Something On My Mind

Hey, Girlfriends! I don’t have long because Jackson’s at Bibby’s house but we’ve had lots of good time together this morning and he’s preoccupied for a few minutes. I’ve got something on my mind that I’ve got to share or I’m going to combust.

Yesterday I was with somebody I love who was describing frustration over not being able to get a breakthrough in a work matter. I’ve been in on it for a while so I knew it had been hard and I was searching for encouraging things to say that weren’t just the usuals that we turn to when we don’t know what to say. I reached out my hands toward the loved one’s hands and said, “Let’s pray about it right this minute.” And we did. We had no more than said, “In Jesus’ Name, Amen,” then the telephone rang. It was the call the person had been waiting for and the breakthrough came. The phone call lasted some time so I just kept praying and even doing a few little thank You dances. When the loved one got off the phone, I said, “Can you believe that? That was the Lord!”

To which my loved one said, “You’re probably right.”

“No,” I said, “there’s no ‘probably’ to it! That was the Lord! I mean, did you see that timing??”

The person nodded and said, “Sure may have been!”

WHAT DO YOU MEAN, “SURE MAY HAVE BEEN”?? Are you stinking kidding me? (I didn’t say all that part.)

“But you’ve gotta give Him His glory!” (I did say that.) Or what compels Him the next time when He didn’t get any credit the last time? (Didn’t exactly say that.)

Girls, listen. GIVE GOD HIS GLORY! When He does something for you, don’t sit there and wonder if that may have been Him. GIVE HIM SOME GLORY!! Jump up and down about it. Get excited about it! I don’t know about you, but I want God to ENJOY doing some things for me. I want Him to think I’m fun to get a reaction out of. I want to dang well NOTICE. Can you imagine when we thank Him for something that He’s up there on His Throne shrugging His shoulders and saying, “I’m not sure what you’re talking about. I didn’t have anything to do with that”? Does Phil. 2:13 not say that God works in us to will and to act according to His good purpose? Ain’t no doubt, Girlfriend. It is GOD.

“Many, O Lord my God, are Your wonderful works which You have done!” Ps. 40:5

“I am the Lord; that is My Name! I will not give My glory to another or My praise to idols…Let them give glory to the Lord and proclaim His praise…!” Is. 42:8,12

Not fussing. Just feel passionate about it. I love you so much and want you to enjoy your God!


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  1. 151
    salli says:

    You are so right. I’ve had similar conversations with other Christians, and I just want to shout His glory from the rooftops when others won’t barely give Him any. To Him who is more than we can ever imagine!!!

  2. 152
    katiegfromtennessee says:

    Hey Siestas!

    HAD TO GIVE GOD THE GLORY! My nephew called me today and told his “Aunt Katie” and “Uncle Luke” that he became a Christian today! I am soo very elated! Rejoice with me siestas! Another one has come into the Kingdom!


  3. 153
    Anonymous says:

    Can I just say, THANK YOU FOR THAT!!!!? Isn’t it just astounding that we have to be reminded of that? I know I sure needed the reminder! God Bless you Beth – Can’t wait to see you here in Jacksonville at the end of the month! (Please pray – I have invited a friend who is in a very bad place right now in every way – She NEEDS to hear from God! Like I said, thank you for the reminder to give HIM the glory! – I’m giving it to him alread for what I believe he will do in my friends life that weekend – please just pray that she won’t back out of going! Thank you! )

  4. 154
    Dianne says:

    Dear Beth,
    My husband teaches an adult Sunday School class – mostly couples – and yesterday’s lesson was “Learning About God’s Faithfulness.” At the end of the lesson, testimony after testimony was given of God’s faithfulness in individual’s lives in so many different circumstances. There was lots of giving credit where credit is due to the Lord. Praise His name! It was so encouraging!!

