Melissa’s Fall 2008 Top Ten

Greetings blog-land! I do believe it has been months since my last entry and I could not wait another minute to say hello. Seriously, I miss all of you fine women! Unsurprisingly, my Mom has been working me harder than ever before over the past few months. The name of the game has been ‘focus’ and ‘more focus’ and so unfortunately my blog time was obliterated. So, in an effort to catch up with you, I’ve composed a list of my top ten Fall 2008 highlights. You’ll find that they are in completely random order. I know, how predictable, right? So here goes:

1. Living Proof Christmas Pictures. Have I mentioned how awful our Christmas pictures were last year? They were beyond hideous. The weather was so humid in Houston that not even photo-shop could cover the multitude of our hair sins. Well, this year we were determined to have better results. All was going well until my Mom looked at me half-way through and said, in front of everyone, “Melissa, check your barn-door.” This was my Mom’s archaic way of telling me that my zipper was wide open. Yes, apparently, my fly had been open throughout the entire first half of the photo-shoot. So much for earning respect from my fellow LPM staff!

2. Seeing a true Autumn season for the first time in my life. I walked around my neighborhood in Atlanta last weekend with tears in my eyes. The trees were raining leaves in all kinds of glorious colors. I will ponder that moment in my heart for as long as I live, a moment when I was content with merely having a set of eyes to see the beauty of God’s creation.

3. Reading Simply Christian: Why Christianity Makes Sense by N.T. Wright. What a great and refreshing read. Here is just one quote I love, “the Bible isn’t simply a repository of true information about God, Jesus, and the hope of the world. It is, rather, part of the means by which, in the power of the Spirit, the living God rescues his people and his world, and takes them forward on the journey toward his new creation, and makes us agents of that new creation even as we travel” (191). Just a glimpse into this wonderful book.

4. The Siesta Fiesta in San Antonio still makes the list! Not only did I have such a wonderful time seeing many of you in the flesh, but I am still pondering the profound implications that the theme of inheritance has for us as the covenant people of God. I have a feeling that we have barely scratched the surface of that one. What a great time of fellowship, worship, and the Word!

5. Walking into my home in Atlanta last week to find an embarrassing display of flowers and a new sweater from Colin Fitzpatrick. The best part was that it was completely unexpected. I mean, we weren’t in a fight or anything! I never knew that a little bouquet of flowers could mean so much. I’m learning more and more that little thoughtful things make the big things in marriage a whole lot smoother. I love my husband madly and I’ve had so much fun settling down into ‘normal’ life with him.

6. Auditing a Hebrew Reading class. We have translated Deuteronomy, some of the Psalms, and are scheduled to translate some of 1&2 Kings for next week. That is a whole lot of Hebrew, let me tell you! It has been so fun to be back in the formal classroom. My strength as a Biblical Research Assistant would be greatly diminished if I did not keep up with my Hebrew and Greek reading skills.

7. Driving to Macon, Georgia to visit our very own Georgia Jan. She is even more charming in person than she is in blog-world. We ate at a quaint little French-country restaurant called “The Back-Burner.” If you live near there, I strongly recommend it. Georgia Jan is my kind of woman- she can cook and talk some Scripture. A rare woman, indeed.

8. Teaching LIT. My Mom and I have been co-teaching a class for 17-25 year old women. This Bible Study is unlike anything we’ve ever done at Living Proof. For better or worse, I planned and outlined the study. It has been fun to actually see it run its course, in spite of how absolutely over-ambitious it was. I am really proud of my Lit ladies. They’ve paid attention to all kinds of tedious things, including transmission issues, translation theory, and biblical genres. And that is only a start. Just in case you may be interested, we asked them to do the following for their bonus project:

