Shalom, My Sistas!! To the great glory of our God and in answer to your profuse prayers, my man and I pulled up to the house a little after midnight last night after about 24 (virtually sleepless!) hours (total travel time) home. Melissa was standing at our front door, smiling ear to ear, throwing arms around us, and the dogs were jumping wildly and spinning around the yard. Keith fell in the bed immediately but I stayed up and threw clothes in the washer. Then, after a few hours of sleep, my eyes cracked open and I could tell the sun was up. Only a woman can fully understand this but I had to get up and be with my house and my yard. (And, of course, the Lord Jesus, who I’d also been with much of the way home.) It was a gorgeous morning and my birdfeeders needed filling. I know my bird-friends have wondered what on earth has happened to me. I should have left Melissa some instructions for bird feeding but I felt that she might go over the edge if I added it to the three typed (single spaced) pages on dog care. I am absolutely delirious (which in Moore terminology also means stinking hilarious) and I laughed so hard with Amanda on the phone this morning that I nearly threw my back out. I said, “My birds have missed me so much…” and she interrupted me with, “that they want to nest in your hair?” (Laughing again)

I have so much to tell you but I am jet lagged beyond intelligible words and, also, Melissa is sitting across from me, hasn’t seen me, and isn’t in the mood to share her mother’s attention. God was SO WITH US and I know so much of that was in answer to your prayers. I’ve been all over Jerusalem in the past 5 days for Psalms of Ascent and in research for Esther. My throat is sore from practicing my Hebrew. Those gutturals are heck. Imagine them with my southern accent.

I love you, love you, love you, love you. And thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. And I am so in love with Jesus right now. If there was anything I’d ever want you to pray for me, that, my Darling Ones, is IT. I’ll write you more soon but I wanted to let you know I’m home and deliriously sleepy and happy.


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