal took place first thing Saturday morning rather than Friday night perhaps to leave time for several out of town guests involved in the ceremony to arrive. We were told that the breakfast buffet in our hotel was still open after the rehearsal and, typically, I was starving so I headed that direction fully prepared to eat by myself. I don’t mind that. Instead, and as only God could have planned it, five of us from the wedding party wandered in there at the same time, pulled up chairs at the same table, and ended up being almost the only ones in the whole restaurant. Not all of us at the table knew one another personally. We’d come to take part in the wedding ceremony of dear mutual friends.

Dr. Tim and Beverly LaHaye, Dr. Jim Dobson (my friend, Shirley, would join us a bit later), Heather Olford (the late Dr. Stephen Olford’s wife), and I tarried, laughed and mused over scrambled eggs and lukewarm coffee for a delightfully long time. (Dr. LaHaye was officiating over the ceremony and Dr. Dobson and I were each speaking. Heather is considered among those very dearest to the bride.) Our conversations took us to family, church, and the Savior we all have in common. Dr. Dobson (I cannot bring myself to call him “Jim” although I’ve known him for a number of years now. I can live with Doc so that’s how I refer to him when I’m feeling casual) told us a wonderful story about his dad, a traveling evangelist, who was at the pinnacle of an exploding speaking ministry when his wife told him she could use some help with their son who’d begun to give her a few challenges. (That would be Doc.) He dropped what he was doing, cancelled his calendar indefinitely, and headed home. Although he served a local church faithfully the rest of his life, he never recaptured the momentum of the ministry he’d had. He’d sacrificed it, providentially, for his wife and son.

Dr. Dobson later read a letter to us that his dad had written his bride for their wedding day. In it he expressed that, with eyes wide open, he was binding himself to her in covenant before God for the rest of their lives and that, should their marriage ever call for mental anguish, he would remain her faithful husband throughout. He explained that he considered the success of their marriage to be a husband’s responsibility and he would do everything he could to make her happy. And he did. As I listened to Dr. Dobson tell stories about his dad, I thought – No wonder he does what he does.

At that same table, Dr. LaHaye began to talk about end time events and I had to keep my chin from dropping to the floor. I thought, “I’m listening to all this from the prophecy man himself.” I mean, this is the guy that wrote how many books in the Left Behind series with Jerry Jenkins? And here’s the important part: he sat at that table of five and spoke of the signs of the times and the coming King with a twinkle in his eye and, I don’t doubt, a race in his pulse. Not one hint of burn out. Stunning. Girlfriend, you can be Post-trib or No-trib and still appreciate that. I watched Beverly, an author herself who has penned many books on what it means to be a Godly wife and woman, look with such affection on her man and such heightened interest in what he was saying…as if she’d never heard it. He spoke of how he loved her and how he didn’t know what he’d do without her. How she was the administrative one of the two. Several times over breakfast I watched them tenderly reach out and touch each other.

I’d never met Heather Olford before but I’d heard about her for years. She totally captivated me as she shared how we must hold fast to our passion for Jesus Christ, come what may. You could still hear a hint of Irish in her accent, having left her home country for her new husband many years ago. After saying goodbye to her beloved man of 56 years and entering her early eighties, anyone would give her permission to just coast her way home. That’s decidedly not what she’s doing. I found her utterly remarkable. I wondered if maybe she looked and acted 15 years younger than she was because she’d been unwilling to let herself off the seeking and serving hook. She referred to something she’d read in a devotional book and I marveled that this powerful woman of God intended to seek fresh revelation about Christ until the day she saw Him face-to-face. She spoke of Him with such affection that it made me want to run to my hotel room and fall on my face before Jesus and see what new He would show me, too.

All four of those people are fallible just like we are. None of them needs or wants to be placed on a pedestal but I will tell you where they’re well worthy of our respect. They have maintained Godly passion and spiritual discipline in a long obedience the same direction that has taken each of them on the road to suffering…and persecution. They are real to the bone and what they loved and felt compelled by Christ to give their lives to decades ago, they still love and give their lives to today.

