Q&A Part 2

Now, from AJ.

Where do you enjoy going on vacation and what you like to do?
Our whole family loves to be in the mountains. Believe it or not, I didn’t see a real mountain until we took an unforgettable summer trip to Colorado when Melissa and I were teenagers. Most of our vacations up to that point had been to beach towns on the Texas Gulf Coast. (That’s what happens when your dad loves to fish. No complaints here though!) So there’s a very big part of me that needs to spend quality time at the beach every summer. I am not one to lay out for hours in the sand. I like to swim in the waves and catch hermit crabs. In the mountains, my mom and sister really enjoy hiking but I would prefer to be on a horse going through those trails with my dad. In the winter, Curt is the only one in the family who skiis but we all like to snowmobile.

What is your favorite place to eat out in Jackson Hole?
My favorites are The Virginian for breakfast, Billy’s Hamburgers for lunch, and The Mangy Moose restaurant for dinner. Sweetwater is another good place if you want to eat girly food. It depends on when you go because some of these restaurants close during the “off season.”

What Bible study software does Beth use that has “talking Strong’s”?
Beth constantly uses WORDsearch 7 (there is now a version 8). Another Bible study software tool with talking Strong’s is Bible Explorer Premium 4.0. If you are only looking for talking Strong’s, which will teach you how to pronounce the Greek and Hebrew words, Bible Explorer’s lower price might make it the best choice. Both of these can be found at www.wordsearchbible.com.

How do I leave a comment on the blog?
See if this helps.

Is Beth almost done writing the Esther study?
Beth’s deadline for this study is in June. She is currently finishing Week 5. This brings me to another question, which is “How can we best pray for Beth?” She covets your prayers for this project!

When Beth has her quiet time by the fire, is it a wood burning fireplace or gas logs?
It was a wood burning fireplace up until two years ago when my parents remodeled their house. Now they have gas logs. This is very good for me because my son has a deep longing to play in ashes.

Can Living Proof develop an online community for the Siestas?
This is a very good question that I have received through email a number of times. LifeWay hosted a Believing God community for us five years ago when that Bible study was published online. It was a great experience for that season and we absolutely loved having that kind of interaction with women around the world. However, it required a lot of work, training of staff and volunteers, and constant observation. LifeWay even carried the larger load for us since they took care of the technical side of things. At this point, I think it would take at least one full time worker to oversee an online community and to take care of the technical aspects. Even with a full time employee taking care of this, it would generate another handful of work for Beth. And there are only two hands! I’m not sure we could sustain a blog and an online community and still have her writing Bible studies and teaching at conferences.

Has Beth read the Mitford series by Jan Karon?
My mom was obsessed with the Mitford books. She even had an audio version of one that she lent me for a road trip.

By the way, Beth, that is one gorgeous little Tod you have! How will you EVER say “no” to those beautiful big eyes?
Recently I saw a little boy in a Spiderman suit out in public with a woman who I assumed was his grandmother. Immediately I realized that one day my son would go out in public, under the supervision of his grandmother, dressed in anything he wanted to wear. Because she could not say no to the big blue eyes. The only difference is, my mom will be dressed up with him.

In what order should the Bible studies be taken?
There really isn’t a suggested order. I think for someone in the very beginning of their walk with God, Jesus the One and Only and Living Beyond Yourself are great places to start. Believing God is an excellent follow-up to Breaking Free. Other than that, I think someone should start with whichever study seems to interest them most or however the Spirit seems to be leading at that time. If you really, really need some direction, it wouldn’t hurt to do them in the order they were written.

What does Keith do? We know about all his caveman adventures, but what was/is his job?
Keith ran the family plumbing company from the mid-1980’s until just a few years ago when he sold his share of the company to his partner. Since then he has been extremely blessed with lots of freedom to live out his caveman adventures, manage the Moore household, and take very good care of his woman. My parents are especially grateful that my dad can be an active part of her ministry through the TV program, Life Today with James and Betty Robison. (She can be seen on the program every Wednesday teaching Bible study.) He is present for every filming and has accompanied her on both mission trips to Angola. I think it’s fair to say that their lives have had an extra measure of peace since my dad sold the company.