    Thank you for being so faithful to share what is on your heart! You are so encouraging as well!
    Love ya,

  5. 155
    Cynthia says:

    A woman that I have been ministering to was able to see God! The husband in this family had commited suicide, and the family has been in shambles. The 14 year old son blames himself. One late evening I stopped in to see this woman, and she was standing in the driveway just sobbing. Her son had run away the night before. They had a fight that night, and the son said, you would be better off without me, I should just kill myself to, and later snuck out his window and did not come back. The police and everyone was looking for him. I took her in my arms as she sobbed and I prayed for God to bring him home. As we were closing in prayer, a group of boys walked by, and I felt prompted by the Lord to ask them if they had seen the boy. THEY HAD!! 10 minutes later mom and son were sobbing in the driveway together!! Glory to God! This woman praised the LORD! She gave God the glory, she knew that it was Gods miracle, and not a coincidence! This weekend, I will have the pleasure of watching her family baptized! GOD IS SO GOOD!

  6. 156
    Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog says:

    Amen, sister, amen! I am seeing what you saw more and more these days. I feel the same passion and my heart breaks over people thinking it was them. Oh I have been there too but man it is so dang frustrating. I cannot imagine what the heart of God must feel like. If I am just a part of Him broken over it what is His very heart? Oh Lord, forgive us.
    Much love to you! Stay strong and passionate for Him!

  7. 157
    ConnieJ says:

    Amen and amen. It’s nice to hear someone feel that way. So many times it seems we all can become so complacent in all area’s of our walk with God. Imagine if we as Christians had the same passion that we see from others in their faith…I don’t see that very often.
    Be blessed my friend,

  8. 158
    Kate says:

    You know, I was just talking about that with my niece. Unfortunately, my family is one in which each person has “seemingly” pulled themselves out of horrid situations. We’ve all made it in life against the odds. I am the first in my family to know Christ and the power of God that has kept me through the worst of times; however, even as a Christian, it was difficult to let go of trusting myself in order to trust God. My niece is now going through the same thing. She was on drugs, homeless, and pregnant…as soon as she found out she was pregnant, she took steps to get out of the situation she was in (BUT GOD opened the doors). I heard myself in her when she mildly boasted of where she is and I had to remind her that medically she wasn’t even supposed to get pregnant among other things she had forgotten about that the Lord just completely took care of. She just sat back, nodded her head and said Jesus is the only reason I am where I am. It seems easy enough to say, but for some people, it’s a hard realization.

  9. 159
    Janna Widdifield says:

    Glory! Glory! Glory! Thanks for these verses. I’m going to write them on my chalkboard that hangs in my kitchen. “Giving God Glory” seems to be a theme that God is teaching me this year. I’ve also been trying to teach my 2-year-old how to praise Him. Throughout the day we lift our hands and say, “Glory! Jesus, Glory!” Thanks for the encouragement.

  10. 160
    Ashley says:

    I have been a long time reader of this blog, but tend to just read and laugh and agree and don’t post….but that entry just hit me this morning!! I can’t tell you how many times I have heard people say that same phrase, and I have definitely said it myself. It’s important to always remind ourselves and others that most things don’t happen by chance, they are on PURPOSE!!

  11. 161
    Christie@tisbutaseason says:

    Have to AMEN in agreement and share how God showed up in my life recently.

    My husband has been having a hard time with his boss. The boss put him on a “growth plan” (code for probation)and was denying him a contract for next year unless he met all the stipulations in the plan.

    We were shocked, unnerved, upset, frustrated, etc, etc. We prayed. I prayed. I got on my face and prayed. We talked with our pastor (who prayed). After 2 wks, the boss called and said, “I’ve been thinking about our conversation and I appreciate your honesty. I’m sorry; I’m new at this. I want you to tear up that growth plan and let’s just start fresh”.

    I was momentarily speechless when my husband called me to relay the news. Then I just cried out…”The Lord just rained down a miracle on your life. Praise the Lord!” I know that God has done amazing things in my life, but it has never been so overwhelmingly evident to me that God moved. He showed up – for my husband, for me, for our kids. And when God shows up…He shows up BIG!

    Thank you Jesus for all the provision and blessings You continusouly pour out onto Your children! I love You!

  12. 162
    Anonymous says:

    Amen and Amen Beth!

