Your Responses to PMS

OK, you guys have given me speaking material for MONTHS. Or at least once a month. You are the funniest things. I have a hard work week well under way but I jumped on line to see if you were engaging in the echo: Please More Spirit! I am happy to see that you are fully engaged. Your acronyms were hilarious.

Our dear Star, I join so many of your sisters in saying how sorry I am for such a tragic and complicated loss. I was just floored. We extend our love and compassion to you in the bonds of Christ Jesus. My Beloved Ones, I paused just a moment before I mentioned Star’s prayer need because I am afraid to raise the expectation that I will always (or even often) be able to articulate specific responses on this blog. I will have to try really hard to keep this blog what it primarily is (a fun and personal way of connecting) in order to keep up with it. I think most of us can imagine that something like this blog could become all consuming and keep us from getting to the things God has called us to absolutely prioritize. I want to write a personal letter every time I see a personal need among your comments but I have to resist it or this will become a ravenous beast I can’t feed. I have to keep in mind that we really do have a prayer board at LPM and every single one of those requests DO get lifted up before the Throne of Grace. HOWEVER, I simply could not overlook Star’s need today. Please know that whether or not I mention something painful you wrote in your comments, I did hear it, feel it, and process it before the Lord Jesus. Know that I care so, so much whether or not you ever see such concern articulated. I dearly love you.

PS. Yes, Midol really works.


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