God of Wonders

Hey, my darling Siestas!
I got back from the Atlanta Women of Faith conference a few hours ago (I’ll tell you about that in a minute), smooched my man hello, then was inspired by the PGA tournament Keith was watching to take a little nap on the couch. After making me a wonderful cup of John Martinez Breakfast Blend, I decided to jump on line and check on you guys. I knew I’d see the pictures of Matthew because I’d asked AJ to post them but they caught me off guard anyway and I’m just about to bawl.

Girls, it was a true miracle. God has allowed me to see a number of them but none any more staggering than that one. If you’ve missed the story, my induction to ministry in Angola several years ago was a trip to a malnutrition clinic where I saw some of the most horrifying sights of my life. If it wasn’t vitally important that we open our eyes to the suffering of children, it would be too much for the soul to bear. If you can imagine this, Matthew looked worse in person than he does in the “before” pictures and his breathing was already like a death rattle. The purple treatment came out dark enough in the picture to hide what was happening to his skin. I was told that, bar a miracle, he would most likely die within forty-eight hours. He was too far gone to tolerate any food and they just don’t have the facilities for IV’s, etc. I could not fathom the hopelessness of the sight in front of me. I did what any of you would do. I prayed. And the thing is, I didn’t even pray with faith. I felt total despair. I prayed out of nothing but desperation. Then, I stood up and walked straight to the vehicle, got in it and shut the door (passionately), feeling mad at someone but not knowing who.

We had no more than gotten home to Houston when we received a picture of him standing straight up (utterly unfathomable) and on the mend. It was impossible. There was no doubt it was the same child because he still had the exact same markings of skin disintegration on his body. Jesus performed an outright miracle. I know that He did it for a host of reasons, the chiefest of which was most certainly His great compassion and love for Matthew. I am convinced that, way down on His list of reasons, however, was God’s desire to affirm to Keith and I that we were doing something He very much wanted us to do. I think it was an authentication of sorts that He was in it. Two years later the little guy looks as robust and healthy as any child you’ve ever seen, running and chasing a soccer ball he’d just been given. Flooring. Just flooring. His mom and I had the sweetest encounter. She knows perhaps even better than I do that God raised that child from the grave that day. Matthew’s grandmother had even come with her to express to us the miracle they knew they’d experienced. I wanted to try to convey to them that Jesus had shocked me as much as He shocked them. May His Name be highly exalted. He is a wonder.

Thank you for caring so much about Matthew’s story and all the children he represents. On another note, God gave us such a fabulous group in Atlanta on Friday at the WOF preconference. We studied “the God of all comfort” from 2 Corinthians 1:3-11, something new the Lord had engaged me in. At first count, well over 500 women received Christ that day and many of the rest of us made a commitment to be compelled by the love of Christ rather than the comforts of this world then count on God to comfort us when we’re called to do something very uncomfortable. I know that I have made a fresh commitment. I just loved the group. I love ministering to women so much. I love ministering to YOU so much.

My staff and I stayed over Friday night to participate in the real, live WOF experience because my buddy and worship team leader, Travis Cottrell, was slated to sing at the big event. I was so proud of him that I had to stay and watch. He sang one of my very favorites among his songs (“His Word is Life,” which conveys everything the Moore/Cottrell ministry partnership is about and became the theme song for the Daniel study). It was breathtaking. He then sang “It is Well” with none other than Sandy Patty. What an evening! I took Melissa with me because I knew she had never in her life experienced anything quite like a Women of Faith event. It is such a blast. I got so tickled at Melissa getting tickled (the speakers are so great and so funny) that my side split. (Anita Renfroe did a thing on “Purse-anality Types” that was stinking hilarious) I also got to hear my good friend, Patsy Clairmont, speak and she was, as always, absolutely tremendous. That tiny thing is a lover of God and His Word if you’ll ever find one.

One of the all time highlights was a mini-concert by Nicole C. Mullen. SIESTAS, you cannot BELIEVE how fabulous it was. She is one of the most gifted people I’ve ever seen. She not only expresses the deep things of God (proclaims Scripture from memory and sings songs she’s written like “I Know My Redeemer Lives,” “When I Call On Jesus, All Things Are Possible…”), she is also one of the greatest Christian entertainers I’ve ever seen. (And I’m a big proponent of good, wholesome, stomp your feet, shake-a-leg, Christian entertainment. A huge believer that it has its place.) Nicole has a fabulous group of talented kids (some hers) that join her on stage, singing and dancing like nobody’s business. I was mesmerized (and also once again convinced that somewhere deep inside of me, there is a black woman screaming to sing and dance her way out). I have new inspiration for Jackson’s and my “Praise Dancing With Granny” sessions. Yes, they used some banners. I have been a fan of Nicole’s music for years, belting out praise with her from the front seat of my car, but I’d never seen her in person. Incredible. If you get a chance some time to praise God with her, don’t miss it. Even my staff-buddy’s that don’t play CeCe Winans and Kirk Franklin constantly like I do had a fit over the concert.

Well, my man has a divine smelling concoction ready in the kitchen and I want to keep him encouraged (heehee) so I’d better go. I’ve had fun visiting with you today! Have a wonderful Lord’s Day tomorrow. Take a moment to look around you at church and think how blessed you are to know and love so many of those people. Then go and tell a few of them so. I love you, Siestas.


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