  • Choose any passage (about 5-9 verses) of interest, preferably a passage that you are not overly familiar with.
  • Read the passage several times, at least twice out loud.
  • What book of the Bible is your passage in? Who is the author? Who are the Recipients? What is the occasion and genre of the book?
  • Compare your original Bible translation (whether it is NIV, NASB, etc.) to other translations- use at least three or four translations. Make note of the significant changes/differences in a chart or some other helpful way.
  • If there is a word that sticks out to you in your original Bible translation, use a concordance to do a word study on that word. What is the Hebrew or Greek word that your English translation is rendering? Where else is it used?
  • Are there any topics/places/concepts in your passage that are unfamiliar to you? Use a Bible Dictionary to look up unfamiliar concepts and to answer general questions.
  • After you have done as much of the leg-work as you know how or have time to do, then consult one or two solid commentaries on your passage.
  • Conclude with how these resources contributed to your understanding of the passage. (P.S. I just noticed that I created an outline within an outline. I am annoyed by my own self. Anyhow, I really am so proud of the Lit girls. Some have already turned in their assignments. I could have cried reading one of them today. I was astounded by the spiritual insight. We all bring something important and different to the interpretive table, with our various experiences and backgrounds. It is beautiful. I can’t wait to read the rest of them.)

9. Making the entire Thanksgiving menu in Mid-October for our next-door neighbors. I made my very first Turkey! I labored for two days straight. I stuffed it with fresh sage and quartered onions and all kinds of stuff. I also made two different kinds of stuffings, a traditional cornbread stuffing and an apple-rye stuffing. Both were divine. Did I mention that my husband has gained ten pounds since we got married? Blush. I’m so proud.

10. Waiting in anticipation for my sweet niece that is coming into the world this February! Glory to God in the highest! I got her the cutest little diva boots. I am not sure Amanda went for them, though. Boo. (Amanda says: Whatever! I LOVED them!)

Enough talk about me, though, what the heck have y’all been up to? What have been the highlights of Fall 2008 for YOU? So please, de-lurk and tell me how you are, if only for the sake of proper social reciprocity!

Much Love,


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  1. 151
    SAHSHA says:

    You said “de-lurk”. Way to go! You’re totally cool!
    Okay Fall 2008 highlights. This means September through November correct?
    OMG! I’m so jealous of the beautiful foliage you get to enjoy. I miss the fall in Connecticut. When I went to college in West Virginia it was amazing! No words to describe it. I never wanted to be outside so much! It was like living in a beautiful painting.
    Okayokayokayokay. Fall Highlights. 1. Yesterday my husband and I enjoyed the Renaissance Festival. So fun! Some of the rides and foods we enjoy every year makes life worth living. 2. Went on a business trip to Midland, TX and met this girl that is just like me! I never thought I’d every find friends that I could relate to! The Lord blessed me with Kate: Smart, beautiful, loves the Lord, brilliant, kinda dyslexic in some ways (just like me!), we are both married with no children, we have dogs that we just love to pieces, and we love to write and are computer savvy. Oh! The Lord is good and his mercies endureth forever! 3. Hurricane Ike brought our little neighborhood together and my husband made me again believe in the goodness and heart of people. 4. We turned on the fireplace last night and it was so cozy and sweet! 5. My little Sahsha-baby-girl (my doggy) plays little fun games with me and makes me laugh laugh laugh. She came to a picnic with us and was the belle of the ball. Oh yes she was. She’s so prim and proper and well behaved.. until those yummy ribs come out. Then she’s all of a sudden best friends with whomever has the biggest bone. Then she moves on… and on.. and we laugh and laugh. I like to put her in the baby swings and she loves it.. and then we laugh and laugh some more.
    That’s it. I’m lost in my sweet puppy-doodles thoughts.

  2. 152
    Joni says:

    Hi, Melissa! Glad to see your post. I enjoy reading what you have to say. A few of the things I love most this Fall 2008 is…

    1. Finally, low temperatures and humidity! I’m a Texan born and raised but have never gotten used to the “dog days” of hot/humid summers. I’ve missed sitting on my patio and marveling at the glory of God displayed just outside my door.

