It’s All About Taste

I was putting on my mascara in front of the den mirror so I could watch Good Morning America when Keith looked up at me and said cheerfully, “Well, isn’t that a cute little make-up frock.” (I think he meant smock.) I looked back at him, using my mascara wand like I pointer and said, “Honey, this is a dress. It’s what I’m wearing to work.”

“Oh!” he said.

“What’s wrong with it?” I asked.

“Nothing’s wrong with it, Baby. I see exactly what you mean now. It’s not a frock for putting on make-up. It’s a dress. And you’re wearing it to work,” he replied. He quickly went back to his newspaper.

I went back to my mascara. And then, for some reason, I got tickled. Tickled enough to nearly have tattooed my hairline with L’oreal Volume Shocking Mascara: Blackest Black. “Poor man,” I thought. He meant to come up with somebody so different than me. But, then again, this entry is not about marriage. It’s about different tastes between people who, ironically, have a strong taste for one another. Keith and I did not start out with one single shared taste. Not one. Not in denominations. Not in vacations. Not in friends. Not in hobbies. Not in jobs. And most assuredly not in wardrobe. And that one, like most of them, never changed. He is all western. I am…not. I don’t know what I am. Neither does he. No big deal except that Keith likes to buy me clothes because that was his sweet daddy’s love language to his mother.

For the first 15 years of our marriage, Keith took every special occasion to dress me like a business executive. Lots of black or navy suits with white blouses. Expensive things for our tight budget. I loved him so much that I acted thrilled but my inner man was asnore. I’d imagine how many conglomerations from Weiner’s (a low-budget, high-clutter department store back in the day) I could’ve mixed and matched for that kind of money. A whole closet full of frocks! He’d interrupt my thought process with stuff like, “I got you this because I never see you in anything like it and thought you could use it.” Where? Taking the kids to MDO? But he was so precious, I couldn’t resist him. I’d think of places to wear it, especially when I had to go somewhere I didn’t want to go. That way I could offer a sacrifice of praise.

The second set of fifteen years, he gave up on the executive look for me and took a giant step upward to western wear. Between the wide open cactus-lands of West Texas and the cold mountain air of Wyoming, my well-worn boots and scruffy leather jackets testify to his celebratory success…in the casual-wear genre. The problem is, he doesn’t just have casual western wear in mind for me. I have a closet full of fancy jackets with studs and fringe on them (a few look to have been be-dazzled) as well as a multi-colored assortment of broom skirts. Though I’m tempted to stop here and make several comments, I’m going right on to the next sentence. What doesn’t help Keith’s shopping variety is his strong propensity to be in West Texas just prior to every special occasion we have: Christmas, wedding anniversary, you name it. Since he’s not one to shop in advance, he invariably panics on the way home then, thanks-be-to-God, remembers that great Texas icon, the D&D Western Store on Interstate 10 at Seguin. (Good Heavens, I just had a flash back to all Keith has taught me about Texas hero Juan Seguin and the history of that town and actually came within a dot of thinking you’d care to hear it.) Awash with relief, Keith eagle-eyes the exit in the horizon and flies so fast that Beanie’s birddog-lips nearly wrap around her head. He then, the way I picture it, commences to have the sales woman ring up everything fancy in my size. Another occasion saved.

And sometimes they’re just darling.

And other times only he is. Every time I see one of the less worn western frocks in my closet, I feel really guilty. Right then I wish I fished or something.

Keith has a small measure of mercy on my lack of good taste since it wasn’t my fault. It was my parents’. They took too long to get to Texas. Back where I come from, western was something you were for Halloween. In Keith’s estimation, tastes are developed early which is precisely why Jackson has had a wide assortment of camouflage in every size from newborn on. Keith intentionally waited to purchase the boy’s first western wear until just last weekend, however, because it’s more sacred. He believes a soul ought to be old enough to appreciate the privilege. He walked through the door from out of town with an arm full of boxes and presented Jackson his first ensemble: a snap-up western shirt, Wranglers and Justin boots. I could have sworn I saw a tear in his eye. (Not Jackson’s. Keith’s. But I’ve had tears in my eyes on my own occasions.) Keith awarded him the prize with all the pride and emotion of a Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo first-place bull rider. Praise God, it wasn’t wasted on the boy. To his Bibby’s delight, he is big on enthusiasm. Though he walked a bit strange in his boots at first (kinda like he was walking in meadow of fresh cow patties), Jackson clearly knew he was a stud. He’s already worn the ensemble to church. Amanda says he loves to put the boots on but they have to make sure they’re going somewhere he can mosey since he has to stop every few steps to stomp one foot. And make sure everybody’s watching. Especially Ella or Ava. It just makes a woman swoon every time.

