Things Once Spoken

Four summers ago Curtis and I were wrapping up our time in Northeast England. We had volunteered to spend five months there working with teenagers. On our last Sunday at Thornaby Baptist Church, our dear friend Maxine presented us with two gifts in front of the congregation of about forty saints. I was doing an ugly cry and was desperately in need of a Kleenex. I kept turning around to face the other way because I was so embarrassed. Then in a moment that brought a bit of comic relief, we opened up the gifts to find these:

I started giggling immediately because I was a bit confused and I knew everyone was going to wonder if I was pregnant. At that time in our marriage we didn’t have maternity insurance and we were not even talking about having a baby. Maxine realized that I was a little embarrassed and announced, “Amanda is not pregnant!” Actually, she called me “Amander” but I always loved that. There was a quick consensus that Curtis and I must be pregnant in the spiritual realm, meaning God had spiritual fruit and offspring that would come forth soon. I refused to believe that the father-son figurine was a prophecy of any kind. 😉

Later I realized that Maxine and I had been talking about Willow Tree figures one day and I had mentioned that I thought the one with the pregnant lady was beautiful. I had seen it at my friend Jennifer’s house. She remembered that conversation when she saw the figurine and wanted to bless me with it.

We took the figurines back to America with us, but we didn’t display them right away. I did not want any visitors to our house to think I was expecting. At some point during my pregnancy with Jackson I got them out and proudly displayed them at long last. It would be some time before Jackson was as old as the little boy in the second figurine, but he was a boy nonetheless.

Nowadays Jackson Jones is looking a lot more like the little boy in the picture. He’s definitely not a baby anymore. Around April I noticed that I had stopped identifying with moms I saw with babies in strollers. I wasn’t one of them anymore. It was such a strange feeling! We had graduated on to little-boyhood.

My heart is kind of pounding right now because I am so excited and blessed to be able to say that at this brief moment in time, both of those little Willow Tree figures are true of our family. A prophecy given to us four years ago has come to pass! We are expecting another Little Jones around February 12, 2009. Today I am 11 weeks along. We had an OB appointment this week and got to hear the little heartbeat. He or she seems to be doing well in there! I have so much to say, but it wouldn’t be that fun to stuff it all in one post. I will save some for later.

By the way, I went into Baby Gap for fun after my appointment and I was blown away by the cuteness of all the fall clothes for baby boys. Oh my word. Pregnant Girl almost cried over this. I am so ready to shop in the 0-24 month section again. I’ve missed it so!


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  1. 101
    Kim Safina says:



    Kim Safina

  2. 102
    Sydney says:

    Congratulations!! Jackson will make a terrific big brother! I have enjoyed watching my oldest 2 daughters each graduate to big-sisterhood.

  3. 103
    hongkongfoey says:



    I would ask everyone to pray for confirmation for me.

    I have prayed for one more little blessing to enjoy. I feel as though God has said ‘yes, when the time is right’, but you know sometimes when you want something, you can think you hear the answer you want.

    My first I waited 15 years for, my second was God’s ‘funny’ 20 months later. They are now 4 1/2 and 2 1/2.


  4. 104
    Anonymous says:


    Congratulations Amanda..and Curtis…and big brother..and oh my this baby sure will be spoiled with a huge helpin’ of LOVE!

    Keep us up to date how you are feeling and how your energy level is…just so we all know how to pray!

    What a sweet blessing little babies are…God Oh so knows how to give the GOOD ones!!

    Bless YOu


  5. 105
    Shelly says:

    What a blessing, congratulations!!

  6. 106
    ocean mommy says:

    I cried when I read this yesterday and I’m crying again! Praise the Lord for this precious gift to your family. 🙂


  7. 107
    Nichole's mom says:

    Hello family at Living Proof. I’m sure you are already in the process, but I’m hoping we can get our siestas praying for Gregg Laurie and his family… Losing a child… Like Beth said once, you know they are going to be in Heaven, but you are going to miss touching them… I hardly even know what to say in my sadness for them except God please come…

    Fervently praying… and Praising Loudly,


  8. 108
    Little Patch of Heaven says:

    Congratulations Amanda. Love reading your blog.