When are you going to have another baby?
Right now we’re only planning to have one more child, so we want to be good and ready before we expand our family. I was sick for the first trimester with Jackson, so I want to really want it before I go through that again. Aside from the morning sickness, I want to savor everything about being pregnant and having a newborn again. I look forward to being more confident the second time around and hopefully being able to enjoy it more, knowing that it goes by so quickly. Of course, God is sovereign and only He knows how the expansion of our family will go.

Do you get bombarded 100 times a day with “Can your Mom come speak to…”?
I used to get asked that a lot but not as much anymore, for which I’m thankful. It’s hard to say no to a friend, so I usually let Susan do that for me! Susan is my mom’s assistant and she has the very tough job of being the protector of Beth’s time. Every “no” she says to an extra opportunity is a “yes” to our family. “Yes, you can come down this weekend for a visit. I’m dying to see my grandson.” “Yes, Dad and I can come up this weekend and hear Curtis preach.” “Honey, there’s an opening in my schedule and Dad and I are heading to the mountains for a week.” We do not take no’s and yeses for granted.

Melissa and I used to function as Mom’s assistants when we were younger. The Lord knows how many messages we took on scraps of paper (with markers) in the kitchen for speaking engagements here and there. If any of you had to deal with our seven and ten-year-old selves on the phone, I’m so sorry! There’s no telling what we said!

As a Mom, are you able to get your quiet time in EVERY day? What is your way of doing quiet time, journaling, reading a study or just reading the Bible?
It took me a long time after Jackson was born to get back on track with my quiet times. I finally found a routine that works well for us. When we wake up, I give Jackson a cup of milk to drink while I make breakfast. Then I pull his high chair into the living room where he can eat and watch Noggin. I sit right next to him on the couch, eat my breakfast, and have my quiet time. That gives me about 20-30 minutes before he is ready to get down and run around the house. I like to journal my prayers because it helps my mind to stay focused. The last two devotional books I used were David: 90 Days With a Heart Like His and Jesus: 90 Days With the One and Only. Both of those have built-in prayer journals. I am biased because my mom wrote both of them, but I thought they were excellent. Right now Curtis and I are using Devotions for a Sacred Marriage: A Year of Devotionals for Couples by Gary Thomas and we are loving it. You’re only supposed to do one a week, but we are cheating and doing one every day. I would highly recommend it. I definitely have days when I miss my quiet time, especially if we are traveling. I struggle when I’m out of my morning routine.

How does one get on the Deeper Still blog?
The Deeper Still blog is temporarily suspended due to the gap of time
between events. LifeWay is currently looking at the possibility of restarting
it for the 2008 locations.

Can you recommend a child-raising book or author who you believe gives Biblical advice?
Someone mentioned this in a comment, but I read James Dobson’s Bringing Up Boys and I learned a lot from it. I haven’t read many parenting books yet, but I will say that I love to listen to radio programs like Family Life Today and Focus on the Family. I always learn something and feel encouraged when I get to tune in.

Why does God wait so long to let some of us ladies get married?
I do not know the answer to this question and I wish there was a good explanation. Sometimes I think we would all benefit from going back to arranged marriages and getting married around the time that teenage hormones kick in. Call me crazy, but I have a whole argument for this in my head.

How do you live a normal life? Can you go to the mall without being swarmed?
I don’t think there’s ever been a “swarm” at the mall. Usually we get to meet a couple of Bible study sisters and that’s fun. I was sorry I missed getting to meet Jen the Newlywed a couple weeks ago when she ran into my mom and sister at Willowbrook Mall.

Any thoughts on a study on Job? I’ve been reading and re-reading Job lately, and it really just moves me. God says SO much there….
Check out Yet I Will Trust Him in our online store. It was recorded at a Living Proof Live conference in New Orleans in, I believe, 2002.

What is your very favorite worship song?
Curtis and I are currently obsessed with Savior King by Hillsong United. It really takes off halfway through, so be sure to listen to the whole thing.

How did your mom pass on her passion for Christ to you girls?
More than anything, I think we saw her abundant life and knew that it was because of her commitment to and love for Christ. We also spent lots of time talking about the Lord and worshipping Him together through contemporary Christian music. (Much of this happened while we were driving in the car. That’s one reason I can be thankful for Houston traffic.) I always had lots of spiritual questions and we had some awesome conversations about the Lord through those. One of the main things she taught me was to submit myself to Christ every single day so that I could be dead to my flesh and alive in the Spirit. In other words, have my quiet time! (See Galatians 5:16-18.)

