Seed and Bread

Hey, my dear Siestas! I hope you are well and thriving in Christ! For those of you who may have been with Priscilla, Kay and me in Las Vegas, thank you so much for the privilege to serve you. You were a fantastic group! All three of us would have brought you home with us if we could have. Thank you for your patience with us and your astounding diligence in the Word. You hung in there when I would have sworn and declared we’d have worn you out.

Just in case somebody could use the encouragement, I thought I’d pitch something out on the table that God ministered to me this morning then led me to share at staff prayer time. Maybe some of you are like us. We each have some long term prayer requests out there that we’re still waiting for God to bring to wild fruition. Like you, we get tempted at times to give up on that thing ever coming to pass even though we were so sure it was God’s will and had the support of His Word. Maybe we got what we thought was a vivid word from God about something but now we’re confused. Sometimes we really do misinterpret what He said or what His Word promised and God graciously reveals that to us. Other times, however, we let impatience strangle our spirits and near-sightedness steal our vision. We lose sight of the fact that He’s using time and subsequent events to bring the word to pass. His point to me recently has been that if I’d live in a greater present reality and awareness of all He’s brought to fruition, I will be more patient and full of faith concerning what is still in process. The thing is, we’re on to the next request before we’ve even gotten a chance to sit and savor how He answered the last. Maybe this is too much review for some but I’m one of those kinds of people who needs to constantly relearn things.

God’s been reminding me of the powerful words of Isaiah 55:8-11.

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord. “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts. As the rain and the snow come down from heaven, and do not return to it without watering the earth and making it bud and flourish, so that it yields seed for the sower and bread for the eater, so is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.”

The part He’s really been highlighting to me is the “seed for the sower and bread for the eater.” Seeds: words we’re planting and waiting on. Bread: words that have endured the test of time and the heat of the furnace and finally made it to our tables. Here’s what occurred to me. At any given time, we have both: words from God we’re still waiting on and words from God that have recently come to pass. Sometimes we’re so focused on the seed that hasn’t shown a harvest that we ignore the bread sitting right in front of us. We faint from sowing the seed because we’re not eating the bread. Stop a minute. Consider what God has done. Marvel over how He’s answered prayer and brought words to pass. Think about a crisis five years ago that doesn’t even take up ink in your prayer journal anymore. Reflect on how many things God has taken from seed to bread in your life. Note it. Meditate on it. Don’t drive through it. Dine on it. Slap some butter on that warm bread and savor a slow bite of it!

I don’t know about you but sometimes I’m so busy pestering the seed that my bread is gets stale.

While you wait on that seed, eat that bread.

I love you,


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  1. 101
    Susan Lowry says:

    Hey there! I just wanted to stop by and thank the Moore’s for doing a wonderful work! Our woman’s Bible study started the study Believing God last night – it was wonderful – 60 of us women had our fires re-kindled for the Lord! Thank you for all that you do for His Kingdom!

    -All My Love

  2. 102
    cheryl says:

    Thank you. I needed that reminder!

  3. 103
    Anonymous says:

    Was this a word for today or what?!?! I’m slapping some butter on right now!! That’s for the refocus. In Jesus’Love Kathy Knoblock

  4. 104
    Kim B. says:

    Good stuff Beth. I just told a friend last night something kind of along the same lines. Well, I didn’t really tell her, it came out while I was praying with her, but still. anyway, things are going well for her, and well, I’m in a faith building time. When I was praying for her, God revealed to me that the times when things are okay and seem to be going good, well those are times of refreshement that are there for you to refresh before the next storm. So, that’s sorta along the same lines. Take advantage and enjoy the bread while it’s there because in a little while you might have to be sowing some seed again! ??? I guess it’s not totally the same, but it kinda fits! ha ha…have a blessed day!

  5. 105
    Anonymous says:

    Thanks Beth!! God really wants me to get this one. Just this past Friday He let me hear a wonderful message from Lucy Swindoll on the Cedarville Chapel Service. She was talking about celebrating life and the first point she made was to SAVOR the moments!! How I needed to hear that then, and I needed that reminder this morning. Thanks so much for your wonderful Spirit and Joy in serving the Lord. Savoring every moment He gives, Patti

  6. 106
    Anonymous says:

    thanks v. i tried to thankyou on your site (beautiful pictures/cute purse too!) but i couldn’t get thanks for your comment…It sums it all up!!!

