You Brighten My Day

You Darling Things, I am chasing my tail right now and overwhelmed about a number of things. Feeling down over our sister from the Bossier City event that still hasn’t surfaced and, as long as I keep it healthy, I think that’s appropriate. My heart aches and breaks just like I know yours does. I’ve got a lot of concerns for hurting loved ones right now and someone dear to the ministry, a college student at that, has recently learned that her cancer has returned with gusto. Man, life is hard. But in the middle of it, God blesses us with His glorious Ever-Presence in our time of tribulation and, to top it off, He gives us one another and lets us brighten up some cloudy days. I got on the blog a few minutes ago and read your comments to Amanda’s entry on critical moments. I got so tickled that I nearly called up the Grande Non-Fat Cappuccino I had right after lunch. You are so funny. Delightful. No kidding. A few minutes earlier, I wanted to stop what I was doing, lay my head down on my desk and cry HARD. As God would so lead, instead, I clicked open the blog, read what you had written, and laughed my head off. I could quote from 25 of them but how about little Sarah Jane noting that one of mom’s friends had gained a few pounds and asking, “Mom, do you ever think your bottom will be that big?” Do you just LOVE younguns’? The little dickens are humbling, aren’t they? I make it a point to surround myself with a whole mess of them.

Hey, you know what just occurred to me? I am teaching on parenting out of the Book of Proverbs in a few weeks on a Tuesday night. It would be fun to hear from some of you regarding ONE of the most hilarious or profound things your child has ever said or done. Remember to keep it brief so I can read all of them! Oh, this is going to be a blast!!!

I love you, Sistas. You brought some pure-dee Sonshine to a cloudy day.


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