That Dog’ll Hunt

Good word, young lady! Now, that dog’ll hunt! (Translation for those of you who don’t speak Texanese: that lesson will teach!) You spoke to your own mama. As Amanda knows, I have a strained relationship with an extended family member that I want so much to get right. I want to feel loving toward this person. I could offer you several reasons and countless excuses why I haven’t but none of them hold up before the command of Jesus to love even our enemies. I’ve been feeling discouraged about it because, like Amanda said, I believed the lie that it is too far gone. You might be intrigued to know this person doesn’t even realize that I war with my soul to feel the right things toward him/her. It doesn’t matter. God knows. And it’s not too late.


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    Karen Wetzell says:

    I have a co-worker who tried to trick me into getting into trouble at work. I can’t explain the situation completely because it seems so far out, I myself wouldn’t believe it. I have some close friends praying for and with me about this situation. She tried to get me to accuse her of some wrong doing I have no proof of. The Lord gave me a calm spirit and kept my mouth closed. Now, I realize how much she dislikes me. I need to show her the love of God and his light in me. She has shared with me that she is an atheist and seems to follow a belief in situational ethics. She said she doesn’t belive in a right or wrong. She is also very good at compartmentalizing her feelings and behaviors. The last couple of months at work have left me feeling alone and scared. I was happy to have a small group of women I study the Lord’s Word with to confide in. I felt their prays with me the other day. I really believe loving “my enemy” is the best way to go. Pray for me!!!!

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