  9. 109
    Sweetgirl says:

    i don’t know if you will get to read this for so many post, but i had a very similiar experience. The first year I worked for my new boss which was about 4 years ago, she couldn’t figure out what to get me for christmas. she was pregnant and knew how much i wanted to be a mom. she gave me a willowtree angel twirling with a baby. sure enough i found out i was pregnant two weeks later. I know the figure has no power in itself, but God really ministered to me at that time with that gift. Congrats.

  10. 110
    JottinMama says:

    Oh! What a blessing! Congratulations to you! Please know, I will be praying for yall 🙂

    My son just turned 2 last month and we want to have another one soon ourselves. We have the baby bug 🙂

    Again, CONGRATS! Have a great weekend 🙂

  11. 111
    Anonymous says:

    Congratulations! I am so excited for all of you! Can’t wait to hear more in the upcoming months.

  12. 112
    Anonymous says:

    Just when you think it’s as good as it gets, the LORD does something extraordinary….like enlarge a family. There is no greater joy (or discomfort =)) than the the miracle of pregnancy and child birth. He is sooo awesome, thanks for sharing yall’s news!

  13. 113
    Chelsie says:


    I’m so excited for you. Is your mom just beside herself??? I’ll bet she is.

  14. 114
    Jen H. says:

    Yay, Amanda! I am so excited for you! We have a little Jackson, too (5 years old) and two more, and I’m anxious to find out whether you’re having a boy or girl! Your mom must be going nuts! Congratulations… we can’t wait to hear all about it along the way!

  15. 115
    Rachel in Louisiana says:

    Congratulations to you and your hubby! What a sweet big brother Jackson will be. Praying blessings for you all.

  16. 116
    Anonymous says:

    Congrats Amanda! Oh shucks– it’s been a hard week for me. I found out on Tuesday that my best friend is pregnant with her 2nd, and we are struggling to get pregnant for the FIRST time. 9 years of marriage, and we still await God’s blessing. I am working to celebrate with those who are doubly and triply blessed, while dealing with my own sadness. Congrats to you!

  17. 117
    Anonymous says:

    Praise Him from whom all blessings flow!!!!! Thank you so much letting God show me this truth though this blog…loving you and all of your’s since your stale tea and toast blog beginnings…anon aka jellybean’s cousin, xoxoxoxoxo

  18. 118
    Anonymous says:

    Hallelujah! Congratulations to you and Curt! I know you are both so excited and I cannot wait to hear from Grandma Bibby! I bet that music is up loud and she is dancin’ with those blinds closed! She’s gettin’her another grandbaby!

    Many Blessin’s!

  19. 119
    Anonymous says:

    Aww thats sooo exciting! As soon as I read that you are pregnant again, i got goosebumps all over me. Praise the Lord for this blessing.

    Rebecca in North Carolina

  20. 120
    Groovewoman says:


    That is such exciting news. I’ve been wanting to have another one myself here lately, but like you the first time, I have no insurance and it seems like an impossibility right now.

    I love Willow Tree figurines – I collect them as well. I have about 10 or so. I was given the pregnant woman one as a gift from my sister when I was expecting. It’s one of my favorites!


  21. 121
    Anonymous says:


    As I was reading down your post, MY heart was beating, thinking there was some happy news coming at the end!

    As a mom of three boys under 4 I have to tell you that adding to the family is such a blessing. Tiring, but an absolute blessing from God above.

    Congratulations!! Take care of yourself and rest up!

  22. 122
    Lori says:

    Is my memory right? Isn’t this baby due right about the time of Jackson’s birthday and Melissa’s wedding anniversary?
    Busy times at the Moore house!!

  23. 123
    Ashton says:

    Congratualtions, Amanda! Wondering what this little one will be? Looking forwarding to reading about your other fun news of your expecting one on the way. You guys must have planned the time for the birth? Isn’t Jackson born in February too? Allison

  24. 124
    Aunt Rhody says:

    What a great blessing! I’m writing this as I sit with my fourth beautiful grandchild beside me. She is 11 days old today. The 0-24 months fun is not to be compared. May your pregnancy be filled with good health and culminated with an easy delivery and healthy baby.