  7. 107
    Shawna says:

    Beth…God is so amazing! I’m feeling very stuck and needed this word today! I just keep reminding myself that His Anointing is a process, that His Word spoken over me is so I keep my eyes on Him as He makes me into what He wants me to be and fullfills the call He has placed on my life…one veil at a time, from Glory to Glory!

  8. 108
    Little Steps Of Faith says:

    Amen Mama Beth:)
    I KNOW exactly what you are talking about, I know I’ve pretty much told all of blogworld at this point, but a major prayer has been answered in my life…my mom came to church, and just the other day I had her sit through an hour of some bible teaching lady who taught
    ” Breaking Free” LOL.
    If you all only KNEW how awesome this is…she stepped foot into a church she used to say was ” brainwashing” me:)
    I think we need to just shout out Matthew 5:16:)….Jesus totally rocks:)

    I pray someone today will finally have a deep prayer in their heart answered:)

    Love you all so much!


  9. 109
    patti says:

    Sweet Beth; you never fail to bring
    the exact thoughts I need to have in my heart – I ever am amazed at your God-guided mind & heart & equally amazed at your generosity
    of spirit & depth of love.

    I am just catching up with the blog, b/c after arriving home from
    Siesta Fiesta; the day after; my
    daughter Amber went into labor 3 weeks early! Addison Kate came into this world August 26th – between my over the top weekend prior to this emotion/energy high-
    I was completely DONE!

    Okay – before I loose my place of thinkin – this is why I am writing.
    While covering some of the precious night duty w/ my first grandchild, the thought came to mind re: your study "Stepping up -Psalms of the Ascent". I realized
    how I had "stepped up" to another level of living while holding this precious girl-child gift that I am
    wordless over – & then I thought further about how life is just about all the steps we take;from
    the actual 1st step to first day of kindergarten all the way through
    to holding your first angel girl
    grandaughter. i have lots more steps to take – but taking that last step onto heaven's front porch just makes me want to sing b/c i KNOW that will be the sweetest step taken. my heart is so full, my cup of blessings runneth over.
    thank you for being a part of my life . . . patti

  10. 110
    Anonymous says:

    I have looked at that verse so many times and never looked at the difference of the seed and the bread. I feel such a new refreshing perspective of God’s provision for us and what He wants to give us. Thank you for your words of insight.

  11. 111
    Anonymous says:

    I was told there is blessedness in brokeness. I must be beyond repair since I feel that I don’t have two pieces touching another. 13 months praying and seeking only to be told to wait. Satan tells me that I am nothing very loudly every day. Scripture tells me I am a child of the King and that he has a plan for me. Scripture tells me to wait and grow in obedience and oh I try…

    Satan keeps yelling and I just want a word from my Savior. I want something to believe from my Lord. 45 years and nothing…all my life says is you are a failure.
    Oh I pray that I am not a failure in the eyes of my father.

  12. 112
    Mel @ MCA Designs says:

    A timely Word, indeed! Thank you for sharing your heart.

  13. 113
    Laura_Primus says:

    I appreciated reading this today. My mother-in-law and I were discussing a really tough family situation yesterday and wondering why it wasn’t “fixed” by now. While I believe there are things we are supposed to learn while we wait for this relationship to be “fixed” I realize that I had been forgetting to see what God has done with the situation already and be grateful. I’m to the point where I can barely even lift up the issue in prayer! Maybe I just need to start thanking and praising Him for the trial because of what will come out of it and already has come out of it. It won’t just be pain, there will be growth! Praise God for that!

  14. 114
    Laura_Primus says:

    To anonymous who is struggling believing she is a failure and who Satan is yelling in her ear she is nothing:

    Oh dear sister! My heart just absolutely ACHED when I read this! You are so very, very precious to God. And Satan is a LIAR, the Prince of Lies. He is doing nothing but lying in your ear. I do not know what you’re praying for specifically but please do not believe that you are a failure. If you know my Savior, you are NOT a failure. Knowing the Savior makes you complete. Instantly, you are NOT failure. You are a child of the King. You have succeeded in accepting the greatest gift. Oh how I wish I had just the right words to say!

