Recipe By Popular Demand

The following recipe comes to you from one of our most avid blog readers: Keith Moore. You demanded it and he’s supplying it. That’s right, folks. Right here on your Living Proof blog. Who in the world would have ever guessed you could get a recipe here on this site with my reputation for failure in the kitchen? Shoot fire. I might even throw my back out and pitch you my Texas Sheetcake recipe later in the week if you keep this up. From Keith’s kitchen to yours, Living Proof Ministries proudly presents (drum roll, please)our first annual Texas holiday favorite, complete with a decorative tortilla turkey on top: King Ranch Chicken!

*1/4 cup butter
*1 medium green bell pepper, chopped
*1 medium onion, chopped
*1 can cream of mushroom soup
*1 can cream of chicken soup
*1 can (10 oz) RO*TEL Diced Tomatoes & Green Chilies (This is a staple in every Texas cupboard and critical to this dish but I’m worried that some of you far from the Lone Star State won’t be able to find it. Look for it near the cans of whole tomatoes. If there’s only one RO*TEL on the shelf, God put it there and is equipping you for every good work. Believe it or not, Keith uses two cans instead of one but don’t try that at home. We’re professionals.)
*2 cups cubed cooked chicken. (If you don’t boil your own, please don’t tell Keith. He thinks that’s sacrilegious. You’re supposed to always do your own so that you have fresh broth on hand for whatever recipe you come up with next. Gosh. This is boring me to tears.)
*12 corn tortillas, cut in halves or fourths
*2 cups (8 oz) shredded cheddar cheese (If you don’t grate your own and, instead, get the kind that’s already prepared in the bag like I do, don’t tell Keith that either.)

Directions: Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Cook pepper and onion in melted butter until tender. (5 or so minutes. Like anyone cares.) Add soups, RO*TEL and chicken, stirring until well blended. In a 13X9X2-inch (that dimension took me ten solid minutes to type. This is more than I can take) baking pan, alternately layer tortillas, soup mixture and cheeses, repeating for three layers. Bake 40 minutes or until hot and bubbling. (Good grief. I can’t believe I just wrote that. Hot and bubbling. How stupid is that? This whole recipe thing is bringing out my insecurities.) Serves 8. Or at my house, 3, because we eat like pigs.

Mine and Colin’s favorite part: If you’re making it for Thanksgiving or Christmas to add a little spice to an otherwise bland meal, take pair of scissors and cut out a turkey, place it on top, sweeping with egg-wash to help it stick together. Make waddle out of little piece of tomato or red pepper. Take picture and impress your friends.

I’m going to bed now. I’m exhausted. And hungry.

Here’s the sheet cake recipe! -Amanda


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  1. 101
    connorcolesmom says:

    Ms Beth,
    That looks really yummy- thank you for sharing the recipe!
    I think my 3 boys will really like that. I am like you though I do not like to cook and it does give me a bit of a complex. God has been working on it with me though – we can’t all be good at everything – hehe
    I am so glad you had such a great Thanksgiving. I had prayed for a wonderful, safe, and Spirit filled time together and I am so glad it was!
    God bless sweet siesta,

  2. 102
    teri says:

    Do I smell a Living Proof cookbook in the works! Be sure to include the recipe for sweet tea!

  3. 103
    Dee says:

    Thanks for letting us peer into your life like you do. I love reading your blog. I am always disappointed when I check and don’t see a new one! I realize you can’t write EVERY day and I do feel that you do a fine job in ‘checking in’ as often as you do~ It is wonderful seeing the pictures you post of your lovely daughters, husband, little grandson; I almost feel that I KNOW your entire family~ One day, I hope to write to you about some prayer concerns I have but today, I am writing to thank you for creating this blod and being faithful to keep it going!

    God has blessed you with this ministry and all of us who are a part of it!

  4. 104
    Marcy D. says:

    This is the EXACT same sheet cake recipe that my mother-in-law passed down to me years ago! I have 3 kids and a husband who request this cake every birthday…and any other time they can get me to make it. It’s one of the few things I make “homemade.” ๐Ÿ™‚ I usually use the whole box of confectioner sugar also. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m looking forward to leading your newest Bible study in early January AND having you come to the Bluegrass State next August.

  5. 105
    thouartloosed says:

    That’s the most fun reading a recipe I’ve ever had. I’m going to give it a go after a while, because right now, I can’t even think about turkeys.