Melissa and I both went through a time when we had to make our faith “our own” and choose for ourselves whether we would continue to follow Christ when our parents weren’t there to direct our steps. I think we both got a taste of the world and learned the hard way that abundant life was only found in Christ.

What is the best advice your mom ever gave you?
Choose joy.
“This is the day the LORD has made;
let us rejoice and be glad in it.” (Psalm 188:24)

What Bible studies or books do you recommend?
Someone asked how you define ministry. I learned from C. Gene Wilkes’ book Jesus On Leadership that ministry is simply service. “Minister” is just a fancy word for servant. This is definitely a study I would recommend to anyone. Another book I absolutely love to recommend is The Prisoner in the Third Cell by Gene Edwards. If you have felt disappointed by God recently, get this book!

Has your family been attacked by the enemy because of your ministry?
Without a doubt. And so have the Gates, Hamm, Harris, Kirby, McClure, Mattingly, McMahon, Meyer, S. Moore, and Riley families. When we get to hear testimonies from women whose lives and whose families’ lives have been changed by power of God’s Word, we get a glimpse of what is at stake in the heavenly realms. Whatever we are allowed to go through for the sake of the Bride of Christ being prepared for her Groom, it will be more than worth it when we see His face. We consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us. (Romans 8:18)

“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.” (Ephesians 6:12-13)


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  1. 1
    fuzzytop says:

    Hi Amanda,

    I will definitely check out the link for the Living Proof event on Job, since I had asked about this!

    Thanks for all you do for us siestas!


  2. 2
    Janice says:

    You should come to the beach in Charleston someday. 🙂

  3. 3
    Bennett says:

    Thank you for sharing your lives with us.

  4. 4
    ForHisGlory says:

    I am so excited you amswered today! I’ve been looking forward to it! Hope your doing great! Tiff

  5. 5
    mitzi says:

    Amanda, I just loved your vision of Grandma Beth dressing Jackson in the future. When my four year old granddaughter stays with me she can wear whatever she wants. 🙂 My daughter is horrified when she comes to pick up Larissa and finds her in mismatched colors, still in her pajamas, mismatched outfits etc. Before they leave she will redress Larissa in “proper” clothing. I love it!!

  6. 6
    DigiNee says:

    Amanda – thank you for your candid answers – this was such a joy to read this almost noon . . .

    Beth was again, spot on last night . . . can feel the intensity of the Spirit on her – today is the day to get free! Tell her not to worry about what all she said before she started last night – it is well . . .

    Have so been praying for all the Siestas – the 600 plus who still struggle with bondage and those dear souls who did not post their bondages – – – and am praying for Beth as she finishes Esther and revises Breaking Free . . . AND for all of you as the wedding is just in a few days —- praying for Beth as Melissa moves and this season of adjustment comes and passes . . .

  7. 7
    laughing out loud says:

    You are so sweet to take time to answer all these crazy questions. I have to say my favorite was when you said that Beth would be the one dressed up with Jackson at the mall. What a hoot!!! Maybe that can be her disguise.

    Next time I am in Texas and roaming the mall I will be on the look out!!!

    Lauderdale MS

  8. 8
    annette says:

    Thank you for the answers to so many questions.

    I still hope one day the Lord has Beth, Amanda, and or Melissa write a study on Ezekiel. He has had me in several chapters for months. Thankfully Joel C Rosenberg’s material has helped me quite a bit. But I know a Beth Moore Bible study would really help!

    Blessings to all 3 of you as well as your stagg.

  9. 9
    Jenny says:

    Hi Amanda,
    I have learned lots from your mom and now from you too!

    Have a great week and enjoy all the yes that you can!

  10. 10
    valerie says:

    Thank you, Amanda!
    I grew up with parents in the ministry and can relate to so much you talk about.
    My sister and I were just talking this morning about God’s amazing grace over our lives & we know the reason we’ve been so blessed as a family is because of our parents being obedient & faithful to God all these years.(and continue to as they are in their mid 70’s)
    Thanks again for taking time to answer our questions.
    P.S. THANK YOU for this blog! I have “met” some of the most amazing women over the past couple of weeks. They have blessed my heart! Today is my son’s 27th birthday. Check out my blog for pictures if you get a chance.

