You Got It!

My beloved Columbia girls, I am sitting here in my office in tears over your blog entries. I have so much studying to do for Bible study tomorrow night but I felt the nudge to glance at the blog. I believe it was from the Lord so that I could thrill to the thought that no one got in His way this weekend in Columbia, S.C. (that would be my worst nightmare) and that He was seen and experienced. I was overcome. One of the hardest things about serving in a really large arena is that so many faces are beyond my sight and so many necks beyond my reach. I am so grateful to God that He, on the other hand, is intimately working in every life in the crowd and His Holy Spirit interceding the entire time for each one according to the will of God. (Romans 8)

The part that makes me most want to bawl is that you got the DSFX part! YOU GOT IT! The thought of the wild drama playing around us in the unseen world as our faith is tested and proved really ministered to me in my preparation but I didn’t know if I could explain it adequately. I am full of praise that God brought it home! I can’t even count to you how many we’ve heard from in that group that have battled cancer and debilitating losses and unexplainable circumstances. Even very young people. Their faithfulness is not in vain! Neither in yours. Not only are they – and you – living amid the wild work of God but those who bravely endure will be profusely and publicly rewarded on the glorious ground of a vivid Heavenly City teeming with life. Jesus will meet each one at the finish line and adorn their victorious heads with the crown of life that God has promised to those who LOVE HIM. Glory to His magnificent Name!

I am so glad you wrote in. My system is weary but happy this morning and suddenly charged with a lightning bolt of the Holy Ghost to head back to the Scriptures and seek God’s face for another class tomorrow night. I did not bring a copy of the commissioning we did at the end of the conference to work today but I will make sure it gets on here tomorrow.

Sistas, I love you so dearly. Keep following hard after Jesus and keep taking Him at His Word. Be brave! This battle is going to be so much MORE than worth it.


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