  6. 106
    Longmeadow Mama says:

    How do you Moore gals eat so well and stay so thin??!! God has blessed your metabolism…don’t ever take that for granted! ๐Ÿ™‚ Just looking at that good food will put a pound or two on me! But praise God I just recently reached my goal weight! It’s been a glorious lifestyle change.
    Anyway, I’m rambling! Thanks so much for sharing your amazing recipes and letting us in on your priceless family times.
    Blessings to all!
    Kelli in Ohio

  7. 107
    Mr. and Mrs. D says:

    I recently moved to the NE and I always thank the Good Lord when I find Ro*Tel! Even my hubby, who worked in several restaurants and is an expert cook, had never heard of it…that is, until now!

    Oh…and I am from the Deep South of Louisiana.

  8. 108
    Lucy says:

    Have you ever written ANYTHING your whole life and not made it fun to read? I mean seriously, Beth… was a recipe. A simple recipe and I was laughing. I bet even your grocery lists are interesting.

    By the way… sure to tell Keith that one of the Siestas (yours truly) bagged a deer Thanksgiving weekend. I’m sure he’ll be so proud : )

  9. 109
    aura from nj says:

    a very entertaining recipe!! up north we have DelMonte diced tomatoes with jalepeno peppers. Im not much of a cook but being pregnant, i enjoyed envisioning what it would taste like. this siesta was impressed by the french manicured thumb holding the pan!!!!

    p.s the green bean/crunchy onion casserole was the first thing to be gobbled up at our thanksgiving meal!! yummy!!!

    pss. what is your favorite line in Steel Magnolias??? love that movie. my Emma(7) is too young for it , but i introduced her to the Sound of Music this Thanksgiving!!! gets better every time i see it!!!!

    gotta get me some chips and salsa, i all the sudden got the munchies!!!

  10. 110
    Healed By His Grace says:

    YUM on the Texas Sheet Cake! Give me dessert first always! This sounds like a sheet cake that I make and my family LOVES it! When our children are coming home for the holidays, it is one of those things I make for them (and me, too!). And, we, too eat it for breakfast, Amanda. And I always use 1 whole box of powdered sugar (4X or 10X)…which ever I have on hand. My family and friends call is GG’s Drop Dead Divine Chocolate Cake. So it doesn’t matter what it is called, as long as it is made and shared!!! Blessings and love!

  11. 111
    Jennifer in Indy says:

    Amanda, I thought you would like to know that we have Rotel at our stores (or at least the few I go to) in Indiana. So, Rotel has made it this far north. (And let me tell you, this place is not known for its spice. So, Rotel is probably being sold at many locations across the country.) Thanks for the recipe. Can’t wait to try it. I will probably leave out the tortilla turkey topper, though. I can follow a recipe pretty well, but am severely artisticly challenged. ( My spelling is lousy, too. So, I’m not sure I spelled aristicly correctly.) Thanks again for the blog. It is truly a blessing.
    Love and prayers,

  12. 112
    Anonymous says:

    Boy do I ever have some stories about my escapades in the kitchen. I guess that makes us kindred spirits on that front. I don’t know which title I like best – microwave queen or crockpot queen -or which appliance for that matter. Early in our marriage (we’ll celebrate our 25th in June) burnt offerings for dinner every night had nothing to do with how much I love my husband. There was the chocolate cake that was too pretty to cut – and apparently too hard as well, hense the broken knife. (I don’t actually remember whether or not I broke the knife but I do remember throwing away the entire uncut cake) I’m happy to report, as are my husband and two sons, that I’ve learned to cook a few things through the years. I have a fail safe crockpot recipe for cranberry chicken if anyone is interested.
    On a serious note, thanks Beth for pouring your life out for the sake of the gospel. You and Keith are a great team and a blessing to many.
    Blessings back to you,
    Your Domestically Challenged Florida Siesta

  13. 113
    cindi says:

    ok, i have been reading the blogs for weeks now at 3 am–explanation:i am a pastor’s wife, mother of a wild 3 yo boy and a delightful 8 yo girl and in the middle of the biggest mess of a remodel of a 80 yo dilapidated house that dallas has ever seen–i would love to say that i was moved to write after some highly spiritually motivating blog, but as my life so often goes…i am moved by king ranch chicken. thanks for cracking me up on a day that has had me very ill (nothing life-threatening). so appreciate your ministry–the recipes, the fun, the Texas slant and the highly spiritually motivating!