I spoke to a flight attendant on a plane this trip who struck up a conversation with me over a book she saw me reading. She told me that she goes to church but her good friend won’t come with her. Even though her friend professes to love God, she thinks all people in ministry are charlatans. Some of you have undoubtedly been hurt by seeing the weaknesses and failures of people in the Christian world you admired. A scandal can be absolutely devastating and don’t think for a moment Satan isn’t hoping to take down a thousand with the one. When you lose your faith over flesh and blood, the devil has gotten exactly what he schemed. The warfare is inconceivably fierce against those out front and many leaders are caught off guard by it and seduced before they realize what hit them. God help us all. God forgive us all. God restore us all…as many as will let Him do what it really takes. At the same time, I want you, my dear fellow sojourners, to know that so many out there are the real thing. They love Jesus Christ and pray when nobody’s looking and get up in the mornings and open their Bibles for the ten-thousandth time. They weep before Him for lost and hurting souls and rejoice before Him over one touched life. They do a very hard thing for a very long time…and, often, under very harsh criticism.

Oh, Sister, don’t let the enemy get you in the trap of cynicism. Yes, there’s some inauthentic – and flat-out-false stuff in the church and we must go to great lengths not to contribute to it by insisting upon our own authenticity and humility and sound scholarship before God and man. But there is also so much good. So many good. Not perfect I dare say. But good. So many of you are among those. I read your comments and find myself edified and encouraged in Spirit. I pray that maybe these stories build you up a bit this Lord’s Day.

He is so faithful. I love loving Him with you.


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  1. 150
    Debbie in CA says:

    Like streams in the desert, thank you Miss Beth

  2. 151
    cheryl says:

    God is so faithful! and your words so true. I have many friends and relatives who will no longer go to church because of something that happened in church years ago. They are missing out on the whole purpose, to worship our savior.
    Merry Christmas!
    p.s. if you would like to see some pictures of snow in south Mississippi( a miricle ) check out my blog.

  3. 152
    PrincessoftheKing says:

    Thank you for having a blog! I just found out about it. Also, thank you for the fruit of the Spirit study! I just finished it with some wonderful ladies. Thank you for writing, for listening to God, and for teaching us and exhorting us to listen, as well!
    Katharine Bond

  4. 153
    Anonymous says:

    For those of you familiar with facebook I saw a piece of “flair” (looks like the size of a soccer mom type button you would wear) that said “Be the type of woman that when your feet hit the floor in the morning Satan says … aww crap she’s up again…” Let’s give it to him ladies!!

  5. 154
    Shelly says:

    Dearest Beth,
    Thanks for this great post! What a thrill to have been at that breakfast table!

    I just got home from the last night in our local womens’ study on Paul, “To Live is Christ”, and I am speechless. I’m Flat Out in AWE of the Apostle! Thank you, from the depths of my heart, for researching the man for us and then presenting him with such passion. I know it has been 11 years since you taped the last session, but I have to say that you were truly inspired. I was in tears. I want to go out and embrace every heartache for His glory. Every thorn in my flesh. It’s all for Him, for–as you put it–His supremacy or His sufficiency.

    You are affecting lives. Just wanted to tell you that tonight.

    God’s Blessings on you this day,
    Shelly S., Nebraska

  6. 155
    Anonymous says:

    Thank you Beth for reminding us of the good and pure servants that still remain. That is actually why I wanted to post today. I know when prayer is needed; the Siestas can be counted on to faithfully hit their knees. So please pray for a local family where a sweet young man is rapidly “losing” his battle with Brain Cancer. He will leave behind a loving wife and three precious children (all under 12). My heart breaks for this family, so I beg of you to lift them up to our everlasting Redeemer and Comforter.

  7. 156
    Bev Brandon says:

    Your heartfelt humble post reminds me of Peter saying to his LORD: “What about them?” You follow ME Peter and I think God was saying that to each of us, wasn’t He? Followers. That’s what you so beautifully described of Dobson and your breakfast buddies. Followers.

  8. 157
    Groovewoman ♫ says:

    Can I just say, THANK YOU BETH!!
    I am dealing w/ cynicism as we speak and those words in the last few paragrapsh were refreshing to my soul and straight from the Father.