I know because I did.

But that doesn’t mean I have a mind to wear them.

My make-up smock.

The big day.

Trying to get a picture of the all-important Wrangler tag.



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  1. 101
    cheryl says:

    I loved this bolg!! My son , now in college, use to wear his boots from age 2 to 6 with everything! I especially loved it when he would insist on wearing them with his blue and white striped shorts!
    thanks for the memory

  2. 102
    Sherrie W says:

    I just love your make-up frock and the boy knows how to carry himself in those boots and jeans. Watch out girls.


  3. 103
    Joy Patterson says:

    Having just moved from OH to West Texas (funny that it’s like it’s own country, right? Capital letters and all…) I can fully appreciate the humor in this post. Toooo Funny. And I have tried to acquire the West Texas wardrobe fashion taste, but this Midwest girl is going to take some time. I have purchased the boots, and I’m working on the gem-studded belt. Just seems wrong to have to pay so much for something that looks like the be-dazzler lady attacked it. Love you to pieces, and I’ve so enjoyed your posts, and Bible studies. I’m definitely addicted.

  4. 104
    Nikki says:

    That was too cute!! A make up frock!! Too funny! You looked fabulous in it!!! I think we need to see some of the outfits you mentioned. I mean, who doesn’t love a good bedazzled fashion show everynow and then?!
    You are beautiful and that darling TOD is just to adorable for words!!
    Thanks for sharing!!
    Love you!!
    PS I just have to mention that last week when I started “Stepping UP” I was so excited to see you on screen teaching. I was fortunate to get to attend the taping and was really looking forward to seeing it. Plus looking for some of my friends that were there too. Anyways, after it was over, I commented to one of my girls that when I saw you on the screen, I was like,”Theres my friend Beth up there.” Getting to know you through this blog has been soo awesome and I really feel like you are a dear friend who I just don’t get to see often enough. I’m enjoying the study and seeing you in the videos. Love ya, dear siesta!!

  5. 105
    Ms. W says:

    Being a full-fledged Texan I can visualize your entire commentary in my head. I even remember Weiner’s. Thanks for the laugh!

  6. 106
    Allison Johns says:

    I’m a Floridian transplanted to Texas **sigh** and don’t get the Western wear fascination. But I can’t deny dressing my tot up in some boots & a hat for some of the most cutie-pie pictures you’ve ever seen. (other than Jackson’s, of course)

  7. 107
    Linda says:

    I loved this one Beth!
    When we first moved to Texas 25 years ago, we all bought western “gear”. I even got a pair of cute maroon (sorta red) cowgirl boots. I think I wore them once. They are now collecting dust in the back of my closet.
    After 41 years of marriage my husband and I have managed to find a few things we love in common, but like you and Keith we both do some things just cause we love each other. It works out pretty well – don’t you think?

  8. 108
    Anonymous says:

    Just so you know I laughed so hard at the picture of Jackson showing off the tag on his jeans! That is hilarious. You have to love those moments. I’m not married but that is the life of my daddy. His thing is he tells us kids my mom wears grandma clothes but he wears the same thing every day. (cow boy boots, the same jeans, and he has the same hanes t-shirt just in different colors!) HILARIOUS. But my newphew is 1 1/2 and at halloween he got his first cowboy boots. He said, “Look papa boots papa!” Before this he would climb in my dads size 12 mens boots. IT WAS PRICELESS. Every child should have real cowboy boots. Best of look with the wedding. I know you all will look so beautiful. Prayers are with you.

