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You Brighten My Day

You Darling Things, I am chasing my tail right now and overwhelmed about a number of things. Feeling down over our sister from the Bossier City event that still hasn’t surfaced and, as long as I keep it healthy, I think that’s appropriate. My heart aches and breaks just like I know yours does. I’ve got a lot of concerns for hurting loved ones right now and someone dear to the ministry, a college student at that, has recently learned that her cancer has returned with gusto. Man, life is hard. But in the middle of it, God blesses us with His glorious Ever-Presence in our time of tribulation and, to top it off, He gives us one another and lets us brighten up some cloudy days. I got on the blog a few minutes ago and read your comments to Amanda’s entry on critical moments. I got so tickled that I nearly called up the Grande Non-Fat Cappuccino I had right after lunch. You are so funny. Delightful. No kidding. A few minutes earlier, I wanted to stop what I was doing, lay my head down on my desk and cry HARD. As God would so lead, instead, I clicked open the blog, read what you had written, and laughed my head off. I could quote from 25 of them but how about little Sarah Jane noting that one of mom’s friends had gained a few pounds and asking, “Mom, do you ever think your bottom will be that big?” Do you just LOVE younguns’? The little dickens are humbling, aren’t they? I make it a point to surround myself with a whole mess of them.

Hey, you know what just occurred to me? I am teaching on parenting out of the Book of Proverbs in a few weeks on a Tuesday night. It would be fun to hear from some of you regarding ONE of the most hilarious or profound things your child has ever said or done. Remember to keep it brief so I can read all of them! Oh, this is going to be a blast!!!

I love you, Sistas. You brought some pure-dee Sonshine to a cloudy day.


Concerns for a missing sister

I cannot think of a good way to begin this post so I’ll just jump right in. Last weekend one of the conference attendees in Shreveport disappeared during the last session. Beth was contacted within a few hours and, as you can imagine, was devastated. She has been in touch with those who are close to the situation every day. I have heard from many of you who are concerned that we might not know about the disappearance of this sister because we have not mentioned it publicly. Since it appeared early on that there was most likely no foul play involved, we desired to protect the dignity of this family as much as possible. I know many of you have already been in prayer for this sister. Please continue to ask God for the complete restoration of this family. This post is for information and intercession rather than discussion, so I am going to keep comments closed. Here is a link to the most recent Shreveport Times article I could find.

Here is Beth’s response to a respectful request from one of the news networks for a press release:
“I am tremendously concerned about Mary Byrne Smith and her family. We have never had anything like this happen before at an event but, even if we had, I can’t imagine we’d be any less moved. I care deeply about the women who attend the conferences, about their families and the challenges they may be facing. Mary and her family have been on my mind constantly since I learned about her disappearance. I have spoken to and prayed with her husband by phone and have been in touch daily with others close to the situation in order to be of any possible help. I would ask all who have learned of Mary’s disappearance to join us in earnest prayer that God will restore her to her family and community.”


The Critical Moment

There is a twinkle in time that the Moore girls like to call the critical moment. The critical moment occurs in the seconds between getting your hair exactly how you want it and then sealing it with hairspray. The Moore world stops spinning during the critical moment. Those present must not speak loudly, make requests, or get in the way while the process is happening. Those not present must not, Lord help them, interrupt the moment with a phone call. Melissa and I know that Mom is not Mom during the critical moment. But she will be right back…with great hair.

Since I largely stopped using hairspray (gasp!) a few years ago, I’ve ceased experiencing the critical moment. However, the Lord saw what was lacking in my life and provided a new critical moment. This takes place each morning during my son’s bath time. I start running the water and then take him to the changing table to get him ready for his bath. Here’s the critical moment: I rush with my naked (or nekked, if you prefer) baby to the bathtub and try to get him in there before the cool air on his bare skin causes the tinkle effect. But this morning I got the bath water too hot and missed the critical moment. Baby was on my left hip, my right hand was trying to mix the cold water in as fast as possible, and I felt the unfortunate sensation of my waist being sprinkled with tee. So I guess you could call that a tinkle in time.


Husbands Survey Complete

A huge thank you is in order to all the husbands who participated in last week’s survey. We appreciate you so much! Also, thank you to the women who helped us spread the news. Our survey is now complete. I will be closing comments on the survey thread and removing the blog email address. Beth will give a report on the blog in about 3 weeks. Thank you again!


The night Jackson and I both wore bibs

In honor of our Louisiana sisters:

One night when I was in Houston a couple of weeks ago, I pulled up in my parents’ driveway and beheld a wonderful smell. As I got out of the car the aroma of crawfish boil spices filled the air and cleared my sinuses. The neighbors across the street were having a party in their driveway. It was all I could do not to walk over there and crash the party. But I had just been to a wedding and I was wearing a new black dress and my dressy coat from Arden B. And Mom had gotten my hair just so. It was not the right time. I was dressed more for lobster at Pappa’s steak house.