    It was such a blessing to read about the visit you had with some amazing people at the wedding. I know how you must have felt, because i felt that way with you at the Siesta Fiesta in SA.

    You are an encouragement!

  9. 158
    Linnet says:

    That was one of my favorite places to go when I was a girl…the little Harrisburg airport. Growing up in a one stoplight county an hour away, it was something to go and ride the escalators, see the airplanes, and ride home in the car under the lights along the road at night.
    It was even more exciting when the toilets started flushing on their own, and my goal eventually became to get all the sinks going at once! I couldn’t help but share!

  10. 159
    Kimbirz says:

    Beth, how I enjoyed this post!
    I enjoy all of your posts, but have to say this one is my favorite.
    I love soaking in the sweet experience’s that you all have to share and enjoy hearing the Lahaye family and Dobson family stories.

    What a sweet time you had and what a blessing for you to share.
    Yes, now more than ever we need to keep God alive in everything we do. So many times lately I want to say “Lord Come” and He’s saying “not yet, Keep moving!”

    There is more to do and we need to keep Him alive. So many still need to hear His Word!
    Beth, Thank you for showing us your obedience and love for Him and reminding us to not stop loving and trusting Him.
    Have a Merry Christmas!

  11. 160
    Andrea says:

    Oh how we all need refreshing, don’t we??
    Thank you, Beth!

    My mom met you at your last taping in New Orleans. She said you came over to her car and thanked she and her friend for coming. She told you about my blog. I believe she even gave you a page with the blog address. Anyway, you may or may not have visited the blog. It is my story of believing God for something huge… the healing of my daughter. I have never gotten to speak to you, but let me say for so many of us that you have been used in a powerful way in my life. God’s voice has spoken to me in so many of your studies…encouragement, hope, peace, courage, redemption, grace, truth, and power. Your authenticity is such a blessing to so many.

  12. 161
    katiegfromtennessee says:

    Spiritual Mom Beth,

    I loved reading your post, the wedding must have been such a blessing to you:) Just the fellowship with other believers was a blessing, I can see:)…I think it is the coolest thing when I see a couple in love being married for a long time too…to be real to the bone and a long, hard road of obedience, with persecution and criticism; but it is worth it to experience Him and be found faithful, right Spiritual Mom Beth? The sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared…only God can deliver us from ourselves, the enemy wants to destroy us, but greater is He in us…I am blessed to know that this blog is used by the Lord to encourage you and edify you! HE is Faithful! and we love loving Him with you too, Spiritual Mom Beth. You precious woman, you:) Blessings to you:)

    Love in CHRIST and ((HUGS)),

    2 Cor. 1:2 (AMP)
    Psalm 111
    Psalm 109:21-22, 26-27
    Heb. 10:39 (AMP)

  13. 162
    Anonymous says:

    Thank you for this word. I really needed it today. The devil has had me in a “pit” so to speak for the last couple of weeks and reading this has really lifted my spirit! Praise be to our God!! He has done great things!!!

  14. 163
    barbara head says:

    Kinda like sitting at the feet of Ezekial, Daniel, John or James. Wow, modern day “giant men of faith”. I know you must have had a fabulous conversation. I am jealous, but with a Godly jealousy. Merry Christmas!!!

  15. 164
    Anonymous says:

    Mamma Beth – (I love saying that!)
    What do you do when the pastors of your church aren’t doing the right thing? Not anything immoral or anything but everything seems directed at lost people and not the rest of us. How do you know what you should do? I hate to leave cause I have so many good friends there but it’s really bringing me down!

  16. 165
    Jessie says:

    Oh Beth to be in your shoes and talk to this great man of GOD!! Thank you for sharing with us in details your life as I read I just get all excited like if I were sitting by you and experiencing those events!!

    Love you so much and hope to see you in August when you come to Greensboro, NC

    Lots of love Jessie Martinez

  17. 166
    screamofcontinuousness says:

    Beth, thank you for this. I am currently in a discouraged place since one of the leaders of my church was taken down by spite and sin.

    God keep you dear one, and if you have time, pray for re-refreshment from the Holy Spirit for those of us who are down right now.

