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Staff Features: Chasing Vines Review

This week, we’re excited to hear from our staff member, Susan. She shares her thoughts and takeaways on Beth’s upcoming book, “Chasing Vines.”

I love wine. I love Beth Moore. I love information and learning. I especially love insight and revelation on how to walk in a deeper and more meaningful way with Jesus. If you like any of the above, you will love this book.

This book takes you into the nuts and bolts of planning, choosing a field, planting and tending vines that produce grapes.  It tells you surprising facts of the conditions needed to produce the choicest fruit. Beth is a tireless researcher, and research she did. She also consulted with many experts. A world-renown sommelier and a soil expert, owners of several vineyards, some of who also know and love Jesus. She read books and commentaries by the armload. The most important thing she did though, was to seek the Holy Spirit in each application of what she learned according to the scriptures. Her vast learning and life experiences brought many of the facts to life.

Reading the book greatly encouraged me. I now know why that big boulder of a rock of unanswered prayer is in front of me. I know why the “pebbles” also known as “life’s irritations” follow me around. When the heat of life circumstances seem more than I can handle, I tell myself grapes will not grow unless they have extreme heat.  They must think they are going to die to reproduce themselves. These are not random circumstances. Jesus is very aware of them and they are for my good and not just to irritate or discourage me. As a matter of fact, even though we are commanded to bear much fruit to the father’s glory, the real purpose of it all is relationship with Jesus.