Dog Days of Summer

Yesterday I got to have lunch with my friend Janice Meyer. Janice is the resident photographer (minister of photography, if you will) at Life Outreach International. She is the one who brought Matthew’s story to life for us through pictures. She had some picture CDs from the Angola trip to give me, which means I have more pictures to post for you very soon!

Beckham, my golden retriever, has been very sad lately because it’s too hot to do much playing outside. So I asked Janice to bring her golden retriever, Flannel, over to my house to play. Flannel is nine years old and very laid back. Very, very laid back. Beckham is three years old and behaves much like a three year old child. Not very laid back. There wasn’t much common ground for our two goldens, but Janice saved the day by bringing some chew treats for both of them.

Here they are “playing” so nicely while their mommies chatted away. Some might say it was the perfect playdate.

Meet Mr. Flannel. What a sweetie.

Here’s Beckham, who is wearing a cone-slash-clown-collar to keep him from scratching the hot spot on his face. The cone is obviously in rough shape.

This is some riveting material, isn’t it? Thanks to Janice’s pictures, we’ll have a more substantial post later this week.

If you want to post a picture and a story about your dog (or cat…goldfish…hermit crab…whatever) on your own blog, let us know in a comment!


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