    When God simply ‘allows’ to happen instead of intentionally causing it or giving it…I’d rather err on the side of giving God credit for it anyway.

    Because truly, it’s ALL a gift from Him isn’t it?

    Chris in Canada

    P.S. I just got back from my 1st trip ever to your area of the world. My goodness you people know good food. Ooooooh the foooood!!! I’m coming back someday y’all!

  13. 163
    The Knedler Clan says:

    God is sooooo good!!

  14. 164
    Girly Girl says:

    This post is for the mother of Charles!

    I am praising the Lord with you for those precious steps that your son is taking. We too have a daughter with Down Syndrome and she just learned to walk at the age of 4. Those first steps are sweet because they are so hard to come by. Praise HIM! When my Ella started walking I couldn’t help but sing the children’s song, “She went walking and leaping and praising God!”

    I’d love to keep rejoicing and praising the Lord with you over those milestones if you like. Blessings!
    [email protected]

  15. 165
    valerie says:

    I did a thank-you praise to the Lord this morning! A while back I had to go to my heart dr. for a routine visit, consultation & echo test. I make this visit every couple of years. Since my husband’s company changed owners and insurances the new ins. said this was a pre-existing condition and they weren’t going to pay this bill which was near $1000. I found out through a few friends that our new ins. can’t deny this if we never had a lapse of ins. coverage (which we didn’t) So, I had to contact the previous two ins. co’s and get letters of credible coverage mailed to us. (more info than anyone really wants to know….but it may be helpful to someone) I wouldn’t have known to do this.
    So…after weeks of all of this I called my dr. today (again) and they said “YES…they received full pymt from our ins. yesterday!” I even have a credit! So, I’m praising the Lord for this today. It was all Him!

  16. 166
    Mary Lou says:

    I just have to agree. We have to give Him the praise when He shows up and does something. I have to raise my hands in church, I have to praise Him, or bust. I can’t have the rocks crying out because I didn’t give Him the praise due Him. Someone just told me I could or should write a book about the times that my husband and I have been going through the past two years. We have crossed so many “Red Seas” it’s not even beginning to be funny. This morning He gave the picture of us stepping into the Jordan with it’s overflowing banks as the priests did and the waters didn’t part till they stepped out in faith. We are stepping out in faith beginning today. I am so excited. I have to be wary of the adversary because he’s still on the prowl and he bothered me a little last night, but I kept telling God that I was facedown even though I was laying in the bed. I kept praising Him and praying. Then this morning He gave me that picture of us stepping out in faith…can I hear an Amen….God is good and He is good ALL of the time….

  17. 167
    Nicole says:

    Miss Beth,

    Just wanted to say we finished session 2 of the updated A Woman’s Heart study last night and girl, you rocked the house! Not only did we laugh our heads off (hello, Skittles!) but we cried and Amened and everything else (and this from a pretty reserved, “conservative” crowd).

    I wanted to leave a post because in the tape you confessed sometimes you get “insecure” after a lesson and I wanted to affirm in you the Holy Spirit was using you as a vessel for some great Bible teaching and learning, so thanks so much!


  18. 168
    Anonymous says:

    Hi Beth, I had a similar experience the other day. My sister had told my mom and I that a friend of her’s had a child in her classroom who’s apartment had burned. They had lost everything, and the mom of the little boy is single and has another child. She didn’t have any appliances in her house, and they needed a refigerator desperately. My mom said she would call my grandmother and see if she could talk to a few people to get the word out.
    I got down on the floor and prayed for us to please be able to help these people, and to forgive us for being so spoiled. I had not even got up when mom called back and said my cousin had a nice refigerator and the family could have it. All last week we got things together for the woman and her 2 boys. She now has a whole household of things. She is fixed up and back on track. My husband and I are going to give her a washer and dryer. She told the child’s teacher(my sister’s friend) she had never had a washer and dryer of her own. I don’t know this woman’s name, but it is amazing how God has used His children to help someone in need.
    He opened the door for my family and others we know to be able to accomplish this so she could get back to work and the kids doing well in school.
    Praise the Lord!!!
    Melissa in North Carolina

  19. 169
    Bewildered says:

    Totally agree.