  9. 109
    Kathy In Arkansas says:

    Too much fun! That’s why we love you. Your “frock” is too cute! Where did/do you find such cute things?

    Western wear is not my thing either….Saks Fifth Ave…well I must admit I “window shop” there. Several years ago I was in Saks Ave just enjoying myself immensely and I noticed two ladies seemed to looking at me quite intently and seemed to be following me. Well I was a misplaced Arkansas Hillbilly in the big city of Washington D.C. afterall….

    Eventually one of they came up and said they loved my capri’s and wanted to know where I got them? I had to smile as big as Texas and Beth’s 80’s hair and say “oh I am from Arknasas”…not revealing the compliment from a Saks Fifth Ave shopper was on my Wal-Mart purchase!!!

    Made my day and I still love telling that story! It was too funny!

    Jackson is definitely one handsome dude in his western wear and I can just see him stomping those feet….will he be part of the wedding?

  10. 110
    mburkum says:

    just darlin’ – the whole lot of ya!

  11. 111
    Beth says:

    Dear Beth,

    Thanks so much for bringing a smile/laugh to my face today. It was exactly what I’d needed after this last week – I’m on faculty of Union University that was devastated by the tornado in Jackson, TN. Blessed be the Name of the Lord – He was and IS so GOOD and GRACIOUS! our STrong Tower!
    You and your ministry and family are often in my prayers – may He bless you with immeasurably more!
    Thank you (and Amanda, of course!) for this page.

  12. 112
    Lindsee says:

    The frock…precious.

    The tod…precious.

    The tod outfit…precious.

    (Random: Tuesday night…amazing!)

  13. 113
    Jen says:

    Be-dazzled…one of my favorite words! I have got to find a way to fit it into my blog. Thanks for the fun post, very entertaining.

  14. 114
    Anonymous says:

    THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME LAUGH at the end of a very very long, very very hard, week, Beth! 🙂 You are PRECIOUS! Or, as they say in West Texas “PRAYshus”– 🙂 🙂

    Have a blessed weekend and thanks again for your ministry. I bought the “Wising Up” DVD for a friend that’s in a bad marriage and she is already being blessed by it, and so is her unbelieving husband, in spite of himself! Praise God! Thanks again.

  15. 115
    Missy says:

    Ditto on everyone else’s comments! LOVE IT…ALL OF IT! I have little black shoes just like the ones you had on in that pic. Don’t you just love ’em!?
    Your men are too cute! A boy’s gotta have his boots…and for some reason, when they put them on, it’s like they just KNOW they’ve got it going on, you know? Too funny!

  16. 116
    inkiso says:

    Cute frock girlfriend! Early in our marriage my darling man thought he’d surprise me with some new undies. He called an exclusive shop and had the clerk wrap up “the prettiest” the shop had. He was “oh so proud” of himself and I was too when he presented me with a beautiful package. No occasion…just because! We still laugh about that gift to this day…nearly 30 years later. You see I wore a size 10 dress…and he assumed that would be the size I needed for panties.

  17. 117
    Anonymous says:

    I just went shopping with my man and almost bought a bikini in camo for an upcoming Mexican holiday – but I stopped myself short – not because it wasn’t a cute look for a bikini, but because I’m not sure I’m a cute look for a bikini just now!

    Your smock/frock/dress is darling!

    Have fun lookin’ good,
    Warm in Alaska.

  18. 118
    Pam B from SC says:

    Okay, the frock is so cute, but what happened to the instructional pose Amanda gave you that was in the magazine you were reading and modeling for us in the “Stepping Up” video session?

  19. 119
    Anonymous says:

    I love it…the smock, the story, the precious wee one….all of it. Thanks for sharing….I love your slice of life stories! Also, I am going to check out your L’Oreal mascara…I am needing some extra length these days!