  25. 125
    chsingHim says:

    PRECIOUS!!! I am so excited for you – – and I know Beth must be about to BUST!! I was at the LPL event the first time your mom announced you were pregnant with Jackson….I think that was Knoxville but honestly can't remember which one but i do remember that she was beside herself with joy! Congratulations!!! Pregnancy & New Baby/Big Brother blogs! YaY!
    Blessings to you & your family.

  26. 126
    deb w. from MI says:

    PRAISE GOD from whom all BLESSINGS flow!!!!! 🙂


    May the Lord Bless you richly in the months of preperation to come!!

    Love in Christ,
    Deb W. from MI

  27. 127
    kari says:

    congratulations! I love being pregnant. There is something so special and amazing about it. God is so good that he would let us be part of creation this way.

    I just gave birth to my third child two weeks ago. A girl (Sarah Grace). I have two boys,ages 6 and 3. I’ll tell you Amanda, if you have another boy, there is nothing like having brothers. It’s a real blessing. God Bless!

  28. 128
    Karen L. says:


  29. 129
    Heather says:

    Congratulations!!!! What a blessing. I will be praying for your health and the health of that sweet little baby.

    Your family must be over the moon!

  30. 130
    Anonymous says:

    I’ve always smiled as I felt I had something in common with your mom in that we became grandmas for the first time around the same time. A couple of days ago, my daughter found out that she is expecting again. I was thrilled! That evening I checked the LPM blog as I always do before bed, and casually thought, I wonder when Amanda and Curt will have another little one….. WHOOHOOOO! We’re going to be grandmas again for the second time around at the same time! You’ll be a little bit before ours this time. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU AND TO GRANDMA BETH! (AND ME TOO!!!)

  31. 131
    Jackie Sue says:

    Congrats again, Amanda and the rest of the fam. Hope you aren’t one bit puky 🙂

  32. 132
    Deke says:

    Congratulations on your wonderful blessing…so neat to me that you posted this on Thursday July 24th 2008, the day I gave birth to our 3rd…this time a girl…we have two boys, 4 and 2…I’ve said since we knew Chloe Laine was on her way that one reason that God blessed us with a daughter is so Mommy and Chloe can attend LPL together!Praying for you and your lil one and all the family
    Laura Beth

  33. 133
    roxanne says:

    I, along with every other siesta, am very happy for you and your precious family!
    I am one of 11 children and loved being from a large family. All of my siblings are my best friends!!
    I know you are thinking how could you love anyone else as much as Action Jackson, but you can. Your love will not have to be divided between your children. God will supernaturally multiply that love for each of them.
    I think Jackson is the cutest thing ever, but I kinda hope you have a girl this time! I bet she will be as pretty as her momma!!
    God’s blessings to you all!
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful news with us.
    We love you and are praying for you!

  34. 134
    Tracey says:

    Congratulations! I love the little jacket too! Honey, you need to get in on the consignment sales around ATL – the will help you find some near you. My little guy was born 2-19-06 and I can totally identify with the statue as well. I actually captured the little boy look on camera this week and it made me cry. We’re having trouble with TTC so things are a little rough right now for us. But then again I’m still nursing. Yes, I’m crazy. Praying for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. HUGS

  35. 135
    Anonymous says:

    Dear Amanda & Curtis,
    Congratulations! What precious news! Blessings & prayer for good health for you & Baby. Love to all!

  36. 136
    Nena Conner says:

    How exciting!! I am expecting my first in November and can’t wait! Sharing in your joy…

  37. 137
    Anonymous says:

    Okay: I have never met you, Amanda (at least not in person — I have through your wonderful posts and your mother’s bless-ed stories); I’m not related to you; and we haven’t been BFFs since childhood — but when I got to the part in your post about your expecting baby #2, I started crying tears all over the place. My husband, who often rolls his eyes at my affection for all you ladies (with a gleam and smallest of smiles) was sitting on the couch and of course looked over at my gasp and crying. I burst out laughing as the tears streamed because how do you explain to a man that you’re crying over the pregnancy of someone you have never even met — especially when it’s over a blog?!!

    But praise be to God, you are my sister in Christ and I rejoice greatly with you and your whole family at the wonder of a child being fashioned by God in your “tummy.” Yay!

