Anniversary, Birthday, Father’s Day, Oh My!

We’re back! We had the most fabulous time in Mexico. I will share some pictures in a few days when things calm down a bit.

Jackson had so much fun at camp! I just spoke to my mom and she was concerned that she left everyone hanging after Wednesday. Unfortunately, she came down with a stomach virus on Thursday. It hit Melissa on Saturday and my dad this morning. Not fun. The Jones family is praying not to get it but we are bracing ourselves.

Even though my mom was really bummed about Melissa being sick yesterday, I think she had a great birthday. We took her to La Madeleine for breakfast before Curtis, Jackson and I had to drive back home. While we were there, we ran into a group of women from a local church who were planning out Bible studies for the next year and a certain person’s study was on their list. That was a lot of fun. Then as we were leaving a woman stopped my mom to tell her how much she loved her hair and asked if she could take a picture of it. That was also really fun. Then she went shopping with our sweet friend Amy who is like a big sister to Melissa and me. Amy arranged for the Queen of Beth’s Ipod, CeCe Winans, to surprise Bethie with a phone call and sing happy birthday to her. Amy, that was brilliant! Last night Dad took the birthday girl out to a really nice dinner at their favorite steak restaurant. She said they had a really wonderful time.

Barring any sickness in my trio, I will fly down to Houston and back on Monday to be with my LPM sisters for the big birthday party. It’s also Melissa’s first official day of work! I will take my camera and hopefully get some fun pictures of the day.

Happy Father’s Day to my sweet daddy. I hope you get to feeling better! I’m so thankful to be your daughter and to have the influence of your wisdom, humor, perseverance, transparency, generosity, ability to discern why things are the way they are, loving lectures on not carrying false guilt, and your unconditional love for our mom and family. Thank you for showing me Jesus through your character. And thank you for loving my boy so much. You are a hero to me and I love you!


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