While I’m Waiting…

While I’m waiting on a scheduled call from my buddy, Louie Giglio, to do a post-Passion 07 podcast, I thought I’d drop you a line. Something very special happened today. Something my heart’s really tender about. It’s only happened to me 12 times in the last sixteen years so it’s a big feeling every time. To God’s stunning glory, I just finished writing a Bible study today. It’s a six-week study on the Psalms of Ascent (Psalms 120-134), the very specific things they meant to ancient Israelites and what they can mean to us. I cannot express how much I enjoyed the personal journey with God through all the research and writing. I have no idea how it will hit anyone else. I only know that I am marked.

God’s Word continues to be my joy and delight and I know that He alone has fueled that fire. I’m actually not sure exactly when the study will be released. I think maybe next Christmas because LifeWay is going to release the updated and completely retaped version of A Woman’s Heart: God’s Dwelling Place first. (I think it comes out early this summer.) Whenever the study on the Psalms of Ascent is released, it will be dedicated to the women I call “the Raleigh Girls” who attended an event over a year ago in Raleigh, NC. That’s where I first spoke on the subject matter and God used their excitement and feedback to stir a passion in me to formulate it into a six-week series. The sessions were all taped in the early Fall with a studio audience in Nashville and, as of today, the homework is complete. I want to say something as many times as it takes to as many people as will listen: God’s grace is unfathomable. He has never chosen to redeem any life more covered in mud. As long as I live I will testify to His infinite mercies and to His Truth that sets the most hopeless captive free. He loves you so. You have not done too much or gone too far. Christ wooes you to a place of wholeness, one step at a time, and loves you with a heart that is one hundred per cent pure. He is like no one else you know.


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