    2. Able to use the oven more because “finally, low temperatures and humidity!”

    3. The garden is low maintenance, it gets dark earlier, and I can focus on knitting in the evenings.

  3. 153
    Joni says:

    Hi, Melissa! Glad to see your post. I enjoy reading what you have to say. A few of the things I love most this Fall 2008 is…

    1. Finally, low temperatures and humidity! I’m a Texan born and raised but have never gotten used to the “dog days” of hot/humid summers. I’ve missed sitting on my patio and marveling at the glory of God displayed just outside my door.

    2. Able to use the oven more because “finally, low temperatures and humidity!”

    3. The garden is low maintenance, it gets dark earlier, and I can focus on knitting in the evenings.

  4. 154
    Sharon Brumfield says:

    Hi, from a lurker who is delurking. 🙂
    Fall of this year was the best for me too. We have just recently moved to North the mountain area…and fall was breath taking. There were times when I was just speechless and then so many times I had to complement God on the creativity of it all. He is an incredible artist!
    And, I just wanted to thank you for sharing the points from the Bible study…I think I will take them and try them out. It reminds me a little of some of the things we did in my inductive Bible study in college. It brought back some good memories.

  5. 155
    Kristib says:

    Hello Melissa

    So good to hear from you!

    I have to admit the siesta fiesta ranks pretty high on my list for the biggest blessing of my year!
    You were so funny! I love your sense of humor! Also, it was so great to speak with Amanda briefly; and your mom brought a mighty good Word to us! And of course meeting all my siestas was the icing on the cake!

    This fall we have welcomed two beautiful blessings to Mission Raleigh! Little Littia Ruth born in October and Iona Christine born November 1st are just precious! I love being Mission Raleigh granny!
    I also love buying girl clothes!

    And of course what would fall be without doing a Mama Beth Bible study!

    Keep us updated on what’s going on with you!

    Much love!
    Kristi B.

  6. 156
    delta says:

    Thanks for your top ten. I do not think I have blogged in a quite a long time also but still read all the time. I’m in central florida and the only fall colors are the ones I decorate with :0) but today its cold with a high of 67! My top 5 for Fall:
    1) Doing the James Macdonald study “Lord change my attitude before its too late” It was some of the best practical teaching I have ever heard.

    2) Reading “The Shack”

    3)Surviving 7th grade with my daughter!

    4) Getting to know Sarah Palin

    5) Becoming a talk radio junkey because of the elections

    Have a good one.

  7. 157
    ArmyReserveWife says:

    Well we moved from NY to VA, started school back up (we home school). Hubby started a new job, and I am still trying to go through boxes.

    Working through Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World,that is a super study. Really makes you look at your relationship with the Lord.

    I love fall and the colors, smells, baking the whole fall experience.

  8. 158
    Anonymous says:

    1. Last night for “A Woman’s Heart”’s been great!
    2. Spending week with newborn grandson in Hill Country of Texas..
    3. Watching our two teenage grandsons play football.
    4. Serving on Pastor search Committee.
    5.Updating 100 year old home and looking forward to completion.
    6.Enjoying beautiful weather, even though very little foilage in our part of the world.
    7. Looking forward to family coming home for Christmas.
    8. Packing “Twelve Days of Christmas” box for missionary family.
    9. Excited about first fire in fireplace and homemade soup.
    10. Rejoicing in who God is in my life and in the lives of friends and family.

  9. 159
    Lindsee says:

    I loved the Top Ten, Melissa! However, I think that #8 is my favorite…because I am so thankfully reaping the benefits! 🙂


  10. 160
    Nana to 4 says:

    Hey Melissa,
    You had a great top 10 list. You are amazing. I just read the foreward you wrote for Mom’s Esther study and was awed and inspired by you. Here’s a few highlights of 2008.