  11. 11
    Anonymous says:

    For the seista looking for some parenting books, we have found the following helpful:

    Withhold Not Correction (Bruce Ray)- this can be done as a Bible study if you get the newest addition off Amazon or the like, and I think it gives the best explanation of discipline I’ve found.

    The Heart of Anger (Lou Priolo)- a good read for all parents regardless of whether you think your child is an angry one or not- the first few chapters deal with how a parent can provoke a child to anger, so it’s preventative, too.

    Teach Them Diligently (Lou Priolo)-talks about using Scriptures to train a child- based on Deut. 6

    Hints on Child Training (H. Clay Trumbull)- this was Elisabeth Elliot’s grandfather, I believe, so it was written over 100 yrs ago and language is a bit different, but wow! there are GEMS to be found.

    Shepherding a Child’s Heart (Ted Tripp)

    Successful Christian Parenting (John MacArthur)- talks about how to teach your children about God’s holiness, how to evangelize them, and the last couple chapters have some great explanations of the role of the mother and father- basically a word by word teaching from some NT passages

    I devour books and one thing I’ve learned is that there are certainly a lot out there in the Christian bookstores that want to help but the ones that stick to Scripture and explaining the original texts with some additional guidelines of “how to practically” have been the most helpful for us to be consistent with our children. Another principle- God does give us Scriptural guidelines but amazingly, there is room for a lot of personalities in parenting- so seek Him out and pray and pray and pray…and He’ll show each parent how to raise his/her children into people who love God with all their hearts, minds, souls, and strength.

    Blessings- T.G.

  12. 12
    enjoyinggrace says:


    Being a Mom of two boys (16 & 19 yrs. old) I recommend Dobson’s book “Dare to Discipline”. We raised our boys on that book and still give it to anyone we know that is pregnant. Seeds that we are now sowing and it’s a beautiful harvest!

    Not too sure on the whole arranged marraiges thing..thinking you were kidding 🙂

    Totally get the whole thing about having a faith of your own. My oldest is now at college and is beginning to explore His God…Jesus the One and Only. I have been praying furiously for him since he left in August and the Praises are bellowing out of me! He actual found a church on his own and he is hearing the Word. I could burst over this one! I wait expectantly for Him and sit on His promise of blessing the next generation.

    Your little “Tod” is adorable and I just love boys….enjoy everything but don’t wait too long. Three years apart are plenty for me and now sometimes I wish that they had been only two years (I know just the thought of it is overwhelming) and I also wish I had another one….WOW..our memories do fad.

    Keep going and growing with God…you are a encouragement to others young and old!

    Enjoying Grace,

  13. 13
    Michelle V says:


    I loved the Spiderman comment about Jackson because my oldest son is now 15, but he went through a stage where he wore his Batman cape, shorts and cowboy boots. That was his favorite outfit, and I was a horrible mommy and didn’t let him go to the store that way even though he always wanted to. He now reminds me of that and teases me about stunting him as a young child!

    Waco, TX

  14. 14
    Anonymous says:

    Amanda, You shold come to Ireland you would love it- COME!!! the beaches in Ireland are something else – cold – but something else – COME COME COME!!

  15. 15
    Michelle Bentham says:

    Thanks for sharing, AJ. You are precious to us – though you are full grown, many of us are just learning about your childhood through your mother’s studies. It is a blessing and a joy to “watch you grow.”


  16. 16
    Darlene R. says:

    That was so much fun to read! I read the answers from your mom and I agree with you on the lip plumper. I can’t stand the tingle! So not worth it for me!

    I laughed when you said your mom would be dressed up along with Jackson! I’ve never met her, but for some reason, I believe you! 🙂

    We started Breaking Free on Monday night. It was so funny because when the video started I felt like I was watching a friend that I have known forever on that screen.
    I just had to smile. 🙂

  17. 17
    Kate says:

    Mountains Rock!

    I loved the song you linked to. I haven’t listened to Hillsong in quite some time, I guess my worship flavor changes so much I forget to see what is new from the ones I love.

    Arranged marriages…are you mad?! lol While I am not thrilled at being forever single, I am so thankful that my heavenly DADDY is willing to care for me until He finds someone suitable enough. Isaiah 54:5

    Thanks for all the study/book suggestions…when May rolls around (graduation woo hoo!) I’ll be catching up.

