Girls-Only Weekend

I think the Lord was in a very good mood when He created the West Coast. It is just ridiculously beautiful there. Sky? Blue. Ocean? Blue. Me going home? Blue. I have been there twice this year (Deeper Still – San Francisco in February) and this time I had to force myself to get on that plane back to Texas. Except that my hubby (aka Hubs) and son are in Texas and we’ve long since established that “Home is where the Hubs is.” That has been my anthem since the Lord first told me to be ready to go anywhere He calls. I was well into my engagement when a veteran minister’s wife broke the news to me that most ministers move around a fair amount throughout their lives. What? You mean, we won’t always be at this church? Bless my naive heart. That fact had honestly never crossed my mind. When it penetrated the stubborn layers of my heart, I determined that not only was Curt Jones worth it, but my Lord was worth it.

Why was I talking about California again? Oh yeah. Mom, Melissa and I spent Labor Day weekend playing in Santa Monica. We had the most fun! Our last girls-only weekend was 2.5 years ago and I’d say this one was overdue. I’m sure you can guess what we did. My mom sent a text to Melissa and me that said, “Sweeties, don’t forget to bring a larger suitcase with room to take stuff home.” Translation? We are going s-h-o-p-p-i-n-g! Woo hoo! We shopped, ate, walked a ton so that we wouldn’t feel bad about what we ate, and enjoyed being together so much. We were very close to the beach and got to visit the Santa Monica Pier and walk in the sand each day. I could kick myself, but we have absolutely no pictures. My sister and I both thought the other would bring the camera and neither of us did. So we’re very sorry that we have nothing to show for our trip other than some fabulous new clothes.

Less than one year from now, hopefully many of us will be making our way down to San Antonio for our own girls-only weekend. We can’t wait! I’ve read through your comments and I want to address some of the issues that were brought up.

1) I’m so very sorry if we were unclear, but the plan all along has been to incorporate the Siesta Fiesta into a larger, existing Living Proof Live event. Even though we will be within a large group, I don’t think you will leave without feeling that you’ve had some quality time with your siestas. A better explanation will come closer to the event.

2) There is unfortunately no way to know whether this Living Proof Live event will sell out. These things are kind of unpredictable. This will be a large venue and I think you have some breathing room, but please don’t wait longer than necessary to register. We want to see you there!

3) If you had trouble emailing your information to Beth, you can fax it to our office. The fax number is 281-859-3610. Here is the email address in case the link didn’t work for you before: [email protected]. For the sake of your protection and our organization, let’s email our info instead of leaving it in a comment.

4) Barring any family emergency, I will be there. I wouldn’t dare miss it! I can’t believe we have to wait eleven months!


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