  18. 167
    susan says:

    wow–what a breakfast…it makes me wonder who the bride and groom are to be blessed with the company and blessings of all of you for their wedding. And with all of you sending them on their “married” way, God must have something spectacular in store for them.

  19. 168
    Marla Taviano says:

    Praying for you today–that God will give you strength to follow hard after Him in the midst of adversity.

    Love and hugs! Thanks for sharing!

  20. 169
    JB says:

    I wept as I was reading this. I totally understand the flight attendant comments. All I can say is, “I desire for me and my household to finish well like these great men and women of God”.

  21. 170
    Jennifer Janes says:

    Thank you for the encouragement! I really needed that. I am blessed that God allows us to serve together and remain connected through the technology available today. Praise Him!

  22. 171
    Denise says:

    As I am reading your blog, my heart is breaking because the warfare in our church is wearing us down. My pastor/husband loves Jesus with all his heart and is passionate about sharing Him. Please pray for us and for all pastors during this Christmas season. Jesus is our Overcomer, our Deliverer, and our Life! What an honor to serve our Redeemer, our Lord, our King! I choose to look at Jesus, for I love Him so!

  23. 172
    SoonerAggieMom says:

    Excellent post! You named a few of my favorite people…can you imagine how Heaven will be when all our favorite peeps are there together?

    Amen to keeping our eyes out for the enemy in our churches.

  24. 173
    ThreeCordsStrong says:

    The beauty of marriage and family are that they are living, right before our eyes, examples of Christ’s love for his beloved bride the church. It all fits so wonderfully together if we can only let go and allow God to direct our paths. Married to an awesome, patient loving man for 32 years now I am awed at God’s remarkable plan for my family and me. Great is the LORD and worthy of praise!

  25. 174
    Steffany says:

    Beth, thank you for sharing that wonderful story! And thank you for your marvelous humility in counting yourself among US when you belong smack-dab in the middle of the circle of great Christian warriors. I recently had the honor of personal audience with Luis Palau and was awe-struck by the fervence with which he bore Christ’s message of redemption–as though this great evangelist hadn’t spoken of it a thousand times to millions of listeners before! Our God is so honored when the His message bears repeating over and over with ever more passion and excitement. Thank you for reminding each of us of that precious gem.

  26. 175
    Anonymous says:

    I’m a little ashamed of myself I don’t think of myself as being critical but reading your post Beth,I thought to myself what fancy company Beth keeps. But after finishing your post that thinking was exactly what you are talking about. May the Lord forgive me and bless you and your “fancy” friends!
    Liz Hinze

  27. 176
    Anonymous says:

    I just have to be very real here. I am struggling and battling with such fear. I am married to a youth minister and some of the garbage we are dealing with is very overwhelming…financial burdens from medical issues, my husband’s radical spending (another issue I’m so fearful of – I think he may be bipolar), and just plain sinful spending on both of our parts. To admit that and seek help could cost us our ministry. So my cynicism is not nearly so much of the imperfect humans in leadership who are just that…imperfect humans, serving the best they can in so many ways, but of those around us that we serve. I know full well that to whom much is given, much is expected, but God help us…perfection won’t be seen this side of heaven. As we are gaining ground against Satan, I am still so in need of prayer, but am too afraid to ask for it from those in our own church.

  28. 177
    Patty says:

    Oh, I needed to hear these words of encouragement and testimonies. Sometimes ministry can seem to be a lonely road with more disappointments than evidence of fruit. How good is to be reminded that there is truly a great cloud of witnesses who have gone before us, and who walk alongside us, as we continue to be vessels of His light to this world. I look forward to the reunion we will have someday, when we share that we are so glad we persevered in the calling we’ve been given, and that, yes it was SO worth it!!! Until then, we press on….Thank you for sharing this special time among you very precious people of God.


  29. 178
    dinimae says:

    Good Morning Beth: I don’t know if you will see this comment but thanks so much for the encouragement. My husband and I are both in the ministry and sometimes it does seem like the road is so hard. How wonderful to remember that there are so many others out there who get up every day and serve Him faithfully without anyone knowing who they are but they just continue loving and obeying Him. Your ministry has been such an encouragement and blessing in my life this year. May the Lord give you and your family a wonderful and blessed Christmas.