    I just had to say something. My heart just breaks for you because I want you and everyone to KNOW the love of the Father. Maybe you need to shift your focus from one thing to another – certainly from believing the devil’s lies but maybe something else.

    I will be praying for you, sister. God has a word for you. In fact, his whole book is for you. Really, it is for you. You. His promises are true. His love is true. He is PROUD of you. He adores you and delights in you. If only I could come through this web and give you a great big hug!

  15. 115
    Jill s says:

    Pass the butter…

    This could not have come at a better time. Thanks Beth.

  16. 116
    Morgen says:

    thank you thank you thank you! I needed that so much today. I HAVE been starving while bread is on the table staring at the seed! Thank you for sharing that today. Praise God for his tender care!

  17. 117
    Kelly says:

    Sometimes, I think you know my situations as well as I do. I needed that. Thank you. I will trust God to grow the seed while I feast on the bread.

  18. 118
    Speaking Thru Me Ministries says:

    is there mustard seed bread??? I need some!!! I will partake!!

    Thank you – Leigh

  19. 119
    Traci says:

    AWESOME words for today. I love the way you’re able to relate things. Thank you!

  20. 120
    JayCee says:

    How true, how true!
    Thanks for sharing from one beggar to another where to find BREAD!!

  21. 121
    Tam says:

    Beth, I’ve experienced that very same thing. I begin to doubt the word God has given me, I become like Sarah who “laughs” about that child God has promised because I am “old” and the promises are “old” too. But, in moments with my face on the ground, I realize that He is all about making sure His gifts don’t become idols–His timing is perfect. It’s just hard to remember in the midst of waiting. My impatience really comes from insecurity–does He really love me, is He really for me, does He really want what is best for me–the answer is undeniably YES and like you pointed out–if I focus on the things He’s done it will answer my question and bolster my ability to WAIT ON HIM! Blessings to you Beth!

  22. 122
    Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for this Word from the Lord. I needed to hear it today. God is good – all the time!

  23. 123
    Miranda says:

    I just love you Beth!!

    I think we are similiar in so many ways! Whenever the Lord ministers to me, I feel the urge to share!!

    The other day while sitting at a red light, I ministerd to the car next to me! At a red light!!!

    What a Word today!! Praise Him!

  24. 124
    In Need of Him says:

    Oh Ms. Beth, I so needed this today. I too, am one who is too busy seed planting to take time to eat the bread of words already sown. Thank you for this reminder.

  25. 125
    Kelly S. says:

    Thank you, Beth for that beautiful picture….I’m getting it. I was in Lou-a-val, KY and was amazed by your teaching on Luke 8. Can I just tell you that the LORD had given me Luke 8.15 to pray over that LPL. (that my friends and I would be good soil) I even had it written down to pray the Sunday we got home. And today, the first day of our fall study another beautiful picture of seeds and harvest. HE IS Amazing. I pray my group can sew this seed…and dig some roots. Thank you Beth! I love you.
    ps. I just watched the intro to the Patriarchs. My brain is on overload but my heart is on fire. Thank you Jesus.

  26. 126
    Nana says:

    Amen sister Beth,
    Sister with the concern for the women with mental health issues, I’m praying for you.
    Thank you God for my church where your Word is taught. Thank you Lord for my husband who went with me this past Sunday… Thank you for the women and the men ,that was a surprise to us, that you have brought to our young Community Bible Study.
    Thank you God for sending your Son to pardon my sins.
    Lord help me patient with the seeds of a children’s minisrty in our local Community Bible Study.

  27. 127
    -Sheri & David says:

    Hi Beth, I am doing your Psalms study right now. Today was the video on the feasts. I wanted to share with you something I read concerning the development of a baby and how it correlates with the 7 feasts of Israel. It was written by Zola Levitt and is a simple paperback booklet.
    You can read more about it here:
    Or the booklet is available here:

    My aunt gave me this booklet when I was pregnant with my first child and it was the first time I realized that the Old Testament meant something to me, Here, RIGHT NOW! That was until I did the Tabernacle study and I couldn't believe how much the OT means to all of us.
    Thanks for your continued dedication to teach the truth!
    Sheri Walling
    Kingwood, TX

  28. 128
    Anonymous says:

    Thank you Beth for your reminders….I just this morning was sharing with our group a couple of things from the NOG’s Bible Study. Remember when she says we need to leave the envelope in the mailbox and not hang onto a corner of it….I believe that is so true. GIVE it to God in prayer…then believe for His promises. I also share about Kelly attending the Titan Football game and they were behind 24-0 so she left the game. They rallied and came back to win…..we need to stay for the whole game. We know we will win, cause God has our back and our best interests at heart. HE LOVES US for crying outloud. Just keep praying and THANKING Him for His answer…in His time. Bread is “always” good when it is the Bread of Life!!
    Bible Bunny in No MI.