  14. 114
    SHELL says:

    Beth, sorry I’m always a day late and a $ short-I just saw that picture of you and Melissa and man as a mother of 3 BABY boys- I hope my kids have that look in their eye someday-Let me be the first to congratulate you-You did it girl!!!She loves you with her WHOLE heart and then some- you can see it in her eyes! You need to frame it. I’ll have that too someday with my boys I hope- I love them with all of me- and I’ve got the baseball bruises to prove it! Love you my friend, SHELL

  15. 115
    Kimberly Simpson says:

    that sounds like a great recipe. however, we are missionaries in mexico and we can’t get rotel here! i know what you’re thinking “mexico? you’ve got plenty of chiles” but nothing quite compares to the goodness you get in that little can called Rotel. and shredded cheese in a bag?? we haven’t seen that in a year! i do believe that keith would approve of our cooking here though. no shortcuts for us (not by choice…) we even had to make our own eggnog for the holidays! we’ll look forward to trying out this recipe next year when we return to the land of Rotel and shredded cheese. ๐Ÿ™‚ until then, we’ll remember what a small sacrifice it is to live without Rotel in comparison to the great sacrifice made for us.

    thanks so much for writing. your blog is a constant source of encouragement and smiles for us.

    ~Kim and Laura

  16. 116
    Sweet Tea & Grits says:

    I made this for dinner tonight. It was fitting! Thanks for sharing THE recipe!

  17. 117
    Kathleen in TX says:

    This sounds like something I might actually be able to make! I didn’t do so well trying to make the chicken and dumplings (big failure!). I’d never heard of Ro*Tel until I moved to Texas…
    I was impressed with the turkey that you and Colin made!

  18. 118
    Anonymous says:

    Beth you may not can cook, so you say, but you sure want to run to the grocery store, after reading one of your recipes, it was so neat I loved reading it.I could see it cooking.I loved the amy you wrote it. I will se if they have rotel in NC I hope so. Thanks for giving us the recipe & so soon.cant wait till I make it God bless love sister in Christ VictoriaPS I am sure my turkey want look like your but since I am makeing this after Christmas I may use something Christmas,like bell own.any ideas, oh Keith will you till my husband how to cook, because he cant ha ha

  19. 119
    kathy armstrong says:

    Thanks, this is great and an inspiration to those of us who are “cooking” impaired. We want to encourage you talented husbands to continue to bless our families with your culinary talents! Thank you for following your special call to our Lord’s ministry. God Bless you, Beth and your loved ones. Kathy Armstrong, Austin, Texas

  20. 120
    life through my lens... says:

    Well, I made it for dinner tonight. It was YUMMY! Thanks.

  21. 121
    Cheri-Beri says:

    My goodness that sounds good. Don’t worry, we have Ro*Tel here in the far reaches of Washington state! I’m afraid I’d have to leave the tortilla turkey to my very talented son – mine would look like roadkill.

    And I’ll certainly be making the cake this Christmas season. I think you and my mom are cut from the same “kitchen cloth.” Her most un-fondest memories are those spent in the kitchen. She is as close to a saint as I’ve seen this side of heaven . . . . . you’re in good company!!

    God bless ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. 122
    beyond this moment says:

    You know, the men in your family are constantly restoring my faith in the entire gender! =)

    Thank-you Beth, for these sweet and amusing glimpses into your oh-so-real life.

    It’s funny how God uses the simplest things to brighten my day and remind me of His love.

  23. 123
    Anonymous says:

    That looks great! I’m going to make it tomorrow with some turkey leftovers instead of chicken!
    Loved the Thanksgiving pics. What a blessing to be able to get away to the mountains.

  24. 124
    Carolyn says:

    Thanks for taking time to write out the funniest recipe I have ever read. I love casseroles and can’t wait to try this one. I may even get creative and make a tortilla Santa or Snowman for the added decoration and take this dish to our group pot luck. I love you guys and enjoy this blog so much. Thanks for sharing life with us

    Blessings to all, Carolyn
    a Raleigh girl from Calif.

  25. 125
    Gerry says:

    Do you cook? I was rolling on the floor reading your recipe. It sounds delicious and I like all of your shortcuts, too. Many more things to do other than to shred cheese, sister.