    Love, Sarah TN

  20. 120
    daughter of the KING says:

    Oh, Sweet Beth, how you make me laugh!!! The first birthday “gift” to me from my husband when we were dating was a camoflauge “MASH”
    t-shirt! I don’t think he has bought me any clothing since. 🙂 I was in Target’ today and thought of you as I found some adorable little black shoes with a wedge heel. I thought “oh, how Beth would love these shoes!” I like your purty, little frock too!

  21. 121
    Dana says:

    How ADORABLE is that (Keith, Jackson, and your “frock”)! Whether you are aware of it or not, your post left me with sincere peacefulness. My wonderful boyfriend and I have started getting pretty serious and have started talking possible dates for a wedding. Like Keith, he is a country boy through and through. I am not. Nice to know that it really isn’t as important as all of that! 🙂 See you on Tuesday night!

  22. 122
    Teri says:

    You are a fashionista! Seriously girl, you have taste!

    Love the boys cowboy boots! Adorable!

    Have a fun (almost) wedding week!
    God bless you ALL!

  23. 123
    Blessed Girl in CA says:


    I actually checked out this new post this morning and there were 0 comments! Must have been just moments after you sent it. I wanted so much at that time to tell you how cute you look in your frock and how cute the big and little guys look all decked out in their western duds, but I was already late for work and had to go. I was glad to see that so many of us felt the same way when I got home tonight!

    I have a question for you out there who know what you are doing on a computer…how on earth do you post a photo with your comment?!? I cannot for the life of me figure it out. I love seeing all the faces on here. I’ve read, searched, tried…still can’t figure it out.

    Well…keep us posted with wedding stuff. Just think, no matter how many guests are there in person, just know that there are hundreds, maybe thousands of guests there in spirit on the big day…the “Siestahood”

    Love & Blessings to You.

  24. 124
    Kristin says:

    Love the smock! And sweet Jackson, what a cute cowboy! “These boots are made for walkin” just kept running through my head as I pictured him trying out those brand new boots! Love and prayers for a smooth wedding week!

  25. 125
    Anonymous says:

    You try so very hard, thank you for my big smile. I think We will make you an honorary San Juanista!
    Wait, one minute [holy whispers] No, there’s more, so keep pressing on! (as if you’d ever stop)

    Luke 17:20-21

  26. 126
    Anonymous says:

    Please save that picture of Jackson’s “wrangler tag” for his much later serious girlfriend…too cute!!

    I can relate to a man trying to buy for his women…my husband worked at a shoe store one summer during college (before we were married). My next birthday I got every kind of “sporty outdoor” shoe I ever wanted. Sad truth is I am kind of an indoor girl. Thankfully our God looks at our heart and so should we!!
    Blessings! K in AR

  27. 127
    Anonymous says:

    Our first Christmas 25 years ago, my husband gave me a book and an apron. That’s it! It made perfect sense to him, I like to read and I like to cook! He is not romantic even now but he gives me all of himself and a girl can’t ask for more than that!

  28. 128
    Three Fold Cord says:

    I just can’t stand it!!!! It is just the bestest, most fun and memorable post about all us unlikely coupled folks. I love it all and I love you guys so much. Thanks for always putting a smile on my face. Maybe we should have a funny Friday with Bethie every week.
    Oh by the way we passed a Bibby’s Salon today and if I had my camera I would have taken a picture just for you!!

  29. 129
    Teresa says:

    TOO CUTE!!!

  30. 130
    sheltonfamily says:

    Hilarious!!! I love it! We just moved to TX and all this western stuff is a little much along with Dallas fashion oh my… I feel like I have to dress up to go to the mall!

  31. 131
    Tealady Tammy says:

    Sweet siesta Beth,
    your smock is so cute..I want one..but I had to giggle cause it reminds me of my own dear hubby. He loves to shop clothes and well let me say our tastes are total opposite…he bought me this dress that I tried hard to wear…but well it was just not gonna happen…dear hubby said darling why aren’t you wearing it…I said darling..I tried but for gosh sakes I just can’t make it go on. I gently took him on a shopping trip and gently pointed out what I do like and would you believe my man has brought me some wonderful things….he still brings me things that well aren’t me and we still have that conversation of darling why aren’t you wearing it..hahahah but you just gotta love them.