    1. Welcomed my 4th grandchild and 2nd granddaughter, little Mercie into the world in February. What joy!

    2. Finished teaching “Stepping Up” and was truly humbled and at the same time so thankful to my Lord that He grew me spiritually and put me on a higher plain.

    3. My husband and I both participated in a “Walk to Emmaus” and were truly changed by our experiences.

    4. Just being thankful that my children are all Christians and that my 2 daughters that are married with children are raising their kids to love Jesus! As a parent there is nothing better than that.

    5. Anxiously waiting to welcome grandchild #5 – a precious little boy – into the world around the first of April.

    6. Traveling to Shreveport in August to go see Beth Moore (simulcast) with my mom! Hallelujah! It was fantastic.

    7. Falling more in love with Jesus and not being able to get enough of His Word.

    Thank you for making all of us feel so loved and special!

    In the Grip of His Grace,
    Beth Herring

  11. 161
    Stephanie says:

    Top 5 for Fall

    1. Watching my baby boy grow and change. He just turned 6 months.
    2. Watching my daughter be a wonderful big sister.
    3. Our wonderful new pastor. We were without one for 2 years after our beloved, long-time pastor retired. God answered the patient prayers of our church and gave us an amazing man of God.
    4. The beautiful fall colors.
    5. 4 friends having new babies.

  12. 162
    Montana Siesta says:

    Good to hear from you Melissa!

    I have a fast Top 5:

    1. The Totally Focused women’s conference at our church where many women dropped their shackles and chose to be free!

    2. The LPL conference in Billings with my sweet sisters from church. We had such a great time and were truly blessed.

    3. A wonderful visit from good friends from our home in Georgia. They came when we had 2 ft of snow! They loved it!

    4. Getting a new computer that has all the keys on it…yeah!

    5. DSL. What more can I say being in MT and finally getting rid of dial-up!

    I have missed my family and church family dearly in GA and can’t wait to see them. I miss my hugs from the grandkids so much!

    Take care.

  13. 163
    Bridget says:

    I love reading your posts! They always challenge me, so welcome back. My favorite Fall moments were my birthday! It’s in late October and my husband took me to the United Tour with SCC and MWS. Incredible concert!! You’re right the Metro Atlanta fall leaves were breathtaking this year. I also got to spend a Saturday walking around the Marietta square with my prayer partner and catching up. (She moved to Colorado a year ago, so it was a sweet day.)
    My bible study group is going to do the Esther study starting in January. The ladies are so excited that we’re having a pre-Esther party in a few weeks. If you’re ever near the Marietta square on Wednesday mornings, come join us. It’s an eclectic group, from 30 somethings to 70 somethings, some who believe, some who are not so sure!

  14. 164
    Regina Gibson says:

    Regina’s Fall Top Five-

    1. An October 6 Birthday Extravaganza. My handsome husband went all out to make the entire weekend special. From the most beautiful yellow roses to new paintings for decor to quality time just sitting together.

    2. Teaching Tuesday night Bible study to 100 something beautiful women at Long Hollow and seeing 4 of them come to know the Lord 🙂 Glory and praise be to HIS name alone!! I just love it!

    3. Of course, the gorgeous turn of the leaves. It’s my personal favorite season, right up there with spring. Although, I do love them all.

    4. Finishing up at Southern Seminary. Including the end of all things Hebrew 🙂 at least in the academic setting.

    5. Being married for a year and a half to the God’s chosen one for me. It’s the sweetest blessing. And I love doing weekly devotions together-we are reading Love and Respect right now.

    *AND of course COOKING-the holidays will be so much fun!

    Don’t ya just love doing life together? God is gracious to us and very good!

    In Christ,
    Regina Gibson-

  15. 165
    Anonymous says:

    Top three:

    1- husbands that return to the LORD
    2- sons that grow into men
    3- kitties that sleep on you neck

    Suzanne in RI

  16. 166
    Michelle Bentham says:

    Oh Melissa! You are a Disciple Diva if I’ve ever seen one! Love IT! I’m going to do the LIT lesson just ’cause I love the Word so dog-gone much.