    Thanks for extending yourself to care for this blog…it is such an incredible blessing.

  18. 18
    Stephanie says:

    Hi Amanda
    Loved what you said about waiting for your second child. Most folks “expect” you to have kids 2-2 1/2 years apart. I’m expecting in May and my daughter will be almost 4! I’m so glad we waited. She is really excited about having a little brother. Plus, as I love to say, I only “do” one baby at a time!

  19. 19
    Abby says:

    sister aj, have you ever been to the virgin islands? my family vacationed there when i was in middle school and we loved it so much we went back two years later…we went to st. johns and spent every day at a different bay snorkeling and hanging out with the most beautiful fish…the water is so clear and blue…no waves, but it is SO RELAXING! 🙂
    thanks for taking time for blogland…have fun with your college girls tonight (praying for a better week!) ..so wish i could be one of them studying with you!

  20. 20
    Chelle' says:

    Amanda- I read every answer and the two that I loved were

    1. Do you get bombarded 100 times a day with the question, “Can your mom come speak at my church?”

    By where you apologized to anyone that may have been on the end of the phone to you or your sister when you were 7 and 10. HILARIOUS.


    2. What is your favorite worship song?

    Savior King is amazing. I can’t get enough of any of the HIllsong songs. United and otherwise. On my blog I have the music running constantly. If you love that song… you’ll also love You, All I Need Is You, Lead Me To The Cross, You Said, Hosanna, and Consuming Fire. (I don’t currently have Consuming Fire on my playlist as noone has uploaded it for the taking at Project Playlist)

    Anyway, thanks for the taking the time to answer the questions… I hope you’ll check out the other hillsong songs mentioned. (that is if you haven’t already)

  21. 21
    Anonymous says:

    Fun post Amanda. Thank you for telling us how your mom’s influence was demonstrated in your home while growing up. I was just singing to my 2 kids last night when they got out of the shower that song based on Psalm 188:24! I always try to remind them when something goes wrong that His mercy is new. Mercy and Joy, oh how He lavishes it on us!!

  22. 22
    Healed By His Grace says:

    Dear Amanda,
    You really gave us some good answers, especially the one about when you will have another baby. Although I know the person who asked it did not mean to be prying, you handled that extremely personal question with the grace of a well-bred steel magnolia.

    Thank you for sharing the lives of the Moores with all of us. May your week be filled with unexpected blessings!

  23. 23
    annette says:

    I meant staff…I need to wear my glasses at all times!

  24. 24
    Anonymous says:

    Thanks for sharing your heart. Another great place to eat in Jackson Hole is the Snake River Grill. I was there on my honeymoon in March of 1997. Hopefully, it’s still open. It was delicious!

  25. 25
    Carrie says:

    Thanks for your openness and honesty. I was encouraged to find that you do your quiet time in the morning while your Tod is eating and watching Noggin too. I look forward to the theme song to Pinky, Dinky Doo knowing it’s time for me to enjoy some coffee and Stepping Up!!

  26. 26
    Supermom2619 says:

    Thanks Amanda. Your mother’s gift of sharing and communication did NOT skip you over!

  27. 27
    Sooz says:

    I love the advice your mom gave of “Choosing Joy”…that is so right on.
    I read recently about someone’s mother who passed away 10 years ago and she wrote a tribute to her. She stated that her mother loved to sing and that people ask her all the time if she thinks her mother misses them and is watching out for her family. She simply wrote “No she is singing in the heavenly choir and her eyes are on Jesus”
    That to me is perfect. I love it.

  28. 28
    Jackson'sMama says:

    Hi Amanda!

    I SO enjoyed reading your answers! I just know we’d be great friends (and our Jacksons would be, too!)…if only Texas & Ohio were not so far apart!

    My husband & I read “Sacred Marriage” before we were married & we loved it. I’m going to run & get the devotional ASAP!

    We’re holding out a little longer for #2…I just love enjoying “the Tod” stage for now 🙂

    Hope the family is enjoying this time before Melissa’s big day. Can’t wait to hear all about it!

    ~Sarah in Ohio

  29. 29
    Kendra Jean says:

    I feel we are in the same boat with kids. Jackson and John Hunter sound so much alike, also with a “Gigi” who will never say “NO” (apparently that is what happened today at the Gap when I came home he had a “Prince Charming” hat on. It is still on and he is taking his nap! My husband and I were at the Focus Institute when Dobson wrote Bringing up Boys (we were just friends who never thought we would be spouses:), and I wanted to recommend another parenting book that has been so helpful with JH. Scared Parenting by Gary Thomas… check it out it is great!