    God & I are working on getting people to realize that PRAYER is what is needed rather than “crossing fingers”. That it isn’t “luck” when things go the way we want, it is GOD.

    Glory be to God!!!

  20. 170
    Anonymous says:


    I have asked that not only do I see His Glory in the big and little things but that my husband and children (10 & 8 years old) SEE HIM in the details of their lives… and then we CELEBRATE!

    I want The Living God to be their greatest party… not what this world/culture manufactures as a ‘good time’. May our families see the Glory of God at work for themselves so that we can shine truth and light into our world that cries out for hope. God is real. He is alive & active and your experiences continue to be a light to me and so many…keep sharing, we love you!

  21. 171
    Anonymous says:

    amen sister!!!!! uh, i mean siesta! 😉

    julie in KY

  22. 172
    Emily says:

    So true!!! Thanks for shareing 🙂

  23. 173
    Tina Vega says:

    AMEN to that!! There is NO SUCH THING as coincidence, it is all Him. This hit me full force in my life as I started to write down all of those “coincidences” during a difficult period of loss in my life. I began to see a noticeable pattern, a definite interaction with God as He responded to my questions and prayer. IT IS MOST DEFINITELY HIM! A really awesome book on this subject is called “God Moments” by Alan D. Wright (available online through Northwestern Bookstore).

  24. 174
    Tanya says:

    I rarely comment because everyone says it so much better, but I do just want to say THANK YOU! for all the good words you share, both here in other teaching venues. Thanks for leaving yourself open to us and to God.

    Blessings to you and your wonderful family,

  25. 175
    Andrea says:

    It is a wonderful thing to praise God especially when we are excited. This past year has been a long one. I have just lost my mom to ALS disease and found a lump in my breast. We have been praying, and today the Dr. said she thinks it is a fibroid,she will remove it but she thinks it is clear of cancer. I am surely praising the Lord. My husband is out of town, when I called to tell him he just stopped and prayed right then.
    Amen, Amen

  26. 176
    Anonymous says:

    i just got married 12 days ago. I have been blessed with the most amazing Godly husband on earth who is also in the Army reserves. 2 days before our wedding he got a call saying he was being sent back to Iraq ASAP. My darling husband did not want to ruin the wedding and honeymoon for me so he carried this burden having only men in his family pray hard. When we got home from our honeymoon, he called his commanding officer and was told that someone else had been chosen. He told me the story last night. PRAISE PRAISE PRAISE the Lord that he has interveined. My husband is so brave and will serve when called upon, yet we so want to spend this precious time together, not apart. please continue to lift this situation up. To God be the Glory. How comforting to know God is at work when we have no idea what is going on.

  27. 177
    Allison says:

    LPM siestas,
    I’m asking for prayer for a family and a student body. An eighth grade student passed away last night after a month-long battle in the hospital that began with strep, double pneumonia, and the flu. We rejoice that she boldly proclaimed the grace of Jesus Christ at school and anywhere else she went. She BOUNCED to class– walking was not an option! She has had a tremendous impact on our school which will not stop.

    However, today is a tough one. Tears are everywhere. This morning was our weekly FCA meeting, and we began the school day by singing “Holy is the Lord” and praying in small groups. Still, the grief is ever present and so real. Please pray for our middle school and most of all, for her family. We know God will continue to get the glory.

  28. 178
    Anonymous says:

    i’m so glad this post is still open. i guess my comment failed the other day so here goes again.

    I have a son walking far from the Lord. He is the same son that I prayed with to accept Jesus at age 5 and the same son at age 13 that spent all his birthday money on a study bible that he began to underline important scripture in.

