Happy as a Birddog in Sunshine

Hey, my dear Siestas! Just checking in and seeing how my beloved sisters in Siestaville are doing. It’s a wonderful, lazy Sunday afternoon and I feel full and happy. Full of love because I’ve been with my wonderful church family today, worshipped Jesus with them, and sat with them under the teaching of our marvelous young pastor. Full of prime rib because I talked my man into taking me to Steak and Ale for lunch after church. It’s a steak chain that’s been around forever. If you’ve never heard of it, you probably have something like it in your area. Decor hasn’t changed in thirty years (dark English Tudor) but, thankfully, I like knowing what to expect. The best part is a big salad bar from yester-year with really chunky blue cheese dressing and croutons the size of a deck of cards. Keith and I hadn’t been in a gillion years because he’s too much of a steak snob but I absolutely love it. Steak and Ale was mighty fine, expensive dining back in the day when my high school boyfriend and I celebrated proms and birthdays. Still is.

Then we got home and did our usual routine. Keith went to hit golf balls (either does that or shoots clay pigeons) and I got back in my jammies and in the bed for a Sunday afternoon snooze. Then I sat on the couch with a cup of coffee and watched some of “Fiddler on the Roof.” So good! Laughed and laughed. (“God, I know we are Your chosen people but sometimes can’t You just choose someone else?”) Then Beanie whined to no end until I’d finally come out in the back yard with her. It’s a beautiful, breezy day. Not cool in Houston yet but at least it’s not a hundred zillion per cent humidity. Beanie loves it out here and so do I. She, Sunny, and I are the original Backyardigans. Like a proper birddog, she intermittently sunbathes and then, like a greyhound, jolts up and runs a frantic relay around the yard at full speed, stopping every twenty feet or so to dig in a frenzy while I yell, “Get out of my flower beds!”

Yep, it’s a wonderful Sunday afternoon at the Moore house. Nothing exciting happening and maybe right about now that’s what makes it wonderful. If I’d sit here a while, I could muster up some anxiety over all sorts of things, get all scared over the Tuesday night taping, and even get mad at somebody if I wanted to. But I don’t. Sometimes you just make a choice. I love that line in the movie Tombstone – NOT recommending it, just saying I like the line – when the sheriff tries to arrest Wyatt after a bad shoot-out when he’d put his life on the line and he said something like, “I’m not in the mood to let you arrest me today.” I’m just not in the mood to let the devil arrest me today. I choose peace.

I pray a few minutes of peace and calm over your house. You have to catch them when you can. For those of you who have a house full of younguns, you may not remember what calm is. I didn’t either when I was in your season of life. It’s overrated at times anyway. I’d cash all the calm in the world in for a certain twenty-month old to run through my house, babbling to beat the band. I had the best time with him this week! He is a force to be reckoned with. Talking like crazy. Developing into his own little person and getting as attached to us as we are to him. He cried so hard when his mommy pulled away in the car and we nearly did, too. I was so sad to put up the ten trillion toys all over the house (I think I’m in the mood to exaggerate today) and to fold up his blankets and put them neatly in his crib till next visit. I sure wish I’d been at his house today. His daddy preached at their church and I do dearly love to hear my son-in-law preach.

Well, I just wanted to say hi. Nothing important to bring today. Just taking a break. Feeling me some Sabbath. And basking for just a moment in a Savior who says, “Come to me, all you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest.”

I love you a hundred quadrillion.


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