    Jackson and Grandpa are so cute.

    you look beautiful sweet one

  32. 132
    Mocha with Linda says:

    Oh that’s so great!!

    Shoppindg at Weiner’s (I bet I know which one it was too!) – that brings back a ton of memories!!

    When I first started reading about the “make-up frock”, I actually thought “Wow, Beth puts something on over her clothes so she doesn’t get powder and stuff on them.” LOL

    Those picture are too too cute!! What priceless memories.

  33. 133
    Kecia says:

    When my husband wears his Wranglers, I always tell him he has nice pockets. 😉 And no I don’t wear them either! He gives me Texas history lessons too.
    Your post made me happy tonight.

  34. 134
    Anonymous says:

    i just want to come relax in your beautiful backyard! what a sweet place it must be for all of you to enjoy…your blog is my night cap!

  35. 135
    Anonymous says:

    You are so funny — you should be a writer or something! 😉

  36. 136
    MrsJoeB says:

    How presious!! I like the smock, by the way.
    In His Graces~Pamela

  37. 137
    Corrie's Blog says:

    OMG, you look darling!…Like it is your first day of school little Miss! So cute! 🙂 I laugh b/c my daddy just made me a jacket out of his recent elk hide! 🙂 It’s unique…I’ll say that much! Vintage!

  38. 138
    Jennifer says:

    Oh my goodness!! My family thinks I am nutty! When I started reading I began to chuckle and I just about lost it when I saw “bedazzled”! Too funny! Only the Power to love those gifts from your sweet hubby can come from above!

  39. 139
    Anonymous says:

    That is hysterical. It brings back memories for me. I am about your age and my dad used to wear Stetson hats, jeans, and boots when I was growing up. (We lived in Illinois, for cryin out loud!!) He was six foot four and a big man, so no one would dare say anything to him. LOL…Anyway…when I first got married, my hubby and I moved to Texas and I can still remember calling my sister and exclaiming, “I found other strange people that dress like dad!”

    I ended up raising my family not too far from Branson, Missouri, so needless to say my son grew up in cowboy hats and boots. (I drew the line at boots and shorts, though…just couldn’t let him do that… 🙂 )

  40. 140
    Anonymous says:

    Are you planning on posting any of your material on itunes? I have the products you have listed, but I would love to be able to download more stuff. Oh what about posting video?

  41. 141
    Donna says:

    Dear Beth!
    How I love your honesty in marriage and how I love your devotion! I come to the blog and feel at home with all of you! Having recently moved and not having friends around…it’s comforting to have you all here with me! No matter where I/we all are!

    Can we all promise to always stay real with each other! How special a priviledge it is to go through this life with each and every one of you!

    Great “smock” by the way! I’m surrounded by men in my house (twin 5 year old boys and my hubby) so I come here for my “girl talk!”

    With love,

  42. 142
    Anonymous says:

    you are just too precious for words! And Jackson is quite “the man”.
    You and your family are in my prayers

  43. 143
    Anonymous says:

    Loved it!!! You make me laugh and don’t we need that in life! I loved the pictures of you, your man and your cute tod! I also loved seeing your flower garden. I cannot wait until spring and already I am envisioning planting my flowers and tending to them. My hubby takes care of the veggie garden and I take care of the flowers. We both enjoy watching the hummingbirds come and buzz around feeding and then all the other birds. I love watching them, to me they are so small but yet so beautiful to watch. We get so excited when the Wrens come and nest in our Gourd nest and then my favorite is when I see a “new” bird for the first time. Last year it was a Indigo Bunting (I hope that is how you spell it?), it was the deepest cobalt blue you have ever seen and wow how majestic. They always make me smile and think of how wonderful God truly is to give us all this beauty in such a “ugly” world sometimes. We or I need those sunsets, beautiful birds, flowers, pup dogs, and cute little kids. Those truly pure and sweet moments in life.
    Okay I have rambled like there is no tomorrow but I have company coming so I need to go to bed!
    I wanted to tell you Beth, Amanda and Melissa and all the girls at LPM how much I appreciate you and all that you do to help the Body of Christ! I just began the “Stepping Up” study on Wednesday and I am so excited and ready for this. Thank you for leading us to Christ. I love HIM so! And I love you all too! 🙂
    Many blessings,

  44. 144
    Joanne (The Simple Wife) says:

    Your picture is so cute…it looks just like a first day of school picture!