  30. 179
    Anonymous says:




  31. 180
    Joni says:

    Oh, my goodness! How I would’ve loved to have sat there among you all and just listened and listened. Sounds like a bit of Heaven to me. I have so much to learn. Thank you, Beth, for always sharing, encouraging, leading us onward. Praise God for the way He speaks to us through you and others! He knew we’d need you!

  32. 181
    Anonymous says:

    Beth–thank you for this post. I am a minister and have just moved to a new ministry position far from my home. The place I left was full of blessings and the new place…is very, very lonely. The challenges are great and the questions are many. I don’t think it was your intent, but this post encouraged me to keep on….and to keep telling Jesus all about it.

  33. 182
    Luv2Praise says:

    I guess I am a few days behind in catching up with the LPM Blog.

    Wow! I feel as though I was at the breakfast with you. Thank you for sharing your special moments with very special people. That is quite an amazing gathering.

    I say this with great sincerity that I feel a deep sense of friendship through this blog with not only Beth, Amanda and Melissa but with all of the women who communicate through this blog. I appreciate that you share so much of your lives with us and it is through this sharing that we not only draw closer to each other but to our Heavenly Father.

    We had an awesome Sunday this week. We had a visiting Evangelist at Ocean State Baptist Church in Rhode Island. He was a mighty Preacher. When we had the Altar call, 12 People came forward for salvation. Hallelujah! The Angels were singing in Heaven on Sunday. Praise the Lord!

    Thank you for reminding us that there are very dedicated, honest Christians out there sowing the seeds for Christ. I pray that we all accomplish mighty things for God through our dedication, faith and steady walk with HIM.

    God Bless.

    Love2Praise, Lori

  34. 183
    Mama Bear says:

    I read this post and there were two things that kept going through my mind. How desperately I wanted to be a fly on the wall just to hear the conversation between these great Godly leaders. I love to hear stories of faith. My second thought was, who was the couple that got married to have such an amazing guest list?

  35. 184
    Haley says:

    Hello Beth, Amanda and Melissa. I’ve been reading for a long time now and left a few comments, but I now finally have a blog! There are still a few things I need to fix, but I think that I can now officially become a Siesta, right? I love your stuff and love growing in the Lord through you all’s teaching. Thank you for what you mean to me!

  36. 185
    T Kaeser says:

    Thank you for that word of encouragement. I love when God blesses us with times like that. I would have loved to have heard the conversations of those saints, especially LaHaye. I am watching Israel like a hawk. Something ain’t right, I tell ya. Walking in the mall today was like modern day Babylon. It reeked of creepiness but had some dog-gone good sales though. 🙂

    Anyway, off the subject….we’re church planting in a small town and just doin’ the thang. Hard work. Sowing the seed and watering it with our tears. Hearts are hard out there but not out of the divine reach of our Savior. Leave’em at the foot of the cross and going back for more.

    I was reminded this week from a radio sermon that our weapons of this world are spiritual. That’s the revival I pray for christians today is to unite under the attacks of the enemy not by denomination but by the power of the armor of God; faith, salvation, truth, righteousness, and the sword of the Spirit. May we christians become skilled and prepared to battle the prideful one who has come to kill, steal and destroy us. May His glory radiate from us that unbelievers will believe, salvation will reign in hearts and minds will be free of the lies of deception and untruth. Glory be to God in the Highest! Oh Come Let Us Adore Him, Christ the Lord!

    T Kaeser
    Just Doin’ the Thang in Small town America.

  37. 186
    Anonymous says:

    Wow – I would have loved to have been a “fly on the table” listening to that wonderful fellowship of saints (which we all in Christ are). As we grow older, may we all be “sweetened with Christ” as as these godly servants have become.
    Beth, sometimes when I read your down-to-earth blog and look at photos of you speaking to thousands, I think, “is this the same person?” Thank you for not promoting yourself to be above us, for walking on our level and beside us in this life’s journey… til we meet again at the Lamb’s Table.