  26. 126
    delta says:

    Thanks for the recipe and the humor. Rotel is also a staple all the way in Florida for anything Mexican. I make a great taco soup every Christmas Eve and for anyone who has a baby or whatever the need. Everyone loves it and it would not be good without Rotel. There are several different flavors and my fav is the mexicano (?) with cilantra and lime juice, its not quite as spicy but I love the spicy too. Thanks for sharing a little of yourselves and your vacation with us. I have two girls 7 and 11, and even though I love this age seeing ahead 10 plus years looks amazing also! May God bless your family this Christmas season with gifts of love, peace and joy straight from His throne.

  27. 127
    mburkum says:

    This looks great! You better believe this Illinois-native girl knows where to find the RO*tel tomatoes! How can you have much of any soup or casserole without them? Actually that’s what living in Tennessee taught me. Also, I’m with Keith on boiling your own chicken to have broth on hand. Now does he do the Rachel Ray trick and freeze it in baggies so that it can lie down and be stacked in the freezer, thus saving room? ๐Ÿ™‚ Just wondering.

    This looks great and I can’t wait to try it…I’ll have to try your sheet cake recipe too. THANKS!

  28. 128
    NLuvWHIM says:

    Everyday I can’t wait to log on and see what the Moores and Joneses are Up to. I love you dearly and I am so thankful to be apart of your ministry. We all pray for you as I know you pray for us! And Girl my friends and I can’t wait…only 271 more days until Siesta TIME!!!!! We are SOOOO excited and please know we are praying now for that time when we gather before him and, honey, BELIEVE me….WE WANT A WORD!!!!

  29. 129
    Angie says:

    vI made this last night!! What a hit. My husband and son thought I was a cilinary genuis!! I had high praises at dinner and was smiling ear to ear. My meals are usually not as well received if you know what I mean…As we were eating I said to myself…Thanks BETH!!I had one happy man last night:)

  30. 130
    Anonymous says:

    Tell Keith we appreciate him offering his recipe! (Maybe my husband can try this on his hunting trips).

  31. 131
    Friend of God says:

    I read your blog all the time but just had to comment on this one. We are a “cookin'” family – all standing in the kitchen together, chopping, grating, making gravy, bumping into each other because we have such a small kitchen. Takes about 3 hours of cooking, 1 1/2 hours of eating it all and talking and laughing (why is it that your grown children, in my case, sons, choose Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner to tell you the things they did in high school and college and got away with?) and then 1 hour of cleaning up. We LOVE it! It’s not just eating – it’s an experience! So your husband doing the cooking cracks me up. Now laundry – THAT gives me hives!! Praise God for a husband who does THAT!!!!!

    Blessed are we all this Thanksgiving! Thanks for all you do in His Name!

  32. 132
    Ann G. says:

    Well, made the King Ranch Chicken – but cheated with leftover Thanksgiving turkey – and it was still just wonderful! Even reading your recipe with your funny “editorials and comments” cracked me up – you really are not just full of the love of the Lord – but the joy and laughter only hearts truly set free can experience as well. Thanks for not just challenging me to cling to Jesus – sharing the joy and hilarity as well.
    You are dearly loved Miss Beth!

    PS: The Chicago suburbs have a choice of Rotel products to choose from.
    Stood in that grocery aisle, glassy eyed, just wondering – which one do the Moore’s use? haha

  33. 133
    Catherine says:

    This looks great – thanks for sharing!

  34. 134
    Anonymous says:

    NICE NAILS, Beth! Anyways, this is TOTALLY off the subject, but could you pray for me? I’ve been really down since Saturday. Just so sad. I have Bible study this morning and the only reason I’m going is ‘cuz I KNOW that God has a word for me. Marriages that are falling apart combined with the little girl in my daughters third grade class who just lost her step-mother and her father because of a selfish choice on the part of her father has put me in a slump.
    I just love you all so much,
    PS…this is from kristi a. I can’t remember my pass word for some reason.

  35. 135
    Living Beyond says:

    Those directions/instructions made me laugh out loud – thanks for the giggle

  36. 136
    kctibs says:

    Sounds like a great recipe and I’m planning on trying it this evening using ground beef instead of chicken. (My daddy said that he didn’t think Texans ate chicken but I said they must cuz Beth and Keith are there now!) Anyhow, it sounds like a keeper recipe and I’m sure my little family will love it. (Maybe they’ll just love that mom is recovering from surgery well and back to cookin’ – who knows!) Thanks for sharing!

