Fine Foods of Toddlerhood

A few days ago I made (heated up in the oven) fish sticks for Jackson’s lunch for the first time. My mom is always joking about ridiculous things that should go in our baby books, so I sent her a text saying that I would have to stick some pictures of this momentous occasion in there. Let me tell you that my son loves food. There’s really nothing he won’t eat. That was until the fish sticks.

Here he is sitting down for some fine cuisine from the bounty of the sea. I took the first bite to show him how yummy the fish sticks would be.

Ooh! I love to dip things!

Open wide!


I dont’ know, Mom.


I thought perhaps the camera was distracting my son from the joy of his fish sticks, so I put it down. I sat next to him and searched the Web for the perfect costume for him for Fall Festival. (I ordered a really cute one. I can’t wait!) Minutes later I noticed that all the fish sticks were gone. Then I got a clue and looked in the high chair seat. You guessed it – they were all stuffed down in there.

I would not be deterred. I broke the fish sticks into small pieces for his convenience. Then he pretended to pick up a piece between his fingers, put his fingers to his mouth, and said “Yummy!” And then he smiled and clapped for himself. Maybe I should put that in the baby book.


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