Howard Dean

I just got home from Seattle and I am so full of praise and thanksgiving to our God who mercifully met with us. I walked in the door and got face down on the floor and thanked Him. If anything of value happens, it is all Him. If He doesn’t come, it’s a miserable waste of time. I absolutely LOVED the group. Totally loved them!!! So engaged and so anxious to throw themselves on the pages of Scripture. What more on the earth could I ask??? I will tell you more about it in a few days. I just got home from a LONG flight and a time change and I am about to jump through the tub and fall in the bed. HOWEVER, Amanda told me I’d want to check your comments after she posted the celebrity “look alikes” (seriously??) and trust me when I say it was not a disappointment. I am so poured-out from the conference that I was either going to cry really hard when I got home or laugh really hard. When I read Salty Sister’s comment about Howard Dean coming up on her search, I did both. (I’m about to do it again.) I laughed so hard, the tears were squirting out of my eyes. All I could do is squeak when Keith asked me what I was so tickled about. I’m not kidding. Y’all make my day. What a wonderful homecoming. Maybe now I’ll just cry. What mercy God has had on this poor, pitiful mess. I love you guys. Don’t worry. I won’t forget to let you know what I used those ridiculous lookalikes for. I’ll let you guess for a day or two and if you were there, don’t let the cat out of the bag!


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