  30. 30
    Julie says:

    Thanks AJ for the great answers and just for sharing such a personal part of yourself and your family with us. I will continue to pray for your mom and the upcoming bible studies and for all of you through the coming days of Melissa’s wedding. I pray you will all be blessed with some days just to enjoy each other and be together as Moore’s before the big day. Thanks again for taking the time to facilitate this community for us siestas!! You are loved much.

  31. 31
    jenmom says:

    A suggestion for the siesta looking for parenting material: The Ministry of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson. Excellent, reading it for the second time now.

  32. 32
    Hadassah says:

    I had to laugh b/c sometimes I think arranged marriages sound like a great idea too! Especially now that I am a mom and would be the one doing the arranging!

  33. 33
    Anonymous says:

    Thanks for you answers.You guys are all something else.I feel we are invadeing your life.As I do about my preacher sometimes.You gave up so much about things like that when you became whom you are & that I think you for.Sometimes we don’t see things just thank it is so easy, when it isnt.You dont know all about us.So I thank you all for everything.As I said before you are angles own this earth.God bless you all sister in Christ Victoria from Redsville NC

  34. 34
    Aimee Hamilton says:

    Hey Moore family,
    Reading the answers to all tje questions we posed made me think, “Wow, its like they’re real live people!” And we all know that you must lead secret super hero lives….Mighty Mrs. Moore and her daughters the Amazing Siesta Sisters!!
    You guys are really great to take time out and answer our questions! Y’all rock!! (Look, I said y’all so you’d feel at home!)
    Love Y’all!

  35. 35
    Melanie says:

    I know the Deeper Still blog from Nashville is down now (thanks for answering!!), but I was there and am wondering if there is a list of the songs led by the praise team or if it was recorded (the worship portion). Many of the songs were new to me! Thanks for this blog, I love it!

  36. 36
    nyctexan says:

    Okay – this might be a REALLY dumb question, but since I started reading this blog about a month ago, I cannot for the life of me figure out where “siesta” comes from. Spanish? If so why? Or is it a play on Texan phonics, spelling out “sister” like those of us who would say it in a thick southern accent like “Si-es-ta”? Would help this oh-so-confused New Yorker get clued-in! 🙂 Though sometimes I’m wary of the touchy-feelyness of the blog, it is a blessing and challenge in my life. Many blessings from the Big Apple!!

  37. 37
    Rose says:

    As a mother of a teenage girl I agree with your answer about the “teeager marrying when hormones kick in”, either that or being able to lock them til they’re 21.. .

  38. 38
    Marie says:

    Amanda – If you come with your mom to Jacksonville at the end of March, be sure to check out our beautiful beaches! We can’t wait for the conference!!

  39. 39
    Jolinda says:

    Thanks Amanda! Your comments were a blessing too! I love the links.
    My prayer is for my daughters to love the Lord Jesus with all their hearts and make their faith their own. Amy is 19, Hillary 18, & Caitlyn 13. Lately they seem to want to sleep in and skip our usual 8:00 A.M. early service. We do make them get up and go. Amy is a sophomore in College (in our home town) has quit her sorority and moved back home. She would so often skip church when living on campus. Break my heart! I loved your moms advice! Choose joy.
    “This is the day the LORD has made;
    let us rejoice and be glad in it.” (Psalm 188:24)
    We do push each others buttons at times. My poor husband living in a house full of girls! I imagine your dad can relate. I pray that someday we have a precious grandson so he can share all the guy stuff that we are not interested in. (he is a car guy) & growing up had two sisters. Shoot!
    Well enough about us, I truly loved you and your moms comments! Thanks again!

  40. 40
    mom24 says:

    Just came upon this nice blog! “Shepherding a Child’s Heart” by Tedd Tripp is an EXCELLENT parenting book – one of the first that I read. It is wonderful!

  41. 41
    Georgia Jan says:

    AJ: Thank you for the great Q&A answers. I cracked up on the answer about your mom dressing up like Jackson – I could just SEE it happening in my mind’s eye. And in my vision, they were having so much fun!!! 🙂

    Your answer about doing the studies in a particular order and the ones you recommended was right on target. I’ve done them all as a facilitator – am leading “Stepping Up” right now. Can’t wait for Esther.