  29. 129
    Christy says:

    That’s a good Word, and one I needed to hear. Thanks for being faithful to share it with us.

    Grace and Peace,

  30. 130
    mamabearmk says:

    Beth, you must have read my email to my prayer partner as I voiced my frustration. Why doesn’t God answer our cries to see the relapses end, the attacks cease. It was posed as a rhetorical question, but God, in His mercy, answered anyway! Thank you for sharing what God showed you and I will stop to think on the bread He has given us.
    aprreciating you so much

  31. 131
    Anonymous says:

    Thanks, Beth,
    I was thinking about that very verse from Isaiah 58 this morning.
    Patti Hayes

  32. 132
    Anonymous says:

    Dearest Beth –

    Thank you for that WORD!! How encouraging, comforting, needed, and on time!

    Much love,
    Sharon, NC

  33. 133
    Georgia Jan says:

    Beth: Thank you for breaking that Bread down today. What a great Word. I love the book of Isaiah!

    This was the SLICE for my heart:

    “We faint from sowing the seed because we’re not eating the bread.”

    I am a classic “git-er-done girl” and am often found DOING before BEING.

    When I don’t slow down long enough to eat the bread before I work and sow, I’m worn out.

    I even love that physical bread equals complex carbs which equals sustained energy and not that quick sugar-rush energy…

    So when I’m running on without my ENERGY (Holy Spirit – Bread of Life), I’m going to run out.

    Thank you for reminding us to slow down, be still, reflect, pause, meditate on His glorious works.

    These days I’m marveling on our new grandboy – we waited long for him, and God certainly sustained us during the waiting time.

    Much Love,
    Georgia Jan

  34. 134
    Anonymous says:

    By the way – Bread is my favorite food! Love Pumpernickel!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Much love,
    Sharon, NC

  35. 135
    Heather says:

    I think you may have been moved to share this just for me- thank you!

  36. 136
    jglenn says:

    All I can say is… oh my– and (with tear filled eyes)– thank you for this reminder.

  37. 137
    thouartloosed says:

    I wanted to tell you that I already have shared with 2 people in different circumstances about your thoughts on seed and bread. It’s so great how God gives us the words we need and then He blesses us by allowing us to bring it to someone else in need of a word.
    It never ceases to amaze me how often the Lord uses you as a messenger/teacher to speak to me where I am in life.
    Blessings, Siesta Beth

  38. 138
    Heather says:

    “We faint from sowing the seed because we’re not eating the bread.”

    This so totally describes my life right now. I needed that word and I thank you for sharing that today.
    Thank you!

  39. 139
    Taylor says:

    hi Miss Beth–i had the privilege of being at Deeper Still, and loved every moment.

    I read your post, and then read this by Elisabeth Elliot (today’s devotional):

    Title: Seed and Yeast
    Author: Elisabeth Elliot

    When we see things we believe need to be changed, most of us are impatient to see them done at once. The kingdom of God does not operate spectacularly, with a sudden rush of irresistible force, but rather like seed and yeast. These are small and wholly unimpressive and go to work only when buried. They need an appropriate medium in which to generate change, but the life-principle is there, latent but powerful, ready to begin the slow and marvelous process of transformation.

    Our prayers for change–in people, in situations–are summed up in the old petition, “Thy kingdom come”–but when we ask for that we are asking for what may seem an excruciatingly drawn-out business. We will need the patience of the farmer and the baker who, having done the one thing needful, then quietly (and with calm faith) wait for the thing to happen.

    Copyright 2008, Elisabeth Elliot
    All rights reserved

    I’ve re-committed to not forget the things asked long ago, and then to wait as He works.

    Thank you for obedient, faithful service to our Savior, Jesus, the One and Only.