    My FALL top ten:

    1. Talking to Lora O. on the phone at least once a month! WE HAVE THE BEST CONVERSATIONS. I’m telling you the ladies I met at Siesta and shared a room with blessed my soul, too.

    2. My wonderful group of grieving moms. That may sound like an oxy-moron, but it is true – these women are incredible. They bless me more than I them. I am teaching the tenth week of my nine week grief recovery curriculum. This week we break pottery or decorative glass representing the brokeness in our lives due to loss as well as the strongholds we need to break down to fully heal through our grief. I will take all the broken pieces and make them plaster, mosaic crosses with the healing verse God gave me at the Siesta Verse (Isaiah 60:20, “And the days of your mourning will come to an end.”)

    3. NEW HAIR COLOR AND STYLE! I’ll post a pic on my blog soon. It is a fabulously fun do! I got some layers, and a darker blonde over brown winter shade. (I know.. that maybe TMI for anyone else, but I told my girls today that I have “Re-invented” Myself yet again!

    4. Praying through the election! God is so amazing and what He has shown me through my face down time for this nation has been so humbling, so freeing, so… well, It has increased my faith exponentially – the book of Joel is all marked up from that journey.

    5. BIRTHDAYS! I think we have the Birthday Crazies in the fall. My husband and youngest girl’s birthday are in September -(Youngest, my baby girl is 17 this year! HARD TO BELIEVE. But, ’tis true.) My eldest turned 19 years old today. I’m crossing my fingers that this week we will go get her driving permit so she will get some time behind the wheel before taking her driving test and driving herself places for a change. I know, I know… a long, long story, but our story just the same. My dad, both my brothers, my cousin and her son, and two of the women in my group had October birthdays. Another lady in my group and my cousin’s grandbaby and daughter-in-love, and my sister-in-law this month round out our fall birthday line up!

    6. BIBLE STUDY! I did Stepping UP with some women in my hometown this fall, and am doing an amazing study written by my Life Group leader on the Song of Songs. OH GLORY, the Lord is so God and His Word so precious. (Oh and the New Chronological Study Bible I picked up a couple of weeks ago!)

    7. Corrie Ten Boom. I’m reading “The Hiding Place.” Her story truly blesses my heart. Especially how she served the women around her while she was in the hospital even when they did horrible things like wrapping their puss filled bandages around her head. She is such a warrior and such an example of God’s grace in extreme and devestating circumstances.

    8. HOLIDAYS! I bought Christmas gifts for charity this weekend and am so blessed by the experience. We usually give gifts in honor of my son who passed away three years ago, but this year, I just loved shopping for children again. Not thinking of “Jay-Jay,” but instead of the children who will be opening those presents and experiencing God’s love and gift at Christmas through the outreach of our church. We are also helping my brother and his family who are having a rough go of it this holiday season.

    9. PRE-EMPTY Nest Jitters! My eldest is moving to Austin either in January or next fall – just depends on how things work out for her. Art School for Photography is on her list of things to do and I am so, so excited for her. A little trepidatious as a Momma Bear as well, but truthfully – I want to see her live her dreams. I just want to see her live her dreams. My youngest will be 18 in the fall, with a year of high school left. We are examining her options and she may make a move of her own in January 2010.

    10. My husband went to the Houston/Baytown area to work after Hurrican IKE and he came home… after 7 weeks, the last week of October.

    My fall bonus: serving on the altar ministry team at church.

    I’m just loving life these days. You know last fall, I was in a season of alone sorting through the changes God had brought in my life and discovering where He wanted me to focus my attention. Today! I’m serving, feeling ever closer to Him everyday and seeing Him at work in my life and my family as well as my church. God is so good and Thanks for asking!

    I’m a Word Diva, too. I like lots of words… but I’m working on that.

