Greetings From Melissa!

Hello Ladies!!! Well, I thought that I would post a brief but boisterous shout out since today marks one week since my first day of working in the real-adult world. I am working as a Research-Assistant for Living Proof. I feel all grown-up driving back and forth to work in my heels! It has been quite an adventure thus far and my Mom, I mean, my boss, already has me buried under a huge stack of books….I guess I won’t be giving up being a student after all. Highlights of this week have been: 1) Overhearing one of my co-workers say, “Of course we have tiaras, this is a Women’s Ministry for crying out loud”. I am not sure that this exact statement has ever been uttered before in the entire history of the human race…thank God I got the privilege of being there. 2) Getting to participate in Bible Study discussion with my co-workers at my first official Living Proof staff-prayer time. These women are more amazing and more fun than I could have imagined! 3) Meeting with Mom briefly every afternoon to discuss the next Bible study research project! So exciting…I can’t believe that studying Holy Writ is my actual “job”! I keep having to pinch myself every now and then! Well, I better get back to “work”…I have a meeting with my Boss-Mom (please take note that I did not say “my Bossy Mom”)! I hope you ladies are having a blessed day and will look forward to the next time I get to chat with you!



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