  45. 145
    Anonymous says:

    Really, really, too much fun!

  46. 146
    Janeen says:

    Hilarious! Simply too funny, thanks for sharing!

  47. 147
    Healed By His Grace says:

    Dear Beth,
    This was my hilarity today. Thank you! Your make-up smock and my make-up smock are light years apart. Mine is 30 years old with paint, make-up, silver polish, Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, etc. on it. But I bought in in the now non-existent Pappagallo Shop (do you remember those adorable Pappagallo shoes we used to wear?) and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Your smock, on the other hand, is too cute with your tights and Mary Janes!

    What a precious child that Jackson is. He and Keith make the perfect pair! Now that I am a grandmother-in-waiting (I can barely contain myself!), I know just how you felt when AJ was pregnant! I pray daily for a healthy baby and a good pregnancy. The Lord is so awesome!

    Know you are in the home stretch for the wedding…and I do know that Melissa is in charge! So maybe you can have a really good time at the wedding and let someone else worry about all the details, huh? Just pulling your leg. My prayers are with you, Keith and Melissa as you share this last week of her maidenhood. May you have the perfect peace of the Lord dwelling in you throughout these days and the wedding weekend, and may the joy of the Lord be your strength as you entrust your youngest daughter to another man’s care and love. God bless, sweet one!

  48. 148
    Cheri-Beri says:

    My husband and Keith must’ve been separated at birth. I just saw an episode of “My Big Fat Redneck Wedding” and the entire bridal party were wearing ensebles made of hunting camoflage. All I could think was, “Wow, I’m glad I got married before this show came on. That so could have been me.”

  49. 149
    kristi a. says:

    That is way too cute!

    Here’s something that I just know will bless you so very much.

    Yesterday in Kindergarten I got to be the teacher in the morning. Part of the kid’s Thursday morning routine is to say their memory verse for the week, so they got to recite it to me. Each child,one at a time.

    Phil. 4:4 “Rejoice in the Lord ALWAYS, I will say it again, REJOICE.”

    The influctions in their little 5 and 6 year old voices was the most precious sound I have ever heard.

    Next, they were to fill out a response sheet that said “I rejoice in the Lord because…”

    One sweet little boy said “He makes me feel happy inside.” What he said first was what was so precious. “He makes me feel like a party.” He then drew a picture of his response. A PICTURE OF A PARTY!

    My friend and I were trying to figure out what “Beth Moore would say ‘rejoice’ means” to the little one’s who said “I don’t know what ‘rejoice’ means.”

    I think that one little five year old boy hit the nail on the head. Don’t you. “He makes me feel like a PARTY.”

    love you,

  50. 150
    Sweet Tee says:

    Beth, I’ll try not to make this long, But, I am facinated at how you seem to post about things I am going through. I did not grow up with one femenine bone in my body, which is a long story with in its self. any whooo, my dear counselor, who was the one who turned me on to you in the first place, asked me some poignant questions regarding dress and femenity the other day. She asked me what did i want to look like or be like? I told her I wasn’t sure, but I got a big thrill when you gals blog about lipstick, make up or shoes etc…So, you see,one strange night, I managed to cut my hair in my sleep…It would have been ok, but it was a BUZZ cut. This was to the reason for my counselors concern. So, I was convicted and went to the discount store and bought scarves, head bands, make up, mascarra, and ear rings. The dangeling kind, just to off set the very short cut. I was not only conviction by the HS to change my style, but because, when I walked into the women’s restroom at a resturant, this poor elderly woman thought i was in the wrong one!!!Out of embarassment, I decided, I must also get some bright red finger nail polish and attempt to put a bow in my hair. However, its so short I am not sure how I would attach it, unless maybe…GLUE!!!! Sweet Tee

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