    Love You, Melissa. You are a transplanted Georgia Peach!

  17. 167
    Sooz says:

    Hi Melissa! I loved the boots!

    1. Celebrating 2 years of marriage this past September 2nd.
    2. Attended my very first Razorback football game.
    3. Praying fervently over the presidential election and all of that craziness!
    4. Race for the Cure in Little Rock in October and how amazingly overwhelming it is to walk with 50,000 other women!
    5. Being greeted every single day with unconditional love from our slobbery puppy.
    6. Cooking up Pumpkin Rolls for our churches annual Thanksgiving dinner for those in need. Mmm…so good!
    7. Learning how precious life is every single day especially when you lose someone you love unexpectedly.
    8. The glorious fall colors! God really out did himself in the paint department.
    9. Anticipating the Christmas season and making Christmas breakfast for our family.
    10. Making a ton of cotton candy for our church Trunk N Treat. What an awesome ministry!

    Ok I loved this post!

  18. 168
    Elizabeth says:

    Is it too late to leave a comment? On the off chance that I can sneak one more little thing in I just have to say, one of my top 10 is most certainly, hands down, no question, the worship music at the Siesta Fiesta. It was my first time to hear Travis and company and I will not forget it for a long time! I knew the teaching would be great, I anticipated loving the QandA with Beth and her girls, but never in a million years did I anticipate such a powerful time of song(s). I am also pleased to say that my 6th grade son doesn’t take the bus in the mornings because I am pretty sure the bus driver doesn’t play tracks 4 and 10 every morning!

  19. 169
    Anonymous says:

    Loved your list.
    1. Just finished the Deeper Still bible study.
    2. Parent’s Weekend at Baylor — going to the game with daughter and the Bears won — sic ’em Bears!
    3. Getting to spend some time with hubby and even doing some early Christmas shopping.
    4. Birthday celebrations with family.
    Hugs from Texas!

  20. 170
    Anonymous says:

    Hi Melissa, Now that I know what it means to de-lurk (thanks to the comment of another siesta) I think I’ll do that myself, since I typically read your post and others’ comments but don’t tend to leave one myself. In the interest of time and space, I’ll only share my top fall highlight: Re-reading Breaking Free and just this morning going through the deprogramming and reprogramming steps. I have my Truth Cards right here and I’m feeding the Spirit and starving my flesh by sharing this testimony. On the other side of my captivity in this area, I can see how the enemy’s attack was subtle during a season of transition that had rendered me more than a little vulnerable. Here’s the thing, I have during this season (that began when my husband joined the ranks of the unemployed in January) daily walked the faith walk. I can say with a clean conscience, that I cannot, nor have I started any day without retreating to my quiet place of prayer. I have spent many tears and hours there with little idea what was happening until this morning when God graciously removed the blinders and exposed the lies. I love the fresh new wallpaper of God’s truth that now adorns the place where the enemy’s lies had been. So you see, my #1 fall highlight is God’s perfectly timed divine appointment for me to read with new eyes “Breaking Free”
    I always enjoy reading your posts and hope you have a blessed day.
    Much love,
    Patti Hayes

  21. 171
    Auntie Pam ~ So Calif says:

    Melissa, This was great. So Glad to hear that Amanda is having a new little girl in Feb. My niece is having our first in April in Reno and it is a girl as of yesterday. I make custom embroidered fabric or satin baby booties and embroider the child’s name on one sole of the bootie and the birthdate on the other sole. I would love to bless your new niece in February with a pair. Your MOM’s teaching is such a blessing to me here in the desert of So California. I would love to do this for her FIRST grand daughter, could you please let me know that information and then I will send them to the Beth Moore office for Amanda and her daughter to enjoy!!
    God Bless.

  22. 172 says:

    loved reading this, and can i just say i have lived here in atlanta my entire life, and this is by far the most beautiful fall we’ve had in years!

    top of my list right now?
    just started a new photography business!