    I text him now and then late at night when he is out and I can’t sleep because God keeps me awake. (Yes I believe that too.) The other night at 1 a.m. I texted him what a hard worker he was for his employeer and that I loved him. I then told the Lord I wished I had some cute quips to send him like I did before to make him laugh. I checked my emails for anything and I was all cleaned out. only 4 sat in my box and nothing like i needed. I exited then I felt I needed to check again. I did so immediately. As fast as that there sat another just delivered email. This was 2 a.m. people with a freshly cleaned out in box and now here sat just the quips I needed, one liners, plays on words, exactly like I sent him before that could make him laugh and let us connect with one another. The moment it happened I had not doubt it was God. At one point in the texting he asked “mom where do you get these things?” I should have told him God just sent them to me. I didn’t but I did end with a verse of scripture.

    God makes phones ring and God makes emails arrive right on time. Thanks Beth for this opportunity to testify how wonderful my God is to me with timing that I cannot fathom.

    Love to you and Amanda.

  29. 179
    Anonymous says:

    I just thought of lyrics to a song called “God Is Good”

    “God is good, He’s always good
    He’s never anything less
    Oh, God is good, He’s always good
    That’s why I know I am blessed!”

    Simple, but oh, how very true.

    Amber in TN

  30. 180
    Stephanie says:

    Satan fights dirty! I had the opportunity to bring a friend practicing Buddhism to Breaking Free last night. My babysitter was thirty minutes late, I had a blow out on the freeway (my sweet husband met me to trade cars), and there was a major wreck at 610 and 290. I kept waiting for my friend to say forget it, but the enemy did not win!!!! We made it just in time for Beth and after the message I knew why Satan had fought so hard. My friend got it! She is ready to start getting a little freedom in Christ. By the way, my tire did not have a puncture, but a huge gash on the side – sounds like a roaring lion to me. Praise God for His faithfulness.

  31. 181
    jennyhope says:


    I just have to give you a shout out and tell you that once again you hold my two year olds attention. You don’t even understand…if it is not on one of “her shows” she freaks. Well, she has been sitting in her highchair watching Life Today and content as ever!

    Praise God for the lesson today! Keep bringing the message of Psalm 130.

    love you all!

  32. 182
    erincraig says:

    Well thank you for that post. I am comment 296 so good luck to me for anyone reading this! I am knew to you blog and this was just what I needed to hear today. I too am in the midst of a waiting game over a job. My stomach is all tied up in knots and I am just so fearful of the outcome. This helped me to relax and trust god and his timing for the matter. Worry will do me no good so I am going to call my husband right now from work and ask him to pray with me!

  33. 183
    salty sister says:


    God needs to be glorified!!!!!!!!

    He is working out a medical answer to heal my husband from 5 years of chronic NECK pain.

    He’s going to have a Radiofrequency (RF) rhizotomy or neurotomy is a therapeutic procedure designed to decrease and/or eliminate pain symptoms arising from degenerative facet joints within the spine. The procedure involves destroying the nerves that innervate the facet joints with highly localized heat generated with radiofrequency. By destroying these nerves, the communication link that signals pain from the spine to the brain can be broken

    NO DOUBT IT IS GOD THAT HAS THIS ALL FIGURED OUT. IT’S TAKEN 4 neurosurgeons, 1 orthopedic surgeon, 1 pain management specialist and now GOD HAS ORDAINED THIS TO BE WHAT TODD NEEDS!


  34. 184
    Lauren says:

    Thank you for reminding me!

  35. 185
    Lindsee says:

    That is one stinkin’ good word! Amen, sister! Amen!

    HE deserves HIS Glory!

  36. 186
    Kim Safina says:

    The Journey Continues ~

    Precious Siesta Beth!


    You, your family, LPM ministry are reaching so many ~ GODSPEED!

    With”Heaven Bound” Blessings,

  37. 187
    Anonymous says:

    After reading your entry a few days ago, I was compelled for days to tell how God intervened in one of the most difficult times in my life. I received a call from the nursing home on the morn. of New Years’s eve. The nurse on the phone reported that my “sweet mommy” appeared to have fallen some time during the night. She had several bruises on her body and appeared to be quite confused. I met them at the hospital where tests showed that she did indeed fall back on her head which caused bleeding on her brain. She was immediately taken by helicopter to another hospital in hopes that she she could have surgery to eliminate the bleeding. By the time I had arrived (2 1/2 hrs later) my “sweet mommy” was in a coma. I was told by the doctors that there was nothing they could do. Knowing that I serve a God who could raise her from that bed…I never stopped believing. It was on the third day, family members had come and gone and a snow storm was rising in the area. My husband and I was the only ones left. The snow kept coming down and he was torn about going back home to check on the kids and the house and too to gather fresh clothes and personal needs to bring back. We had the nurses to check her vital signs one more time before he left. Her vital signs had not change and were normal. I assured my husband that I would be alright and sent him on his way. As I settled in for the evening, I went to the television which was at the foot of her bed. As I changed the channel, a fear went through my body. Immediately, I began to pray aloud “Father, I know that YOU can raise my mommy from this bed but, if this is not YOUR will and YOU do not want me to be alone, please intervene before Chris leaves the hospital.” I cannot describe the presence in that room, but all of a sudden there was complete silence. With my back to her I knew there was something different. I could not hear her breathe through her oxygen mask. As I slowly turned to look at her, there she laid peacefully. My “sweet mommy” was now in the arms of Jesus. I was in awe of His presence and the fact that God was right there before me. I ran to the nurses station to announce the news, yet I was so overcome with joy that I began to share with others about the Lord. As for Chris he was standing down at the other end of the corridor talking with a couple. Though a few of the nurses wanted to sedate me…I will never forget that evening as I was filled with a peace that surpassed any and all understanding. It has been several months since that evening, but I continue to testify of his mercy and grace. Though I continue to have those days where my heart aches for her, yet I know that she is in a far better place with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. “Draw near to Him and He will draw near to you”

    “Believe God”

    Blessings and much Joy to each of you…

    Debby Ann

  38. 188
    Anonymous says:

    Beth, “my little man” (6 yr. old grandson Caleb Joshua), took me by the hand the other day and he said:”Nonni, c’mon over here and let’s have an OLD talk”. (I LOVE IT) We went and sat down and he proceeded to tell me that “I needed to spend more time with Him because he had lots of things to tell me about Jesus, and I was at work lots lately”!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY, did this Non’s heart melt with that little hand in mine. And this Non saw Jesus in the small things, in the big things, in the thrill and nill of things…I know full well WHY our loving Lord tells us to come to Him like a ‘child’. It took a childs heart to speak a “refresher course” to this Non. Love ya Beth…have fun Bibby, it only gets better and better and better.

  39. 189
    Deanna says:

    In our First Place group last night we discussed 1 Chr. 4:9&10 and prayed that God would increase our territory. I had to go to Walmart after our meeting, but when I got home I had a message to call a girl I work with. We don’t know each other very well, but she poured out her broken heart to me and asked me to pray for her situation. I think God was increasing my territory and I’m amazed that He would let me be a part of His work. Thank you Jesus!
    Thanks Beth for serving Jesus and blessing your siestas.
    Much love,
    Deanna in AL

  40. 190
    Dawn says:

    Oh, praise the Lord! I didn’t know you had a blog… found it totally by accident. (Don’t you just love it when God arranges little “accidents?” I sure do!!!)

    So, now you’re bookmarked and I’ll be checking daily.

    Your sister in Round Rock (a northern burb of Austin),

  41. 191
    Amy T says:

    Amen Siesta! I was just the other day in Sunday School telling my class about what you said in “Believing God” about Godstops. There are so many in our day if we will just take notice. I hit a buzzard with my van the other day (I know, I know, yes, I live in Texas!) and after the initial shock, I immediately thanked God that I was in a van and it did not hit my windshield because it hit my grill directly in front of me and if it had hit my windshield …..! Enjoy Jackson and Amanda being there! Thanks for posting this!