    Linda in MN

  38. 138
    Becky says:

    Congratulations to the family and I look forward to more post about the new bundle of joy growing inside of you. Look forward to hearing from the Bibby also on her feelings and excitment. Is she going to buy a new banner for this little one to join in on the Jackson and Bibby dance.
    Attalla, AL

  39. 139
    valerie says:

    Since I was on vacation and didn't get in on time for a comment on the "Malapropisms" post…I just had to add one or two. (I've already posted "Congrats" to Amanda!" 🙂
    My friend's mom used to say the funniest things. We still laugh and say these words like she did, to this day.
    Instead of Estee Lauder she'd say, "I need to get some Esther Lauderdale perfume." and she could never say condominium….she'd say comodinium.
    My son gives my mother-in-law a very hard time because she says so many things funny. Tortill-ya,(tortilla) & balon-uh (bologna)
    Also, when I was little I thought the song "Bringing in the Sheaves" was "Bringing in the Cheese."
    I enjoyed reading all the different malapropisms.

  40. 140
    The Marquarts says:

    Oh I am so excited for you! What a wonderful blessing!! Children are truly a gift from God!!

  41. 141
    mizbitz says:


  42. 142
    Kimberly says:

    Oh Amanda, congratulations! And the varsity jacket tear-jerker made me laugh.:)

  43. 143
    Anonymous says:

    Beautiful! May God continue to pour out what eye has not seen nor ear heard on your life! T.G.

  44. 144
    Evangelism Chick says:


    Holy Wonderfulness!!!

    Wow! So excited for you.

    You know how with the first child you experience a kind of profound LOVE like you’ve never experienced before? The first is just sheer, incredible, heavenly love. You “get it” in a much more real way our relationship with our precious Heavenly Father.

    It’s been my experience that the second is marked with a kind of JOY like none other. You are more confident in your parenting abilities. You do a few things differently this time because you’ve traveled the path before. You can relax much more and just soak it all in and you are saturated with supernatural levels of J-O-Y!!!

    I struggled with postpartum depression for 1 ½ years after my first sweet-angel boy, Drew. When I was expected baby #2, I prayed hard and often and God would not allow me to be thrown into that pit again. He heard my cry and sealed that pit. Praise YOU LORD! So, on many, many levels…the second sweet-angel gift from God is JOY (our gift is named Devin Josiah).

    Joyfully yours 😉


  45. 145
    Nichole's mom says:

    I hardly know what to say right now except please pray for my son. He was in a roll over accident this morning in Kentucky, he is being transported to Vanderbuilt Hospital in Nashville. I will be flying in tomorrow at 1:30 then drive to Vanderbuilt… His name is Brandon Forbes. He has two broken bones in his neck, a punctured lung, a crushed shoulder, and I don’t know what all else… Please pray for him. Pray for me. I’m not afraid, really I’m not, but I’m hurting for him. I love our God so much ladies… Without Him I would be nothing right now, I am counting on Him for everything PRAISE HIS NAME.

    I love you all so much!


  46. 146
    karensk says:

    Congratulations to you and your whole family!!! I’m sooooo happy for y’all!

    (I really miss shopping for those sweet little-sized clothes, too….My youngest is 8 y/o.) Have fun!

    Karen K.
    Houston siesta

  47. 147
    Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog says:

    Yeah congrats! Lifting prayers for you. That is such a precious story.
    Much love,

  48. 148
    SSharron says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am so excited for you and the whole family. Thank you for sharing that sweet, sweet story.

  49. 149
    Anonymous says:

    Amanda congrats. This is TRULY a blessing. When I had my first son I remember calling him my little reward. The Bible says the fruit of the womb is his REWARD! I have since had 2 miscarriages and a molar (cancer) pregnancy I am only 31. I just about cried when I read your post b/c it is such a HUGE BLESSING to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. With all that is within me I say KNOW you are blessed. I am so VERY happy for you and Curt. Thanks for sharing and I can’t wait to get all the updates. I would love to talk more if you wanted to email.

    [email protected].

    Enjoy the ride!

  50. 150
    Lindsey says:

    Yea! I am so excited for your family!

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