  38. 187
    puzzlepiecesista says:

    December 17, 2008

    Happy “Blogger” Anniversary!! I remember because today is my husband and I’s Anniversary as well, 20 yrs!!! Whoosh!! Thank you for sharing this blog. Reading this today on our anniversary was really special to me and I was moved deeply by what you shared. I love the LaHaye’s and Dobson’s so very much and have been deeply affected by their collective ministries. They truly have championed us in the faith and I will remember to pray for them. Life is hard, but God is Good!! He has seen my family through some serious stuff, some devastating stuff the past two years and without HIM at the center of our marriage…I don’t know if we would have made it. HE truly IS the GLUE that holds it all together!! I am inspired by what you shared to love my husband and respect him as our covering and show him the honor he deserves. God continues to do a deep work in him and in me….I remember you saying that God never takes us through a season of sifting if there isn’t something there that needs sifting!! We’ve needed some serious sifting, oh how I wish it weren’t so and we just “did the thing” right off…it would be soooo…much easier. I know we are being changed from “glory” to “glory” through it all and I praise Him for what HE has accomplished in these broken vessels!! I may fail Him but I KNOW HE will NEVER FAIL ME!!!! I LOVE HIM SOOOO MUCH!!!!

    God gave me a GREAT dream last night… and I and “hisfivefooter” got to hang out together on a Friday night before some conference. You didn’t have to speak until Sat. morning, so you phoned us up to join us Friday night….you came in a long white limo!!! How funny!! So NOT like you. Then we cruised around in the convertible car we had rented for the weekend. Our “big” hair blowin’ in the wind!! Hilarious!!! You asked me to remind you why my blogger name is “puzzlepiecesista” so I shared the story of God giving me a puzzle piece in the middle of a load of dry laundry on the very night our bible group had just fininshed “When Godly People Do Ungodly Things” and you had shared the story about your puzzle piece. God really works in mysterious ways and so personally…it makes me love Him all the more!!! Anyways… was GREAT to spend personal time with you even if it was only a dream!!! God is sooooo Gooooood!!!
    I love you Beth…you inspire me!!

    Sorry this blog was so long!!!

    I love U Amanda too and thank you so much for all you’ve done to keep our “blog” community together. It has been a TRUE gift!

    Merry Merry Christmas to you all!!!

    Angela in Redmond, WA

    P.S. We got snow!!!! Yes Lord!!!!:) XOXO

  39. 188
    Debbie says:

    This is a great post but what spoke to me was when you talked to the flight attendant. Satan is just waiting to take down good christians. My pastor resigned this past weekend due to a moral failure. Wonerful christian man with a christian family. People on the outside of the church and in the church say this is why I don’t want to go to chruch. My answer is “No this is the very reason you go, to keep plugged into God and his word or this gives the devil an in in your life.”
    Thank you for sharing so much of your life.

  40. 189
    Kassy says:


    Do you realize that the way you felt sitting around that table is the way we feel about you, when we hear you speak, read your books, do your studies? You are such a bold servant….so willing, so open. THANK YOU for your obedience in serving us!!!

  41. 190
    Anonymous says:

    Beth, thank you for sharing some of the things which have endeared us to these great spiritual leaders including yourself. God uses you and others in such extraordinary ways to minister to those of us who have yet to be totally committed to our wonderful Lord and Savior.
    I love you and I love the blog. It blesses me often.

    In Him,


  42. 191
    Lauren says:

    what an encouraging reminder that there are countless Christian servant-leaders who are really LIVING this thing. Living life with Christ. Not perfect lives, by any means, but authentic lives characterized by joy and suffering, discipline and obedience, faith, hope, courage, repentance, generosity, and love. We truly are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses. Thank you, Father.

    I did want to write one other thought that I had, as well, as I read your post. Respecting and being grateful to our servant-leaders in the faith does not always mean that we can’t respectfully, and with the love of Christ, disagree with them on some things. For example, while I am grateful for many of the ways that Dr. Dobson has served the church, I profoundly disagree with him on some political issues, and take issue with both the tone and content of much of what he says. I have these concerns to him directly through letters. My point here, however, is that whatever our disagreements, he is still a brother in Christ and I am still a sister in Christ, and the WAY that we disagree (not in arrogance but in love and humility) can still be a testament to Jesus.