    I ordered the study on Job back last Fall from LPM and have gone through it twice – I can highly recommend it – let me say again – highly recommend it. I love my “windshield time” (car time). It is peaceful in my car with Beth on the CD player –

    Y’all bless me beyond measure. This blog has become a part of my routine and a source of encouragement.

    I love all you siestas out there!

    May all us siestas covenant together to pray for Beth and Amanda and all their extended families as they anticipate Melissa’s wedding next weekend.

    We know she will be a beautiful bride. I was blessed to go wedding gown shopping this past week with my future daughter-in-love.

    Our big day is June 7, 06-07-08!

    Love & Prayers,
    Georgia Jan

  42. 42
    Kristen says:

    AJ – Oh how I love the mountains too! Thank you for giving us a glimpse into your life!
    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all us Siestas could gather in the beauty of the Mountains and praise Jesus together! Ah – someday we WILL be doing this together in our eternal home!

  43. 43
    Joanne says:


    Thanks for this. I have a sixteen year old daughter who is a junior in high school and your answer to ‘How did your mom pass on her love of Christ to you’ really blessed me.

    We are leaving in March for a college view weekend at a Christian College here in California that she wants to go to. (We are praying for provision!) I am blessed by this beautiful daughter of mine and pray that I can continue to be someone she looks to for godly advice.

    I can’t wait until I see her spread her wings and have a walk that is her own and no longer under the banner of our home.

    Blessings, Joanne

  44. 44
    CrownLaidDown says:

    From the question about your Mom (and Dad, too, I know) passing down their passion for Christ to you and Melissa to the very end of the questions, I just cried like a babe. That’s how I know that the love of Christ is alive and His Spirit at work–cause only through Him could we love so much! I love you all so!

    Praying for these days leading up to the special day for Melissa and Colin. We are so very happy for them both!!

    I would count it an honor to have suffering on behalf of the Moore, Jones, Gates, Hamm, Harris, Kirby, McClure, Mattingly, McMahon, Meyer, S. Moore, and Riley families. God Bless them!

  45. 45
    Sacha says:

    Hey Amanda, Thank you for all you do for this blog and anything else you do for your mom and Living Proof Ministries. I think you are all wonderful and sent from God! I love hearing from you because I feel like we have alot in common…close to the same age, I have two small boys (3 1/2 and 2 years) (oh, by the way, no pregnancy is alike, so maybe you won’t even get morning sickness with a second one 🙂 Anyway, it is an encouragement to hear from you.
    God Bless You All!

  46. 46
    Joanne (The Simple Wife) says:

    Hey Amanda,

    It’s fun to hear your answers to the questions too. I love the “choose joy”–so often my attitude is a choice, as much as I hate that. Sometimes I just wanna wallow around in the bad space!

    My mom has always reminded me that life comes in seasons–especially helpful with the quiet time thing. You have to do what works at the time–nursing a small one, during morning nap, up before everyone else. She’s always reminded me that I know my family best and have to do what works best for everyone!

    From a Colorado mountain girl!


  47. 47
    Anonymous says:

    Thanks, Amanda. So appreciate your candor and humor. Also, I know others have said they don’t like the arranged marriage thing, but I’m with you – I think it might be a very good thing.

    Blessings to you,


  48. 48
    Tracie M says:

    I love that you are so open, honest and willing to share your family with us. I am sure it is hard to have a family that is so in the limelight where we are all interested in your comings and goings. You and your family are such an inspiration and MIGHTY WARRIORS FOR GOD

  49. 49
    SSharron says:

    Thank you for giving us a window into your lives. Your family is such a blessing to me.

  50. 50
    Anonymous says:

    Hey Amanda,

    Thanks for all the info you posted!! I took notes:)

    Regarding morning sickness, try Raspberry Leaf Tea made by Traditional Medicinals-my mom used it for my youngest sibling-she wasn’t sick once (she was sick for ~5-8 mo with the rest of us(I’m 1 of 5 girls)-God love her heart:)

    Also, have you heard of “Shepherding a Child’s Heart” by Tedd Tripp (Revised addition)? It is very, very good! Thanks again,

    Your sis-in-Christ,


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