But last night was the night for crawfish at Pappadeaux. I dressed in a black t-shirt and pulled my hair back just so. I was ready – more ready than I’d ever been with a pack of diaper wipes waiting to be of service. Our friends Justin and Jennifer met us there. They are possibly the biggest crawfish lovers this side of Louisiana. I called them as soon as I left Houston and pleaded for them to feed me some mudbugs…and soon. My husband is allergic to shellfish, so I can’t go to him for my crawfish needs.

We had a great time fellowshipping over the crawdaddies. I think it is less of a meal and more of an event, which is probably why I like it. They really are kind of nasty, or rude as my dad says, little creatures. But the seasoning makes it so good!

Jackson did not partake of the crawfish, but he did get to hold one briefly.

I raise my crawdad in honor of the Louisiana ladies!


Recap Video

Here’s the LPL – Bossier City recap video on GodTube

Here it is on YouTube.

When I was watching it I looked over and saw Jackson “dancing.” He really likes that song. Many thanks again to Rich. Enjoy!


Living Proof Live – Bossier City, LA

Good morning, ladies! I should have some pictures or a video slide show for you in the next couple of days. In the meantime, I thought I would give our Louisiana ladies a place to tell us about the weekend’s conference. My mom said she fell in love with you instantly. She also told me that God was with you all from the first minute until the last. We are giving wild applause to Him for the twenty-five women who made professions of faith. God is so good! Have a blessed Monday, everyone.


Way to Go, Everybody!

You are the best! You Sistas came through and got your guys to respond to the survey and you guys jumped in and gave me some of the most insightful answers and thought provoking statements I could have imagined. I cannot express how grateful I am. I’ve only just begun to really pour over the surveys and I can already tell that God is going to teach me volumes. I’ll still leave the survey open for responses until probably the first of the week but I wanted to go ahead and brag on all of you. I’ve often thought of taking surveys on the internet and your response has caused me to think it might really work. May God release a blessing in your own marriage because you’ve invested in others.

I’m off to minister to an arena full of wonderful sisters in Louisiana and hopefully to see the Lord Jesus reveal Himself. Please pray for a mighty outpouring of God’s unmistakable Spirit and for His Son to sweep every person off her feet. Including me. Sistas, you are so dear to me! Stay in the Word and I’ll touch base with you soon.


Calling All Husbands!

*Update* We have completed the survey. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Hey, Sisters! I need you to help me engage a number of husbands (yours, some of your friends’) for a survey I’d like to take. Over the next two Tuesday nights in our Houston Bible study, I will be teaching out of the Book of Proverbs on marriage and being wives. Through the years I’ve gained much unsolicited insight from the husbands I’ve heard from along the way so this time I’m asking for very focused input as I prepare for these two nights of study. The men who complete the survey do not necessarily have to be Christians since God calls us to be faithful wives to our husbands whether or not they share our faith. The only qualification is that each participant is a husband willing to answer some questions honestly and respectfully. In order to answer one of the questions sincerely, if he needs to tell me something that falls into a more intimate category, all I ask is that it be worded decently.

This part is really important: THESE SURVEYS WILL NOT EVER BE PUBLISHED AND ANY PARTICIPANT IDENTIFICATION WILL BE KEPT STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. I give you my word on that. Only Amanda and I will view the surveys. I will, however, share the overall results and the insights I gained and will no doubt share some of the quotes (anonymously, of course). I will also report on some things I learned here on the blog since I’m enlisting my Sistas to help me round up participants. (I’m grinning over how I already know it’s going to drive you crazy not to see their answers. It would me, too!)

I wish this would go without saying but you never know who is out there: WOMEN, you are on the honor code NOT to fill out a survey. I don’t want to hear what women would say if they were husbands. I’m laughing at my own self. Remember, this is for HUSBANDS ONLY.

Gentlemen, here are the 7 questions. Please answer honestly and succinctly so I can study each one. Thanks so much, guys! I have no doubt you will enrich these teachings profoundly.

1. How long have you been married?

2. Accepting that no marriage is perfect, would you say that, generally speaking, you are happily married?

3. Would your answer to the previous question surprise your wife?

4. What do you wish your wife knew about you but you are afraid to tell her?

5. What is the best part of having her as a wife?

6. What do you wish she’d do differently?

7. What ONE THING do you wish I’d share with wives from a husbands’ point of view?


Deeper Still

Q&A with Priscilla Shirer, Kay Arthur, and Beth

Closing out in praise