  40. 140
    "B" His Girl says:


    I know God had you replant that seed in us again. Yes, I know those things, but I have spiritual amnesia often. The Lord has done great things! I have a rock outside my front door that says ‘Patience’. He will be proved right on everything He has said. Thanks for sowing His word to you. I get it Lord. I hear ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for speaking to us.

  41. 141
    Tammy says:

    i really needed this today…that is really all my little heart can muster to say

    love you back mamma beth

  42. 142
    Lauren says:

    Beth, you are just overflowing with life, I love it!!! Thanks for sharing, can’t wait to see you tonight at “LIT”!!!

    Much love and EXCITEMENT,

  43. 143
    Sooz says:

    Perfectly said. I needed this today enough that your words brought a flow of tears.
    Praying for all of you in Texas that this new hurricane Ike turns away and disappears. =)

  44. 144
    HIS Daughter says:

    Dear One..ANONYMOUS Poster who is hearing the lies of defeat whispered. If you look here again, please read this. You have said:
    I just want a word from my Savior. I want something to believe from my Lord. 45 years and nothing…all my life says is you are a failure.

    I do not know what you have been seeking from Our Father. I do not know what word from HIM would give you courage.

    But this I know. I am a 49 year old woman who may look as if she wasted so much time doing the wrong thing over and over.

    Listen when I tell you – In HIS, GOD’S time, HE chose to reveal HIS Son in me. HE doesn’t call us at whatever age to HIM for a failure.

    At whatever age you were called and chosen to be HIS daughter through adoption because of HIS Son, Jesus Christ – for this…for this time, this moment…in whatever way…this is to what you have been called.

    I have felt what you are feeling before, and I know the tears and the anguish of regrets and what ifs.

    BUT, HE is Sovereign. HE knew what you would do, how you would sin, how you would act and how you would suffer. HE knows all and HE still says, “I chose you for this time”.

    Please know that HE is working perseverence in all of us more and more, so that we will be able to STAND, without wavering.
    You seek to love your Father more and deeper through your pain. HE is most glorified when we are most satisfied with HIM in all circumstances.

    I pray and will be praying for the peace of Christ and the comfort of the Holy Spirit to fill you to overflowing.

  45. 145
    Maggie says:

    Sweet sweet Father! Praise You Father! You find the most amazing ways to talk to me!
    Beth, Bless you for listening to our Father and sharing. I search the bible through and through for answers for days but through you does God literally drop the his words into my lap(top). Glory to God!
    Thank you, Maggie

  46. 146
    Christina L says:

    Sweet Beth. Thank you so much for your encouragement today. I know you posted this yesterday, but I found it today; when I needed it. I have been struggling with some things that have been in my prayer journal for over a year and still fighting on what to do about it. God reminded me this afternoon that he is mighty. I will pluck that away with your words so that I have more hope then I did earlier today.

  47. 147
    Sarah says:

    Thank you for this post! Feasting on the bread is a GREAT thing to do while waiting… I have been in the waiting process for a few big life things along with several others I know. There is such power in remembering God’s faithfulness in the past. I am off to eat some bread ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. 148
    amy says:

    I was at the Deeper Still conference in Las Vegas this past weekend. I’m flew in from MN; I just felt compelled that God wanted me there. Then, I decided to invite my friend from FL who I hadn’t seen in 7 years since her wedding. I honestly didn’t know if she would fly all the way to Las Vegas for a Bible conference but I had to try just one more time. You see my friend wasn’t saved and for years I’ve been praying for her and sharing what God was doing in my life.
    Well, she came. On the first night, she got saved. I walked down with her to the stage and watched my friend receive Jesus Christ into her heart. I am so thrilled. 10 years of praying for my friend and now was the time of her salvation.
    Incidentally, when we turned to walk back up to our seats, you were there. I told you she had just gotten saved and you hugged her and spoke to her. When we got to our seats, she asked, “who hugged me?” I said, well, babe, that was Miss Beth. I reckon this past weekend I had a chunk of bread. Whatchya think? ~amydawn, MN

  49. 149
    jan in nc says:

    WOW! What a neat perspective. I’m headed to my prayer journal just so I can look back and thank him for all my bread. Thanks for listening to our Father!

  50. 150
    jan in nc says:

    It also reminds me that Jesus, our Bread of Life, is the fulfillment of all the Old Testament seed. Despite all that waiting, He came. He is our fulfillment too! Yahoo

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