  43. 192
    Betty says:

    Beth, Thank you for your wisdom and sharing your life with us!! You are so right, Satan can’t wait to find us vulnerable or even just a thread of weakness to take us down. You are so encouraging to all of us. You definitely help strengthen us living our everyday grind.

    Loving and Praying for you Always

    Lexington NC

  44. 193
    karen o says:



  45. 194
    Faith says:

    Thanks for this; a very inspiring post. And amen on your thoughts about satan’s work in leaders’ lives! I love your heart of compassion for those who have been “had.”

  46. 195
    Anonymous says:

    I sat here tonight, not only one who has been hurt by this but one who unknowingly to some has been the one to afflict the pain. thank you for this healing balm.

  47. 196
    Amy says:

    Thank you Beth for (as so many have said before me) keeping it real. You teach the bible and in a way us women can “get”. Thank you for reminding me to keep my eyes on Him. SO often i get distracted by this world. I am so thankful that we are only travelers in this world. God Bless You!
    Amy W.

  48. 197
    Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the encouraging words Beth! I facilitate Beth Moore Women’s Studies in my home and it is such a pleasure to see lives of Women transformend by God’s Word…..Fun to see my own growth as well. I am doing “Breaking Free” for the 2nd time in 10 years and you are so right….Satan wants to destroy us with sin…and yet we know as siesta’s ( that is a hoot btw) that we have Victory in Christ! I awoke in the wee hours today and got up to pray and study. A dear friend of mine gave me a couple of books by Ace Collins, Stories behind the great traditions of Christmas and Stories behind the best loved songs of Christmas, as I am a Worship Leader at our church too.

    I found it incredibly interesting to discover that the Christmas Celebrations started out to be somewhat of a continuance of the “Mardi Gras” like celebrations that were created to celebrate the return of longer sun shine and winter solstice…. via celebrations named Saturnalia and Natalis Solis Invicti.(New age as the day)

    These were drunken celebrations of irreverent excess that mortified Church Leaders. Constantine the Great introduced Christmas as an immovable feast on December 25th with the hope that it would cancel out the pagan midwinter celebrations. But our sinful ways always seemed to take us back to the irreverant ways of old. As a result, the puritans attempted to outlaw Christmas in the New World.

    It really wasn’t until the mid to late 1800’s that we began to stop our wild celebration ways and begin to use Christmas as a time to reflect on charity, hope, love and family. This allowed millions to reflect on the Peace of God, brought about through our savior Jesus Christ.

    As of late, I have felt that the world has turned our face farther and farther away from our loving, saving God and have found myself focused on the scripture found in Genesis 6:5…. “The Lord saw how great man’s wickedness on the earth had become, and that every inclination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil all the time.”

    And yet, reading this has encouraged me as we head into 2009.
    In the last approximately 140 years we have changed what was once was a sinful celebration of seasons, into a time of reflection focused around our Savior’s birth.
    All of us “siestas” are leaders. May we utilize the encouragement of this to empower us to stand up for Christ, as our forefathers did! Not just at Christmas and Easter, but via our surrendered lives to Him!

    Happy New Year Beth! May God Bless you this upcoming year and always!

    Your studies are a blessing to so many of us!!

    God’s best!


  49. 198
    Donna says:

    This is several days late, but I wanted to confirm your thoughts about Heather Olford. My husband served with their ministry for a while in the 1980’s. She is as you say, and more. As a pastor’s wife, my time spent “at her feet” has proved invaluable. I learned so much from her, especially her example of “my man is my ministry.” Thanks for the reminder! Donna

  50. 199
    Christy says:

    Thank you Beth for writing this! I know of several people who share the same thoughts as the flight attendants friend and it just breaks my heart, to think that because they’re unwillingness to see that not everyone is going to fail standing up there to help lead them to know our Lord more, that they are ultimately punishing themselves from worshiping with others who love the Lord, who seek him, who are falliable, yet come and ask for his forgiveness day after day. They miss out on fellowship and friendship that God has placed right there for them, just to reach out and grab.

    Thank you again.

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