  42. 192
    Anonymous says:

    Hi Beth! Not to be frivolous, but I just watched Video #4 from your Psalms of Ascent study and I am dying to know where on earth did you get that adorable velvet blue jacket? I am a northerner and I don’t think the stores around here carry any of the cute clothes you have! I’ve even looked on ebay for it! 🙂 BTW, I’ve had to battle the same abusive situations you seem to allude to when I was a child, by numerous men and even women. I’ve been on a healing journey from it for about 2 years now…done Breaking Free, Believing God, Daniel, Heart Like His, and now this one. I am blown away by the Spirit talking to me through your every word in this Psalms study–oh how it echos/reflects my journey. I hope maybe someday I can help women with this kind of a journey too, someday. But if not, I’m just so grateful for God….if it had not been for Him things could have been so much worse….AMEN! (P.S. don’t forget to let me know about that jacket, wink, wink!)

  43. 193
    Anonymous says:

    so are you guys house hunting?

    Can we talk, I am at home waiting for a root canal. painful,
    was hoping you all updated thr blog

  44. 194
    Anonymous says:


  45. 195
    Anonymous says:



  46. 196
    Anonymous says:

    That reminds me of a situation once at work. I’m a nurse and we were having trouble doing a procedure on a patient. I stepped out of the room for a moment and came back to find they were finally successful. Surprised I asked “what did you do?”
    One nurse quipped,”oh she said some mumbo jumbo”. I looked over at the other nurse ( a fellow believer) questioningly, she smiled and replied ” I prayed, ‘Dear Jesus please Help me’ ” We both smiled and gave Him some praise while the other lady rolled her eyes. I have to say I’m still taken back that anyone could think calling on the name of Jesus as “mumbo jumbo”.

  47. 197
    littlerad says:

    So often we get busy and we let things slip, we should never forget to give the glory to God, for he is the reason that you it happened…

    May we never forget His unspeakable Gift and Sacrifice. Sing Hosanna, for He is the God Who saves us. Worthy of all our praises.

  48. 198
    Dan & Tammy says:

    I just had to share with you that I am giving God the Glory right now! I am doing the Believing God bible study with my church ladies. Well I was struggling a little with the miracle chapter, just with what I was using as a definition of a miracle. Well, the day of the homework that I had to pray for someone I prayed for my friends who have wanted a baby for many years (almost 7) and haven’t been able to get pregnant. I prayed for God to intervene and give them a life to care for. This was about 2 weeks ago. This couple are missionaries in Ukraine. She called me yesterday and told me God is bringing a baby into their life through an adoption that has just fallen in their lap! Nothing is finalized and so we are praying for God to work all that out. But I cannot tell you how excited I was to see an answer to this prayer I had just prayed! God is so good and I cannot even tell you how overwhelmed I was yesterday. I couldn’t stop crying. I am sure my friend thinks I am crazy!! Anyway, I just needed the Lord to show me what a miracle is and he did! I am continuing to pray for the situation and cannot wait until this child grows up under the loving care of the precious couple and I can tell him that he is our answer to prayer!!

  49. 199
    Anonymous says:

    I have to comment on this post; my first comment because this hits so close to home.

    Just like your friend, I have been having work issues. Both my husband and I have been laid off from our full time jobs and are only working part time. It is a daily and actually by minute struggle to ward off depression, anxiety, negativity, and hopelessness.
    BUT, I have faith and the Lord Jesus Christ on my side. If it wasn’t for his precious word, I don’t know what I would do.
    I have been wearing out my poor index cards w/ scripture for frustration, perseverance, and depression. This one is huge for me right now:
    “Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see” Hebrews 11:1
    Beth, let me tell you something. You will hear me thanking God if my phone rings with the call I have been waiting for (like your friend got). I KNOW that will be the Lord. You will hear me in Texas or where ever you will be while my 5’1″, 102 lb self in Florida sings his glory because he is the only one who can make it happen.
    I also pray I can go see you in Jacksonville at the end of the month if that is in God’s Will.
    Thank you Jesus!

    Port Charlotte, FL

  50. 200
    Toni says:

    I came by way of Blog In My Eye. This is a wonderful reminder. I find that I most often forget to acknowledge Him not at the resolution of a crisis but in the everyday when things are going perfectly smooth. It is in those times when I start to develop a smug “Ain’t I fine.” attitude that I need this wake-up call. Oh yes, Lord Thank You Thank You for the smooth times. Thank You for removing the rocks from my path and making the way straight.

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