  37. 137
    Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the recipe. I had to share.. my family recently moved from Virginia.. a rotel state…to Canada…no rotel… so now whenever anyone comes to visit they have bring some for my stash.

  38. 138
    Ang baylis says:

    I am SO happy you shared this recipe! I also appreciate you telling me about the RO*TEL tomatoes. I’ve never heard of them before, but my sweet friend from Texas google searched where I can find them in Michigan… just the other day! You Texans are so sweet! I cannot wait to try this one. It looks fairly simple… famous last words! Yay!

    Thanks so much to Keith!
    Love you, Beth!
    Angie xoxo

  39. 139
    Gena - MI says:

    Keith: I googled your Ro*tel tomatoes & chilis…the ConAgra foods site let you do a store locator search & they sell them here in MI! ๐Ÿ™‚ :0 I can’t wait to try out your recipe!

    I may have to go buy some cans & put them in a basket for our pastor. He’s from TX and misses TexMex and a good salsa!

  40. 140
    JSM says:

    YES!! I was so hoping you would post this even though I personally did not request it… Great big thank yous to Keith ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. 141
    Anonymous says:

    I can get Ro*tel from NC just got me a can will try the recipe soon. God bless love sister in Christ Victoria

  42. 142
    Anonymous says:

    This recipe was so great! Beth, if you wrote cookbooks, maybe I would read them and then maybe even learn to cook!!!

    Love you and yours!
    Tammy in Montana

  43. 143
    Angie says:

    I may never make this recipe, but I sure got a fantastic laugh reading it! I’m so glad I found this blog!

    Angie ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. 144
    Gayla says:

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I will love to make both of these treats. I know my family would be floored if I did those and did that little turkey on top… How cute!

  45. 145
    For His Name says:

    You are too funny!
    I’m adding the ingredients to my market list – thank you for sharing!
    For His Name

  46. 146
    Anonymous says:

    OK…so I made it!
    It just so happens that ROTEL, Cream Chicken Soup, Cream of Mushroom Soup, Corn Tortillas, Chicken, and Cheese are ALLLLLLLLL staples in this Texas home. I just-so-happened to have…hold on while I go count…oh my…18 cans of Rotel on hand, 11 cans cream of chix soup, 14 cans cream of mush…and probably 8 packages of corn tortillas frozen. A variation of these ingredients go in nearly every dish I know how to make. LOL.

    P.S. Yes, it was yummy. *I* (but not the rest of my family) had to pour Pace over the top of mine, and then scoop with Tostitos. I GOT TO HAVE SOME ZIP! Thanks Keith!

  47. 147
    Sarah says:

    I hope this works as I printed up a nice big entry and then it went and lost it, man that is frustrating. Thanks for the recipe will try it sometime. Not sure if the Canadians in my family would like texan food so will wait until I get back to my hubby to try it out. Glad to hear I’m not the only moron in the kitchen. I can cook a few things but Keith sounds like my husband, everything made from scratch and no already shredded cheese, we got a grater so get shredding your own. My husband is a fabulous cook. It’s funny before I ever got married people would ask me what I would like in a husband and I’d always tell them I pray all the time God sends me a man who can cook. Praise the Lord! he answers cooking pleas. It’s funny my husband gives me a hard time when I roll my eyes or do not understand some cooking thing, I think who cares.
    Hey wanted to ask you to pray. Last year I wrote LPM about a family that had lost their youngest son to a shooting. It was a horrible tragic accident, about a loaded gun left accidenticaly on a nightstand and the older boy then 8 picked it up to show his younger brother how it worked and he shot his younger brother in the head. Well this Dec 1st is the one year anniversery of Matthew’s death. Please remember them during this time. Thanks!
    Blesssings Sarah- Prayer Warrior

  48. 148
    su says:

    Thanks for the recipe Beth. My favorite line in the whole entry was – “Like anyone cares”. Up until then I was able to keep a pretty straight face. Hello to Chef Keith!

  49. 149
    salli says:

    YAY!!!! Thank you for sharing!

  50. 150
    Tammy says:

    I’ll give this recipe to my hubby right away so he can make it for us! ๐Ÿ™‚

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