God Is On The Move!

Hey, you most darling of all Siestas! I hope you guys are doing well and seeing some fresh revelations of Jesus in His Word and in the blooming Spring. In my own quiet time this morning out on my back porch, God spoke to me about getting the “full measure” (those are the two words I kept hearing in my spirit) of God out of every trial or season. In other words, if I have to be in it, I want every drop of God I can get out of it. Milk that thang, Girls. Milk that thang. He didn’t allow you to be in that situation for nothing.

I am writing to let you know that this is a huge week for Living Proof. We are moving from the office building where we’ve been for many years to a free standing building that God has provided for the ministry. We are ecstatic! So humbled and thankful to God. And we are also practically out of our minds with all a move entails. Poor Curtis. I told him yesterday that I bet he wished he’d started at Living Proof AFTER the move. He’s the only man in the ministry so he’s been put to some use! He said he was glad to be there for the transition, however, and goodness knows he’s certainly had a chance to bond with his coworkers. They have all worked so tirelessly and joyfully. They are the most terrific staff in the world.

It seems like just yesterday our modest hand-me-down dining room table was stacked to the ceiling with research books while a very blonde-brained young woman tried to hear from God from 8:00 to 3:00 sharp and seek a divine touch in the daily-ness of carpools, basketball games, volleyball games, fusses and fights, and budding hormones. There at that same table I labored away at the Tabernacle series, the David series, Jesus the One and Only and Living Beyond Yourself. All of those were written in their first forms right in that spot while clean clothes piled to Heaven on my breakfast room table. And I was ruined for life.

I’ll be back at that table someday – don’t know if it will be sooner or later – with those of my generation and you young things will be doing all the break-neck studying and serving and laboring that we older things had been doing. And will still be doing in whatever form God directs. I don’t believe in retirement but I do believe strongly in transition. In moving. And in also knowing when to MOVE OVER and let the next generation do what they’re meant to do. With much help. Much love. Much blessing. That’s God’s way.

But for now, Lord have mercy, we’re moving all right. Boxes to the ceiling. Knees to the ground. Pray for us! And more than anything, pray for God to fill this new house with His great glory. He’s met with us many times in our old building. I want JESUS more than I want any surrounding. Any new carpet. Any fresh paint. I want HIM. Ask Him to baptize that place in His Presence and let me love Him more within those walls. We hope to grow in the depth and breadth of serving Jesus to you as we move with the cloudy pillar of His Glory to this place. You are so dear to us.

I love you!



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