The Critical Moment

There is a twinkle in time that the Moore girls like to call the critical moment. The critical moment occurs in the seconds between getting your hair exactly how you want it and then sealing it with hairspray. The Moore world stops spinning during the critical moment. Those present must not speak loudly, make requests, or get in the way while the process is happening. Those not present must not, Lord help them, interrupt the moment with a phone call. Melissa and I know that Mom is not Mom during the critical moment. But she will be right back…with great hair.

Since I largely stopped using hairspray (gasp!) a few years ago, I’ve ceased experiencing the critical moment. However, the Lord saw what was lacking in my life and provided a new critical moment. This takes place each morning during my son’s bath time. I start running the water and then take him to the changing table to get him ready for his bath. Here’s the critical moment: I rush with my naked (or nekked, if you prefer) baby to the bathtub and try to get him in there before the cool air on his bare skin causes the tinkle effect. But this morning I got the bath water too hot and missed the critical moment. Baby was on my left hip, my right hand was trying to mix the cold water in as fast as possible, and I felt the unfortunate sensation of my waist being sprinkled with tee. So I guess you could call that a tinkle in time.


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