  23. 173
    janetl says:


    Thanks for the update. I love hearing all the stuff you all are up to.

    I am a lurker but I couldn’t help myself.

    My husband and I just returned from adopting our sweet baby girl from China. We are jet lagged and trying to get back to normal here but she is settling in nicely and her 2 brothers and 1 sister are in love, as are we (mom and dad).

    We missed the NC mountain peak of the leaves this year but what a reason to miss.

    God is soooo good!!!

    Janet in NC

    PS am I allowed to post our travel blog?

  24. 174
    Anonymous says:

    Hi Melissa,

    Good to hear from you. My favorite part of your post today was how proud you were of yourself that your sweet husband has gained ten pounds since your marriage! Ha! My husband went from a 32 waist to 36 in a matter of months! It is so much fun to play house and cook – not so much fun to gain the weight.
    Another favorite of mine is just the appreciation for the fall season. It is breathtaking. I have enjoyed the movie Fireproof this season as well as the book The Love Dare. I dare you read it and try it on your hubby!
    Wish I was young enough and close enough to take your class!
    Kristen in TN

  25. 175
    Annalou says:

    Oh Melissa, I so enjoy your heart and mind for the Lord. Thank you for sharing. :o)

    Here’s a few of mine:

    1. Having my 9 yr old daughter insist on us getting back to our family night devotional (football greatly interfered!) and hearing our kids speak their insight into scripture. Precious.

    2. Being reminded by our Lord that I am a beloved child of GOD.

    3. I’ve also been praying to look/act more like Jesus. The Father spoke to me about this the other day. He said, “Child if you want to look like my Son you’re going to have to hang out with him more.” He reminded me of how after I’ve been with my mom (even for 5 minutes) I’ll make the same faces and use the same expressions she does. Why? Because of all the years I’ve been with her. He said, “You’ll resemble those you spend the most time with.”

    4. Last and most importantly: FINALLY feeling as though I’m really truly drawing near to GOD again, as well as hearing HIM and interacting with HIM again. Ah, it’s the best!

    Blessings In Christ!


  26. 176
    Anonymous says:

    My fall started with the joyous birth of my 3rd child, a boy, Eric David weighing, ready? TEN pounds and EIGHT ounces…the same as my 2nd child, also a boy. Whew! Then three weeks later, I had an appendectomy and three weeks later, a case of the shingles which caused my newborn to come down the chicken pox. Now I’m dealing with thrush and mastitis. Yesterday, I just lost it in front of my kids and scared them with my fit of rage. I had to have a “sit down see here” talk with God (and my kids as I apologized) aan just bawled into his chest. Oh how we take our good health for granted! And how we must depend on him for our EVERY need. Praise God for His goodness and faithfulness in the midst of every storm. Sarah in MO

  27. 177
    Faith says:

    Thanks for the top 10 list! 🙂 And I love that you used the term “social reciprocity” (I was a communication major as an undergrad ;)).

    My fall highlights have been:
    * Graduating with my MA in Counseling! (OK, that was in August, but the delight of that certainly spilled over into fall as everyone else headed back to school and I was FREE!)
    * Watching my fabulous DH in his new pastoral role.
    * The healthy growth and development of two baby boys inside of me (and my own body changing!)–and just the miracle and blessing of it all.
    * Getting ready for those two little miracles, who should be here in about 4-6 weeks.

  28. 178
    Teri~Facedown says:

    Melissa…I loved reading you list. You asked what we have been up to? Well, at the age of 37 I decided to go to college! I am almost done with my first semester and it has been great! It is a Christian college and one of my classes is a Bible class…our text book is N.T. Wrights Simply Christian. I have enjoyed it too!

  29. 179
    Ashton says:

    I tell you what Melissa, Your mom can zip through posts like no other moma can! Bless her sweet heart! I’m glad you have a great mommy!

  30. 180

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