Birthday Shopping Spree

CAUTION: Read no further if you are offended by completely trivial girl stuff.

OK, so here’s what I got! As Melissa says, I dropped it like it was hot. (The money, I mean, and if that means anything bad, Melissa and I don’t know it does so forgive us.) The cutest cuffed jean capris EVER. (I got them at Banana Republic and I never would have spent as much as I did on them, but remember, I had a gift certificate and, by the way, I met one of our Bible study sisters who worked there and we had the best time together visiting through the dressing room door.) I also got a darling large billed straw hat for when I’m in my backyard in the sunshine messin’ with my birdfeeders and my flowers. (My sweet and very committed dermatologist says absolutely NO SUN on the face. At my age, I mind her.) A couple of little T’s for wearing under stuff that would otherwise be too low. (Modesty isn’t always easy with some of the cute summer stuff, Siestas, but it’s a must if we’re going to walk our talk.) THEN, I went to Steinmart (still with gift certificate) and got two new jackets and one pair of brown dress capris for speaking (I had told myself I wouldn’t spend my birthday money on work clothes but I couldn’t resist and, anyway, they’ll certainly be put good use.) And my favorite part was a brand new pair of chocolate brown patent leather open-toed heels. They are DELICIOUS!!!! And, dern it, then I went over my gift certificate balance and had to put some on my own card. To top it off, on the way home, I had to stop at Walgreens (thank goodness not for you know what) for a thing or two and I splurged on a jar of macadamia nuts and ate a third of them on the way home like I just didn’t care that they were about a million grams of fat. Nope. On your birthday, you get to not care. (And I don’t know about you, but it’s still my birthday as long as I’m still getting presents.) It was a great day and everyone involved (me) had such a good time! Seems like I’m forgetting something I got. If it’s of great significance, I’ll let you know. OH! I know one thing I wanted to say. A few of you asked for pictures of some of it. I’ve got to learn how to do that. AJ knows how but I don’t. Keith’s got a really great camera but I’m too scared to use it. I just need to get me one of those digital disposables. I’ll see if I can learn how soon.

NOW, for a couple of far more important things: Melissa is off to a terrific start at LPM. We are beside ourselves to have her. She and I are having a total blast comparing notes and she is researching so hard (and her office is really cute. She was an interior design major before God called her to Bible exegesis and, clearly, some of it stuck.) I have stacks of Esther commentaries that I’ve already begun studying one by one. (I read numbers of them before I ever write the first word. Won’t start writing still for several weeks at least.) I’ve assigned Melissa a couple of tough books of the far more academic variety on what we’re studying and she has specific instructions on what she’s to do with them. She’s already got pages of notes for me to give a look and consider. I already know that I’m going to be able to use several things she’s discovered and I’m so excited. Melissa is not afraid of hard work and I am so proud of her, just like I am of her big sister. Melissa is having a hard time being in Houston without AJ, though. She tells me almost everyday, “I want Amanda to move HOME! I want her to work at Living Proof with me HERE!” If and when God wills. Right now, my firstborn’s getting to work out of her own home and still be with my grandson!

Lastly, if you get a chance, be sure and read our Siesta’s excerpt from Tozer on meekness. It’s under the “Missed You a Ton” comments and it is INCREDIBLE. Look among the longer entries and you’ll easily find it. I’ve read that book more than once in past years but I didn’t recall those exact words. So rich! You guys make me want to love Jesus more. That’s the kind of folks I like nearby. And that’s what Siestas are for. I love you.


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